Apologies for the double post, but as an FYI for those who are not subscribed to my Youtube, i've been uploading the HD/Fury part of the tournament to the innywebs step by step (wanted to do some fancy editing >.<)
I have 4 done so far (5th one is rendering) but i'ma keep uploading them at intervals to give myself some headroom in case i don't manage to keep up with the pace of releases, currently i'm aiming for 1 vid every day made public at midnight CET, but it might become a bi-daily thing

A playlist with all videos is here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...xXHzc9BMMlUdNn

@Amigojack i'll upload no music versions to your server (once it works xD) (which would allow you to delete the massive uncompressed HD/Fury recordings and free up quite a bit of disk space, unless you cherish loading screens and what not )
Or, if you don't mind the music for archiving, i can send those (or both i guess)