The title says it all. I have been playing online for a bit and I think leech beams are broken. None of them have drained a single volt of energy from me or my targets. There has been no interference between my targets and my beam, no shield, and no hit from anyone cancelling my attack. Just a clear, clean lock-on and it does absolutely nothing. Every single time I get one, every single time i'm hit by one, it immediately vanishes for no reason. Has anyone else noticed this?

Obviously with Studio Liverpool shut down they can't fix any glitches found anymore, which is a real shame. It's not like the leech beams don't work offline, they just won't work when racing online.

On a side note, The Amphiseum Forwards seems prone to game crashes when online. I got disqualified on this circuit during the Synergy tournament (back when it was a thing) because of a fatal game crash between me and Maciek. And just earlier today my game crashed while racing on the circuit again.