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Thread: Hypernova- Fanfic of an alternate Wipeout

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    Default Wipeout- FX1000 League, 2248-Present

    Incoming Transmission_
    From: Iridia Belmondo (
    To: FX1000 Competitors, Teams, Others (1289 contacts)

    The FX400 ended in 2247, making it the one of the longest leagues in AG- Racing history.
    But now...
    The FX1000 has begun. It is the most aggressive, fast, precisive league since F3600, with ships that reach almost 1200 km/h. All craft from the FX400 and FX500 including the young guns, Kalkara from the Andes in it's pacifist white & blue. 2248 is shaping up to be an amazing journey. As well as the 2200s being important for AG racing, 2208 heralded a planet with microbial life. A racetrack is being built there. With circuits on Japan, Finland, Greenland, Mars and the Moon among nine others, I am sure that the FX1000 is going to be fantastic and a turnaround since my predecessor terminated the ill fated FX400 more than 30 years ago. I hope to see you there next year!

    Iridia Belmondo
    Race Comssioner
    December 8th, 2247
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