View Full Version : Most OVERESTIMATED pilot in this game

RJ O'Connell
17th July 2003, 02:34 AM
For me it would be.....Paul Cheung,mainly because he fails to finish a lot while Alex Reece blows him away in terms of consistency. Also,both G-Tech pilots are overhyped,toss em. :lol:

Neo-phyte A10
18th July 2003, 07:34 AM
Daniel Johnson

The dude is always low in the ranks. The booklet makes it sound like he's top dog but I've never seen him anywhere near the top.

Funny that you say Alex Reece seems more competent. I think it's randomized, really. The AI gives precedence to the better ships, plain and simple. Neither Cheung nor Reece are usually in the top 6 on my races (out of all the teams, EGR seems to move around the most in the ranks, though - maybe bc they're right in the middle of the power chain?). On the other hand, Zala Wolff seems to frequently surpass Belmondo. <shrug>

This was one of my main problems with the game - I didn't feel the different pilots had any sort of personality that added to the gameplay. (Although I've said before that I'll swear by it that Cheung gets way more big-hitting offensive weapons that anyone else seems to.)


RJ O'Connell
18th July 2003, 07:18 PM
Yes,just ran a custom league and although Reece was more consistent,Cheung was in the title fight for a little while. By a little while I meant 1 race. :wink: (But he did end up 5th)

I think that Johnson,being a rookie on the slowest team in F9000 (very good handling though) he should be at the back for the first few races until he gets a feel for the craft. And then he will rack up world titles :D

Natasha Belmondo is on a new team to her. Yes,the Xios is a bit faster and has superior handling over the Auricom,but she's just not comfy in the seat of a Xios SMF-1. In silly season,I wouldn't be surprised if she leaves Xios for a team that could pay more.(Piranha? AURICOM?)

Finally,I have to add one more to the list of the league's flops. FRANCO GONZALEZ. He's usually wiping up the rear (no pun intended) in races and in the championship,and his only strength is Auricom's impenetrable shield and weapons capabilities. Franco has more talent mopping floors than as a F9000 pilot :lol: