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9th July 2003, 12:38 AM
First off, I wasn't sure where to post this, so if it's more appropriate to put it in Pilot's Lounge then please do.

Right, down to business. I've been reading the fan fiction on the site recently, and I love it. Now, as a semi-experienced fiction-writer (I write stuff for the Sonic fan-fic concept Zonerunners), I was wondering if I could maybe contribute some stuff? My initial idea is a profile of the Feisar pilot Paul Jackson from the original game...

So, the questions are:

1/ Are you accepting contributions?
2/ If so, who do I contact?

9th July 2003, 09:27 AM
1: Yes
2: Me

If you want to contribute something then it's best to stick it in a mail and make the subject line obvious ("fan fiction contribution") or it just gets lost in the world of spam I get. :)

RJ O'Connell
17th July 2003, 03:42 AM
I made up a career story for PJ,if you can incorporate that. **WARNING most of this is not official!!!! I AM NOT DAMON FAIRCLOUGH!!!!!**

2050-Joins Feisar,3rd/8 in championship
2051-Feisar,2nd/8 in championship
2052-Feisar-6th/8 in championship;injured and missed last 2 races
2053-Feisar-3rd/8 in championship
2054-Feisar-WORLD CHAMPION!!!!!!
2055-Qirex-7th/8 in championship
2057-Feisar-4th/8 in championship
2058-Feisar-5th/8 in championship
2059-Feisar-8th/8 in championship;Injured and missed last 5 races
2060-Feisar-3rd/8 in chapionship;retired after season's end