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Thread: A Day In The Life: A WipEout Comedy RP [All Outta Bubblegum]

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    Default A Day In The Life: A WipEout Comedy RP [All Outta Bubblegum]

    I noticed we had at least one roleplay going here, one that even required a skill check or two, so I decided I'd throw my hat into the ring.

    I'm going to use one of my favorite nice, easy roleplaying systems, All Outta Bubblegum, to run this one. I bring it everywhere.

    It works like this: everything is decided by a single d10 and starts out with eight points in just one resource: Bubblegum. To do anything mundane, you have to roll at or under your current Gum score. Doing anything kickass, on the other hand, has to be done by rolling over it. If you fail at any roll you lose a piece of Gum and lower your score by 1. You can also spend one Gum to automatically succeed at something mundane. can see where this is going. Eventually, by screwing up or spending enough Gum, your score will continue to drop and doing kickass things becomes easier and easier. Until, of course, you run out of Gum.

    When that happens you're all outta bubblegum, which makes you capable of succeeding at anything that involves kicking ass in some capacity, but anything mundane? Uh-uh, can't do it. Be warned, though: when you're all outta gum you also are at your weakest, since anyone or anything that runs a kickass roll and rolls a 10 on you puts you out of the scene or the game or whatever's most important.

    So, games tend to be pretty short and episodic, and when someone runs out, it tends to fly to the endgame pretty quickly. Good for a short run, right?

    How we'll run this is going to be pretty simple. At the end of a post, if you want to roll for something and I don't tell you what, just declare you're going to kick ass or do something mundane, depending on what your goal is, and then roll a d10 for it. I'll narrate if it works or it doesn't and where your Gum score goes from there.

    As for the setting, well...I like doing relatively, shall we say, mundane setups so the crazy fully sinks in, so you guys are all going to be second-stringer FX400 pilots and amateurs trying to make it up into the big leagues. That means it's a perfectly fine day at...oh, I know, The Amphiseum on a race weekend. Surrounded by casinos, expensive hotels, entertainment venues, and all sorts of stuff that I'm sure pilots will make full use of.

    Just a bunch of regular AG pilots starting a regular day with the league in full swing, yesireebob, nothing to see here!
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