New version out folks.
Two new tracks to play on, New York Night time, and New York Reverse.
FF now has a pre race track Fly Over, like HD.
Menu has been updated
Lot's of textural upgrades to New York forward day time

I've just had a brief trial run....will give it a long workout later today....but, so far.

Handling - Quite a big improvement....not quite up to Wipout standard as yet, but certainly heading in the right direction ...craft still feel a bit light weight to me.

I only tried to use the rocket, but the weapon energy bar never filled, so I had Zero weapons on all three tracks.

The reverse track is going to be a great track to race on, it seems a lot wider than forward....R8 states that their a 7 lighting effects not working ATM on this track....still a work in was pretty much blurry for the entire race when I tried it [I'll try different settings to see if that changes]

Night time racing - I won't spoil it, but there is a cool effect on all the craft......The night time track has a WET look to it, so lots of reflections both on the track and to some extent above [Stinkleroy - not as bad as the Glassy Fury tracks we both loathe, but I'm getting worried]......when hitting a speed pad, a lighting effect on the crafts nose like going through the sound barrier happens, sort of like a flash.....I don't know...seems a bit OTT to me....would be a PITA racing at Phantom with that happening all the time IMHO...see what you think of it.

Ok folks, get your update and try it out!