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    Default Feedback thread - v0.0.4

    v0.0.4 has finally been released on Steam Early Access and is now available to the public and to Kickstarter subscribers. Please use this thread to discuss any issues you encounter with this version and to give any general feedback. I will post a new thread every time a new version is released so we have an easily traced backlog of what has been addressed between versions. I'll be doing a video on this version in the near future, but please post your thoughts here for the time being.

    My general impressions so far are as follows:

    • At the moment, the handling feels very "flat". There is no floatiness to the craft and it sticks firmly to the track. Despite that it does feel smooth, albeit it does feel like there is a small amount of control lag. It might be because I'm not used to racing with an analog stick (no d-pad controls) but there you go. Without airbraking, the craft feels very heavy and it is near impossible to navigate the test track without using them. This might put off prospective newcomers who are unfamiliar with the airbraking system.
    • The HUD is an absolute mess. R8 have gone for a "chase" HUD, in that the details follow the tail of your craft like in Split/Second. However, it works in SS because there is only a little information that you actually need from the HUD, namely how much power you have to set off PowerPlays. It's bright and easy to follow even in the middle of a race. Here though, it is incredibly difficult to read, which makes it all but useless while racing. Try to read it and you're hitting a wall. The fonts also do not appear to display correctly, with parts of certain characters missing. Like what happens when you try to anti-alias text. And to top it all off, your craft's ion train goes straight through the middle of the HUD, so even if it were legible, you couldn't see it anyway!
    • Rather than random pickups at the moment, you choose which weapon you want to equip your craft with before the race and it activates whenever you run over a weapon icon. With 10 craft per race, good luck actually trying to pick up a weapon! I've gone whole races without having any opportunity to pick up anything. Probably a good thing, because the rockets are horribly overpowered, one hit taking down half your shields. I have absolutely no idea what the barrier is supposed to do, I've never actually got it to do anything at all. Restoring shield energy is done by collecting floating shield icons on the track. Each one restores about 10% of your shield. Nowhere near enough to mitigate the damage caused by rockets. It is common to see a lot of eliminations, which leads me to believe this build has gone way too far down the combat route.
    • Speed pads are way too overpowered. The FOV effect when you hit one is quite jarring as it is, but the overall speed gain from hitting one is huge. If you're not ready for it, you'll easily slam into a wall. If you are, you get to keep most of the speed you gained from the pad pretty much until you hit something. Speed pads in Wipeout provided a subtle speed boost - enough to make a difference after a fair few but not enough to allow you to put up an insurmountable lead. The effect needs to be heavily toned down for the sake of balance.

    Nonetheless, what little we have to work with so far actually feels quite good. I've found it quite enjoyable just cruising round on Time Trial mode, and to be honest with these early builds that's what you really need.
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