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9th May 2014, 06:23 AM
OK, so I don't know if I'm doing it right by making a new thread here, but it is fanfic, so I guess so? Although it does involve (Well, more it mentions it than anything) Snakenator's fan-made team, Wyvern, though we've been making fanfics that mention or involve each other's team, so... I don't know. I just hope I'm not doing it wrong.

This is about the two teams I created, Angelus and Crinale, and the title comes from Angelus' motto.

EDIT <20170211>: A list of all of my parts is now available.
List of FTA Parts (http://fta.wikia.com/wiki/Faster_Than_Angels_(Ace3000_Series))

[Part 1.0] The Threat
Friday, October 13th, 2209

AG Race Commission HQ (AGRC)


Ident: Crinale Tech. Inc.
Location: UNKNOWN.

User input>|locate transmission_


User input>|record transmission_

[12:38:55]>>INCOMING ATTACHMENT ["CZf_12.pdf"]...

User input>|accept attachment_


User input>|playback recording ["22091013123042"]_

[13:02:40]>>RECORDING FOUND.
[13:02:41]>>LOAD COMPLETE.


AGRC>> Crinale, to what do we owe this transmission?

Crinale>> First of all, gotta love that locating attempt. Very nice, but you will never find us. Fool. Anyway, to the business at hand. We do not like beating around the bush, we prefer to just give our news straight up. There is a spy in the AGRC, right now. They are listening to everything. They are watching everything. We know you are one of the top groups that are looking for us, but that will never happen. See, our spy knows something about your beloved building that you do not. They know about the location of a bomb. Lying. Dormant. However, it will not be dormant for long. One of two things will happen. It could be deactivated. Alternatively, it could activate, exploding and killing every single one of you in this building right now. Do not think of evacuating ANYONE, or our spy will see it, and then...[chuckle] BUILDING GO BOOM! HAHAHAHA! Do not let anyone escape. Not one individual, okay? I do not want to use unnecessary force, but I will if I have to.

AGRC>> [EXPLETIVE REDACTED], what are your demands?

Crinale>> Ooh, watch your language there! We wish to continue racing in the FX400. That is all. Oh, but you have to stop looking for us. And we require a special weapon of ours be accepted, just as you have done for Angelus. Check the incoming blueprints.


|>>FILE: "CZf_12.pdf"
|>>NAME: CZf_12 Prototype

AGRC>> You're going too far... Also, I have been informed that have an ace up our sleeves. You can't destroy us.

Crinale>> Are we going too far though? Are we really? Remember we have taken the necessary steps to ensure your destruction if you do not accept our terms. We can and we WILL destroy you.

AGRC>> The bomb? Threatening to destroy us if we don't accept?! YEAH, THAT'S GOING TOO [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] FAR!

Crinale>> I told you. I told you to watch your language. I told you that the AGRC would die. I told you to not go against us. You did not listen to me. You have just made the single biggest mistake of your life. And now, it has ended. So much for your "ace up the sleeve" [chuckle]. CX1, destroy. [explosions] WAIT, WHAT TH-?!

[13:14:28]>>PLAYBACK END.

Chris Scarbrough (Employee, AGRC): So just what the hell was that all about? One minute we were all about to be blown up, the next minute Crinale blew up?!

Natasha Belmondo (Executive Chairwoman, AGRC): See, that's what I meant, we had an ace up our sleeves. That spy was not working for Crinale. They are a double spy, gathering information for us. They work for Angelus, but followed Crinale after the original employees split, pretending to agree with their ideals.

CS: Woah. Well, I think they're no longer with Crinale after that stunt, though.

NB: Yes, I think so too, Crinale would be stupid to let that spy back in. However, I don't think they're completely gone. Notice how the explosions were only heard, and not seen, but the connection was still lost. I think that bomb was placed out of sight, somewhere near their communications system.

CS: True, that is a logical explanation. Let's hope they learned from that experience. We really need to find them and shut them down. They're not operating on legitimate terms, we have hard evidence proving that!

NB: I know that, we're doing the best we can. We have Wyvern Aeronautical Research and Angelus R&D helping us and Interpol search for them. I know what would happen if we do let them get away, and it's the last thing we need.

So that was the very first part of this thread, hope you enjoyed that (and I hope that I'm doing it right by posting a new thread here)!
I'm also thinking of having theme songs for the two teams. My choices are not final and, in fact, I have 2 choices for each team.

For Crinale, I'm thinking either Doomsday by Nero (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzyKSyLavUY) or Ransom by Pendulum (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abSQnjeZSeM)
For Angelus, I'm thinking either Departure by Nero (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_f6MRkTLT9o) or 9000 Miles by Pendulum (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqvUt8W1lfQ).

You guys are free to disagree and/or pick a song that you prefer, these ones are just songs that I think would fit.

9th May 2014, 09:41 PM
This is full to the brim with awesome ideas that pulls everything together, everything works and its all just an amazing read :D
I'm still working on my fan fic, but I've finished college for study leave now so hopefully I have the time to get mine up and running ;)
I'll have to tie in my story with this one, its to awesome not to :)

I also found a awesome piece of music when I was playing Ace Combat before that I would like to use as my teams theme song :P But I would change it if I was to publish my fan fic.

10th May 2014, 05:05 AM
I'm glad you like it! Feel free to tie in your fanfic to mine, seeing as we've already done so in the other thread.

I'm nearly done with Part 2, but I feel I should wait a while before posting it... a week, maybe half a week?

EDIT: That's an awesome song, are you wanting to use it as the theme to Wyvern in my fanfic?

EDIT2: I will decide the final songs next week, when I post Part 2.

10th May 2014, 08:28 AM
Sounds cool :)

14th May 2014, 04:43 PM
Here it is, the start of my fan fic. I'll put it in this thread to avoid redundant threads :P I also recommend reading my posts about the XAF-72 Wyvern hear: http://www.wipeoutzone.com/forum/showthread.php?6454-Imagine-a-new-WipEout-team&p=235490#post235490

Flying With Dragons

Part 1: Dragons achieving a new era

-Secret Wyvern AR testing facility hangar-
The Hangar doors open to a bright summers day, walks in Director of operations David Mendel and his lead pilot Falon Dare. They walk in to see the fruit of the teams labour, a project to bring humanity a step further from Anti Gravity technology. Inside is the product of Project Trinity, a aircraft never seen to anyone else but those who are members of the Wyvern team, a top secret machine no one can yet know.

David: There it is, such a beauty isn't it?
Falon: You can say that again, and soon it'll fly.
David: Its such a incredible thought to think we may be the ones to achieve a new step into the destiny of humanity.
Falon: You've done well David, you brought the team so far. And to think your Dad had the aircraft that could be used to create this beauty.
David: Well the Wyvern team would like to thank you to, the amount of wins you have secured us has brought the financial backing to make this Wyvern possible.

The doors to the hangar open again, walks in a team of engineers. The expressions on their faces shows a great deal of promise. Head engineer Sarah Fillick walks up to David with a excited face.

David: Woah calm down eager beaver, what news?
Sarah: We did it! its complete!
Falon: Are you serious? you actually achieved the impossible?
David: Don't you be lying to us.
Sarah: I'm serious, the generator is complete and can be fitted to the Wyvern right now
David: Excellent! this is such a great achievement, you've worked so hard for us. You and your team will receive a special reward.
Sarah: Thank you! Guys bring it in, its going on the Wyvern now!

A new team of engineers walk in followed by a pickup truck. The truck is carrying what looks like a car standard engine, but upon closer view, its so much more than that.

Sarah: Here it is, the X-2978 Wyvern warp engine. The Wyvern is now capable of Light speed!
Falon: With this the XAF-72 Wyvern will be the fastest thing ever created!
David: I know, and soon we need to test it. I am dreaming that day every night now *sheds a tear*
Falon: Your Dad would be proud of you. But we need to fly the Wyvern before we attach the warp engine.
David: Lets do it now, engineers! prep the XAF for take off. Falon, I be honoured if you fly the Wyvern.
Falon: It would be my pleasure.

????: It would be wouldn't it.

Everyone in the hangar turns around to see a shadowy figure step into the hangar.

Falon: Who are you?
????: Your nightmare

The figure drops a can, then a blinding light and loud bang brings everyone to their knees. Once it subsides, the figure has disappeared.

David: Is everyone alright?

Everyone in the hangar gives a nod, although they are still clearly disorientated.

Sarah: NOOOOO!
Falon: What happened?
Sarah: The warp! its gone!
David: F**k no, how?

A mobile phone is heard ringing, David reaches into his pocket and answers.

David: Hello?
Natasha: Hey its Natasha Belmondo, I have urgent news.
David: Whats going on?
Natasha: We just received a threat from Crinale of them planting a bomb in the AGRC HQ. But their plan back fired, you need to be careful though.
David: Odd, a shadowy figure has just stolen a important technology from us needed to complete project Trinity. I think its a spy for Crinale!
Natasha: No, this is getting out of hand. We need to stop them soon.
David: Agreed, look I gotta go now. Talk again later.

The call ends

David: Seal the hangar, we cannot risk losing the XAF-72 Wyvern. Everyone out now.

Everyone rushes out of the hangar, the doors are then closed. Slowly the last sliver of light on the Wyvern shrinks, till the doors close. The dragon now slumbers again.

That's part one. Hope you liked it :) Feedback is welcomed.

15th May 2014, 08:05 AM
Woah, that's pretty awesome!

I might have to edit my future parts, though I don't think Part 2 will be affected. Still, Part 2 will be uploaded tomorrow.

EDIT: Would you guys prefer if I posted the parts more regularly, or are you fine with them being posted once a week?

15th May 2014, 09:26 AM
Once a week is good, gives you more time to make a better quality story ;)

15th May 2014, 10:39 AM
You make a persuasive argument, Snake! :D

15th May 2014, 02:48 PM
Yet my English GCSE grade was only a C :P

15th May 2014, 03:48 PM
I know that. I´m this guy in the internet who corrects his posts, uses capital letters and knows the word "grammar". But my german mark is a 4 (D) ^^

16th May 2014, 08:28 AM
English kinda sucks like that, haha!

Anyhoo, Before we begin, I'd like to post the final theme songs I have chosen for the teams

Theme of Angelus - Transparency | Hiroshi Okubo (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbRhb2QfCVc)
Theme of Crinale - Ransom | Pendulum (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abSQnjeZSeM)

Anyway, let's now move on to...
[Part 2.0] Scary Weapons and Neat Logic
Monday, October 16th, 2209

Angelus R&D Headquarters, Perth, Australia


One very tired Brandon Smith was looking at reports and data files, comparing them, trying to connect the evidence and figure out what exactly Crinale's true motives were. At that point, two things happened, almost at the exact same time. The first was an email that Brandon was expecting had finally arrived in his inbox. Before he could open it, though, the second thing happened. A knock on his office door.

"Urgh, come in." He moaned, as he quickly and swiftly minimized everything from his computer's screen. In through the door walked Tarah Andrews, the lead pilot for Angelus' AG Racing Division.

"Sorry, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you, boss, but we need to talk. I think you might know why." she spoke, with fear in her voice. Brandon gestured wordlessly to a chair on the other side of his desk. He waited, silently, until she sat down, then after a few moments, he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, then spoke.

"What seems to be the problem, is everything alright?" he inquired.

"I don't think I can race tomorrow. OK, no. I can race, but I don't want to."

"Why not? You are the best pilot we have, I've seen your skills first han-"

"No." she quickly interrupted. "This is not about my skills, at least, not anymore."

Brandon thought for a second. "I think this conversation would move faster and more efficiently if you gave your reasons why you cannot race."

"Do you know what happened on Friday?"

"Yes. Crinale happened. They 'attacked' the Race Commission's headquarters, however, that plan backfired. I'm still waiting for the fine details, though. I'm supposed to be getting a report."

"OK. So do you know what their demands were?"

"A prototype weapon, something that can cause instant eliminations... wait," His eyes widened with realisation, "Is that why you don't want to race?"

"Yes. If they have that weapon against us, then no amount of skill will be able to avoid their attacks. We'd be eliminated on the spot... maybe even killed!"

Brandon opened one of his minimized files, studied it for a good minute, then turned his attention back to Tarah. "They can't use it. That would require extensive knowledge of the Race Commission's weapon systems, knowledge that no one except for the designers of the system has. They can even have the weapon itself onboard their ship, armed and ready to destroy anyone who stands in their way, but... without the system's acknowledgement of the weapon as... well, as a weapon, it will not work."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," Brandon said, scanning the open file once more. "The system will not allow the weapon to work. I think they knew that, which is why they went to the Race Commission in the first place, to gain permission to use it. The result of that plan, however, is the result of what transpired on the 13th."

Tarah gave a long sigh of relief. "Thanks Boss! I'm gonna go train! I have to beat Crinale." She jumped up and nearly ran out the door.

"I'm glad you're back to your eager, happy self, but remember, don't train too hard, you don't want to strain yourself"

"I know!" She said, closing the door behind her. After Tarah left Brandon pulled up all the minimized files, then opened the email:

|Monday, October 16th, 2209
|Sender: <alpha.0@xŵñƮŞƽЃь.∂∞ⅎΓ>
|To: <brandon.smith@angelus-rd.com.au>
|Subject: 22091013: _||-
|Attachments: ];{+_)O^!(@&%$~`.zip
|Sorry about all that garbage there, I just did not want to get caught. I am trying to hide from Crinale, no doubt
|they would be looking for me after that stunt I pulled, haha! So, I've encrypted this email.
|Anyway, onto business. Attached is a zipped folder containing the finer details of everything that occurred on
|the 13th. You should know what the password is.
|That's it for now, I need to lay low for a while, so try to not contact me.

Brandon figured out the code instantly. the text at the end signified that the password was contained in the first line, consisting of the 10th to 26th characters on that line. He opened the zip file then input the password: "#!)&R&)@^*9`098/". Upon entering the password, the file proceeded to decompress itself onto his computer. He found the one thing that would be most helpful, a file with a familiar name: "CZf_12"

'This must be Crinale's super weapon.' He thought. Opening it revealed that he was correct. He had just opened Crinale's blueprints to their super weapon, the CZf_12 Prototype Energy Blaster, but something about it was off, like he had seen something very similar before. He brought up file after file, but he could not find any similarities between them and the weapon. Then he found it, staring him in the face...

An image. Of an F9000 Super Weapon. Auricom's Orbital Laser.

He immediately started searching for the blueprints for the Orbital Laser, but considering that it was secret technology, it would be a challenge to find anything to do with it. Finally, however, Brandon found himself staring at the one thing he so desperately needed to find the truth. He scanned the both the blueprints for the Orbital Laser and the Energy Blaster for a match, he was only hoping that his hunch was wrong. However, the scan returned a complete match for the inner workings of the two technologies.

Finally, he realised what he had discovered, and his mind started to piece everything together... bit by bit...


"-> Crinale was discovered in Russia, stealing Tigron parts...
-> They are entirely based on combat...
-> They have an unhealthy obsession with destruction...
-> Their special weapon's technology matches that of Auricom's Orbital Laser...

-->_Crinale stole the remnants of an Orbital Laser, and reverse engineered it for their own benefit! So why do they have such an unhealthy obsession with the F9000? First Tigron parts, now the Orbital Laser?

-->_Crinale are trying to recreate the F9000!... but... why? They have money... No... really? It's the only logical explanation... WOAH!


16th May 2014, 10:25 AM
I'm on the edge of my seat after reading that, just my face was 0.0 WOW

16th May 2014, 11:24 AM
Glad you liked it! ^_^

16th May 2014, 11:52 AM
This is aweasome :+

And since Snake already wrote a part about his team...can I do the same? :D
This could turn into something like a RPG ^^

16th May 2014, 12:01 PM
If you want, go for it! :D

16th May 2014, 03:12 PM
This whole thing will be awesome ;)

16th May 2014, 09:59 PM
Faster Than Angels
Jennterista Racing Chronicles

Final Overture
Hello everyone, I am happy for anybody who still reads this! By now these words are almost six years younger than the date of this post.
So over the course of these six years a lot happened, changed and accumulated. I grew a lot as a writer (and as a person, I pretty much grew up with this project) and thus want to give my stories one final big revision. After the "Grand Revision" project, this state will be given the name "Final Overture".
The revised parts will be published in place of their original posts, as long as it still fits.
An overview of all parts can be found here (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IF3Ue7eJJ8yQ2hFOG6DMwSpH1sIjPtZKeZKZF4HUbA0/edit?usp=sharing) (Google Drive). Have fun!

16th May 2014, 10:42 PM
Part 2: Investigating a mystery

The sunsets over the Wyvern AR HQ, the airfield of all Wyvern projects is under heavy surveillance to protect the XAF-72 Wyvern from falling into the hands of the unknown assailant who attacked two days ago. A light on the side of the building slowly rises to the top floor. David is in the elevator heading to his office, with a cup of coffee in his hands. He steps in and logs onto his computer, watching CCTV footage captured during the loss of the precious Wyvern warp, trying to identify the attacker.

"Argh his face is black, I need a miracle to identify this guy"

David flicks through documents of the Wyvern warp which was stolen, trying to piece how anyone could of known about the top secret project. Somebody knocks and enters the office. Its Sarah of the engineer team.

Sarah: How you holding up?
David: Its no use, I just cannot find this guy's identity. I'm troubled by nightmares as to who he is.
Sarah: Well I hate to bring bad news but *a long deep breath* but he took the activation chip as well.
David: So this guy can activate the warp drive. Dammit, we need to act fast.
????: You never did tell us what the warp did though?
David+Sarah: HUH?

Walks in Falon tired from the days practice on the training circuits.

Falon: Sorry to surprise you guys, but what does the warp do?
Sarah: I don't know, I just followed the blueprints given to us by David.
David: I guess now is best telling you. The warp is the ultimate means of travel, despite its name it is also actually a new form of AG technology. Complete External Force Nullification Device or CEFND for short. It completely negates the affects of external forces such as air resistance, gravity and even energy such as heat and light. This warp offers optical camouflage and ultimate engine efficiency. Its also capable of light speed as the name suggested as well.
Falon: That's what it is, wow that's amazing!
David: Yes but now its in the wrong hands and I'm scared for it.
Sarah: David its okay I have good news as well.
David: Really? please speak up.
Sarah: Although it isn't the blueprints, I added special software into the warp that only it and the XAF-72 have. A security program, meaning if the warp is not to be in the Wyvern it won't activate. Think of it as a safety feature.
David: SARAH YOU ARE BRILLIANT! this means if our attacker wants to use it he'll have to get through us to the XAF first!
Falon: That could be dangerous though, what if he has a team and completely levels us. We'll lose the whole team.
David: I know, I need to think.
Sarah: We'll leave then, goodnight David

Falon and Sarah leave the office. David continues his search through the footage at the time of the attack. However as he loses hope, he clicks onto the CCTV in the engineer locker room. The assailant is in there! David widens his eyes to find how the unknown man infiltrated the facility. Through the air vents into the locker room, best of all is the blurred face of the man. Not wanting to wait David runs a resolution scan to identify the assailant. What he discovers shocks him...
Davids brother Shaun is the attacker. A man David who he thought was in jail for his past crimes. It seems he escaped, and is wearing Crinale uniforms. The ultimate betrayal, Shaun stole the warp for Crinale. David rushes through his keyboard to send emails to the AGRC racing commission and Angelus. To warn them of the new danger of Davids brother and the Wyvern CEFND he stole. Now the fear of having the XAF-72 stolen encapsulates David's body.

"If they get their hands on the Wyvern, they can turn it into a weapon. Near enough teleporting from location to location, attack cities and homes and disappear instantly without a trace. With the optical camouflage technology and the speed enhancements to the engine. A weaponised XAF-72 Wyvern would be unstoppable. Crinale could rule the world!"

David completes the message to the AGRC commission and Angelus, detailing what he now believes to be the intentions of Crinale. To steal the XAF-72 Wyvern and turn it into a weapon to crush their opposition who stand in the way. Its only a matter of time before this plot could be a reality. David sends the email, terrified of the future.

Hope you guys liked that instalment, also Jonny I really liked yours. Very original ;)

17th May 2014, 04:31 AM
Woah, those were awesome, I loved it!

17th May 2014, 09:42 AM
Glad you liked, it was tricky to make a part that was as suspenseful as yours. I think I did alright there ;)
Things are taking a dark turn in these fictions, I hope your next part Ace can work with my part 2 :P

17th May 2014, 09:53 AM
Thanks :)

Jennter can keep away from the affairs of Wyvern, Angelus and Crinale...yet.

17th May 2014, 09:56 AM
Oh if your posting in this fiction thread they'll end up in our situation ;)
Also this is definitely the theme I want for my team, the unofficial Wyvern AR Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JJH0ilahuA
(not mine btw, copyrights and what not)

17th May 2014, 10:44 AM
Glad you liked, it was tricky to make a part that was as suspenseful as yours. I think I did alright there ;)
Things are taking a dark turn in these fictions, I hope your next part Ace can work with my part 2 :P

The main plot for FTA Part 3 actually makes it easy for me to edit it, working your part 2 in with it.

17th May 2014, 10:53 AM
I'm actually completely rethinking the XAF-72 Wyverns appearance for when I do my drawing of it ;) I hope it looks cool at the end

17th May 2014, 11:28 AM
Neat! I just realised that I have to rethink a future part, as it tied in with your first part, but is now contradictory to your second. Part 3 has been edited and ties in with your 2nd part.

23rd May 2014, 09:00 AM
I've decided that all part titles from 2.0 onwards be based on album titles. Part 2.0 was based on David Bowie's "Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)" and Skrillex's "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites". I could make a little game of it, where you'd guess the album the title's based on, and I'd give the answer in the following part.

I don't know, what do you guys think of that?

We now return to your regularly scheduled program...

[Part 3.1] Rage Valley
Tuesday, October 17th, 2209



"The Anti-Gravity Race Commission has approved of a new race track created along the Perth shoreline in Western Australia. Constructed by the RidgeTech Corporation, "Omega Harbour" is the longest track ever approved by the Race Commission, reaching a total length of 12479m. Omega Harbour is designed for endurance, containing a balance of speed and technical sections and is notable for its "Death Spiral" corner, a 900° right turn. This track will be the location of the final race in the 2209 season of the FX400."

"Wait, so that's what they were building?!" Brandon Smith exclaimed, "Also, who the hell is this RidgeTech Corporation?"

"No idea," said Gareth Ardos, second pilot for Angelus, "But I hear that everyone will be getting an update to the simulator at the end of the month, so we can practice and eventually qualify on the new track."

"That leaves us a month for us to get used it. At least everyone's in the same situation. But something's not right. I've never heard of this RidgeTech Corporation before they started work on 'Project OMEGA'. I don't know, maybe I'm just being paranoid, but... oh, never mind."

"No, it's not just you, I have a gut feeling that there's something sinister about that Corporation, I just don't know what. Either way, I can't afford to think about that, we need to prepare for the race tonight."

"Yes, we do. Fort Gale White, Night run. Quite the technical circuit, but nothing we can't handle. Let's go."

Fort Gale, Gibraltar


There were less than 5 minutes until the race started, Angelus knew this nervous feeling all too well, but it would eventually pass. The final preparations had been made to both the team and their ship, and the latter was ready to take its place at the starting grid. The qualifying race had put Angelus in 2nd position, behind Wyvern, who had taken pole position by 0.02 seconds, with Crinale bringing the rear of the top 3.

"ARGH! I'm so sorry! I knew I could have done so much better!" Tarah Andrews apologized.

"It's fine. It could have been a lot worse, be glad we are in the top 5," Brandon said, "It's not a time to worry, you need to focus on doing your best."

"Yes, thank you. Will do, boss!"

"Fantastic! Let's go."

As soon as the countdown screen lit up, a familiar engine sound filled the air. It was Crinale, their second pilot had a habit of flooring the engine as soon as the countdown screen turned on. As the engine was originally Angelus', it sounded similar to their KA-AGR1 racing craft, but Crinale's F0-RG7 sounded a bit more aggressive, with a noticeable grunt added to the sound. The countdown started, at 19:29:57.

"3, 2, 1-"


Wait, what? The countdown usually says GO, not make a loud explosion-like noise.

The source of the noise was quite obvious. Crinale's ship suddenly belched black smoke, its engine stalled, the purple neons illuminating the #2 ship flickered off and then, finally, gravity took over, making the ship crash to the ground. The countdown stopped, seemingly milliseconds before the GO signal. This was because Crinale was on the grid, yet they had been 'eliminated' before the race began.

A few minutes later, Crinale brought out their #1 ship, and the race was ready to begin proper.

"3, 2, 1... GO"

<fort gale: white run_>
<phantom class_>
<lap 01_>
<uncrowned | celldweller (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzD6A2xTwPQ)_>

Immediately after the race started, Team Angelus knew that this would not be any regular race. Crinale seemed to have taken on a more aggressive racing style than usual, which of course meant bad news for their #1 target, Angelus. Brandon did not speak to Tarah about it, as she was experienced enough that she would have spotted the problem the second she saw Crinale. Also, Brandon felt like she needed to be more focused than ever, and talking to her would break that concentration.

The race started with Angelus barely making any ground over Wyvern, as they had around the same thrust power. However, due to Angelus' higher top speed, it slowly pulled closer to the repurposed jet fighter. The second corner, an outward banked right hander threw the ships into the air, due to the immense speed of Phantom class. Both Angelus and Wyvern took this advantage and performed a barrel roll. However, due to Angelus' advanced boost module, it pulled ahead upon landing, though not by much.

Suddenly, there was a flash of purple light to Angelus' rear. Wyvern had been hit with a Plasma, though they were not eliminated. Sure enough, when Tarah looked behind her, there was the unmistakeable sight of a black craft resembling that of Angelus', with deep yellow neons running around it.

"Huh, they seem more aggressive, better watch out." She thought. She ran over a weapon pickup, obtaining the Angelus Laser Cannon. She absorbed it, restoring the remaining shield energy lost to the initial barrel roll. Crinale weren't that far behind, picking up a set of rockets, which they promptly fired. Tarah strategically sideshifted out of the way of them, with two rockets shooting past either side of the craft.

As they passed out of the first tunnel and over the drop in the track, Tarah performed another barrel roll, hoping to lose Crinale. However, they barrel rolled too, so she didn't get as far away from them as she hoped. The only thing the audience saw were two glowing objects, one azure, one deep yellow.

As they entered the second tunnel, Crinale tried to make their move. They pulled alongside Angelus and sideshifted into them, attempting to run them into the wall, however, they were out of the second tunnel, entering the third, where a left hairpin impeded their progress. They pulled open their airbrakes to slow down, but Tarah continued at full speed. She sideshifted to the right, then opened her left airbrake, turning left sharply at the same time. The featherweight ship swung around the hairpin at an alarming rate, but had cleared the walls perfectly. Crinale soon came into view, their airbrakes open. The speed was too high for the heavy craft, however, and it ended up grinding into the right wall. An aggressive sideshift pulled them away from the wall and into a weapon pickup. They fired it.

"Missiles." the onboard computer warned. Upon hearing this, Tarah immediately activated the weapon she picked up: A shield, which promptly disintegrated the missiles. As she rounded the corner, Crinale attempted once more to run the sleek white ship off the track. It was then that Tarah performed a gutsy move. As Crinale were getting ready for another sideshift into her, she opened her airbrakes fully, slowing the craft down and bring it behind Crinale, just as they initiated the sideshift, which caused them to careen into the wall. Tarah took this chance and slipped by them, flowing through the chicane series, around the final corner and on the home straight for the second lap.

This vicious rivalry between Angelus and Crinale continued throughout the race, as it usually was in other races, but this time it seemed Crinale really had it out for Angelus, taking any and all chances to violently eliminate them. This continued until the very last lap...

<lap 100_>
<final lap_>
<pursuit of the hunted | celldweller (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3gAd62dSAk)_>

At the beginning of the second corner of the final lap, Crinale took a unique racing line, not one that would be faster, but one that would lead them to force their ship to collide with Angelus', who was already in the air, preparing for a barrel roll. Just as Tarah executed it, Crinale smashed their ship into the side of Angelus', causing the barrel roll to fail. They then followed that up with an up-close missile hit, ensuring that all 3 missiles would have a direct hit.

"Energy Critical." exclaimed the computer, as a warning tone sounded. Tarah picked up a Turbo, thought for a moment, then used it, wanting to get as far away from Crinale as possible. She ran over another weapon pickup and absorbed it without a seconds hesitation, restoring her shield energy up to 47%. Crinale were still being relentless in their goals of Angelus' elimination, but Tarah persisted, right until the moment she cracked.

Upon entering the final tunnel, getting smashed by Crinale's ship at the hairpin and hearing "Energy Critical" for the second time, Tarah could no longer keep her cool, and finally snapped. The odds seemed to be in her favour, as she had picked up a Plasma before the chicane series. At that exact moment, she decided she was going to end it all, right there. She forced the airbrakes on completely, just as she had done the first lap, but she let Crinale pass. Then, with a yell which signified that she had had enough, charged the Plasma...


"......Contender Eliminated."

That sound emitting from the computer was the best sound she had heard all race. She opened the thrust all the way, accelerating around the final corner, past the eliminated Crinale ship, which no longer emitted yellow light from its neons. She did not let up from the thrust until the azure lit ship screamed past the finish line at top speed, where the computer spoke for the final time that night:

"First place."

That was the first time Angelus had come first in a race. Usually, they would rank high, but at most, 2nd place. Upon seeing that they had won, they were somewhat joyous, but not as much as they wanted to be. The elimination by Angelus was a bit of a buzzkill. But they had won nonetheless, and were through to the final round, held at Omega Harbour.

I created an image of Omega Harbour, now in 3 flavours: Angelus Blue, Crinale Yellow, and Crinale's alternate skin Purple!

23rd May 2014, 10:22 AM
This is getting interesting now, very good that part was, definitely had me engaged and picturing every moment in my head ;)
Time for Part 3 for flying with dragons then:

Part 3: Aftermath

FX-400 Fort Gale: White Run
Phantom class

The Early lead into the race brought promise to Falon's victory, but a all to familiar sight of Angelus in close tail showed they meant business this race. However a confident thought of the barrel roll at the outwards banked corner made Falon think he would pull ahead and take a significant lead. But to his amazement Angelus pull ahead after the manoeuvre. Crinale was now in third and unexpectedly the Wyvern computer yells "Plasma".
Falon tries to evade, but Crinale are to close, the plasma is right on him. Unable to evade the Wyvern takes a crippling blow. "ENERGY CRITICAL!" yells as sparks and smoke engulf the craft. A direct hit to the main engine brings the Wyvern to its knees, the slowing effect is so great it takes a whole 5 seconds before the thruster reactivates and controls are restored.

A costly blow, Falon falls to last place. But his adrenaline does not make him admit defeat, he slams his foot on the thrust and continues the race. He absorbs multiple pickups to restore his shields, but there is a problem. Falon noticed that his shields wouldn't go above 67%. The shield generator was damaged, but AGRC approved weapons shouldn't cause mechanical damage like that, something was up with that plasma. But Falon continues the race handicapped.

"Final Lap" exclaims the computer, Wyvern are in a healthy third place, only 2.13 seconds behind 2nd place Crinale. Trying to catch up Falon opts for his most precise but risky racing line in order to keep up. But a huge explosion occurs in front of Falon. "Contender eliminated" exclaims the computer, Crinale was eliminated by Angelus. Seizing the opportunity Falon navigates the last hairpin pulling the Wyvern as close as it can to the apex. All is going well, But.

"WARNING" shouts the Wyvern's AI, "severe mechanical damage, engines critical". The rear of the craft belches out thick black smoke as a fire engulfs one of the engines. Falon is in grave danger "Warning, explosion imminent". David who was spectating from his VIP seat gasps in horror, Wyvern fans have their faces drained of colour as the craft slowly loses speed. But thankfully Falon crosses the line in 2nd place after Angelus, but the Wyvern soon veers into the wall and grinds to a halt. Emergency vehicles race to Falon as he emerges from the wreckage, unharmed to the eyes of the fans. David rushes out of the stands...

-2 days later-

David analyses the flight data collected from the Wyverns computer memory during the previous race, although the craft was severely damaged it was salvaged and is now under going repairs for the next events. The Wyvern was nearly destroyed by mechanical failure, something that has never occurred before in AGRC history. Concerned as to why it occurred, David analyses the damage data suffered during the plasma impact and noticed something odd.
The plasma had a mod added to it once was aboard Crinales craft, something illegal as well. It was KX-SI, it was designed to modify damage of plasma based via virus weaponry to cause mechanical failure in a vehicle. This then causes slow but long term damage to its target that could only be spotted until it was to late and the vehicle is destroyed. But thanks to the Wyverns advanced AI technology the virus was cleaned before it caused engine implosion, But not before it left a lasting impression.

David grows anxious, first the stolen XAF-72 CEFND warp, and now the use of virus based weaponry to cripple Wyvern shields and engines to destroy them. David sees the motive to redesign Wyvern shield technology to stop such a event from happening again. Crinale are taking seriously dangerous motives to destroy their opposition.

23rd May 2014, 11:01 AM
Woah, I never would have thought of something like that! That's awesome!

In my eyes, no-one really dies when they get eliminated, their ship just kinda shuts down, or suffers actual minimal damage to the craft when the shields fail.

Also, you may or may not find out what caused Crinale's secondary ship to blow up and fail at the start line in the next part, there's a reason why this part is 3.1, instead of 3.0. ;)

23rd May 2014, 12:01 PM
Faster Than Angels
Jennterista Racing Chronicles
The Jennter Succession Conflict

Chapter 1/1: An Announcement
Jennter Enterprises HQ // Copenhagen // Denmark
5th October 2209

It was a rarity at this time for the old Jonathan Bovier to hold press conferences, the announcement he was about to make carried significant weight for his company. The multinational Jennter Enterprises group, which from its formation until today, has always been reigned solely by Bovier himself.

“I will finally retire from the position of being the President of Jennter Enterprises.” he spoke into the microphone, looking forward into the crowd with no sign of weakness, as he did so many times before.
To his left sat Jana Bovier, his great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter, who he intended to follow into his footsteps. And to his right sat Henry Marsson, who has been his assistant in recent years.

Naturally each and every journalist in the room raised their arm to ask questions following this announcement. Bovier shook his head by this sight.
“I won’t answer questions about my decision” he continued, “I will only say: I am not feeling it anymore.”

Henry grinned as he heard that, being reminded once more what type of person his mentor was and placed his hand on the back of Boviers shoulder.
Jonathan smiled at him and stood up, whispered something encouraging into the ear of Jana and simply left.

Henry was keen to continue the conference and began to answer questions, while Jana appeared to lack the routine for such an act.
“Is it true that Jana Bovier will inherit the sole leadership over the Jennter empire?” has been the question of one journalist.
Jana smiled at that, to which Henry gave the answer: “There is no final decision about the leadership yet. But Jana is of course a strong candidate.”

Bovier marched straight to lab number 15, being greeted by several employees who just heard the announcement on the news screens installed around the building.
“I thought you retired?” a researcher asked him surprised.
Jonathan merely shook his head again while walking along “I still have things to finish.”

23rd May 2014, 01:15 PM
I think, there are some fatalities here and there, but we already had this discussion ^^

Yeah, I would have to agree with you there.

23rd May 2014, 09:51 PM
Also, you may or may not find out what caused Crinale's secondary ship to blow up and fail at the start line in the next part, there's a reason why this part is 3.1, instead of 3.0. ;)

Really? hmmm I am intrigued now :P

26th May 2014, 10:11 PM
Faster Than Angels
Jennterista Racing Chronicles

The Jennter Succession Conflict

Chapter 2/2: Business as Usual
Fort Gale // Gibraltar
16th October 2209

Qualifying runs have been underway in Fort Gale. While the initial grid of size of eight craft remained for the 2209 season, the entry list has been growing longer. Jennter has been away from professional AG racing ever since the end of the F9000 league and thus was, despite being one of the oldest teams on the grid, treated like any other new team and had to struggle for qualifikation.

“Quick Nico, our run starts in less than a minute!” Jennters Chief Mechanic, Kai Berbech, spoke to the pilot through the team radio.
“All personnel, leave the box!” he ordered his mechanic staff “Launch systems.”
The ion thruster engine of the Jennter JAG-FX401 craft began to emit a screeching noise. For Nico Bovier this has hardly been noticeable in the cockpit. He tensed up as the craft idled in the pit box and was about to be lifted onto the track.

Then the port opened and the ship has been moved upwards, the sun flooded its canopy.
“Next run in the qualifiers: Craft number 9, Jennter Enterprises, piloted by Nico Bovier.” the trackside announcer informed the spectators.
“Nico is heir to the Bovier family” another commentator spoke “But his younger sister Jana has been in favour of taking over the families business, by his own choice.”

The start signal played and Nico landed a perfect start. He had seven laps from now on to set a competitive time.
But for doing so the young Bovier had to perfect any sweet spot he could find on the track. No easy feat given the lack of practice sessions in the FX400 league and this being his first seconds on the Fort Gale circuit.

“Bovier seems to struggle out there” one of the circuit speakers noted, as Nico touched the same wall for the third time in three laps. “Cut him some slack, Jennter built a very conservative craft this year.” the other returned.

The final lap started and Nico managed to squeeze a tight barrel roll out of the first jump leading into the tunnel. Another one for the straight into the hairpin right-hander and smooth turning out of it lead the pilot into his less favoured section. He winded through the first left-hander of the tunnel esses perfectly and grabbed an ideal amount of speed pads to leap onto the home straight.

On his outlap Nico was briefed of the result by Kai “Great run, really!”
“Thanks!” the pilot smiled into his helmet “But why the tone?”
“We didn’t qualify.” Kai responded disappointed “I’m sorry mate. Return to pits.”

Nico couldn’t help it but slammed his fist against the side of his cockpit.

“Damn it!”

The craft descended back into the pit box, Nico cut off the engine and took off his helmet while the staff started to work on it immediately.
Nico marched back to the Jennter motorhome, avoiding the handful of journalists he would encounter.

“Good run, Nico. Hope we can give you a proper craft next year.” Herman Graf, the Technical Director of Jennter Enterprises Anti-Gravity Racing Division said, as the Bovier entered the motorhome.
He made a noise, then shook his head “No...sorry. I am frustrated because I was under the impression that this lap lasted.”
“He knows that his attitude right now makes no sense.” Jonathan threw in, sitting a bit further away from the other two men and looked into his glass “But it is understandable.”
“Oh it does make sense.” Nico turned to him “Anyway, I’ll be helping out the team to pack up already.”

“Well, I will be watching the race, when I am at a track already…” Jonathan said, looking back into his glass again. For a moment he showed determination in his eyes “Let’s see where they will be at the end of the day.”

26th May 2014, 10:29 PM
Two plots going on here?! 0.0 this is awesome!

27th May 2014, 09:57 AM
Woah, this is awesome! Would I be right in assuming that this is the work of Crinale?

27th May 2014, 01:12 PM
Glad you like it ^^
But this is not the work of Crinale, this is a fith party (Angelus, Crinale, Wyvern, Jennter and now these guys).
But this doesn´t means that they are working with Crinale

29th May 2014, 09:52 PM
I'm in a writing flow, how about you?

30th May 2014, 04:03 AM
Oh, you have no idea...

Anyway, this part is a bit of a breather from the epicness that was the penultimate FX400 race at Fort Gale, I guess you can call it the aftermath. Enjoy!

Also, the referenced album title of part 3.1 was "Rage Valley" by Knife Party.

[Part 3.2] Angelus Must Die
Wednesday, October 18th, 2209

Angelus R&D HQ, Perth, Australia


"I have some good news, and some bad news" Brandon told the group the day after the race.

"It's about me, isn't it?" Tarah spoke up, "I messed up, eliminating Crinale, right?"

"No, what happened then, happened. Pierre Belmondo allowed the use of weapons in the AG racing championship, something I believe to be a bit of a mistake. But we move on from the past, looking forward to the future.

"Anyway," he continued, "The good news is that, thanks to Tarah, Crinale are one ship down, though, they most probably would have created blueprints, so they would have a craft ready for the final race, be it their remaining craft or one created to replace the destroyed one. The bad news is that they can still use both their pilots."

"I still feel bad about losing my cool, though." Tarah mumbled.

"You shouldn't be. We're human. We make mistakes. The best thing to do is to just move on, look to the future."

"Wait, what about that other ship, the one that exploded before the race began?" Gareth piped up.

"What? Oh, hahahahahaha! Funny story about that," Brandon laughed, "As much as I'd like to believe it, it was not an act of terrorism, [snicker] but a bit of technology fail!"

"Huh? Technology fail?" Gareth said, confused.

"Yeah, technology fail. David Mendel, Director of Wyvern, spoke to me after the race. He said that the cause of the explosion of Crinale's #2 ship was due to an experimental device that was to be used with their craft. It was stolen by Crinale and added to their craft instead. However, an extra piece of security software embedded into the device ensured that it would not work with any other craft except for Wyvern's. Therefore, Crinale's ship exploded. However, the craft seems to be in good enough of a condition that it would still be able to work, unlike their #1 ship, which was decimated by Tarah.

Now, let's get to work, we need to be prepared for the final race of this season. We can do it!"

<day>, <month> <date>, 2209
<ERROR: Date Unknown>

Crinale Technologies, Inc. HQ, <ERROR: Location Unknown>

<ERROR: Time Unknown>
[well damn, they wrecked my thing, how did they do that?]

"That Angelus racer, Tarah Andrews, remind me to not mess with her again."

"I think not. You will do as I say, for the greater good of Crinale. Sure, she eliminated you, but the risks you took were... shall we say, counterproductive."

"I did what was necessary. I attempted to eliminate Angelus. You're going soft."

"No, I am wise. You were behind Tarah in the original Katana ranks, you had no chance of beating her, through elimination or otherwise. However, there is one other person who can beat her."

"And anyone else who stand in our way, for that matter."


"So why did you not use them?"

"I have my reasons. One being that I did not want to use them too much. According to the rules, the secondary pilot must be used for one half of the number of races in the season. I had to use you. I saved our lead pilot for the final race of the season."

"I see your reasoning, and I understand. I assume our lead pilot will be using our secondary ship in the final race?"

"Angelus destroyed the F0-RG7.1y. However, we were prepared for a situation like this. We have done the smart thing and created blueprints of both the 7.1y and the 7.1p. We will have the 7.1y up in less than no time."

"Excellent. One more thing, though, who exactly is our lead pilot, anyway? I never see their face, they always wear that cool helmet with the neons and stuff. All I know is that they're the best we have."

"Exactly. That is all you need to know. Oh, that, and they are completely human. We are not cheaters, unlike EG-R, their pilots had cybernetic enhancements. Now, we need to get to work. we need to prepare for Omega Harbour.

We will see how they like our... special weapon."

Believe me, you will need this breather. Part 4 will be more epic than you can imagine. So epic, it has to be split up into 4 separate parts!

You will enjoy it, I guarantee it.

As usual, 7 days...

30th May 2014, 05:50 AM
The Crinale boss seems to be: "Do what I want or you won't witness the next day" :P
However, when is the last race (in the calender of the fanfiction)?

30th May 2014, 06:11 AM
The final FX400 race of 2209 takes place on Tuesday, November 28th, 2209. The race starts at 8pm.

30th May 2014, 08:38 AM
Enough space to write some stuff ^^

30th May 2014, 03:36 PM
Woah, a future part that is not part of Part 4 gets pretty dark, I won't spoil anymore than that. Are you guys OK with it getting darker than it already is?

30th May 2014, 03:55 PM
As long as it´s getting brighter later ;)

30th May 2014, 03:59 PM
Part 4.1:A wyvern soon flies

Its finally the day, after David received the message that the Wyvern CEFND successfully destroyed itself along with one of Crinales racing craft, plans are well under way to test the XAF-72 Wyvern. The entire organisation of Wyvern AR and its fan base collect and merge into a huge crowd outside the hanger eagerly awaiting those doors to open.
Meanwhile at HQ David scrambles through his office looking for his speech, pressed for time he finally pulls it out from his drawers with a huge sigh of relief. Walks in Sarah.

Sarah "They you are come on we need to do this while its still sunny"
David "I'm ready, just found my speech"
Sarah "Well come on then lets go"

Sarah grabs David's hand and races him to the elevator to get him to the mass growing crowd of the Wyvern organisation and the teams fan base. They rush into the elevator and begin their decent. David looks at Sarah as to tell her that she is still holding his hand, she lets go in a embarrassing manner. The elevator bings as they hit the ground floor and walk to the stands. The sun shines bright on the hangar lighting the doors as if some miracle is about to happen. People take their seats as David finally front and centres to the podium, he begins his speech.

"Greetings to everyone here, the Wyvern organisation and our dedicated fans. Today is a special day. If you have been following our data casts then you why you are here today. The XAF is finally ready to take her maiden flight as we begin the era of space age flight has come. I am so happy you have joined me today to witness this advancement in technology. Blood, sweat and tears have been split to create our beauty but I'm sure it was worth the valiant effort of my team of engineers, designers and administrators. I also am proud that our star pilot Falon Dare is taking on the opportunity to fly the Wyvern before you all. Please welcome here today with a round of applause"

Falon enters onto the podium as he is applauded

"Hello people of the Wyvern family, you know who I am. I am so happy to be the one who flies the Wyvern today before you all but I think we should firstly congratulate David here for creating the XAF. But now I think its about time, open the doors!"

The hangar doors slowly open...

30th May 2014, 04:23 PM
A cliffhanger like that can only mean that something's not going to go according to plan, and that something is hiding behind those hangar doors.

30th May 2014, 05:09 PM
Faster Than Angels
Jennterista Racing Chronicles

The Jennter Succession Conflict

Chapter 3/3: Jonathan

21st October 2209
Jennter Enterprises HQ, Copenhagen, Denmark

Jonathan was found standing in the office which was to remain his for a few more weeks. He looked out of the window, standing to the right side of the desks front, observing the skyline of Copenhagen.
“The first time I have been in this city was when I have been way younger.” he uttered “Around the late 70s.”
“Of the twenty-first century, I assume?” Jana reassured, sitting in a couch facing into the same direction.
“Indeed.” he smiled “Things look very different nowadays. But there is a bitter beauty in it.”
“May I ask you why you step back from leading Jennter now?” Jana asked him .

The old Bovier turned towards his upcoming successor “It is a bit of a secret. But the moment you will take over this office, I can’t hide anything from you anymore.”
“Secret? How so?” she continued to ask.
Jonathan stroked with his hand through a holographic decor plant standing between Jana and him.

“The Electrosphere.”

A little bewildered Jana looked at him “The Electrosphere?”

“She is still in there. I am certain.” he explained “At least I don’t think she died back then.”
“You mean Rebekka?” she tried to follow up “But what is the Electrosphere?”

Jonathan took a deep breath “The Electrosphere is everywhere. It is an experimental computer network making use of self-manipulating frequency structures.”
Jana did not understand what the old man was trying to tell her, however she has still been concerned about what he just mentioned “And you are trying to tell me that Rebekka is inside the Electrosphere? How that?”

“What now?” Jana stood up, growing impatient.
“In case everything went right back then, her consciousness has been uploaded to the Electrosphere.” he tries to explain “But after so many years I didn’t find a way to sublimate myself.” He sat down, onto a couch opposed to Jana “I am running out of time. Of all the things Jennter could replace in me, the brain is none of them.”
Jana sat down again and looked at the coffee table between them “I see…”
“And” he looked down for a moment, then faced Jana “I am ready to risk everything now.”

30th May 2014, 11:18 PM
Wait, even darker.
If I woud be, for example Jonny Bovier, I would have this 'unreal' feel. First he lost his beloved company (on a rough way), that he directed over 170 years. Then he got arrested and needs to get violent to break out. And...even darker? I have no good feel :P
As log it's nothing tooo apocalyptical... :/

31st May 2014, 04:34 AM
Great part! I meant it to get only slightly darker, but I'm glad you're okay with it!

Henry Assange, the mole.

Oh, I see what you did there! :D

Is it possible that he is a descendant of Julian Assange?

31st May 2014, 10:40 AM
Oh, I created a easter egg althought I didn't wanted that :D

6th June 2014, 07:05 AM
It's Friday, so you know what that means! :D

First off, the referenced album title of part 3.2 was "Invaders Must Die" by The Prodigy

But now, IT BEGINS...

[Part 4.1] Calm Before the Storm
Tuesday, November 28th, 2209

Angelus R&D HQ, Perth, Australia


"Gareth Ardos, second pilot for Angelus in the FX400 AG Racing League has been admitted to Royal Perth Hospital following a traffic accident. The pilot, aged 34, was found in his car, which had crashed off Mounts Bay Road. His car had shown signs of being forced off the road. Gareth was to participate in the final race of the 2209 season tonight. He is in a stable condition. The police are currently investigating this incident. We urge anyone who witnessed the incident to contact the police."

"Grraaaahh!" Brandon yelled angrily, "This was the work of Crinale, I know it! Now we don't have anyone to race!"

"Wh-why don't you let me race?" Tarah quietly asked, scared by Brandon's sudden outburst.

"I just know they will attack you next, that we don't need. Besides, I have a feeling this will be our toughest race yet."

"So what, we just give up then?! BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO!" She yelled.

Brandon just turned and looked at Tarah. "You think I want to give up? You misunderstand me. I will find a way, trust me."


"For the second time today, a pilot from Angelus' AG Racing team has been injured, rendering them unable to race. Tarah Andrews, lead pilot for Angelus in the FX400 AG Racing League has been involved in a car accident. She was lucky to walk from the scene. However, she has sufficient injuries to warrant an inability to race. With just 30 minutes until the final race of the season, it seems Angelus will not be racing tonight."

Hearing the news, Brandon just stood up, flipped the chair he was sitting on out of his way, and stormed out of the room to his office, where he sat down and put his head in his hands.

"No," Brandon said weakly. "First Gareth, now Tarah. Who's next, me?! You've gone too far, Crinale, TOO FAR! I will murder each and every one of you. AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!"

This was the first time he broke down and cried under the pressure. Crinale had finally got to him.

It was a good 10 minutes before he calmed down, but it was too late, he was already broken. And pissed. There was only one sane option left that he could think of, and he took it without a moments hesitation, there was not one second to lose...


At night, Omega Harbour looked very beautiful. It was filled with neons running the length of the 12.5km course. Above the start line, in neon there was a large logo of the course, the symbol of Omega, Ω. It was an awesome sight, not that anyone was really paying attention.

Every single team was running about, making final adjustments to just about everything. Except for Crinale, however. They weren't running about, and their ship was the only one sitting at the starting grid. Then suddenly, at 19:50 exactly, the ship's cockpit opened, and an individual stood up. They was wearing a black suit and a full opaque helmet, hiding their face. Their suit was surrounded by orange-yellow neons. Then an angry, computerized voice spoke, which came in the direction of Crinale's racer.


Just as they said the name Devil, a set of neons at the side of the ship flickered on and off, then lit up forcefully to form a light series that was never seen before on that craft. It was the number 13. Devil then spoke 5 more words:


"Ah, crap! We're so boned." Tarah whined. "Just where is Brandon anyway?"

Just then, she received a text message from Brandon:

"Tarah, I am unable to attend this race, I'm so sorry. That means, for just this one race, you will be our Acting Team Leader. I have sent a racer, they are the very best we have, but they did not want to be a racer, so I accepted their choices. However, since they are an Angelus employee, they know of the incidents that occurred today, and as such is willing to race tonight. They only require that their identity be a secret. They have called themselves 'Angel'. We're Faster than Angels, we can beat Crinale."

At that moment, a black, modified Angelus Razer.X, Angelus' top of the line AG supercar, raced down the pit lane and came to a sudden stop less than a metre from Tarah. A person in a unique Angelus racing suit jumped out. The only thing different about the suit was that it was black with azure neons, as opposed to white with no neons. The individual was wearing a full, opaque helmet with azure neons, like Crinale's. It also hid the individuals face. The race suit bore the team logo, and the name "Angel" written below it.

"Tarah Andrews, I presume? Did you get the text message?" He spoke. It was clear, by his voice and physique, that it was a man.

"I did," She said "Are you our racer?"

"I am an employee, I do not usually race, however, I have chosen to display my unique skill tonight. Crinale needs to pay for what they've done. Now, if you'll excuse me, I shall get ready, if anyone needs me, I will be on the starting grid"

"OK, as far as we know, you are good to go."

"Excellent." He started to walk to the grid, but was stopped by Crinale's mysterious racer, Devil.

"Crinale, we meet at last. The legendary Akuma Nazo"


It was clear that Angel was unhappy with Crinale. He forcefully stuck out his arm and forefinger, pointing at Devil. As his forefinger stuck out, he loudly spoke: "OBJECTION!"

"Says the one who concealed his voice along with his face!" After that, Devil seemed at a loss for words, then they spoke.


"You will see what I am capable of, Crinale." Angel said, pushing past Devil. He got into the KA-AGR1, starting it up. The neons turned on, the individual lines of light moving from the front to the back. He then reached under the cockpit and opened a panel, which housed a switch. He flipped the switch.

One area on the left and right sides of the Angelus ship started to flicker, like the Crinale ship did. The neons then lit up in a certain way. First, a number appeared, 0. Above that, a halo appeared above the zero. Finally, a pair of wings seemingly shot out of either side of the zero. Angel then spoke once more before the race started, taunting Devil.

"Come at me, if you dare."

Since it was the final race of the season, all 16 teams were to compete, the only thing they were qualifying for was their starting position. On a screen to the side of the starting grid, the 16 teams and their position lit up:

01. Crinale
02. Angelus
03. Wyvern
04. AG Systems
05. Jennter
06. Icaras
07. Goteki 45
08. Piranha
10. Auricom
11. Assegai
12. Qirex
13. EG-X
14. Triakis
15. Mirage
16. Harimau

"I don't get how Crinale got pole position with such a slow, heavy craft like theirs." Tarah thought out loud.

The rest of the teams took their places on the starting grid and then, at last, the final, and what would be the most epic race of the 2209 season of the FX400 officially began.

"3, 2, 1...


6th June 2014, 08:11 AM
As his forefinger stuck out, he loudly spoke: "OBJECTION!"

Hmm is that by any chance a reference to the Ace Attorney game series? ;)

6th June 2014, 08:26 AM
You got it, I love that series! :D

6th June 2014, 10:16 AM
^ I knew it ;)

Btw the actual reason I ended part 4 on a cliff-hanger is because I didn't finish my concept art for the XAF-72 then. But its finally about ready for you to see.
Part 4.2 will be out soon once I am happy with it, I'm going for a truly immersive atmosphere in this part :)

Also I will include secret references in this part to a couple of my favourite games, can you spot them all?? ;)

6th June 2014, 11:56 AM
Neat! I accept your challenge!

6th June 2014, 12:47 PM
Faster Than Angels
Jennterista Racing Chronicles

The Jennter Succession Conflict

Chapter 4/4: Two Faces

29th October 2209
Jennter Enterprises HQ, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Yes, it’s all written out already.” Jonathan stood with Henry Marsson in his office “The documents come into effect as they are on 1st November 2209 at 12 PM. From then on Jana will take over my position.”
Henry mustered the room “And do you keep these documents safe?”
Jonathan nodded “Yep, they are in my lockable desk drawer. Traditional paper, so digital errors can be avoided.”
“I see.” the young man uttered “This is the first time our company goes through a change of leadership.”
The old Bovier smiled “Took way too long. I am very happy this company even lasted until today.”
Henry appeared bewildered, given he only knew a Jennter that was a world leading multinational corporation, but he comforted “I am sure Jana will continue this legacy.”

Jonathan walked towards the door, readying to attend another issue “Ah, Henry.”
Henry followed him “Yes, Jonathan?”
He smiled again, a pure smile, that put a lot of youth into his worn face “I can’t thank you enough for all your support in all these years!”
The other man stopped in the room “Oh...no need to…”
“With you by her side, Jana will soon find the right way in this world.” Jonathan reached to place his hand on Henrys shoulder “I feel like throwing a little gathering soon.”

1st November 2209

A ceremony has been planned. A little resume of the companies history under the leadership of Jonathan and the current projects followed. Jana was also presenting her plans for the near future.
Finally Jonathan was sitting with Henry and Jana by his side again at a table, in front of a crowd and countless cameras on live feed.
“...and within a few minutes, my precious Jana Bovier will become the second President of Jennter Enterprises.” he read from a prepared speech manuscript while reaching out for the official documents that initiate the change of charge in the company.
“As of today, the 1st November 2209, at 12 o’clock Central European Time, Jana Bovier is the sole President of Jennter Enterprises, with all rights and obligations, with the veto power in any lead decisions, which shall only be challenged if her acting violates the ‘Codicem honoris Jennterista’-”

He abruptly stopped after opening the first page.

“This is not real.”
He flipped the pages.
“Why is this seal…”
He turned more pages.
“My signature…”
More pages
“The ink…”


‘The following document singularly transfers the role of President of Jennter Enterprises and all associated positions in personal union from Jonathan Bovier to Henry Marson.’

Jonathan rose out of his chair, pressing his arms into the table “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS, HENRY MARSON!?” he shouted at the man who has been his trusted assistant for seven years.

Henry chuckled.

Jonathan grabbed him by his collar. He may be shorter than the Swede, but in his anger it did not lack him in strength.
Henry laughed and glared into his eyes with a smile that feasted on the rage of an old man “Oh Jonathan, you very well know what powers I possess now.”
He whispered those words, well aware of what could leak through to the public otherwise.
Just as much as he knew all along which technology to use to manipulate paper to his will.
Just as much as he knew all along when he could access Jonathans office.
The fruits of years were ready.

Jonathan pushed Henry down again and let the palm of his hand meet Henrys face with the highest speed he could achieve.

Henry laughed, it was one thing he didn’t care about the world to witness. At this moment, he did not “Security!”

Jonathan has been grabbed by two security guards in Jennter uniform.
Jana, dumbfounded by the surreality of the scene unfolding, finally found words “No! You can’t do that!”

“He did it himself.” Henry threw back.
Jana grabbed the document before Henry could take it.
“Jana Bovier. You hereby are fired. Security!” he spoke to her, while squeezing tight on her lower arm. Lowering the pressure on her arm, Jana dropped the papers and was immediately taken away by two other guards.

Henry collected the document, adjusted his hair and collar to the degree possible and held it towards the crowd, showing the line which marked that he indeed was in charge now.

“I am sorry for the ruckus.” he bowed towards the microphone at his place at the desk where just minutes ago the two Boviers have been sitting. “I noticed that Jonathan Boviers judgement has been clouded the past months. Perhaps he wasn’t quite aware of the things we decided on broader levels. Anyway, I promise Jennter will enter its greatest time soon.”

As such, Henry left the stage and yet again a crowd was put in awe.

6th June 2014, 02:06 PM
That's getting interesting, can't wait for the next part!

6th June 2014, 03:33 PM
Here it is the next instalment to my fan fic, bare in mind the events in this part occur before the final rave at omega harbour.
Also there are two prompts in this part, when you see one please click on the link allocated to the prompt, this is for a immersive atmosphere as you read ;)

-Video1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkCMVsGy8Kk
-Video2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIMkq7tgjug

Part 4.2: Flying with a dragon

The doors slowly open to hanger 12, from inside the darkness emerges the XAF-72 Wyvern

The audience awes and wonders at the beautiful sight of the sleek aircraft as its pulled behind the podium. David, Falon and Sarah are just inches from it and they to cannot fathom the reality that the aircraft is theirs. All the years of development and testing have proven their worth. David turns to the microphone.

"Well ladies and gentleman there she is, the XAF-72 Wyvern in all her glory and my god isn't she beautiful.....
Right there's no time to lose, I think its about time Falon enters the cockpit."

Falon nods and then the audience applauds him as he slowly approaches the Wyvern, he enters the cockpit......

(Play video1)

David: czzt okay Falon are you ready?
Falon: More ready than I will ever be!
David: Good, then lets begin. We will also have a second pilot flying close by you to monitor the Wyverns progress. His call sign is Razgriz.
Falon: Good to know, lets start. Powering up the FTL Drive now.

The Wyverns engine roar into life, the ailerons begin to sweep and the wings extend outwards.

Falon: Flight preparations complete, engines are at full power.
Razgriz: No anomalies detected.

David speaks into the microphone:

"Falon you are cleared for takeoff!" The audience cheers loudly with a standing ovation.

Falon: Understood, beginning take off sequence.

The Wyvern kicks in its afterburners and slowly gains speed, a beautiful roar is heard from far away as Falon gives all its got on the ground. The Wyvern accelerates rapidly and before anyone can gasp, she takes off into the air.

Falon: We have lift off!

Hats are thrown into the air and people jump in joy. David and Sarah hug each other in celebration, but soon stop after they both think about the holding hands in the elevator previously and now the hug. Rather embarrassed they look away from each other for a moments notice, but end up looking at each other again in a way they did before.

David: well then.
Sarah: umm yeah.
Falon: are you two lovebirds quite done down there, this is a moment for the Wyvern.
David: Oh, duh, of course
Audience member: Awww, we got lovebirds!

David turns away from the crowd in embarrassment as Sarah turns to hide her blushing.

Razgriz: well, well, I knew something would soon come about between them two haha.
Falon: how about I do a BARREL ROLL to regain the purpose of this demonstration?
Razgriz: sounds like a good idea!

Falon dives towards the crowd and ascends rapidly soon afterwards while performing several rolls as he does so. The audience cheers louder than ever before, Falon pulls off several stunts in the Wyvern that were never thought possible such as the Pugachev’s Cobra and several high G load loops. Its an impressive sight to peoples eyes as they cannot unfathomed what they are seeing. Its almost unreal to David.

David: I just can't believe this is happening
Sarah: Its a man-made miracle

Tempted by unknown feelings David grabs Sarah's hand, she doesn't pull away but embraces the kindness for she to has new feelings. 47 minutes pass of the allotted 1 hour and 30 minutes demonstration flight time of the XAF-72. Falon pulls off many stunts and exceeds Mach 3.6 on several runs. People are glued to the sky, everything is going according to plan.

David: Well ladies and gentleman we have tons of time left before the end, any suggestions on Falons next stunt?

The audience shouts out many ideas: Loop de loops! U-turns! and more

David: Okay simmer down lets have one at a time please.
?????: I have a challenge for Falon!
David: who said that?

(stop video1, play video2)

A shadowy figure stands up from the stands

?????: Me!
David: Wait no!, its... its you!
Sarah: Who is it David?
David: Its the man who stole the Wyvern CEFND warp device!

Everybody gasps and moves away from the culprit.

?????: Ah so you do remember me. HAHAHA it will do you no good now, lets have your Wyvern try this challenge then.

The culprit pulls a device from his pocket and activates it. Razgriz's F-15 flashes warning lights as he trails the XAF. "WARNING! WARNING! XAF ANOMALIE DETECTED!!!

Razgriz: Falon you're in danger
Falon: Huh?

Soon the XAF'S dashboard lights up and displays a warning:
Warning! warning! anomalies detected!
Engine power falling, 67% and decreasing
Aileron control failing, powklkf falling fhbvfvbvnv
Emergencybgeedcsdbc landindhyfb fybffhdhfybn
Crinale overtake in progress, 29% complete

David: How could you do this?!!!
?????: For the greater good of mankind
David when I get my hands on you...
?????: To late

The man disappears from the stands, instantly peoples attention turns to the sky. The XAF has become instable and is losing altitude and power. David runs to the comm unit.

David: Falon are you okay?!!
Falon: I'm fine but the Wyverns computer has been corrupted! there's a virus in the system and its the same one used on the FX-400 Wyvern during the Fort Gale race!
David: NOO! Falon you need to land now!

Razgriz: I'm attempting to remotely clean the virus but it may take some time!
Falon: My engine power is at 49% Altitude 9000 feet and falling. I'm losing control of the ailerons!
David: Razgriz you've got to hurry up!
Razgriz: I'm going as fast as I can, there is a option that can help stop the virus from destroying the Wyvern.
Falon: What is it?!!
Razgriz: Shut down the computer!
Falon: But then I'll lose all control, the Wyvern will stall!
Razgriz: There's no other choice, you'll crash before I clean the virus if you don't shut it down!!!

There's a long pause from Falon..... He then says the unthinkable.

Falon: Shutting down main computer now!

The Wyvern ceases its roar and begins to glide elegantly as the virus has been halted in its tarcks.

David: Razgriz you only have 3 minutes before the Wyvern stalls, you got to hurry!
Razgriz: Okay, scanning now!............... found the miserable bugger!
Falon: HURRY!
Razgriz: Cleaning now! I need two minutes.

Two minutes elapse.

Razgriz: I did it! the Virus is gone!
David: Excellent, Falon start the Wyvern up.

The unthinkable happens, the Wyvern stalls and plummets to the Earth. Falon desperately points the nose of the aircraft down to keep the Wyvern stable and as he tries to restart the engines.


Falon bashes on the computer and it kicks into life!

Razgriz: You need to level out now!

Falon pulls back on the stick harder than ever before and pulls the nose up. He succeeds and unstalls the Wyvern. The audience cheers graciously as Falon is safe once again.

Falon: Coming in for emergency landing!

The Wyvern lands safely on the runway and emergency vehicles along with David and Sarah rush to the scene. The Wyvern is undamaged but soon bellows out thick black smoke. But Falon isn't hurt and the internal fire is extinguished. David rushes to Falon.

David: Are you hurt!
Falon: No but a little shaky now

David escorts Falon to a ambulance to be sure on his condition.

David: Crinale will pay for this!!!

Phew my hands are on fire :P hope you enjoy this instalment guys.
There are 3 hidden Easter eggs, can you find them? :)
Also the picture of my XAF isn't working right now so I will post it another time :|

6th June 2014, 04:16 PM
Falon: how about I do a BARREL ROLL to regain the purpose of this demonstration?
#1: Star Fox - DO A BARREL ROLL (Z or R twice)

Powering up the FTL Drive now.
#2 (possibly): FTL: Faster Than Light.

and I have no idea what the third one is, sorry.

However, that part was really awesome! :D

6th June 2014, 08:10 PM
Glad you liked it :) my hands were burning afterwards haha

You answered 2/3 references correctly well done
3. Razgriz- A squadron of elite pilots from Ace Combat 5, but that was the hardest one ;)



Finally got the image to upload but there is the XAF in all its glory. I spent hours of my free time doing this so I hope you like the XAF-72 Wyvern

7th June 2014, 04:29 AM
2/3 ain't bad.

That ship looks great!

7th June 2014, 08:17 AM
Good work, did you...animated it?

7th June 2014, 08:46 AM
...and now, after careful editing, Part 4 is now split up into 5 mini-parts, including the already posted Part 4.1. This is because Part 4.4 was waaay too long, so I split it up. It just shows how long and epic this part is!

7th June 2014, 10:57 AM
Good work, did you...animated it?

No its just a standard image a friend of mine helped me create. I did a drawing for what I wanted and he replicated the drawing into what you see now. But I'm really happy you like the XAF

Also I hope you guys liked the idea of having the music in the background and should I do it again in my future instalments? To me it helps create an immersive atmosphere as you read ;)

7th June 2014, 11:21 AM
I did it for Fort Gale, and I'm doing it for Part 4: Omega Harbour, so why not? If it helps in the experience of the fanfic, then go for it! :D

Also, I should clarify that all 5 parts of Part 4: Omega Harbour take place on the same day, as it's the one race.

Amaroq Dricaldari
9th June 2014, 10:21 PM
Hold on, Warp engine?
Why would you need faster-than-light travel in an AG racing vehicle? If anything, doing that is a bad idea; it could take out a huge chunk of the planet upon activation, sending it into an isolated pocket of spacetime as the rest of space moved around it.

10th June 2014, 12:06 AM
I think you're right, but anyway, Van-Über used blck holes as a weapon :P

10th June 2014, 02:03 PM
Taking Snake's description of it and taking the words he used for a certain meaning, I've found an interesting way to implement the warp drive into my story, but that won't come into play until Part 4.4.

10th June 2014, 02:28 PM
Is it ok if I write some out-of-story desibtions and profiles about my characters, Jennter and ships?

10th June 2014, 03:07 PM
Hold on, Warp engine?
Why would you need faster-than-light travel in an AG racing vehicle?

Sorry I caused some confusion here, let me explain.

The warp engine DOES NOT ALLOW FASTER THAN LIGHT TRAVEL. I was just being lazy for when I wanted to keep the CEFND secret until a future instalment so I called it a warp engine.

So the warp is just fancy, the actual CEFND (Complete External Force Nullification Device) only negates the affects of external forces such as air resistance and was designed to be implemented to the XAF-72 Wyvern which is NOT a AG racing vehicle. My team is designing space age aircraft to move on from AG technology in my fan fic

10th June 2014, 04:54 PM
So it doesn't allow for visual camoflauge as you mentioned earlier?

10th June 2014, 04:58 PM
Oh it does, any form of force or energy is rendered obsolete by this device so:
No air resistance
Cannot overheat engines
Absorb light for optical camouflage (invisibility)
Enhances lift for vehicle
Better fuel efficiency
and more but I can't be bothered labelling more now :P haha

10th June 2014, 05:08 PM
YES! It does exactly what I thought it does!

12th June 2014, 10:21 PM
I'm sorry for posting no new parts, as you can see I'm way behind you...
However, I updated my last part, it gives a hint to what happened to the European Union, why there is a European Federation (as a state), the new rise of fashismn in Europe and what happened in the 2030s and so on...maybe my planned future is even more dark than that of Ace^^
But if you don't like this scenario, I could cancel it.

13th June 2014, 06:54 AM
maybe my planned future is even more dark than that of Ace^^

Well damn.

The referenced album title of part 4.1 was "Before the Storm" by Darude. But anywho, you're expecting it, so here you go!

[Part 4.2] The Sound of Ωmega
Tuesday, November 28th, 2209

Omega Harbour, Perth, Australia

"3, 2, 1... GO!"

<omega harbour: white run_>
<phantom class_>
<lap 01_>
<electron | nero (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uhXYSEit28)_>

Both Angelus and Crinale took off with such a high acceleration off the grid, They almost instantly pulled away from the rest of the racers. Angel and Devil were that good. However, due to Angelus' extremely high top speed, it pulled ahead of Crinale.

Back at the Angelus pits, Matthew Cerulean, a technician, was looking at the data that the KA-AGR1 was sending back.

"That... is impossible! How could that have even happened?! What the heck, man?!"

"What's up?" Tarah asked, noticing him kinda freaking out.

"According to the data our ship sent back, upon takeoff, Angelus maxed out with a power output of 110%! It's impossible because the ship should max out at 100. It just produced 1.1 times the amount of power the engine usually puts out!"

"Was it originally limited in any way?"

"Well, no. At least, I don't think. I'll try and figure this out with the others, see what they come up with."

"OK, great. Just keep an eye on the data feed, we need to be sure to inform Angel if anything goes wrong."

"Sure thing, will do... Ah, crap, no, no, NO!" He started freaking out again.

"Woah, what now?!" Tarah asked, making an attempt to run back, but spraining her leg instead. Again.

"I've received data regarding the takeoff for Crinale. They maxed out at 128% power! I guess that's how they were able to keep up with us."

"That just proves that they are extremely talented racers."

"I guess. Let's just continue doing our thing."


Several hundred meters down the straight, Angelus and Crinale were battling it out, each attempting to get ahead of the other. At the start of the first corner, Angelus pulled in front of Crinale, taking a line as close to the inside wall as possible, then pulled to the outside as the turn ended. The two ships then sideshifted, preparing for the next two corners, a right-hand U turn, then a sharp 90° left hander.

The U-turn was executed perfectly, but the right hander was fast approaching. Angel sideshifted to the right, then pulled open the left airbrake just as it started to shift to the right. The resulting manoeuvre pulled the craft sideways, facing the left. The result of this was a kind of drift that minimized speed loss, allowing the ship to flow through the corner at a speed far greater that than if it turned normally.

Through another smooth right hand U-turn and the following straight, Angel picked up a Laser Cannon, which he emptied his entire 50 rounds on Devil, who responded with some missiles. Angel recovered instantly by entering the secret menu and adjusting the thruster's power levels, as he had done at the start of the race. At the end of the slightly curved straight, there was a tight hairpin, which Crinale navigated through perfectly, as did Angel, though with some difficulty. A left-hand right angled corner and another hairpin later, there was a few other high speed corners to fly through. Devil was not really paying attention to the elimination of Angel, but was paying attention on getting through the course as fast as possible, something that was really odd considering the team they were racing for and their usual racing style.

The 'Death Spiral' was where the race really got interesting, if it wasn't already interesting enough. Devil picked up a plasma, which they fired instantly, but Angel pulled a few sharper turns and sideshifts to confuse Devil and the slight homing effect of the plasma, which worked, the plasma flew nowhere near where Angel really was. He picked up some mines, which were deployed exactly in the path of the oncoming Crinale ship. As they entered the second spiral, Angel used the drifting manoeuvre, however, this made him more vulnerable to weapons. Nonetheless, he somehow avoided getting hit by missiles, which had been locked onto him.

Through the final spiral and into the tunnel where it passed under the first two spirals, Angel straightened out of the 'drift' at top speed, and was getting ready for the "Omega Complex", a series of corners in the shape of the symbol of Omega. The hairpins turned into sideways mag-strips halfway through, so that the circular turn was now like a horizontal loop. This, however, made navigating the hairpins extremely unstable, and as such, were the most difficult corners in the track.

Angel slowed his craft down, then turned sharply, going off the track for a split second before the mag-strip pulled it back down onto the track. At the other hairpin, Angel took advantage of the unstable nature of the corner, by taking a wide, yet sharp turn into the corner, allowing the craft to move into the inside of the corner, flying up into the air and performing a barrel roll. This speed boost was not enough, as Devil followed, not far behind. Across the line for lap 2, Angel finished the first lap with a time of 1:22.349.

The rest of the race was an epic battle between light and dark, white and black, azure blue and deep purple. It was filled with speed and precision. It was a beautiful act to see, and one could realise why Angelus chose that particular racing style.

Suddenly, the epic battle ended on the final lap, which was a change of pace.

<omega harbour: white run_>
<phantom class_>
<lap 77_>
<cornish acid | aphex twin (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xs2OkpNRcDk)_>

"Contender Eliminated." [3rd: Wyvern, Shields=0]
"Contender Eliminated." [4th: Piranha, Shorted Electrics]
"Contender Eliminated." [5th: FEISAR, Shorted Electrics]
"Contender Eliminated." [6th: AG Systems, Shields=0]
"Contender Eliminated." [7th: Icaras, Shields=0]
"Contender Eliminated." [8th: EG-X, Shields=0]
"Contender Eliminated." [9th: Goteki 45, Shorted Electrics]
"Contender Eliminated." [10th: Assegai, Shorted Electrics]

Eight out of the 16 racers were eliminated, one after the other. Devil had flipped their ship around, a manoeuvre only allowed in Eliminator races. They then proceeded to fire a quake backwards, though it looked odd, being a purple colour with green tinges to the quake, and looking like a cluster of voxels* at the edges. After firing the quake, Devil had immediately flipped back and caught up with Angel, right by the first hairpin. As they neared the 'Death Spiral', Angel's communications system suddenly glitched out, producing a pattern of static blips.

Suddenly, a female's voice came through to Angel's comms system, but it wasn't anyone from Angelus.

"[static]-ahaha! Well, I never realised you were this good, but I have to hand it to you, you are really good at racing. Though, I do know who your true identity, and I know you have that special power of yours, so you should be able to figure this one small thing out... do you know who Devil is? Do you know who I really am?"

Uhh, what was that?

...Devil is... a female?!

*Voxels are basically 3D pixels. Like pixels appear as squares, voxels appear as cubes.

13th June 2014, 01:05 PM
Faster Than Angels
Jennterista Racing Chronicles

The Jennter Succession Conflict

Chapter 5: Lying in Deceit

Just briefly after Jonathan has been lead outside the Jennter headquarters, Jana followed suit. “Damn it!” he shouted at the entrance doors and threw a fist, but then his shoulders dropped. Then he sunk to the ground.

“What happened…”

Jonathan struggled to understand the course of events that unfolded in front of him. The image of the world that was formed over the years in his head, has just been destroyed.
Minutes ago everything was as he ever thought it would be. It felt surreal.

Jana squatted next to him, trying to comfort the old man who always appeared sovereign to the world.
“In my whole life” he uttered “I have never been betrayed like this.”
Jonathan tried to get up, he looked at the building that has been his home for decades.
Jana thought this may had been the first time she heard him fighting with tears. No, he already lost this battle.

“It’s not all lost.” Jana whispered “Everybody knows who the man behind this name is.”
Jonathan tried to ignore her.
“Plus” she continued “We still can fight back.”
He didn’t react again, so Jana changed her approach.

“Hey!” she stood up, pushing her arms into her hips and leaned forward to look down to him “Stop acting like it is over! You can cry when we really lost!”
She grabbed him by his arm “Get up, old man!”
Trying to avoid any further humiliation, Jonathan pushed her back, calmly stood up and stroked over his clothes.

“You are right.” he said with acted confidence.
Suddenly his phone vibrated. Jonathan read the message that just appeared. It came from Daniel Fersen, an employee he happened to have personal contact too.

‘Henry is sorting out people he thinks of as too loyal towards you. You don’t happen to have any plans? If there’s a location, tell me. 13.’

Jonathan showed the message to Jana. “You are right, this isn’t over.”
She smiled “I’m glad to see you up again. So is there a location?”
He nodded “The old headquarters in Düsseldorf, we used it until the fall happened.”

Jonathan started walking “Let’s go home and pack up.”
“What about Nico?” Jana asked, following behind him.
“He’ll likely be following us soon, or can make a good spy.” he explained.

Suddenly Jonathan stopped one more time and turned around to face Jana.
“Right. Thank you.”

13th June 2014, 03:19 PM
Well son of a gun we were eliminated >.< hahaha
By the way my fan fic is still developing on the event of the XAF being attacked during its demo so my story won't reach the omega harbour race for a little longer yet.
AWESOME part Ace and nice story development Jonny. Both really good :)

13th June 2014, 04:13 PM
I have a generall question to everyone reading this stuff: How does it read, is it fluent or choppy?

Amaroq Dricaldari
13th June 2014, 08:35 PM
Absorb light for optical camouflage (invisibility)

Light does not work that way. White objects reflect light, black objects absorb light, and glass objects refract light.

If you want something to be invisible, you need light to bend around the object, giving the illusion of it not even being there because the light is neither being absorbed, reflected nor refracted. However, it also means the pilot cannot see because the light waves cannot hit their eyes or the ship's sensors. Plus, even if you could still see where you were going, invisibility is sort of overpowered.

It is sorf of like phase-shifting devices that allow users to pass through solid objects.
Actress: "Hey, I am having some trouble with scene 23, where I am out-of-phase and can pass my hand through solid matter."
Producer: "Yeah, exactly, because you're out-of-phase."
Actress: "...so how come I don't fall through the floor?"
*Producer and Creative Consultant look at eachother, then back to the actress*
Creative Consultant: "We'll get back to you on that."

13th June 2014, 11:33 PM
Faster Than Angels
Jennterista Racing Chronicles

The Jennter Succession Conflict

Chapter 6/6: Back to the Roots

2nd November 2209
Old Jennter Enterprises HQ, Düsseldorf, Germany

A white resto-modded RX-7 FD3S pulled up on the front yard of an abandoned building.
Until the end of the F9000 league, Jennter has been located in Düsseldorf, the capital of Jonathan Boviers home state, located at the Rhine river. The headquarter buildings have since then gone into private ownership of the Bovier family, independent of the enterprise.

Three people left the car, Jonathan from the drivers side, Jana from the passengers, with Nico slowly following by squeezing past the front seat.
“Jeez, if I had anticipated that we would relocate here so soon, I never would have fired the gardener.” the old Bovier initially grumbled.
He walked towards the locked entrance gate to inspect a small box mounted to the side.
“This pace looks pretty busted.” Nico noted “You sure this would be helpful for whatever is going on right now?”

Jonathan took a step back and kicked against the box, the front cover falling off in return. His much younger family members were left surprised at the sight of the strength and agility he utilised, despite his age.
“Odd to think you didn’t just beat Henry up after this stunt he pulled.” was the next comment from Nico.
Seemingly not paying attention, Jonathan looked into the now open system with his right, bionic eye.

“I thought this was protection enough” he sighed “Who ever would have guessed I’d put an infrared scanner for the chip hidden in that eye I got me, under a dummy security system.”
“But the gates aren’t moving.” Jana commented, observing the entire scene.
Once more in a demonstrative spirit, Jonathan began to push one of the gates to the side “Now they are moving, right?”

“Let’s get the car behind the bars before someone notices something.” Jonathan commended his descendants.
Approximately three minutes later they stood in front of the main entrance to the centre building of the old headquarters
“I repeat, this place looks busted.” Nico moaned again.
“It’s better than nothing, I guess.” Jana noted in return.

Jonathan just shook his head while working on opening the door, as he expected, a simple key was required. To another surprising moment, he quickly fished it out of his pocket.
“Oh, so you did expect to return here eventually?”
“I previously mentioned a gardener, right?” he snapped back while opening the door.

The main hall has been surprisingly tidy, for the younger Boviers at least.
To the right has been a long front desk, to the left an open space as a waiting location and the centre had a fountain, that of course has been inactive on this day.
“Let’s see…” Jonathan whispered and swung himself over the desk.
Suddenly the lights turned on “Nice, still works.”
“That one does not work…” Nico sighed while staring at the ceiling.
Jonathan followed his gaze and shrugged it off with his usual tone “We’ll have to make do.”

“May I ask something?” Jana approached Jonathan a while later.
Jonathan, busy with tidying up his old office, turned around “What’s it?”
“So this is the base Jenner used until the Fall, right?” she began asking “But Jennter hasn’t been involved with any of the scandals regarding Overtel, right?”
“I see where you are getting at.” he sighed “It is true.”

14th June 2014, 08:57 AM
Light does not work that way. White objects reflect light, black objects absorb light, and glass objects refract light.

Please bare in mind that this is a fan fiction so reality can be manipulated in a way I want it to. Plus I'm to lazy to go into the nitty-gritty details of how Wyvern's technology actually works cause I'm not confident in my knowledge of physics despite getting a B grade overall in my GCSE :P

Also Jonny I'm loving your plot development, really getting caught up in your story ^_^

14th June 2014, 09:06 AM
Glad you like it :)
I just corrected some spelling mistakes caused by fast tipping.

15th June 2014, 05:12 AM
I feel this need adressing, even though it will not affect Faster Than Angels.

I am nearing the end of the first semester for school, and as such, I need to get all of my work done. This is the primary reason why I have not been replying to you guys. Your current parts are great, by the way. Anyway, I'm not sure how long it'll take me to get everything done, but the next part of Faster Than Angels will still be uploaded on Friday the 20th (Yay for typing it all in a text document).

15th June 2014, 09:32 AM
Don't worry Ace I'm going through the same thing. I have college Biology and Environmental science assignments to complete and the deadlines are putting a lot of pressure on me, so flying with dragons will also have to wait :|
Once finished I'll start the fiction again ;)

15th June 2014, 10:58 AM
Even though I'm sure that I'd get all my school stuff done by sometime before Friday, I'd completely understand if there was a small hiatus due to stuff like that. We all have lives outside the internet, after all, sometimes stuff comes up that's outside our control. :D

15th June 2014, 04:15 PM
I have no problem if some of your parts are late (cause mine are also very ranomly published).
This will give me some time for my own fan-fic :)

16th June 2014, 01:30 PM
I wanna know something quickly. In your opinion, what year should be the year for the new FX league, given that 2197 was the FX300 and 2207 was the FX400? As of now, this will not affect the fanfic in any way, I'm just curious. ;)

16th June 2014, 04:38 PM
Regulary maybe 2250 (as FX500)
If Crinale f*cks everything up 2210 (as F10000)

17th June 2014, 02:34 AM
Interesting, I always thought the X in FX meant 10, so for instance, the FX300 was actually the F10300. But I can see your reasoning, they want to progress from the F9000.

17th June 2014, 10:50 AM
As you wrote in your story "Crinale wants to bring back the F9000!"

17th June 2014, 09:14 PM
Damn, after tring to create a family tree for the Bovier family I found an error.
In 2209 Jonny Bovier is 211 (and semi-human ;)), Jana is 24 and Nico 23.
Just going through the "father-line" of Jana (born 2185) and Nico (born 2186):
Jonny Bovier [1998-22xx, I don't wat to spoil you ;)) , aged 35 when gets father)] -> Lukas Bovier (2033-2123, aged 23) -> Peter Bovier (2056-2160, aged 33 when his first son was born) -> Michael Bovier (2089-2191, aged 26) -> Kevin Bovier [2115-2198, aged 70 (!)]

20th June 2014, 07:20 AM
I'm finally done with school for this semester! Here's the next part

The referenced album title of part 4.2 was "Sound of Silver" by LCD Soundsystem

<<PART 4.3 START>>

C:\>cd Users\Angelus\Documents\Logs_

C:\Users\Angelus\Documents\Logs>start fta4.3.txt_
opening "C:\Users\Angelus\Documents\Logs\fta4.3.txt"[yes, those are real command prompt functions, but please, don't try this at home, unless you know what you're doing.]

...A female's voice came through to Angel's comms system, but it wasn't anyone from Angelus.

"[static]-ahaha! Well, I never realised you were this good, but I have to hand it to you, you are really good at racing. Though, I do know who you are, and I know you have that special power of yours, so you should be able to figure this one small thing out... do you know who Devil is? Do you know who I really am?"

"Wait, you are Devil?!" Angel replied, taken aback.

"Why, yes! Yes I am. Are you surprised that I am a girl?"

"Hah. Not really, I know that voice. Also, I've just analysed your racing style, I now know who you are!"

Angel was the best pilot Angelus had, he could tell who someone was just by their racing style, and it had not taken long for him to figure out who it was...

[Part 4.3] Welcome, Simulated Reality

[[Eleven years ago...]]

Tuesday, July 24th, 2198

Katana Advancements HQ, Perth, Australia


Tryouts had begun for the two pilots necessary for what was then called the 'Angelus Project'. So far, there were three people who had the highest chance of being the top 2: Tarah Andrews, scoring the then current #2 spot, Tyler Pålsson (Now #2 pilot for Crinale), who had scored 3rd, and one more unknown individual who went by the codename 'Angel'. He didn't want to become a pilot, but had somehow beat Tarah's record and had set a seemingly impossible record to beat. It was evident that Angel was the best pilot out of the Katana employees who had tried the simulator. That record, however, was about be obliterated.

"Is this the place where we tryout for the Angelus Project?" A 21 year old Alexandra Gelorum inquired. She was a fair skinned girl with bright green eyes and short, straight black hair.

"Alexandra, of course!" Brandon said. "I'll just need you to fill in this form, then we'll be ready to go."

"Excellent." She said. After filling the form out, she sat in the pilot's seat of the simulator, which Brandon set up.

"So, who currently has the #1 record?" she asked, cracking her knuckles.

"No idea, I left the sim unattended for a bit, when I came back, I saw that someone had set the best record of all time! They gave only a username, 'Angel'. I don't know who exactly set the record or why they did so, just that they did."

"OK, well, I am ready, start it whenever you are."


About 2 minutes later, Alexandra finished the simulated race...

"What." Brandon said, amazed. Yet, oddly, he also sounded slightly annoyed. "What is this?!"

"Evidently, it is a new record." Alexandra proudly pointed out.

"That it is, you beat the impossible record! I would congratulate you, however, I'm not sure if your racing style is what we need for the Angelus project."

"Excuse me? I thought we were to get the best score, was that not the point of the scoring system?!"

"You were, but the Angelus Project was designed around the idea of winning without violence. Yet, your racing style is extremely aggressive. The purpose of the simulator was to get the best score by obtaining the fastest time."

"Do not say I cannot be a pilot just because I beat this Angel's record!"

"I'm not saying that. I'm saying you're too violent."

"Too violent?"

"Racing around, firing weapons and forcefully smashing into other racing crafts yelling 'I will destroy you all, f***ing die!'? Yes, that is too violent for the Angelus project. I'm sorry, but please don't take it so personally. You aren't the only one who I have denied."

"Right, I will do that," Suddenly, her whole demeanour changed, sounding very cold and bitter. "Do not come crying to me when the Angelus Project fails, just because you denied the best pilot on this team, Brandon."

Her eyes seemed to glow at the violent mention of his name.

<omega harbour: white run_>
<phantom class_>
<lap 77_>

"It's been a long time, eleven long years in fact, but finally, you have shown yourself... Alexandra"

"Please, nowadays I prefer to go by the name Gelorum. Well, when I am not using pseudonyms, that is. However, knowing who I am will not save you from us."

"ERROR: Unknown Weapon detected." Angel's computer spoke.

"This is the last time you will mess with the affairs of Crinale Technologies, as now, you will be more than just eliminated, you will be destroyed, KILLED, by my hand!

It seems funny how things come around full circle... Brandon!"

20th June 2014, 10:02 AM
Faster Than Angels
Jennterista Racing Chronicles

The Jennter Succession Conflict

Chapter 7/7: Three-Sided Game

Around the same time

Henry Marsson was sitting in the office formerly belonging to Jonathan Bovier, not that it has been the first time he stayed alone in it.
“You called?” a young woman stood in the door frame, leaning against it.
“Close the door.” he ordered “I know that you are relatively close to the Bovier siblings.”
The woman glared at him, leaving little room for a readable expression.

Henry sighed “Sit down, you know that we both work for the same cause.”
She followed order, but remained silent while sitting at the desk.
“N16 of the Crinale Special Infiltration Group.” he uttered to gain her attention.
“My name is Madison Larough. And you should not address me by anything else.” she replied in a sharp, but calm tone. The exact reaction Henry expected.
The man sitting in front of her shook his head “Given the affiliation you built up with the Boviers, you’ll be given a special task.”

“A lot of ‘loyalist’ employees are currently being released. But knowing Jonathan for some years now, I don’t think he will just give up.” he began to explain “They’ll likely contact the people we currently shaft. That’s where you come into play.”
“I am supposed to contact the remnant faction and infiltrate it.” Madison concluded “Single mission, or support?”
“For now single.” Henry answered “Depending on what you come up with. But support is likely required here first.”

Madison was dismissed by Henry. She walked out of his office, letting her shoulders hang an at the verge of crying. Afterall, she just got fired for reasons unknown.

20th June 2014, 10:09 AM
Love that 2211 part, like a glimpse of things to come!

20th June 2014, 03:31 PM
All fan fics are coming along nicely guys, nice work :)

Flying with Dragons is still at the bottom of my tight schedule sadly right now so there is going to be a huge delay between parts :|
But I have some free time now so the next instalment will be here soon, but after this one I can't do another part till my college year is complete and I've spent overdue time with my girlfriend ;)

21st June 2014, 08:23 AM
That's fine. As I said, I'd understand if you went on hiatus due to personal reasons.

21st June 2014, 03:33 PM
Okay guys here is the next instalment for a while just till I finish college for summer. Once again there is a video prompt in the story, when you see the prompt please click on the link and listen to the music as you read ;)
PART 4.3: Deception

Its been 4 days since the incident involving the near death experience of lead pilot Falon and the complete destruction of the XAF. Its late at night after another long hard day for the Wyvern team. But there is uneasiness throughout the site as nobody knows when the unknown assailant will strike again and rumours are spreading as to who it could be. David is sat in his office, he has recently isolated himself from people for strange reasons but his expressions clearly show that something is wrong. There's a knock on his door, in walks Sarah and Falon with reserve pilot Razgriz

Razgriz is the 2nd pilot of Wyvern AR, he saved the XAF and Falon from the previous events. Not much is known about him other than he is identified by his name Razgriz. The only known thing about his past is he is a close friend of Falon, they met during their high school years and spent a lot of time with each other as they studied to be AG pilots for Feisar. They mastered racing lines and were ready to undergo the simulator tests. They did really well but they had poor eliminator results which then cost them. But these results were not ignored by David, he hired them to be Wyvern pilots during the increase in the teams popularity. They are now well respected pilots following the ideals of Van Uber making them very popular.

David: Oh, its you three. Can I help you?
Falon: Well we came to tell you to get some rest.
Razgriz: Its been ages since took a break, you need it
David: I'm sorry I can't, I need to ensure the safety of my employee's and the XAF.
Falon: Well we're getting nowhere, lets go.
Razgriz: Right behind you.

Falon and Razgriz leave but Sarah sticks around.

Sarah: David I need to tell you some things.
David: Sure go ahead.
Sarah: Well I think I know how the unknown assailant attacked us on such important days. We must have a traitor in our mists feeding him the information he requires.
David: Honestly I'm not surprised, its the most logical explanation right now.
Sarah: Sadly so, but there's another thing.
David; Go on then.

Sarah walks slowly to the window overlooking the XAF's hanger. She speaks ever so softly.

Sarah: I... have had different views about you lately.
David: Really? how so?
Sarah: Well I use to just see you as a really good friend. But now............ I love you
David: Well................. I love you to. I had the same feelings when we stared at each other during the XAF's convention.
Sarah: Yeah, it seemed we were meant to be.

David slowly walks up to Sarah, he then hugs her. They both agree on a new relationship.

Suddenly walks in Falon and Razgriz both shouting "WE KNEW IT!"

David: Whoa where did you two come from, shouldn't you to two be home??
Falon: Well we realised it was just you guys in here. I thought something would happen between both of you
Razgriz: Well... is it the case??
Sarah: Yes.. we love each other and now in a relationship.
Razgriz: Awww congrats, I'm really happy now.

(Play video)
David: Thanks, but I need to tell you both something.
Razgriz: Go for it, what's wrong?

David takes a long deep breath as he tries to explain the seriousness of the situation

David: We believe there's a traitor among us, feeding info to our attacker and we need to find out who it is before he can steal the XAF

Falon suddenly turns away from David and Razgriz, in shock obviously.

Falon: I think I know who it is.
David: Really, tell us then who is it.
Falon:............. ITS ME!

Falon turns around and pulls out a gun and points it at all three of them. Threatening to blow their brains out if they dare get closer. He shouts "get on the floor! NOW!" David, Sarah and Razgriz do as he says, then Falon drops a flash-bang grenade to immobilise them as he escapes. David covers Sarah and manages to protect her from the effects of the flash-bang. Sarah stands up to see Falon gone, David and Razgriz in agony. She activates the alarms and activates the comm units.

Sarah hears several gunshots from outside as she realises what has happened to several employees. David and Razgriz recover and stand up slowly.

Sarah: DAVID! Falon is running to the XAF'S hanger!
David: After him!

David rushes out of the building at lightning speeds and chases Falon across the Wyvern Runways. Falon shoots at David but he ducks moments before Falon pulls the trigger to save himself. He scrambles to his feet but Falon has already gained a significant lead. But he gives chase. Suddenly a huge explosion is heard! The hanger doors to the XAF are blown away and Falon races in. David is to far away to keep up and before he knows it, the XAF is seen approaching the run way. David slows down as he realises he is to late. Falon kicks in the afterburner and prepares for take-off. The XAF's incredible STOL abilities means it flies soon after and makes its getaway. But not before a Wyvern employee is able to pull out a rifle and fires a homing beacon, it connects to the Wyvern and activates so it can be tracked.

David falls to the ground, heart broken and in tears. Razgriz and Sarah finally catch up to him and witness the XAF disappear into the night sky. Sarah drops to David and comforts him as Razgriz paces back and forth cursing.

David: I don't care what his motives are, but I am going to deal with Falon personally. I created the ultimate super weapon for him to endanger the lives of thousands. I WILL STOP HIM.

And there you guys go, hope you like the plot development.
But this will be it for now, so the next part may take a while to be done but I will return to this series soon.

21st June 2014, 05:32 PM
Suddenly walks in Falon and Razgriz both shouting "WE KNEW IT!"
Just made me laugh :D
However, awesome part:+

22nd June 2014, 11:19 AM
That made me laugh too, then Falon had to go and ruin that moment. Dick.

But wow, I never expected that, freaking amazing! :D

22nd June 2014, 01:20 PM
Eh I got some free time now so might be constructive and treat you guys to another instalment while I have the chance ;)
Usual drill, see prompt play allocated video
Video1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nn90UMh8vg0&index=1&list=PL35D8C0844CE41E01
Video2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iwu1sky00ZM&index=14&list=PL35D8C0844CE41E01

PART 5: The Last Mistake

(play video1)
Its a bleak day in Iceland, with overcast overlooking the Wyvern AR base of operations. Two days have passed since Falon's betrayal and the loss of the XAF-72 Wyvern. Morale is running low throughout the entire Wyvern operation, employees are less energetic and uneasy whether if there will be another attack. The homing beacon attached to the lost XAF has not been transmitting lately and hopes of it finding the HQ of Crinale with it are becoming slimmer with every passing second. Many are losing hope.

However just now a large cargo aircraft lands onto Wyvern runways and David is eager to see it. It reveals a new F-14D tomcat ready to be converted into a AGRC racer. Employees look at each other thinking why David has a optimistic mood. But they see him run back to HQ suddenly. Five minutes later a message is being transmitted across the comms by David.


Questionably, but undoubtedly there's a huge turn up in the theatre. All employees are there, researchers, engineers even Sarah and Razgriz wonder what's happening. Even more shocking is that the new F-14D is in there. Then enters David with what looks like a speech several pages long in his hand. He begins his speech.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen its good to see you hear. But by the looks on your faces I can tell you want to be at home. *there's mummers of agreement in the audience* Just as I thought, I want to be at home to but I cannot allow us to accept defeat because we lost the XAF. As you are all aware we have a new F-14 today that we need converting into a AGRC craft. *More muttering occurs* Please just hear me out guys, for my team of researchers have developed new racing technology for the new craft.
I present to you, the blueprints for a new Wyvern racer. THE XAF-54 AG WYVERN

(play video2)
A large curtain drops with the blueprints of the new craft, instantly peoples faces light up with joy. Muttering turns into conversations of the new craft and employees become excited. David resumes.

The new XAF-54 AG Wyvern is the ultimate machine in speed and handling, it is going to be quite possibly the most successful racer we have ever made. By our calculations the statistics show:
SPEED: 95%

We have managed to remedy some of the limitations we once had with the thrust and shield for when we made fast ships. But we also have the blueprints for a technology for this Wyvern that can stop the XAF-72 from being weaponised and beat Crinale at there own game. No its not a weapon, but we will tell you what it is later.

All of the Wyvern employees light up in excitement at the site of the new technology, people start cheering. Razgriz and Sarah give their own mini standing ovation. David glares into the crowd with happiness. Morale has been restored and people are shouting *WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?!! LETS CONVERT THAT TOMCAT!!


Razgriz and Sarah run to David. Sarah hugs David while Razgriz shouts into the microphone.

Razgriz: Who wants to make a dragon?!!
Personnel: ALL OF US!!!

All Wyvern employees take copies of the blueprints to the new XAF Wyvern and the new technology, morale is through the roof and faces are filled with excitement. The future of Wyvern AR has been re-established and their motives are stronger than ever.

David and Sarah are the only ones left in the conference theatre.

Sarah: David, your dad would be proud
David: I think he would, this cause is for people like him.

They seal the deal with their first kiss as the doors close.

Right no more for now, I'm running out of ideas for future parts :P
But the story of Flying with Dragons grows ever deeper, soon they will be ready for their race at Omega Harbour.
But their race will be a different one from the one that Angelus's story is taking place now. So there will be different events to this development.
Hope you enjoyed this instalment :)
Also hope your not sick of the Ace combat music, to me the music in that game suits the situations I'm creating :P

22nd June 2014, 10:48 PM
Faster Than Angels
Jennterista Racing Chronicles

The Jennter Succession Conflict

Chapter 8/8: Back to the Roots II

4th November 2209
New/Old Jennter Enterprises HQ, Düsseldorf, Germany

As organised by Jennter employee Daniel Fersen, groups of people have been transferred from Copenhagen to Düsseldorf. He eventually got fired himself against all legal obligations, but remained in Copenhagen as a contact for employees. Notably a lot of people eventually dropped their employment individually, in order to join what they deemed to be ‘the real Jennter’. But despite this the ‘Marsson faction’ remained the strongest entity, both in manpower and legal recognition.

With Madison dispatched to infiltrate the loyalist group, Henry didn’t worry about this attempt to oppose his new rule. He had entirely different plans for the company to begin with.

“Mister Bovier, look!” one of the employees shouted through the main hall, as someone else raised the volume of the speakers, giving through the audio of a news channel.

“Jennter Enterprises announce cooperation plans with Crinale Technologies. According to newly named company President Henry Marsson they ‘seek a thriving partner to disclose new technologies and market opportunities.’
Given the reputation of Crinale Technologies, the stock price of Jennter dropped on a ten year low within minutes of this announcement.”

Fractions of seconds later a screwdriver pierced into the highly mounted screen, followed by an “That damned bastard!” angrily filling the hall.
Nico had to hold Jonathan back from throwing any more objects at what merely has been an image of Henry on an ancient television flat screen.
“Calm damn, dammit.” Nico shouted at him “Jennter needs a strong leader right now.”
Jonathan glared at him, then looked back at the screen “He used to be my friend…”

“We fell for him.” Nico said “But it shows just how bad Crinale is.”
Jonathan returned to look at Nico “Crinale? How do you get that idea?”
“Don’t you think it is suspicious? Henry is certainly not so stupid to just outright announce a cooperation with a shady company like that.” he explained “I bet he is somehow affiliated with them.”

“His face.” Jonathan sighed “On that day. It was fully of joy.”
“It is hard to see on the available recordings.” Nico admitted “But anyway, he is our enemy now.”

Jonathan laid the object he grabbed back onto the front desk.
“Sorry everyone, I will clean that up.” he announced to the people surrounding the pair.

They returned to getting the headquarters ready for use, it was a considerable plan to entirely abandon the Copenhagen site in favour of the new-old building.
In fact the Düsseldorf base used to have much better facilities, if they only were maintained through the past years.

Beside the main building, which includes the engineering offices, the financial and organisational departments, as well as all staff offices, there has been a large production site right next to the west, responsible for AG craft, especially the racing vehicles.
To the north a large, open space could be found. It lead up to a runway and hangar section even further northwest. The site also has seen occasional use as a testing area for AG craft and cars. Even further north the corresponding car production halls were to be found, though these have been inactive even longer than the base itself and hosted regular tours until the shutdown of the whole complex.

To the east of the main hall another research complex could be found, which only allowed limited access and hasn’t been opened again so far.

23rd June 2014, 01:39 AM
Nice work :)

23rd June 2014, 11:32 AM
Oh a new reader, just a question: Who do you think about when you read the name "Jonny Bovier" Hopefully not me :P
Thanks BTW ^^

23rd June 2014, 10:44 PM
Faster Than Angels

Jennterista Racing Chronicles


Jana Bovier
https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/KM8BwpdneYho6Q19u862x8fsPXFJHDum6hR1cdEQWUAn2_Qukm J0S8lcPtaVktUEI3n46MfxM_mOaz_DF_qqBwnGlV8nFHUifXsK ItO94eY6xhRKwReS5FP7_JDXRdAd2mKp3g2M

Born: 16th May 2187
Nationality: German
Gender: Female
Height: 170.1 cm
Weight: 62.4 kg

Jana Bovier is the younger sibling in the oldest line in the Bovier family. With her brother Nico she attended school in their home town of Münster and later Copenhagen.
While attending college after graduating school, Jana already took over various leading position through extensive guidance by Jonathan ever since she turned 16 years old.

Destined since a young age to become the successor of Jonathan Bovier, she has frequently been considered a gifted progeny, rumours she usually would leave uncommented.

In fact it has been considered an unusual act of nepotism by the old Bovier to strictly raise one of his own descendants into the leadership position of a company he so strictly ruled by principle. Others however argued that the close ties he could have to Jana would ensure that the company would step into the future on principles he still could rely on.

Jana thoroughly impresses everyone she meets with a bright personality, though in unknown situations she may show some reserve. Most notably seen in the coup orchestrated by Henry Marsson - whom she until then considered a good friend - where Jana remained quiet until Jonathan was put out of action.

24th June 2014, 04:19 AM
Nice! Can't wait for your take on the Omega Harbour race!

26th June 2014, 09:38 PM
Faster Than Angels
Jennterista Racing Chronicles


Jonathan Bovier
https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/KQuX85HXCGhWb_OcaKnxcj4Xn6VwjcNAvO3YN60AwtDlZ1Mrlk DRnBM9rxUFjtSTnymcBo_gFlC_57mfm410DQ41Yb0l9zr0RvU0 uEUohRwjn-mQEpsrIVuWO20FWPUy1C4Up3FU

Born: 8th May 2064
Nationality: German
Gender: Male
Height: 173.6 cm
Weight: 69.4 kg

Jonathan Bovier has been leading the Jennter group since 2085, when he was just 20 years ago. Originally an amateur AG and motor racing team, the company saw major expansion under his leadership, extending into full profession Anti-Grav racing by debuting in the F5000 in the same year. He also drove forward the expansion of research into other fields, like aviation and information technology.

Jonathan reached a considerable age that may not be noticeable at first, thanks to continuous “maintenance” of his body.

Together with his late wife Rebekka Bovier (née Tramer) Jonathan shared the wish to reach immortality. Part of these efforts peaked in Electrosphere and Sublimation research. Eventually Rebekka would be sublimated into the Electrosphere during a test run of the process and since then has been gone missing. With her physical body being found lifeless she officially is recorded as deceased, with Jonathan being convinced that “she is still out there, somewhere.”

27th June 2014, 03:20 AM
Sure, why not, let's do it now.

The referenced album title of part 4.3 was "Welcome Reality" by Nero. It may seem like the end, but there is one more final instalment of Part 4. For now, however...

[Part 4.4] My Name Is Gelorum
Tuesday, November 28th, 2209

Omega Harbour, Perth, Australia

<omega harbour: white run_>
<phantom class_>
<lap 77_>
<skeletal | cubanate (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTztNKZ5E7U)_>

"ERROR: Unknown Weapon detected."

"This is the last time you will mess with the affairs of Crinale Technologies, as now, you will be more than just eliminated, you will be destroyed, KILLED, by my hand! It seems funny how things come around full circle, Brandon!"

As she spoke, the barrel of a large weapon at the front of her ship began to spin with increasing speed, as light blue lights inside it started to light up in a clockwise manner, forming a circle around the inside edge of the barrel.

"No, what?! How were you able to get that of all things to work?" Brandon asked, who was racing under the guise of Angel. He had realised that the barrel and lights were from Crinale's superweapon, the CZf_12 Energy Blaster. This weapon was banned by the AGRC for its extremely high destructive power, combined with its ability to lock-on.

"I would prefer it if you died without asking pointless questions." Alexandra Gelorum replied. "So how about you start f[static]ng dying now!"

There was interference, two people were talking to Brandon through his communication system at the same time. One, of course, was Gelorum, the other...

"-ngel, [static]-ou there? Angel!" the voice that came through his communications system was that of David Mendel, Team Leader of Wyvern Aeronautic Research.

"Mendel, why are you of all people hacking my comms?"

"Not hacking, using Angelus' comms." He seemed to be in a hurry. Though, that might've been due to Brandon's impending doom.

"OK, what do you wan-"


"That was a warning shot, I hope you are ready for your death." Gelorum taunted, firing a quick blast of the Energy Blaster.

"Make it quick, Mendel." Brandon told David, quickly.

"OK, well, the thing is, I tampered with your craft, I'v-"

"YOU WHAT?!" Brandon yelled.

"Relax, I got my team to install our warp drive, we thought it might help."

"Oh, well... how would it help me now-SH[static]!"

Brandon sideshifted out of the way of the second energy blast, missing it by mere centimetres, causing mild interference with his electrics.

"Explain. Now. QUICKLY!"

"Ok, ok. The warp drive allows your craft to become invisible for short periods of time. Use it to get out of Crinale's sights. Oh, but you need to enter a password to enable the drive first, for security purposes."

"Awesome, what's the password, quickly, please!"


"Oh, well now what?"

"See that blue lever to your right? Pull it."

As soon as he did, light seemed to warp and bend for a bit, then stopped.

"Congrats, you are now invis-[static]"


"Where the f[static]-id you go, Angelus?!" Gelorum interrupted, firing yet another blast of energy.

"Nowhere, I'm right here." Brandon calmly replied.

After a moment, she realized what had happened. "Oh, I see now. Turn the warp drive off, now."

"Well... if you say so."

Brandon had actually slowed down while invisible, letting Crinale pass. He kept up with Gelorum, and as soon as he turned the warp drive off, he fired the Angelus Laser Cannon he picked up.

"Oh, crap." Was the only thing that she could say. She tried to sideshift out of the way, but it was too late...

"Contender Eliminated."

<race complete_>
<first place_>

27th June 2014, 04:16 PM
Faster Than Angels
Jennterista Racing Chronicles

The Jennter Succession Conflict

Chapter 9/9: Assembly

5th November 2209
New/Old Jennter Enterprises HQ, Düsseldorf, Germany

Madison Larough pulled up with her AG car at the entrance gates to the makeshift headquarters, since a practicable security system has not yet been in place, traffic would be directly controlled.
“Greetings, Ma’am.” one of the employees acting as a guard would approach her as Madison lowered the window on the drivers side “Your personnel ID please.”
She hastily fished her ID card out a chest pocket and handed it over to the guard.
He inspected it for a few seconds and silently handed it back to the woman in the car, waving her through to pass.

With nervous anticipation she walked through the main entrance. After skimming through the large hall, Madison moved to the front desk.
“Just arrived?” a secretary asked the woman.
Madison nodded “I...got hold up a little.” she tried to excuse, as if she has been late to an appointment.
“Your card.” the secretary just continued with little regard for Madisons worries.
Once more, she handed over her ID card. The secretary scanned it into the system.
She handed it back to Madison. “Long on terminal is across the hall, over there.” she said and pointed past Madison “Financial department is further back to the right.”

Madison nodded once more and whispered “Thank you.”
She swiftly turned around walked towards the halls she was supposed to work in.

“Single mission.”

She stopped on her way, standing lost in the middle of the entrance hall.
“Nevermind.” she said to herself and continued to walk.

Jonathan received a short message on his phone, reading something about Madison landing in the new headquarters. He sighed in relief.

“Found the screens!” Nico shouted over to him. They explored the storages to replace the screen Jonathan destroyed the previous day.
Jonathan moved over to him “Good, let me help you.”

Upon lifting the screen, Nico jumped back, leaving Jonathan to struggle against the weight of the expensive and rare piece of electronic history.
“What the hell are you doing?” he yelled at him in short breath.
Nico pointed at the place where previously the screen stood “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?”
Jonathan put down the televisor and looked behind him.

A human hand has been idling on the messy shelf.

“Oh” came from a calm Jonathan, picking up the limb “Sloppy to have left that here…”
“What!?” Nico asked, still in shock.
“Going through all that trouble to seal the factory and in the end…” Jonathan went on with his loose remarks.

Noticing Nicos disturbed expression, Jonathans topped his act “It’s robotic, jeez.”
Nicos face froze in embarrassment “But what about the red stains?”
“It’s a carrier fluid, similar to blood but synthetic. Was quite an organic android.” Jonathan began to explain without noticing the words that just slipped over his tongue.
“Wait, so Jennter built an android?” Nico immediately leaped back at this.

Jonathan gave up already and nodded agreeingly “Yes, an android mainly used for the purpose of racing.”

“Her name was Aurora.”

30th June 2014, 11:38 PM
Faster Than Angels
Jennterista Racing Chronicles

Her Name was Aurora

Chapter 1/10: Awakening

9th December 2159
Jennter Enterprises Headquarters, Düsseldorf, Germany

“Rise and shine!” a man greeted. Her head hurt, what was his name again?
“How are you feeling today, Aurora?” he asked.
Right, his name was...Jonathan. Jonathan Bovier.
Aurora? That has been herself.

“My head hurts.” she uttered, rubbing her forehead while sitting in her bed.
“I see.” Jonathan sighed “Guess we should resort to natural sleep from now on.”
She looked over to him “...right, hopefully my insomnia will let me.”
“At least” he tried to cheer her up “We can try to reduce the effects of that though.”
“What? How?” Aurora was surprised by that announcement.
Jonathan had a wide grin on his face “We could make coffee free for all employees.”
The woman threw a pillow after the man, who managed to grab it midair using his quick-responding cybernetic arm.

They both laughed about it, enough that Aurora wasn’t even questioning the early hours in that Jonathan showed such a mood already.
“Dress up.” he ordered her while leaving the room already “Pilot training is up today!”

Lennemünde Park, Lennemünde, Germany

Lennemünde Park was a old F9000 standard track mainly used for international and national AG racing. It utilised a variety of typical elements, such as open terrain sections, loopings, switchbacks and the like. It served Jennter as their main testing facility during these days.

In preparation for the upcoming 2160 season, the two Jennter pilots trained every day on the track and its six variations. Jennters lead pilot since the 2158 season has been Heiki Jorven, a calm and focussed pilot from Finland. His strengths thus laid a lot on fast laps, but his manual aim quickly gained a certain reputation in the weapon-heavy league.
Aurora has been new to the team, new to the league to begin with. She found a lot of pleasure in AG racing though, occasionally expressing that despite her later start, it felt like it would have been her call all along.

Heiki returned to the grid with yet another new record, a 2:16.576 with the Jennter JAG-F9.56/9b on the longest course.
For Aurora it has been a big day, as this was the first time she was piloting the craft of the recent season and thus the first occasion her time would stand against the performance of Heiki.
‘Don’t irritate yourself. Take it easy.’ the girl thought while being strapped into the craft.

“Okay Aurora, everything is ready. Launch when you feel like it.” Jonathan spoke to her through the radio.

Carefully the craft leaped forward, the pilot took a lot of safety into every corner, letting go off the thrusters more than once.
“Feels good.” she nervously laughed into the radio while exploring the track.
She knew it already while using F7200 craft on it, but the feeling of a F9000 machine has been extremely different.

“I see...”
The track.
“I know…”
The craft.

“Is she alright?” someone asked in the race command room.
Jonathan tried to carefully observe her actions “I think it works.”

Suddenly, just briefly before entering the final turn, Aurora lifted the thruster.

“Amazing, after not even a full lap.” the leader of Jennter Enterprises noted excited.

She opened the thruster again and started to tackle the first corner much sharper as she did three minutes ago. And the next even sharper, riding only millimetres away from the walls.
For Jonathan it felt like an eternity while watching her fly, but in reality only 2 minutes 16 seconds and almost another one passed.

A roar went through the box. From everyone, excepting Jonathan, who sincerely enjoyed the sight of Aurora making use of her potential. And Heiki, who neither was angry, nor overly happy about his status being disputed like this. It just fell out of comprehension for him.

Aurora didn’t hesitate to try another lap after her first 42.8 F9000 kilometres.
“Ninetyninenninetynine” she kept uttering to herself, until it happened in the middle of the first corner again “One hundred!”

A wide grin formed on Jonathans face once he heard this number.

A brief eternity later, she crossed the line, with a solid 2:12.43 appearing on the screens in the command box.

Another roar went through it, this time from Jonathan as well.
Everyone, excepting Heiki Jorven.

“Aurora! Amazing, please return the craft after a cooldown lap.” Bovier ordered his pilot after that stunner. He however got no response.

The craft halted on the grid again. The canopy opened after it got jacked up and the engines turned off.
Aurora sat in there, breathing heavily in full sweat.
As Jonathan saw her, he immediately reached her some water “There, let me try to help you out.”

The pilot has been extracted, someone kept the legs of Aurora elevated, while Jonathan hold her head stabilised.
“Don’t go all out so soon.” he said to her, calm but worried about his pilot.

“I feel like my senses are distorted…” she barely was able to say, her body was trembling.
Jonathan closed his eyes while smiling at her “We will fix this.”

He quickly pressed onto two spots on her forehead.
Auroras body went numb. She smiled back at him “Yes...”

4th July 2014, 05:54 AM
The final instalment of Part 4, the epic conclusion and aftermath of the Omega Harbour race!

The referenced album title of part 4.4 was "My Name is Skrillex" by, of course, Skrillex

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's gonna be an epic ride, so fasten your seatbelts. Here... we... GO!

[Part 4.5] Ascending for the Truth

[[The Epic Conclusion]]
Tuesday, November 28th, 2209

Omega Harbour, Perth, Australia

Turn the warp drive off, now."

"Well... if you say so."

Brandon had actually slowed down while invisible, letting Crinale pass. He kept up with Gelorum, and as soon as he turned the warp drive off, he fired the Angelus Laser Cannon he picked up.

"Oh, crap." Was the only thing that she could say. She tried to sideshift out of the way, but it was too late...

"Contender Eliminated."

<race complete_>
<first place_>
<first person shooter | celldweller (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ql3g1BUVfJs&t=7)_>

As the Angelus KA-AGR1 screamed past the finish line at top speed, the Crinale F0-RG7.1p slid to a halt at the final stretch, stopping a couple of metres before the finish line.

"...Brandon. You will feel my WRAAATH!"

Just as she yelled 'WRAAATH', she pulled her helmet down, and kicked the windshield open. She jumped out and grabbed the barrel of the Energy Blaster. She twisted it, and it slid out.

The Blaster was then plugged into a hand attachment and locked into place. This 'handheld version' had 2 handles: One at the centre of the weapon for support, and the main handle at one end, which also housed 2 triggers: One for charging, one for firing. The firing trigger was designed so that you could not press it without pressing the charge trigger at the same time.

Gelorum held the blaster and pressed the charge trigger, aiming it at Tarah. She then spoke, the helmet distorting her voice to sound computerized.


Tarah looked positively frightened, she just stood in place, with a look of horror on her face. She kinda looked like a frightened wild animal.



Brandon had spun his craft around, then sped down the straight, aiming for the gun, which he hit, breaking it in two, causing the weapon to backfire in a flash of light blue light and fly out of Gelorum's hands, Gelorum herself flying backwards into the side of the wreckage of her ship. This did, however, cause Brandon's craft to get caught in the blast radius of the backfiring blaster. The neons shut off and it fell to the ground, flipping a few times, then grinding to a halt. There was no movement for about a minute.

"Hahahaha! You never give up, do ya?!"

Suddenly, in a case of déjà vu, the windshield of the Angelus ship broke, flying off. Then a man stood up, his face obscured by a neon-lined helmet. Even though his face was hidden, you could tell he was pissed. He walked over to Gelorum, who was still holding onto the broken remains of the Energy Blaster.

"How. How exactly did you do it?! Qualifying first, making the energy weapon work. Even someone of your skill could not possibly do it! Also, while I'm at it, why did you leave Katana? What exactly are your goals?!" He asked.

Gelorum's computerised voice sounded even more angry than usual.

<how this all began | celldweller (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQMLdJ9bnGc&t=7)_>

"We were never for that, as Angelus, or as Katana. That was all... you. Wait, you were like this since the Katana days?!"


She then left, but not without saying one last thing:


Upon hearing Gelorum say 'GO!' he automatically did as she said...


-> 2209-01-30 - Angelus KA-AGR1 unveiled
-> 2209-02-06 - Angelus "Devil" Alt skin unveiled
-> 2209-02-20 - Original Crinale group escaped
-> 2209-02-26 - Crinale spotted at Tigron factory
-> 2209-03-20 - Crinale Tech. Inc. revealed, F0-RG7 unveiled
-> 2209-04-13 - RidgeTech Corporation reveals Project OMEGA... wait.
-> Number of days between Crinale reveal and Project OMEGA: 24 days....
-> Omega = Ω: 24th letter in Greek alphabet....

""translate the truth...""
...no, really?


<translate|English: Crinale_>
>>results: Italian - "Ridge"

-->_RidgeTech Corporation IS Crinale! They built Omega Harbour! That explains how good they were at this track! That explains how they were able to use their super weapon!

I don't mean to spoil anything, but a future part, I'm sure, is gonna make you feel kinda sorry for Gelorum.

4th July 2014, 04:44 PM
Faster Than Angels
Jennterista Racing Chronicles

Her Name was Aurora

Chapter 2/11: War of Words

from: Vincent Boladrou <v.boladrou@f9000.com>
to: Jonathan Bovier <jonathan.bovier@jennter.de>
date: 11 December 2159, 12:27 PM
subject: Pilot Registration Procedure

Hello Mister Bovier,

would you kindly send us information regarding the race qualifications and personal background to the new pilot you want to enter?
The name “Aurora Borealis” does not appear in our records so far. In fact her name is striking me as odd, but I am not going to judge about that.

Please respect that we are doing our best to keep this league functioning.
Best regards,

Vincent Boladrou

from: Jonathan Bovier <jonathan.bovier@jennter.de>
to: Vincent Boladrou <v.boladrou@f9000.com>
date: 11 December 2159, 2:36 PM
subject: RE: Pilot Registration Procedure

Dear Mister Boladrou,

there is not much we can publish about Aurora Borealis, as there simply is not that much to know about her.
Furthermore, there is no obligation for a team to publish records on their pilots.
I will attach all necessary documents about her. But with all due respect, this is everything we can present to you.

Jonathan Bovier
from: Vincent Boladrou <v.boladrou@f9000.com>
to: Jonathan Bovier <jonathan.bovier@jennter.de>
date: 12 December 2159, 11:45 AM
subject: RE: RE: Pilot Registration Procedure

Greetings again Mister Bovier,

unfortunately your attached documents do not satisfy our demands. To give you a little insight, there are speculations that your new pilot is in fact not human.
In order to satisfy the needs of the league, please proof us otherwise.
Kind regards,

Vincent Boladrou

from: Jonathan Bovier <jonathan.bovier@jennter.de>
to: Vincent Boladrou <v.boladrou@f9000.com>
date: 12 December 2159, 12:46 PM
subject: RE2: RE: Pilot Registration Procedure

Dear Mister Boladrou,
may I just ask you how it then could be possible that EG-R Technologies can compete with neither submitting information on their pilots, nor said pilots being really human to begin with.
In fact I can’t find any such regulations.

Please clarify

Jonathan Bovier
from: Vincent Boladrou <v.boladrou@f9000.com>
to: Jonathan Bovier <jonathan.bovier@jennter.de>
date: 12 December 2159, 1:42 PM
subject: RE: RE2: RE: Pilot Registration Procedure

Mister Bovier,
if you won’t submit the required information until 13th December 2159, 23:59 your pilot registration application will be cancelled.
Find a new pilot yourself.

from: Jonathan Bovier <jonathan.bovier@jennter.de>
to: Vincent Boladrou <v.boladrou@f9000.com>
date: 13 December 2159, 11:34 PM
subject: RE2: RE2: RE: Pilot Registration Procedure
Hereby the adamant documents.
What do you say about this?

View Attachment:
EG-R Technologies uses highly modified human bodies for their pilots. Documents Jennter retrieved from EG-R are evidence that the pilot in person of Alex Reece never formally joined EG-R and was abducted, then brainwashed by this company.
Further attachments also clarify which sort of modifications they performed on the pilots.

Jennter merely uses an android. Fully self-aware and living a free life on the premisses of Jennter Enterprises.

from: Anthony Stewart <an.stewart@f9000.com>
to: Jonathan Bovier <jonathan.bovier@jennter.de>
date: 14 December 2159, 12:56 AM
subject: League Exclusion

Dear Mister Jonathan Bovier,

unfortunately your noncompliance in recent matters, including direct attacks, up to espionage upon other contenders will be directly dealt with by excluding Jennter Enterprises from the 2160 F9000 League season. Jennter Enterprises will be allowed to compete in the 2161 season again, if the league commission deems actions taken by Jennter to show adequate pardon.

Anthony Stewart

5th July 2014, 05:09 AM
Great part, as always! I did have to edit a future part, but it's irrelevant to my main plot, it was just a small detail.

Looks like Crinale is struggeling, eh? :D

It does seem like their master plan is falling apart, doesn't it?

Oh, and of course, Faster Than Angels will continue into 2210 and the 2210 FX400 season. Crinale aren't completely done for.

5th July 2014, 10:34 AM
I'm intrested in how far this will go, you know my plans for 2211 ^^

5th July 2014, 04:47 PM
I'M FREEE!! at last summer holidays for me now to do all sorts of cool stuff, does that mean new Flying with Dragons?!! :D
Umm not yet sadly, but hear me out before you organise a riot :P I'm going to Iceland (Wyvern AR country of origin if you payed close attention) next Monday till Friday so I can't install a new part to the series yet. Just can you all wait just one more week pwease? I'll have a new part ready for when I return ;)


Also when I say Iceland, I mean the country. NOT THE FLIPPING FROZEN FOOD SHOP!! Geez I don't know how many times I've been given that joke :P

5th July 2014, 06:06 PM
No problem with that. Looks like I need to go more into the PAST when I want to write something :-/

Clothe yourself warmely ;)

6th July 2014, 03:09 AM
I might write some past stuff, now that I'm finished with the Omega Harbour part, but I don't know. If I do end up writing past stuff, it won't be about Angelus, as they're fairly new.

9th July 2014, 03:15 PM
Double post, but I just wanted to say that I am working on something not related to the main plot of Faster Than Angels, but it still has something to do with Angelus. If all goes well, I shall post it, as usual, on Friday.

9th July 2014, 11:32 PM
Faster Than Angels
Jennterista Racing Chronicles

The Jennter Succession Conflict

Chapter 10/12: Declaration of War

7th November 2209
New/Old Jennter Enterprises HQ, Düsseldorf, Germany

It became common these days to fill a meeting room to the brim. Undeniably a risk for the loyalist Jennter team, as the possibility of Henry spying on them was known to Jonathan.
“Legally, he somehow is in the right.” he summarised the situation “However, there is a loophole we can use. An impeachment.”
“An impeachment?” someone from the people sitting right next to him asked “I thought the position as President is indisputable.”
“That’s the loophole.” Jonathan explained “From the second person to take the position of President on, the option of an impeachment is possible.”
“And what do we need for this?” Jana was asking.

Suddenly the sound of an explosion halled through the building, followed by a second one from the opposite direction and yet another one.
“Schelter yourselves!” Jonathan shouted as everyone tried to crouch under the tables already. Against his order, he left the room onto the floor and ran to the main hall.
The power went out and a bit of rubble was lying around, those who have been around either tried to duck under a surface or ran outside. He also spotted a couple of employees already helping someone who got hit by debris.
“I swear Henry, I will kill you twice for everyone you injury here…”


Madison was found hours later ducking under the table she previously worked at.
In a state of anxiety she kept uttering to herself “Not this. Not this. Single mission. Why now. Henry why. Not this. Why now.”
Walking through the makeshift nursery office of the company, Jonathan was shocked to spot her there.
“Madison!” he ran to the bed she was placed in “I am sorry for all this.”
As she looked at him there was relieve on her face. Then she showed slight anger “Stop, none of this is your fault!”
He sighed, frowning “No, your therapy, I am sorry that I haven’t been there recently.”
“It’s not like any of that would be your fault either.” she returned at him.
“As usual, we seem to have quite differing opinions about all this.”
She smiled “It’s just so understandable that you miss her.”

10th July 2014, 09:10 AM
Well, this is awkward. I was gonna do something about Temtesh Bay.

10th July 2014, 03:42 PM

11th July 2014, 06:10 AM
It's ok, I'm kinda doing my own take on it. Besides, it didn't focus on the Temtesh Bay disaster, just the F9000 as a whole.

either that, or I'll post Part 5 of Faster Than Angels.

- - - Updated - - -

Ok, here it is, I've decided to hold off on Faster Than Angels for now, so Snake can catch up to where we are.

The referenced album title of Faster Than Angels, Part 4.5 was "017 Ascension" by Monstercat.

Here it is, everyone loves writing about the F9000, and I am no exception...

>>F9000: <FATAL ERROR//the_corrupt_will_fall_>

Saturday, October 27th, 2210

"My name is Brandon Smith. I was born on June 21st, 2160, 4 years since AG racing temporarily lost its soul. This year, 2210, marks the 50th anniversary of when the dreaded F9000 began. However, this exact day, October 27th, marks the 40th anniversary of when that damned thing died.

"Since I was just a child, I had no idea how corrupt the sport was, but ever since my birth, I watched it excessively. I loved watching the funny floaty things racing around the track. To me, it was good fun. However, that changed in 2164, when I first got a glimpse of how corrupt the sport was. At the tender age of 4, I witnessed, first hand, one of, if not, the most destructive disasters since the beginning of AG racing itself: The 2164 Temtesh Bay Disaster.

"The Temtesh Bay Disaster was just that, a disaster. 6 lives were lost when the mine collapsed, but there were countless injuries. Of course, I didn't see it happen, but I was at the track itself. Mum and Dad thought it would be nice to take me there, since I loved it. Then suddenly, as soon as it started, there was a massive explosion, followed by a commotion. I wasn't sure what happened, then I saw it. The screen showed the moment everything went wrong, but it didn't show everything. The mine just collapsed, no-one knew why at the moment. It was then that I knew that something like this was definitely not supposed to happen.

"However, as the years rolled by, I saw subtle hints that there was corruption going on behind the scenes. Unfortunately, I was right. The entire F9000 league was corrupt. On October 27th, 2170, I had enough. I was just about to switch off the telecast, when, there it was. I saw it, that one terrifying, yet relieving image that signified there was corruption in the League, we screwed up, but it had ended. That one image, shown across the globe, wherever you looked, there it was. On telecast screens across the world, I will NEVER forget that image, as it had been burned into my mind:


"Nothing happened. Literally, nothing happened, at all. Everyone just stopped, and stared at the screen. Then suddenly, after a few minutes, it disappeared. What replaced it shocked everyone.

"There was a live feed of a group of people entering a building. A resistance, the Anti-Gravity Purity Coalition, purely created to oppose the masterminds of all the corruption: The Overtel Corporation. There they confronted the corporation, while revealing to the public, the entire population of Earth, and every other planet receiving the telecast, documents and documents of confidential information, proving that there was not only corruption, but deception, illegal practices, and even murder. Some of these documents were even dated to before Overtel controlled the F7200 AG Race Commission. It was over. Overtel were finished. However, so was the F9000.

"The F9000 was suspended to allow for the inevitable investigation. Many of Overtel's members commited suicide, those who didn't were promptly arrested. The fallout didn't just affect the Overtel Corporation and the F9000 itself, oh, no. It affected everyone. So much so that it created a depression so large, it rivalled the Great Depression of the 1930s!

"Now, do you see? This is what will happen if Crinale have their way. It will not be good for anyone but themselves. For the greater good of the people on Earth, we must stop Crinale Technologies!"

11th July 2014, 10:29 PM
I'm Back guys, I am really sorry for keeping you all waiting and I know I'm really behind you two. But I am free now to carry on Flying with Dragons :D
At this present moment I am working on the new part but its not ready yet but you have all waited patiently for it, so here is a little insight to the new XAF-54 Wyvern that will be racing in my take of omega harbour (completely different race to Ace's) with a little taste of the story coming up. Also since I've now been to my teams country of origin I can better describe Iceland in my story :D

Flying with Dragons: InDepth

Twas a bright Icelandic morning with the brisk air complimenting the warm sun to create the most perfect weather that anyone will love. The rough lava fields surrounding Wyvern HQ our teaming with life for once in what was a long time. But today is another productive day for Wyvern for it is this weather that keeps the team lively. David is over-seeing the production of the new Wyvern racing machine with new lead pilot Razgriz close by his side. Moments later David departs to his office with Razgriz to brief him on the new craft being constructed.

David: I believe if you are to give your best performance for the omega harbour race, I need to teach you the ins and outs of the XAF-54 now.
Razgriz: *jokingly said* That would be useful
David: Haha yeah, yeah. Come to my computer while I show you.

---/open document/---
----/serial code XAF project 2451-- codename oblivion/----
---/running security check............. please enter security password/---
------/password accepted... welcome David..... opening document/-----

XAF-54 FX350 Wyvern AGRC craft

Beginning of project development: 2054
Aircraft: F-14D Super Tomcat conversion

Statistical performance (out of 100):
Speed: 90
Handling: 90
Thrust: 85
Shield: 70
Firepower: 40

Airbrake: Wyvern AR KXF airbrakes system
Power plant: New technology -/CLASSIFIED/-
Engine: New Wyvern AR turbo fan AG engine with Piranha sports mode computer chip
Weapons system: Modified Wyvern AR standard TX weapons computer, now compatible with new Wyvern AR super weapon (Disable)
Lateral stability: 9.1%
Acceleration: 0-700km/h in 1.9 seconds
Life support: Wyvern AR super G-Force compensator and emergency ejector seat
Shields: Standard Wyvern AR OTX shields plus -/CLASSIFIED/-

The fastest Wyvern ever made, improving the thrust and weapon technology past expectations. This wyvern is now the teams ultimate racing machine, ready to teach its opponents a lesson or two to never mess with Icelandic people. Especially Wyvern AR. This Wyvern is also the only other ship capable of --/ INFORMATION REDACTED... CLASSIFIED/--

---/Classified Information requires higher level security password/---
--/End of document/--

Razgriz: Wait don't you have the highest level of security? why don't you access it now?
David: because Razgriz I want to show you some of the XAF's capabilities on the day of the omega harbour race.

Can you guys chew on that for a bit? I'll get the new story part up ASAP.

12th July 2014, 12:35 AM
Faster Than Angels
Jennterista Racing Chronicles

Her Name was Aurora

Chapter 13/3: Change in Approach

Jennter may have never hesitated to use weapons the same way other teams would handle them and many times has been playing the political game like certain parties in the league do with all too much pleasure. But this time the league commission has not been willing to play along.

After leaking information on the EG-R team and their pilots to the league commission in order to pressure them into allowing their experimental AG racing android to participate in races, the team has been indefinitely suspended.

Proper judgement and agreements between Jennter Enterprises and the F9000 International Commission of Anti-Gravity Racing defined the suspension to the 2160 season only, letting Jennter sit out an entire year until participating again. However, for reasons later questioned by many participants, Jennter was allowed to use their android under the name “Aurora Tramer”, albeit with capabilities limited to that of a human. This very fact about the second pilot of Jennter during the latter F9000 however remained a secret until a certain event shattered the world of AG racing…

12th April 2161
Cubiss Float, Switzerland

Despite a year of forced pause for Jennter, the scenes of pre-race preparations have already been a routine for most of the team members again.
Jonathan Bovier just walked into the underground pit of Aurora “How’s it?”
The pilot has been relaxing while sitting in the cockpit, the sudden approach of the team owner surprised her “Oh, hello Mister Bovier!”
“How are you feeling?” he bluntly asked.
“Still a bit...disconnected” she said with a worried expression, but switched to a faint smile “It just feels different to how I am used to flying.”
Bovier nodded “I see, but I am sure we’ll get over this.”

12th July 2014, 08:37 AM
And Snake, don't you mean 2154?

Nope actually, allow me to explain:
David Mendel's father began planning two Wyvern projects before the now formed Wyvern AR in order to compete on his own without a team. He wanted to be the first ever solo wipeout pilot. So David's father began the XAF-54 in 2054 when he was just a engineer for Feisar, but he never did achieve this dream after he became a pilot for Feisar that no one really knew. Sadly so he had to cancel the XAF-54 project. But when David's father died in the F9000 Mendel decided to complete the XAF-54 now to compete after Falon's betrayal.

Does that clear it up a bit?

12th July 2014, 11:17 AM
AG today:
6th August 2164
The F9000 Commission thinks the NEW Supermissiles of FEISAR caused the collapse of the mine section at #Temtesh Bay. Read more: http://agtod.ay/8164tdff/

I clicked that link. What a dumbass I am. :D

Obviously it returned a "Server Not Found" error.

12th July 2014, 11:19 AM
Oh god, but this would mean that either David orhis father would be pretty old (says the guy with a over 200 years old main character :D).

12th July 2014, 09:15 PM
Hmm yeah it seems it but I will clear this all up in the next part. But David isn't 200 yrs old. I'll explain it all in the new part.
I just realised how much confusion I made :P

15th July 2014, 10:26 AM
Thanks for your patience guys, I know its really late but its here, enjoy :)
Also I just can't be bothered with the music thing anymore so I scrapped that idea :P

Part 6.1: Lets Race

Omega harbour, Thursday 30th November, local time 11:13am. The weather is bright, sunny and warm but a cold wind makes it perfect. Wyvern AR are setting up the XAF-54 in their garage running final configurations and tests to make sure everything is running smoothly. A couple days earlier David loaned a secondary CEFND drive to Angelus in order to crush Crinale in the race beforehand with successful results, Crinale were crushed in their plans. In this race for some reason Crinale were not present though. David looks over to the other garages to see Angelus and Jenneter also preparing their crafts ready to race. But something catches his eye. Crinale's garage was there but he could hear noises coming from the inside, but Crinale weren't competing in this race! Concerned David creeps to the shutter and listens to the noises. He can't hear a lot but there is a distinct voice which he recognises but can't be sure if its "him". David runs back Wyvern AR's garage.

David: Razgriz!!
Razgriz: What's wrong?
David: We have a unknown team competing today and they are using Crinale's garage.
Razgriz: That's very worrying, who could they be?
David: I don't know but I think someone in there is someone we know.


Razgriz: Well we have no time to ponder on it, its time.
David: Is the XAF ready?
Sarah: She's ready to go.
Razgriz: LETS DO THIS!

Razgriz jumps into the XAF's cockpit and kicks the engine to life, a beautiful roar like no other is heard before. The attention of several other teams is caught as the new Wyvern taxi's itself to the starting line, the audience gasps in amazement at the beautiful sight of the new XAF. Wyvern definitely have established themselves on the grid. Soon the other teams come to the starting grid and prepare for the race.

The grid:
1st. AG systems
2nd. Jenneter
3rd. Goteki 45
4th. Angelus
5th. Wyvern
6th. Feisar
7th. Triakis
8th. Piranha
9th. Assegai
10th. Icaras
11th. Qirex

Then suddenly, a pure dark red craft rolls into the 12th position, strangely its another F-14D like Wyverns XAF. David instantly knew that this was from Crinale's garage but the cockpit was pure black so he couldn't see the pilot inside. David scans his eyes over the ship but there are no details that can identify the team it belongs to. But as he is about to stop he sees something on the ship that scares him deeply, on the air intake it says W.AR. Its a Wyvern ship!

David uses his comm unit to inform Razgriz of the situation.

David: RAZGRIZ!! there's a Wyvern on the track!
Razgriz: That's what it is!! how?
*****: perhaps you'll find out soon
David: No! it can't be!


There was no time to curse at Falon, he stole a Wyvern racer along with the XAF-72 in order to compete and formed his own team. But the race is about to start!

<phantom class> <50 laps>
3...2...1... GO!

Cliffhanger ;) sorry just had to.
Next part coming soon :)

15th July 2014, 10:50 AM
Yeah, that is really different...

15th July 2014, 12:18 PM
Well that's interesting. It's completely different, it's not even the same race as FTA Part 4! I'm interested to see how this turns out.

Also Snake, what day does FWD Part 6 take place on? For reference, and so you don't have to go back like 8 pages, FTA's Omega Harbour race took place on Tuesday, November 28th, 2209. "A couple days earlier", so would that make it Thursday, November 30th?

Also, again: Would you prefer it if I continued FTA, or if I waited until the end of Snake's Part 6 and posted other related content?

15th July 2014, 08:05 PM
Argh I knew I forgot to type something then :brickwall :dizzy

I'll add the date to the part in a minute, geez snake how could you forget the date :rolleyes:

16th July 2014, 05:57 AM
Ok, that's cool. It doesn't affect anything to do with FTA, thankfully! :D

18th July 2014, 05:22 AM
I've decided to hold Faster Than Angels off until Snake's Omega Harbour race is finished. Until then, I've been working on something related to FTA:

>>file01_: Brandon Smith//[ARD]

<//loading... complete_>

//Full Name: Brandon Joshua Smith
//Team: Angelus Research and Development
//Country of Birth/Nationality: Australia
//Age: 49 (Biologically 34) [As of 2209]
//DOB: July 12th, 2160
//Height: 188cm/6'2"
//Weight: 83kg/183lb.
//Hair Colour/Type/Style: Dark Brown/Straight/Short
//Eye Colour: Brown

//Occupation: Founder/Team Leader/Substitute Pilot, Angelus Research and Development
//Pilot ID: ANGE430.0.0.194
//Racer Number: 0
//Racing Style: Calm, Non-Violent
//Personal Car: 2205 Angelus Razer.X

+Angelus "RX 000" Body Kit
+KA-AGS:R Engine Replacement+Upgrade [+ 263hp = 983.04hp]
+Azure Blue Laser headlights
+Azure Blue body light strips
+Custom License plate: ANGEL01 [Acquired November 28th]

[FONT=Courier New]<//file_update... complete...>
<//loading... complete_>

//Likes: Non-violent Racing, AG craft, speed, music (Especially late 20th, early 21st century electronic).
//Dislikes: Violence (especially in sport), corruption, traitors, terrorists, spiders.
//Friends: Natasha Belmondo, Jonny Bovier, David Mendel, Angelus employees
//Foes: Crinale, Crinale employees (especially those previously involved with Angelus/Katana).
//Rivals: Crinale (archrival), Wyvern (friendly), Jennter (friendly)

Brandon Smith was born on the 12th of July, 2160, to Diane and Michael Smith. He was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, and has lived there all his life. Brandon is unique in the fact that his parents allowed high-tech nanobots to be entered into his system. These nanobots ensured that as soon as Brandon had finished puberty, his aging would slow down by one half. True enough, Brandon started to age twice as slow as everyone else from when he was 20. While he may have lived for 49 years as of 2209, biologically he was only 34. The nanobots did not affect any other part of Brandon, just the way he aged.

At an early age, Brandon seemed to be quite naturally intelligent, performing far beyond children in the same year group. He showed a particular interest in the Anti-Gravity Racing League, which was at F9000 specifications at the time. At age 4, his parents took him to South Australia, where they took him to Temtesh Bay for the 2164 season race. Unfortunately, this lead to him witnessing the Temtesh Bay Disaster. His interest in the F9000 then diminished, when he realised how corrupt the sport was. However, he interest in Anti-Gravity vehicles did not fade away, and focused his secondary and tertiary studies in that field, as well as web design, passing with flying colours.

For the next 5 years starting on 2180, Brandon focused his all into bringing his new project to life. Soon, he gathered more and more people into his project until, finally, on February 12th, 2185, Brandon publicly announced Katana Advancements, a new AG car manufacturer, and soon after he put the first car into production, the Katana Vixen. The manufacturer also supplied parts to the recently announced FX150 Amateur League and, within the FX150, the Ampithere Racing Challenge. Because of this, Brandon was one of many who put the depression caused by the fall of the F9000 to an end.

18th July 2014, 09:57 AM
Did anyone ever noticed that the darkest F1 weekend was 30th April/1st May 1994?

I like the SlipStream reference :)

18th July 2014, 10:16 AM
I like the SlipStream reference :)

Well, I thought, why not? :D

18th July 2014, 11:39 AM
>Loading: Jonny_Bovier.chr...
>Loading Completed
\_Name: Jonny Bovier
\_Nationality: German (1998-2017, 2171-2175); European (2017-2171, since 2175)
\_Team: FEAGR, Jennter Enterprises
\_Pilot ID: BOV199.5.8.37
\_Birth: 8th May 1998
\_Age: 211 (as of 31st December 2209)
\_[B]Height: 177cm
\_Weight: 71kg
\_Hair Colour/Type/Style: Blue (natural: blonde)/Straight/Medium-Long
\_Eye Clour Left/Right: Blue/Grey
\_[B]Occupation: Retired [formally: President of Jennter Enterprises]
\_Racing Number: 15 (optional 98, 35)
\_Racing Syle: Perfectionistic, harsh but fair
\_Personal Car:2081 Jennter SX12 (rebuilt) [Historical Vehicle Licensed (International: HV, German: HF)]

Jonny Bovier was born on the 8th May 1998 as the child of Marten and Daniela Bovier. Two year later his brother Justin was born.
In young age he discovered his facination for motorsport and science fiction.
2017, with 19 years Bovier dropped out of the Gymnasium [Highest secoundary school in Germany, not a gym :P ] and started a physics studium in the Technical University of Münster. In that year he also aquired the European citizenship with the merger of France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy to the United States of Europe.

In 2020 Bovier drop out of university and joined the Federal European Racing Association as a designer and part-time testdriver
2021, while testing the FERA GT01s_2, that was, in current state, designed by Bovier, he had an heavy accident. A inrepairable broken right arm and leg were the result. This resulted in the first semi-artifical limbs [mean keeping the rest of it].
After that he again studied, this time Medicin and later the new subject of Byonics.

>End of Part 1...

18th July 2014, 02:07 PM
I added the Pilot ID for Brandon. I totally forgot about that!

19th July 2014, 12:33 AM
Date: 9th May 2198
Name: Jonny Bovier
Age: 200
[B]Membership since: 9th May 2030
Subject Bovier reached his 200th birthday.
Accepted membership in Tricentenary Project: No
Ordered d9 (drink to reset biological clock) for 10 years.

-Removed cybernetic support skeletton from right arm and leg.
-Added artifical bone and muscularity to right arm and leg.
-Upgraded right cybernetic eye from 2030 to 2198 specifications.
-Operations: 2083, 2159 and 2198

Bicentenary since 2160: 35th

20th July 2014, 11:23 PM
PART: 6.2 Showdown

3...2...1... GO!

The race began, all teams pulled off a boost start and Wyvern propelled themselves into 2nd behind Jenneter who took 1st place lead but Angelus showed a daring look towards Razgriz. The new XAF however was heavier than its FX400 predecessor so Angelus were slowly but surely closing the gap. Thinking fast Razgriz flies over the set of speed pads while Jenneter took the weapon. It didn't seem it was a useful weapon for it was absorbed. But Razgriz took 1st place as the speed pad propelled him ahead, but Angelus were still closing in. Razgriz planned a tactic to help maintain first, the next weapon pad gave him a shield which didn't seem useful.

Wyvern computer: QUAKE!

Correction it was the best outcome for Razgriz, activating the shield the quake passes through him while everyone else was slowed down. Wyvern now had a significant lead over everyone. But suddenly "CONTENDER ELIMINATED: Feisar 0% energy".

Announcer: Woah ladies and gentlemen, seems like our newcomers are a feisty bunch.

Razgriz instantly knew that Falon was turning to violent motives, attacking everyone in their path but for some reason with ease, they were causing a lot of damage.

*Wyvern pit lane*
David: Guys I need a full scan analysis of Falon's ship, I need to inform Razgriz what he is up against.
Sarah: I'm on it, guys give me a hand.
David: Come in Razgriz do you read me?
Razgriz: Loud and clear, the XAF is holding up nicely.
David: Excellent, I know its a heavier craft but it has a trick up its sleeve that I will activate when needed. In the meantime I'm running a scan of Falon's craft.
Razgriz: Understood, I'll do my best, Razgriz out.

*CONTENDER ELIMINATED! AG-systems 0% energy*
Razgriz: Geez two teams down and we're only coming to the end of the first lap! Falon means business.

End of the first lap and onto the second lap it stands with Wyvern in 1st followed closely by Angelus 2nd, Jenneter 3rd.
Falon becomes increasingly violent with each lap with the announcer dominating the news feed with constant eliminations. This race is turning into the F9000.

/lap 40/

Nothing more special happens throughout the race but Falon has now eliminated most of the competition in the race. Quake after Quake and rockets after rockets most competitors have been crushed. Wyvern take a hit from a missile suddenly and Angelus fly by. But Razgriz recovers quickly and gets back in.

Angelus 1st
Wyvern 2nd
Jenneter 3d
Falon 4th

Razgriz: Come in David, Falon is destroying everything and we only have ten laps left!
David: Hang in there, your doing great.
Sarah: David! we've completed the analysis, check out the data.

David runs to the computer monitor and scans through the data of Falon's craft

-----/ Specs: speed,80 handling,80 thrust,60 shield, 90
Weapon system, 100/-----

David: 100% weapon power?! Geez how did he do that and get some decent stats in other areas to?
Sarah: Wait! I'm getting more info, its a stolen craft!
David: What? let me see that feed!

----/Reported, stolen ship. modified specs design for combat, special engine drive. serial number 2614790 XAF-72/----


Suddenly a voice interfere's on the radio, its Falon!

Falon: So you figured it out hey?
David: But that can't be the XAF-72! It looks nothing like it!
Falon: Oh but it is your beloved jet and I think its time to show everyone!

Suddenly a loud static is heard coming from the stadium speakers and the radio's of the last three remaining craft. Falon's voice is heard coming through them

"ATTENTION LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! You wanna see true carnage?! I'll give you a proper dose of violence with a weapon courteously made by my buddies at Wyvern AR!! Thanks David you absolute F**K!"

Suddenly Falon's craft behaves erratically, the colours change and turns into a black ship with binary code running across it. The shape of the craft changes into something widely recognised! The ship changes into the XAF-72 Wyvern and takes ff, David is shocked to see such a transformation occur and now see his beloved project being weaponised. Falon jets far away and turns around poised into an attack position, and then suddenly more aircraft appear behind him. These ships are boasting Crinale liveries as well.

David: NO! He's with Crinale. He stole the XAF for Crinale.
Sarah shouts to the announcer explaining the emergency.


The stands are filled with screaming civilians as the Crinale formation close in. The last remaining three teams on the track stop and return to their garages in preparation for what is now a battlefield! Falon's voice is heard through the speakers again as he erupts with


To be continued....

21st July 2014, 12:26 AM
Conquering the world, pff...this is a germanic business :P
Just kidding ;)

It days until the whole area of the Temtesh Bay track was cleaned. On the 18th August 2164 the International Federation of Anti-Gravity Racing wrote on their webside:

The Temtash Bay Desaster
Unfortunately on the 5th August 2164 we all witnessed the darmest day of racing.
The collapse of the mine section costed the life of six pilots, many were buried for days, numerous injuried and plenties of spectators were shocked.

Dead (6):
-Felipe da Cassi
-Naomi Turner
-Zala Wolff
-Paul Cheung
-Roberto Sergio
-Michael Farell

Injuried (4):
-Nami Mishima
-Daniel Johnson
-René Asson
-Myma Tsarong

It was a very short and neutral announcement, the few pilots who survived either directly retired, finished the season, or still raced. For the spirit and thrill.

Jonny: Wait...were is Aurora?

Jonny was confused, he was certain that Aurora was buried.

21st July 2014, 11:18 AM
Daamn, Snake! This was very well done, can't wait for the conclusion.

- - - Updated - - -

Uh oh, I was looking back at Part 6.1 and found this:

Friday 31st November, local time 11:13am.

I looked at my 2209 calendar, and I realised something: November does not have a 31st day. Was that intentional?

21st July 2014, 11:46 AM
It's getting really weird I still think it's all a nightmare

21st July 2014, 01:20 PM
Nightmare? Aw, geez. I just wrote that race in the point of view of Angelus! Oh well, since I have nothing else to upload other than FTA, I'll just post that. If it is just a dream, then I guess it doesn't matter if my version is non-canon, right?

21st July 2014, 01:32 PM
I ment the recent work of Snake, as it´s something different than our races :-/

21st July 2014, 03:03 PM
I know, but I wrote up Snake's race in the eyes of Angelus.

21st July 2014, 03:20 PM
I looked at my 2209 calendar, and I realised something: November does not have a 31st day. Was that intentional?

For heavens sake I'm not cut out for this lol >.< Let me edit it
And no its not a nightmare Jonny, just Falon has technology I have not yet mentioned ;)

21st July 2014, 04:44 PM
Ok, hmmm...
Which Jennter takes part at this race, the good or the bad?

21st July 2014, 10:54 PM
I see that I have multiple time streams I'm working on at the same time.
FTA could become a real big universe :)

13th August 2211
The Situation in Europe escalated after the dismiss of the European Federation. Countries fell apart, merged or suffered from a national revolt. After 4 months the continent looked like the pre-WWII Europe.
Probably the condition of the small continent repeats through the history, maybe it's the heart of the world, the clock.
The fall of the European Federation caused an international hyperinflation. The yearly inflation rate of 200% in the USA was that of Germany dayly.
In that situation a diplomatic way to solve problems wasn't possible, the only solution was war.

TV Moderator: The misery that France caused is on it's peak as the Russian Federation violently annexed all former USSR states and President Victor Rosnov crowned himself the Tsar of the Russian Empire. Probably they conquest to unite all Slavic countries.
Jana: Did you hear that? 'The misery that France caused'! That's old German-style propaganda!
Nico: I'm certain the Russians will knock at the door of the Reichstag soon.

As Jana managed to become the governor of the German-Danish Federalrepublik she followed the way France went and declared indpendence. Unfortunately Denmark wanted to do their own things, so Jana decided to give them independence, while keeping the region Syddanmark.
As the job of the Cancellor is a hard one Nico decided to support her, althoight he had no plan of politics.

Jana: I don't want propaganda in my country! Neither I want war, yet.

She was a conservative and patriotic human and practiced her speaking skills.

A speech and big press conference with Germanys leading politicans was announced for the next day in Berlin.
Jana opened the whole event with a speech about the current situation.

As we all know the Imperalistic Russians are going to expand their country. So we need to prepare as we are direct neighbours, so our foreign minister is going to offer the Russian Tsar a non-aggression pact, if neessary even a protection pact.
But peace is probably no option for us in this messy situation, we need to make friends and prepare for the next dark era. The era of World War Five.
We'll contact our Germanic friends in the north, west and south and try to win their trust...

24th July 2014, 08:48 AM
Oh, why not. Let's get some more content out there. Here is Faster than... no, wait...

//FLYING WITH DRAGONS: part6_://Angelus'_point_of_view_
<//updating... complete_>

Thursday, November 30th, 2209

Omega Harbour, Perth, Australia


"Are you absolutely sure you are in a good enough condition to race?" Brandon asked Tarah. It was obvious he cared for her. She, along with the rest of Angelus, were considered by Brandon to be family.

"Of course I am, the doctor said I was fine to race today. I know you care about me, but I'm fine, I promise! Besides," Her voice suddenly changed from happy and cute to angry and downright scary. "I want to DESTROY those who attempted to take my life! The f**king fools won't know what hit them!"

"Woah, please don't do that, it scared the living... well, everything out of me!"

"Oops, sorry. I guess I am a little mad." She reverted back to a timid voice.

Brandon walked out of the garage for a bit, but he ran back in Almost immediately after.

"Bad news Tarah... no. wait. Well, it's news, it just depends on who you are that makes it good or bad... ahem. Anyway, Crinale aren't racing today. It's some other team."

"Aww, too bad, I was ready to eliminate some Crinale scum."

"Unfortunately, I have no idea who this other team is, it could be friendlies, or... it could not."

Suddenly, a warning bell rang, followed by, "TEAMS, PLEASE PREPARE FOR THE RACE, BRING YOUR SHIPS TO THE LINE NOW!"

"Well, I would wish you good luck, but I know you are more than capable of handling yourself out there. J-just... be careful."

"Of course, you know I am, and I will be."

The familiar sight of the KA-AGR1 entering the grid was beautiful, the craft was sleek and shiny, and the primarily white body made it look like it came out of some high tech squeaky clean lab. Just behind the sleek white ship was what looked like an F-14D Super Tomcat. Wyvern's FX400 craft looked absolutely fantastic. Suddenly, another Wyvern-like craft flew out and took 12th position.

"Wait, what?" Brandon said in response to seeing the second craft, then he realised.

The craft gave off a weird aura, like it wasn't Wyvern's. It was also a dark red, with a pitch black cockpit. However, there was no sign at all that this was a Crinale ship, as it did not contain any of Crinale's signature designs. Somehow, this mysterious team had, however, without a doubt, stolen a Wyvern ship and were using it as their own. Before he could look harder at any minute details, however...

"3, 2, 1... GO!"

<2209 fx400 finale_>//<omega harbour: black run_>//<race: 2_of_2>
<lap: 01_of_50>
<the theme | jurgen vries (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrQ3blJcQ5A)_>

All 12 craft shot forward with high acceleration, Brandon could not look for any more details that would give the identity of the 12th ship. He did the next best thing...

>>calling_ david mendel..._

"Brandon? What is it?"

"I'm sure you know why I'm calling. Racer 12."

"Ugh. It's a long story. But it is not us, and we don't know who they're working for. But they are definitely not friendly. I'll let you know as soon as we get more info."

"Sure thing, mate."

"[sigh]. It was Falon. He betrayed us, he was a right fu-"

"OK, I think I get it. What a dick. Anyway, best of luck."

"You too."

<elimination_data_: feisar//0%_energy_>

After that scare, Brandon immediately opened his communication line to Tarah

"Hey, Speed Racer! How are you holding out?"

"I... HATE QUAKES! They're bullsh-[static]"

"At least you're not eliminated."

"I know, but still."

"Well, I'll leave you to it."

"Thanks boss. I'm sooo close behind Wyvern, I can taste 1st place!"

<elimination_data_: ag_systems//0%_energy_>

"We need to take that racer down!"

"You mean that mysterious one that took 12th?"

"Yeah. Falon. He's not friendly at all. I thought Crinale weren't racing today?"

"FALON?! That Wyvern pilot? Maybe he's working for Crinale?"

"It's a possibility. David will tell me more when he has more info. I think he may be doing some scan or something, since Falon is using a stolen Wyvern craft."

"We'll just leave him to it. I need to focus now, I'll talk later, lo-"

"...Wait, 'lo-'? Nah, it can't be. My mind's just playing tricks on me... hmmm." He thought...

<2209 fx400 finale_>//<omega harbour: black run_>//<race: 2_of_2>
<lap: 40_of_50>

<elimination_data_: triakis//0%_energy_>

"Triakis?! Eliminated?! Whaaa-?!"

"Brandon, there's only 4 of us left! Me, Falon, Jennter and Wyvern. I think Falon's gonna eliminate us all!" Tarah told Brandon. It was clear she was panicking.

"Just calm down and focus. I know you can do this. I believe in you, not just as a Team Leader... but as a friend. You can do this!" Brandon calmly said, attempting to bring her back to the race at hand.

"I... I knew I chose well, choosing to race with Angelus. I shall try my very best... Thank you!" It was quite clear in her voice that she was very happy, and extremely thankful.

"You're welcome. Now, win! Win for yourself, Win for us... Win for me."

"I shall win... WATCH ME! You know, Brandon... I really, really l-[static]"

<genesis | justice (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKzWLUQizz8)_>
There was nothing but static... but Angelus hadn't been eliminated? Suddenly, a voice yelled out from the communication systems of the pilots, the team leaders, and every other speaker in the stadium:

"ATTENTION, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! You wanna see true carnage?! I'll give you a proper dose of violence, with a weapon courteously made by my buddies at Wyvern AR! Thanks David, you absolute F**K!"

"What the hell's up with Falon's ship?!" Brandon asked, amazed by what he saw. The colours on Falon's ship changed. It turned into a black ship with binary code running across it. The shape of the craft then changed... into the XAF-72 Wyvern... with a Crinale livery! The ship then took off, Falon moving into an attack position, ready to destroy anything and everything. Suddenly, more aircraft appear behind him, also adorned with Crinale liveries.

"DAMN IT!" Brandon yelled, punching the wall, "It was Crinale after all! Falon must've stolen that ship for Crinale!"


Every civilian there scattered, running for their lives. There were only 3 groups of people that stayed, however: Team Wyvern, Team Jennter, and Team Angelus...

24th July 2014, 09:03 AM
That's two things right there Ace:

1. Absolutely AWESOME :D
2. Incredibly helpful to, its actually giving me a better grasp of to write in the next part. Indirectly helping me thanks ;)

24th July 2014, 10:12 AM
Well, that's a plus. I'm glad I helped you!

Also, how many more parts will your Part 6 go on for?

24th July 2014, 11:18 AM
I'll probably do one more for part 6 and then part 7 will be the conclusion :)

24th July 2014, 12:10 PM
I still have no idea what's going on (the race takes place some days after the Omega Habour final at an unknown venue, right?)

24th July 2014, 02:01 PM
It takes place at Omega Harbour, but a few days after Faster Than Angels Part 4

24th July 2014, 08:32 PM
I still got no plan what is going on :P

25th July 2014, 10:42 PM
Loading Part 2...

The French invasion of the Rhineland, as part of the Franco-Danish invasion of Germany, the secession of East Germany and Bavaria and the fall of the first European Federation waked the national feel in Bovier. This was used by the new German Reich (used to scare and irritate enemy countries) to quickly moblilise troops and all occupoed areas were liberated in less then one month.
While the mainly european research team around Pierre Belmondo was neutral, a few left, or were forced to left, like Bovier.
So he decided to enter the German Luftwaffe.
By 2027 as Germany occupied major parts of north-eastern France, Bovier and his friend Peter Erz were patrolling as a armada of French aircraft arrived. As Bovier got hit by French missiles he wasn't able to reject himself and crashed on the ground. Just slightly injuried Jonny needed to run the way back to the base while some French soldiers were behind him.

After the Third World War Jonny Bovier continued his research together with Belmondo and others.

Additional Info
Racing, Cars, the Future, Sience, Flying, Patriotismn

Height, Communismn, Nazismn, Partys

The Bovier family, Pierre Belmondo, Chuck Hoffman, Arial Tetsuo, Anastasia Cherovoski, Natasha Belmondo, Brandon Smith, Aurora, Michael Farrell, Wolfgang van-Über, FEISAR, van-Über, Jennter employees

Foes (?):
Henry Assange, Overtel, Cinale, The Blackmail Group

Wyvern (friendly)

I'm sorry if this part is crap, however I belive this Like/Dislike, Friends/Foes/Rivals stuff could also fit to you Ace :)

26th July 2014, 04:07 AM
I shall add that stuff now.

- - - Updated - - -

>>file01_: Brandon Smith//[ARD] (http://www.wipeoutzone.com/forum/showthread.php?9676-Faster-Than-Angels&p=237740#post237740)

<//file_update... complete...>
<//loading... complete_>

//Likes: Non-violent Racing, AG craft, speed, music (Especially late 20th, early 21st century electronic).
//Dislikes: Violence (especially in sport), corruption, traitors, terrorists, spiders.
//Friends: Natasha Belmondo, Jonny Bovier, David Mendel, Angelus employees
//Foes: Crinale, Crinale employees (especially those involved with Angelus/Katana).
//Rivals: Crinale (archrival), Wyvern (friendly), Jennter (friendly)

28th July 2014, 10:03 PM
Sorry for it being late, my Laptop crashed and lost my FWD files :brickwall
So retyped from my now burning fingers here we go:

PART 6.3: Storm


Sarah: DAVID! what do we do?!
David: Get all Wyvern AR personnel into the underground bunker beneath the garage, I'm gonna help evacuate the crowd!
Razgriz: Wait I have an idea! refuel the XAF-54 now!
Sarah: What are you doing?!
Razgriz: TRUST ME!


David: You lot heard him, do it!!
Razgriz: I have a plan, I need to contact the race administrator
David: What are you going to do?
Razgriz: Use the weapon pads

Razgriz nabs the nearest communicator and dials in the frequency to contact the race administrators informing of a plan to stop Falon. Its a heated conversation but Razgriz gets his way, the weapon pads are reactivated.

Razgriz: Sarah I need a full scan analysis of Falon and his team, I need to know what he has done to the XAF-72 and his teammates. We'll find a weakness in his motive
Sarah: I'm on it! and the XAF is ready to go!
David: LOOK OUT!

Falon sweeps in through the stadium firing missiles and machine gun fire at all the remaining personnel followed by the Crinale formation! Explosions are heard everywhere and the ground is uplifted by gun fire. People are killed, injured and in shock. The weather starts raining as well as if it was adding insult to injury. But the mood drops as David see's corpses of bystanders in the stands from the attack, but he knows it will only get worse until they stop Falon.

Razgriz: David! you need to focus, contact Angelus cause I will need their help in this!
David: I'm on it!
He soon contacts Brandon immediately

David: Brandon! I need Tarah to help Razgriz take out Falon! He's gonna use the weapon pads to destroy the enemy XAF but the other craft will need a distraction so Razgriz can get a clear shot!
Brandon agrees and soon after Razgriz and Tarah are pulling their craft onto the race track and begin to use weapon pads to initiate the plan. But another attack run is inbound!

Razgriz: Tarah Watch out!!
Falon: Say goodnight!

Falon open fires at both of them but due to the incredible piloting abilities of both Tarah and Razgriz all missiles and gun fire was evaded. Falon flies over head leaving a giant mist of water as he does.

Falon: Hmm looks like it might be a challenge this, I'll destroy you both first!
Sarah: Razgriz, Tarah! we've analysed the enemy craft and they are UAV's controlled by Falon! the transmitter is also exposed on the underbelly of the XAF-72! Try and damage it to take out the enemy formation!

Tarah: On it, Razgriz! I have an idea! The weapon pads still drop Turbo's. I'll turbo into your ship over the small ramp in the track and propel you to Falon, then you take a shot!
Razgriz: Great idea! lets do it!

Tarah picks up a turbo and Razgriz is armed with rockets, they utilize their idea over the small undulation of the track. Falon unaware of the plan see's what he thinks is a opportunity to destroy both of them. He falls for the trap and heads straight for them.

Razgriz: NOW!

Tarah activates her turbo and flies straight into Razgriz, she only sustains a small amount of damage to the Angelus's shield. Razgriz is propelled into the air heading for Falon!

Razgriz: Surprise mother****er
Falon: S**t!

Falon see's what's coming and tries to gain altitude but is to late, Razgriz fires his rockets and directly hits the drone transmitter destroying it. Falon takes damage but the XAF-72s superior shields prevent heavy damage. He flies high into the sky leaving a small tale of smoke. David smiles at the sight of a working plan. Suddenly the drones in the air self-destruct and huge relief is heard throughout the survivors.

David: Nice teamwork you two! the drones are down, its just Falon left! Lets take him down!
Sarah: Guys we aren't done yet! scanning shows the XAF-72 has a ECM defence system. It'll render all attack useless once activated!
Razgriz: S**t, is there a way to stop it?
Sarah: I'll keep running the scan and check for you
Tarah: Razgriz look out!

Suddenly Falon dives out of the storm clouds and open fires at Razgriz, but Tarah shunts Razgriz out of the way and sustains a hit! The Angelus craft swerves out of control and slams into the wall.

Falon: Get that b***h out of the way
Razgriz: Fiend you'll pay for that!
Falon: We'll see about that

As Falon flies close to the ground with Razgriz in pursuit a hatch on top of the XAF opens and reveals a Crinale energy blaster similar to the one used by Gelorum in the first race, it aims at Razgriz and fires. Razgriz uses a sideshift to take him out of the firing line and pickup a weapon pad, only to receive a auto pilot. The energy blaster preps to fire again and is poised at Razgriz

David: Razgriz! the special feature I told you about! activate it!

The energy blaster fires but a shield is erected around Razgriz and doing so the energy blaster explodes. Falon takes even more damage and flies away angered.

Razgriz: David what was that!
David: The XAF-54's power plant has the power to create a reflector, you used Falon's own weapon against him!

Falon activates the ECM defence system in his last ditch effort to destroy Razgriz. He lines up the cannon and hits Razgriz who takes a heavy slowdown. The XAF-54 lights up warning lights as his engines have been impaired by the same Virus weapon used by Crinale in past events. Razgriz see's Falon approaching for a killing blow. Razgriz is only armed with a plasma as well and the ECM will surely stop it. Razgriz panics

Sarah: RAZGRIZ!! THE ECM HAS A BREACH, the front air intakes are a weak point!
Razgriz: Right, this is do or die

As Falon speeds closer, Razgriz pitches the XAF up and lines up a shot

Razgriz: Not today

Razgriz activates the plasma and it fires, Falon once again fell into the trap and realises the plasma to late. The plasma flies into the air intakes of the XAF-72.
BOOM! The XAF-72 crashes straight into the ground completely destroyed, its smoking husk left in the rain. Razgriz jumps out of his craft and stumbles towards his teammates. David and Sarah rush to his aid.

Razgriz: Yeah just about in one piece, we did it though. You oaky David about your dream project?
David: I'd rather see it destroyed than as a weapon
*****: Shame cause I think otherwise!

All three turn around and a loud bang is heard, suddenly they see Falon heavily wounded with a gun in his hand. Moments after.... Sarah falls to the fall with a gun shot wound.

Falon: You two are next!

To be continued...

Only two more parts left in this series, the conclusion is almost here!

28th July 2014, 11:38 PM
I still wonder if this is right after the "original" race on Omega Harbour, or something "own"

29th July 2014, 12:02 PM
Very nice! I now have some more writing, err... typing to do.

Also, Jonny, it's a different race, after the original.

- - - Updated - - -

Razgriz: Surprise mother****er

I totally see what you did there :D

29th July 2014, 12:10 PM
But it´s still in the same Universe? I´m so confused

About this part:
Seriously, if I would be Razgriz I would first go to the wreck and look if Falon still lives. But NOOO... :P

29th July 2014, 12:40 PM
But it´s still in the same Universe? I´m so confused

I assume so.

29th July 2014, 03:03 PM
But how...the season is over :?
Snake will tell us, he said Falon has "advanced technology"

29th July 2014, 05:09 PM
But it´s still in the same Universe? I´m so confused

The next part will clear it up hopefully

30th July 2014, 09:53 AM
And it's done! Part 2 of the point of view of Angelus!

//FLYING WITH DRAGONS: part6_://Angelus'_point_of_view_
<//updating... complete_>

Thursday, November 30th, 2209

Omega Harbour, Perth, Australia


Brandon had to think quick, he needed Tarah back in the garage, but...


He could not communicate via the race comms, due to Falon hacking it. He went to call Tarah, but then he saw a sleek white ship fly into the garage.

"Brandon, what the hell do we do?! I-I'm scared." she spoke without giving Brandon a chance to.

"Just hang around, relax. I hope David has things covered, if so, he should tell me what to do."

The next few minutes seemed like forever, though that feeling was broken by Falon. He flew low down, firing missiles and machine guns at the remaining and fleeing people in the stadium. Many people are killed, wounded, or are otherwise shocked. Suddenly, even though it was a late November day, and thus at the end of spring, it had started to rain.

"What!? Rain? At this time of year? What the hell's going on?" Brandon thought out loud.

"Must be a bad omen." Tarah replied.

At that point, Brandon's phone rang. Finally, David had come up with something.

"Brandon! I need Tarah to help Razgriz take out Falon! He's gonna use the weapon pads to destroy the enemy XAF, but the other craft will need a distraction so Razgriz can get a clear shot!"

"Indeed, that does make sense. I'll send Tarah out right away. Take care."


"Ok, Tarah, we finally have a plan. You need to help Razgriz take out Falon."

"Awesome!" She said excitedly

"You also need to distract the other Crinale ships so Razgriz can safely get at him."

"Right, I'm off, then. Please take care of yourself."

"I know, but at this moment it's you I care about, now go! And come back alive!"

Tarah flew out of the garage, along with Razgriz. The craft zoom over a weapon pad each, however...

"Tarah! Watch out!!" Razgriz yelled

"Say goodnight!" came Falon's voice over the communications system.

The air was filled with bullets and missiles, Falon had opened fire on the two remaining racers. However, said racers were the top 2 racers in the 2209 FX400 season and thus, they were able to avoid the weapon fire. Falon then flew at great speed over the two, gaining a massive lead.

The communication system came back to life, this time it was Sarah, David Mendel's assistant and girlfriend, "Razgriz, Tarah! we've analysed the enemy craft and they are UAVs controlled by Falon! The transmitter is also exposed on the underbelly of the XAF-72! Try and damage it to take out the enemy formation!"

"YYEEESS!" Tarah gleefully yelled. "I'm on it! Hey, Razgriz, I have an idea! The weapon pads still drop turbos. Since Angelus' weapon system has a high chance of picking up a turbo, I'll turbo into your ship over the small ramp in the track and propel you to Falon, then you take a shot!"

"Great idea! Let's do it!" Razgriz replied


Tarah had picked up a turbo, moving closer and closer to the track's small undulation. As Falon attempted to make a move on the both of them, Razgriz yelled "NOW!". Tarah immediately responded, moving behind Razgriz and firing the turbo, hitting him and suffering minor shield damage. Razgriz, who was flying high in the air, fired his rockets, directly hitting Falon.


Every single Crinale drone in the area of Omega Harbour was destroyed, blowing up quite spectacularly. The remaining survivors there gave screams of joy and relief. However, the battle was not over yet.

"Nice teamwork you two! The drones are down, its just Falon left! Let's take him down!" David said.

"Guys we aren't done yet! Scans show the XAF-72 has a ECM defence system. It'll render all attacks useless once activated!" Sarah piped up.

"Sh[static], is there a way to stop it?" Razgriz asked

"I'll keep running the scan and check for you" Sarah replied.

In the conversation, however, Tarah saw some movement in the smoke clouds created by the destroyed drone transmitter. It looked like it was heading for...

"Razgriz! Look out!" She yelled in panic.

True enough, there was movement, Falon plunged steeply out of the storm clouds and opened fire at Razgriz. Thinking quickly, Tarah shunted Razgriz out of the way. However, that caused her to sustain a hit. The Angelus craft swerved out of control and slammed into the wall. Brandon saw what happened, and reached out to her.

"TARAH! Are you alright?! Please be alright."

"Yeah, I'm fine...Ow. Well, I say fine, I mean, 'Not dead', hahahahaAAAAOOOOOWWW! I, umm... I may have whiplash. Great."

"[sigh], well at least you're not dead, or seriously injured."


All Team Angelus could do now was watch as the two Wyvern pilots fought. Falon engaged a Crinale Energy Blaster. As he fired the unavoidable attack, Razgriz activated something Brandon had only ever heard about.

"Wait... that's a reflector! That's an F7200 weapon! Neat!"

As soon as the shield was used, reflecting the locked-on shot back at Falon, dealing mass amounts of damage, it stopped. Falon then activated an ECM, an advanced shield system. He lined up another shot, and fired...

Fortunately, he did not use full power, as Razgriz survived an unshielded attack. Razgriz then shot a plasma at Falon, however, instead of the ECM blocking it, the plasma flew into the air intake...


The XAF-72 blew up. The shield energy was not enough, and the ship was left a smoking husk. Razgriz jumped out and walked over to his teammates. Brandon could not make out what they were saying, but suddenly, all three turn toward the blown up prototype ship, then he heard a gunshot. Sarah fell down and David moved quickly towards her, yelling "NOOO!". Brandon started to run towards them, and//._>

<//error: corruption_detected_>
<//initiating: file_repair_>
<//file_repair: complete_>
<//loading: part_3...>

30th July 2014, 10:03 AM
Love it Ace :D it was ehhhhhhkcellent

I decided to release the next part today at some point since my last one was so late, just gonna check over it for quality ;)

3rd August 2014, 11:15 AM
Hey, Snake, you alright? Just you said that you'd upload the next part that same day, then you just disappeared. I don't mean to rush you, take all the time you need. I'm just curious as to why you just suddenly disappeared.

Would I be right in assuming complications with school?

3rd August 2014, 08:17 PM
No it boils down to my laptop had to be fixed because it wouldn't save my documents so it had to be reset to factory settings, I'm re-writing a load of stuff right now :|
Plus my girlfriend is going on holiday soon so I'm spending lots of time with her before she goes :3

I'll get it out soon, may take some time :P

EDIT- Whoa, whoa I'm being an idiot I could release it now so why don't I? :brickwall
I can be a idiot

PART 6.4 Pieces

As the storm intensifies with thunder and lightening thrashing the grey sky, David is full of tears and anger but cannot approach Falon due to the handgun pointing at his face. Sarah lies on the floor motionless and fears for her well-being grow stronger in everyone.

David: Falon? why are you doing this?
Falon: For my family!
Razgriz: What are you talking about? are your family involved with Crinale?
Falon: Its none of your business plank, what is your business now is your deaths!
David: We can't improve if you don't tell us the problem! why are you involved with Crinale?!! TELL ME!!


Falon pulls down the hammer of his handgun and takes aim at David, in a last moment of desperation...

David: You don't have to kill us though! we can work on the issues we have that are invisible to us but not your eyes. Let us coincide peacefully and we can clear your family name! killing us will only make it worse


Suddenly Falon is struck down by a pipe to the back of his head knocking him out stone cold, Tarah is right there with obvious signs of anger coursing through her blood. Razgriz snatches Falon's handgun, disarms it and throws it as far away as possible.

Razgriz: Its okay Tarah you did it, lets get you back to Brandon.

Razgriz slowly escorts the shaken Tarah to Angelus's garage, as he does David turns rapidly and runs to Sarah. Clinging on to life she gasps for breath, David breaks into tears.

David: Hang in there now, the ambulance is on its way.
Sarah: I..... can't..........
David: Don't you dare say that, you're gonna be fine sweetie! You'll be fine
Sarah: David......... its to.......
David: NO! the ambulance will be here just hang on there *rips piece of clothing* here this will stop the bleeding
Sarah: David!....... please....listen................ I ........................... lo....ve .......... you

With one last breath, Sarah lays silently in David's arms. The damage was to great and could not be fixed. The head engineer of Wyvern AR has passed away. David enthrals with anger and shouts to the heavens. Everyone still present then you knew that Falon had ended a life. Just then the rain subsides and a sliver of sunlight shines into the stadium. Silence falls like a curtain.

There we are, my take on the omega harbour race is over. The epic conclusion is now due.

4th August 2014, 12:34 AM
I just have read your part with Antonio Pinto's A Morte (A song from the movie "Senna"), awesome :clap
Still confused, thought.
However, I'm waiting for Ace to continue with the present, so I write about the past.
I'm also going to link several songs from the previously mentioned movie, as they fit pretty well. Can't do it now, I'm writing with my PS Vita.

3rd June 2022
Circuit de Pau France, European Federation

The ProCar Championship Series was a racing championship held in the 2020s, notable for it's minimalistic set of rules.
On the 3rd June 2022, the sixth run of the 2nd ProCar Season, the worst happened, the frenchman Patrik Gonoun got the unlucky title as the first casuality of a once promissing new sport.


A lucky day for FEASA (Federal European AutoSport Association) newbe Jonny Bovier, the driver of his own car, Frederik Owen archieved the Pole Position.
Today he had a good chance to win the race, the PCv1.0 was suprerior, only Gonoun in his fast Meredes W201 could be a problem.

Jonny: I have seen your pole lap again, I think we could make the rear win more flat, but the front wing a bit higher. Also the gearbox could be a bit more slim.
Frederik: Ok, do that. You should know what is right.


The race started, Gonoun managed to circle his Mercedes infront of Frederik, who contered.
Both had a hard battle until Frederik made his pit stop, later Gonoun spun and fell back to 6th place.
During the 34th lap, Gonoun prepared to lap one of the backmarkers, but Pau is a narrow circuit.
After the final chicane he drove on the back of Maurice Nassir, who had a suspention failure. Gonoun flipped over 12 time and caught fire after crashing into the tire wall of the first turn.
Several spectators were injuried by carbon fibre and tires.

After the dust was laying down it was obvious that Gonoun and two spectators were dead. (http://youtu.be/sBIGruBlP6E)
The race was paused, but continued after the track was cleaned.
Frederik Owen won, but the usual celebration was cancelled after the dead of Patrik Gonoun was announced at 16:05:32.
As the race was restarted, there was a strange mood. Death was watching. Some people left the track, others watched to the end, as an act of respect.

Mercedes retired the other two cars that raced, like they did in Le Mans 1955.
FEASA was also thinking about retirement, Nassir was a pilot for them. Frederik Owen gave his later victory to Patrik Gonoun.

Press Conference: (http://youtu.be/kJrt23_8fAM)
Reporter: This is a black day for modern racing, Frederik Owen, you have won this race, what do you think about it.
Frederik: I...have no words for this...in a bad way. I need to think about it.
Reporter: Ok, Maurice Sierra, you reached the secound place.
Maurice Sierra: Yeah, I decided to drive slower and only wanted to finish the race at least in the Top 3.
Reporter: Your thoughts about Gonouns accident.
Sierra: Bad luck, these things happen in high octane racing and we, espectally the drivers of the ProCar Series knowthe high risks of racing.
Frederik: Well, I think this is right, anyway, probably a senseless death.
David Hill*: Every early death is senseless. We are all here to race, race fast and without massive regulations, but at least some crash tests could be possible.
Sierra: Nobody says you have to race!
Hill: Come on, the ProCar Series was founded with the objetive to create non-plus ultra cars, in all aspects. New technologies should be invented to held entrance in public transport.

*Yes, he´s the some of Damon Hill :P

4th August 2014, 06:36 AM
No it boils down to my laptop had to be fixed because it wouldn't save my documents so it had to be reset to factory settings, I'm re-writing a load of stuff right now :|
Plus my girlfriend is going on holiday soon so I'm spending lots of time with her before she goes :3

Ah, ok. I'm really sorry if I kinda rushed you there, I was just curious as to what happened.

However, I'm waiting for Ace to continue with the present, so I write about the past.

Since Snake said that his take on Omega Harbour is done, [DATA EXPUNGED].

EDIT: Just re-read what Snake posted. I think I might integrate this 'conclusion' with FTA Part 5 when he uploads it. If he uploads it before this Friday (the 8th), then I will wait until Friday before uploading it.

- - - Updated - - -


I swear I imagined Falon yelling like a Dalek, or maybe even Davros at that point.

5th August 2014, 02:17 AM
I use this diary for the first time since a half year, I guess. To less time.
Yesterday was hell, I wanted, but didn't found the courage to write.
I'm not somebody who is often sad, I als kept cool as my grandparents died, but that was...special.
Probably it's because I was live there and also kind of linked to Gonoun's death. I mean, it's a popular sport, so I'll certainly find my name in a book, or Wikipedia article, about this event.

I didn't knew Patrik Gonoun well, we were no friends.

This entry in his own diary helped Jonny to sort things out and felt better, at least than before.

5th August 2014, 10:11 AM
Ok, I've completed the 3rd part of Angelus' point of view of Snake's race. I assure you that Faster Than Angels will return very soon.

//FLYING WITH DRAGONS: part6_://Angelus'_point_of_view_
<//file_repair: complete_>
<//loading: part_3...>
<//loading... complete_>

Thursday, November 30th, 2209

Omega Harbour, Perth, Australia


Razgriz jumped out and walked over to his teammates. Brandon could not make out what they were saying, but suddenly, all three turn toward the blown up prototype ship, then he heard a gunshot. Sarah fell down and David moved quickly towards her, yelling "NOOO!". Brandon started to run towards them, and...

... well... nothing. He was pulled back by Gareth.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?!" He yelled. "Angelus doesn't deserve to lose you. You are a good man. Let's just watch what happens, alright?"

"Well, ok. It's not as if you're gonna let me go there, aren't you?" Brandon replied.

"Nope, not at all."

They watched as Falon walked towards them, still very much alive. David and Razgriz quarrelled with him, then Falon just started yelling, giving a long rant about Overtel and the progression of humanity. He got so angry, that at one point, he almost sounded like a Dalek from that old 20-21st century program, "Doctor Who".

"Brandon, there was one more reason as to why I had to hold you back." Gareth suddenly spoke

"Oh? What's that?"

"Notice anything different? Any people that should be here but aren't?"

Brandon looked around, then he realised

"YOU SH*T! Where's Tarah?!" He yelled

"Look near Falon" Gareth replied calmly.

True enough, he saw Tarah behind Falon.

"That's Tarah, what the hell's she doing there?!" As soon as he asked that, Tarah smashed Falon in the back of the head with a steel pipe, with a look of sheer anger on her face.

"Oof, don't remind me to piss her off!" Gareth said.

"Yeah, Tarah's got a bit of a high temper. She easily gets angry. However, when she's racing, in an AG craft, she's quiet, determined. It's like, to her, racing is second nature. She just enters this Zen-like mode. it would take a lot to disrupt her. Oh, hold on, here they come."

As they were talking, Tarah disarmed Falon's gun and threw it away. Razgriz then escorted her back to the garage.

"Tarah, what gives? You could have been killed!" Brandon told her.

"I had to, I'm sorry. Please don't be mad."

"It's fine. the main thing is that you aren't dead, however..." He looked over at David, still holding Sarah. "How's she coping, mate?" he asked Razgriz

"It's, umm... It's not looking good. I called an ambulance, don't worry. They're on their way." Razgriz replied

"Right. I just... I don't like seeing people die. Especially nice people, people who did nothing wrong to deserve that. Sarah is one of those people. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! WHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?" Came a scream from somewhere outside the garage, which dissolved into crying.

"Oh no. I fear the worst." Brandon said quietly. "Damnit, she didn't deserve that." he whispered. He sat down, then out loud, to Razgriz and Team Angelus, he said, "For the sake of Sarah, and all the other lives lost, we need to defeat Crinale, once and for all!"

"I know Wyvern and Jennter will help, as we always have!" Razgriz said. "It's all for one..."

"...AND ONE RIGHT IN THE F**KING GROIN!" Tarah angrily yelled.

That made Brandon yell "F**K!" in shock, then he lost balance and fell off his chair with an "OH, SH*T! *thud*"

Well that's the end of Angelus' point of view. Friday may mark the return of Faster Than Angels, we'll see.

5th August 2014, 12:45 PM
I have extanded my previous part (the 2022 story), featuring music :)

9th August 2014, 05:21 PM
I'm on Holiday tomorrow too my home country's next door neighbour Wales so I've hastily re-wrote and quality checked the last part to FWD, I may get some Wifi to keep active on the forum but that's a big unknown right now so I'll get this out now while I have the chance. (lol Iceland and Wales in one summer break?! I'm going places ;) )

PART 7: End to a old legacy and birth of a new one

7th December local time 1:04pm
One week after the events of the last Omega Harbour race. Location: Wyvern AR HQ (Outskirts of Reykjavik, Iceland)

Today is the funeral of Sarah Fillick head engineer of Wyvern, her passing away caused David to personally organise a funeral with Sarah's family, He also personally invited Brandon and Tarah of Angelus along with Jonny and Nico of Jenneter and their families to join them. For the fortunate people this day was a bright sunny day and decently warm despite the cold weather of Iceland, it raised the hearts of many Wyvern employee's to see nature was on their side. This also meant the memorial could be held outside close to the racing track of Wyvern HQ. The seats were filled with Wyvern Personnel, Sarah's family and representatives of Angelus and Jenneter. A great turn-out was seen in the eyes of David, who then began with a short speech:

"Ladies and Gentleman, today marks the day we say farewell to a marvellous person from our team who was taken by the acts of evil from Crinale. But this does not mean she will never leave our side for her legacy will continue in our daily lives. A genius who helped us create a marvellous step forward in technology will never be forgotten. I will personally see that justice is brought to her name. For now I will hand over the podium to our Father"

The funeral proceeds without trouble and the after-party brings everyone closer than ever before, but the future of Wyvern AR now remains a mystery. Without a head engineer there is little that Wyvern can do in terms of developing new AG technology and with the XAF-54 racer damaged beyond repair from the omega harbour race there is no longer a machine that the team can use to compete in the next FX League. All David can do is see how the future unravels the answers to these questions.

Three days later...

The advertisement for a open position for Wyvern has been posted throughout Iceland but the roster looks fairly bleak with many people offering to fill the role cannot perform as well as Sarah did. David in his office reviews the eager applicants CV's but cannot bring himself to finding a replacement, Wyvern is taking a plunge as no new technology is being developed and no machines can be entered for the next league. Falon also received his sentence to life imprisonment for his actions, never again will he cause problems. Razgriz enters the office...

Razgriz: Hey David, can you spare a moment?
David: Sure... what's up?
Razgriz: This came in the post today, its from the Fillick family.
David: Please bring it here and help yourself to a drink.

Razgriz hands over the parcel and makes a cup of tea for himself. Upon opening the package a glimmer of light shines in David's eyes, inside was a letter from Sarah which he opens without hesitation. It reads:

"To David

You have brought happiness to my life recently but I have a feeling that this may be taken away, I wish you read this upon my death whether it be in the far distant future or just in a couple of weeks. Enclosed in this box are blueprints to a Wyvern Craft I wish you make when I pass away for I believe it will carry on the legacy of our work even when I am no more. I guarantee it will bring you happiness. Also I have a friend who's contact details are enclosed in this letter. A person who wishes to join the Wyvern team and undoubtedly has the skills needed to fill in my role.

Never in my life did I feel happier, I wish to return that moment to you by ensuring you have a prosperous future for yourself and that of Wyvern AR. I seal this letter with my ever-lasting love for you.


David instantly opens the box to see the blueprints to the before-mentioned Wyvern Craft.

David: Razgriz!! check this out!!

They both stare with awe at the new craft. As it reads:


XAF-10 FX League Wyvern

Speed: 100
Handling: 90
Thrust: 85
Shield: 35

Razgriz: That's incredible, the stats fit our dream of fulfilling a race cleanly! I cannot believe she made this
David: I need to contact this person ASAP and inform the employees of our new ship, Wyvern will compete in the next league and carry on its dream. Our new approach will fulfil our motto, for we are Flying with Dragons!!!!!

There you have it, the conclusion, hope you like it and enjoyed this series. I may now do some background history to the team as a bit of trivia to my Fan fic, but unless you guys want to start a new season I'm leaving it there. This project did take longer to complete than I thought it would but I feel like it was time well spent. Until next time then this story is over :)

10th August 2014, 05:07 AM
Dawww, that's pretty sad. Though it could be due to me also listening to Sigur Rós... wait. THEY'RE A BAND FROM REYKJAVIK! Oooh, they're definitely going to be in the song list for part 5. Speaking of which, Part 5 will be uploaded very soon, which will follow with the usual every Friday week upload of Faster Than Angels.

- - - Updated - - -

...and by "very soon", I mean SURPRISE, WE'RE DOING IT NOW!

FTA Returns!: [Part 5.0] The Funeral Headphase

[[The Aftermath of the 2209 FX400 Season]]
Saturday, December 2nd, 2209

Angelus R&D HQ, Perth, Australia


<human after all_together_one more time_music sounds better with you | daft punk (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CldVS4_xGI&t=4m40s)_>

The music was blaring at the Angelus headquarters, the end of season party was especially important to the team, as they had just completed their first AG racing championship season ever, and had even managed to place 2nd in the overall standings.

An investigation was carried out regarding Angelus' use of Wyvern's Complete External Force Nullification Device. However, the investigation ended following the discovery that Angel had only used it as a form of defence against Crinale, who had the ability to use their unapproved superweapon, the CZf_12 Energy Blaster. The CEFND had not been used to further aid Angelus in their win, so their victory had not been stripped from them.

Further attempts to locate Crinale's base of operations were met with failure, as each lead the Anti-Gravity Racing Commission obtained were bogus, or had false locations. The investigation for Crinale's use of the Energy Blaster, and Wyvern's claim that they had used KX-SI, a modification allowing virus-based weaponry to affect a ships computer system and shields via one Plasma shot, had all relied on the AGRC locating Crinale's headquarters. Wyvern, however, had presented irrefutable evidence of the KX-SI incident, that of the data of the Wyvern ship during the Fort Gale race.

Omega Harbour had its computer system modified, to comply with FX400 regulations. This meant that Crinale, or any other team, could no longer use any weapon that was not approved of by the AGRC. Also regarding Omega Harbour, yet another Crinale based investigation had come to light, that of their use of what seemed to be a modified quake, fired during the final lap of the second final race of the season at Omega Harbour, eliminating one half of all the contenders racing. Data analysed of all affected teams, and eye-witness descriptions of the quake revealed that the weapon used was a QUACCE, Quantum Unified Automatic Cyber-Controlled Eliminator, a highly dangerous weapon designed to act like a quake, but produce mass amounts of damage, as well as shorting out crucial ship systems, such as the shields. It was not as dangerous as Crinale's Energy Blaster, but was still very dangerous nonetheless, and was a weapon that had been banned by the AGRC.

Despite being eliminated, Wyvern obtained sufficient points to end the season in first place, winning the 2209 season. Due to the re-acquirement of Jennter Enterprises by the resistance led by Jonny Bovier, and the elimination of Hans Neumann, no points were awarded for them at the Omega Harbour race. This did have some effect on their final position, finishing 5th, behind AG Systems in 3rd and FEISAR in 4th. Crinale ended up in 6th place. Due to the attack led by Falon in the second Omega Harbour race, the race was cancelled before it ended, and thus, no-one obtained any points for that race. Angelus, Wyvern and Jennter were commended for their efforts in bringing Falon down. However, they could not party all the time...

Thursday, December 7th, 2209

Wyvern AR HQ, Reykjavik, Iceland


<ekki múkk | sigur rós (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INWZy3-Vw80)_>

Brandon and Tarah were personally invited by David to attend Sarah's funeral. How could they refuse? They were his friends, they cared for him and he needed them more than ever. He had lost his girlfriend and long time partner, who was killed in cold blood. At the service, many people attended, Wyvern personnel, family and friends of both Sarah and David, and representatives of Jennter. Since Brandon considered Angelus his family, many more Angelus personnel attended than just Brandon and Tarah.

David then took the stand, and began his speech.

"Ladies and Gentleman, today marks the day we say farewell to a marvellous person from our team who was taken by the acts of evil from Crinale. But this does not mean she will never leave our side for her legacy will continue in our daily lives. A genius who helped us create a marvellous step forward in technology will never be forgotten. I will personally see that justice is brought to her name. For now I will hand over the podium to our Father"

After that, the funeral proceeded as usual and without a hitch. The after-party gave Brandon and Tarah a chance to become closer to everyone else, as well as each other.

"Brandon... I..... oh. Never mind." She stuttered, looking quite sad.

"What's up? Tell me." Brandon asked.

"Don't worry, it... it's nothing. Trust me."

"Ok. If you need anything, even if it's just someone to talk to, let me know, I'll be there for you.... a-uhhh... I mean... y'know. You're family! You're my friend!"

"I know." She said, trying to break the awkwardness, "I know exactly how you feel."


On the 15th of December, Angelus gave the following press statement:


A Review of Events, by Angelus

Friday, December 15th, 2209, 10:26:52

"Hello, I am Brandon Smith, Team Leader of Angelus Research and Development.

"This press statement is directed at everyone. AG league fans, Angelus fans, you name it. This... is for YOU.

"Since 2198, when we started the Angelus project, this had always been that: a project, a little experiment, something that wasn't meant to be taken seriously. That, unfortunately, changed on our first ever year competing, this year, 2209.

"The conception and rise of Crinale Technologies ensured that we would not have an easy time racing alongside the legends. Fortunately for us, we made some great allies along the way. Wyvern, Jennter, I'm looking at you. You guys helped us, and in return, we helped you. We had some great adventures, on and off the track.

"However, we cannot overlook the fact that Crinale has grown over the past 12 months, and is now a threat to this great sport. We believe that they may attempt to recreate something similar to the F9000. Because of this, and many more reasons, Angelus is here to stay. We will become a serious team in the AG League, but we'll have fun doing it, as we have many supporters, you guys! You're awesome!

"As of 2210, our current FX400 craft, the KA-AGR1, will be modified ever so slightly, as our research takes us to greater speeds and handling capabilities. Cosmetically, the craft will largely remain the same, except for the aforementioned handling upgrades, however, we will also be using a second skin. Don't worry, though, this one is created and approved by Angelus. This second skin will still be white, but everything that was azure blue on the first craft will be neon green on the second craft. Our new craft will also be given a new name, as of now, our racing craft will have a new chassis name, KA-AX, the AGR1 will be modified and known as the AX1.1. But these racing craft will also have a model name.

"So now, I present to you, for the 2210 FX400 season, our improved craft, the KA-AX1.1, also known as... the Xygen4!

"The Xygen will have the same performance stats as what is now known as the AX1.0, but the body will be slightly modified, proving to be more aerodynamic than the 1.0, and therefore, faster. These changes, along with slight changes behind the scenes, in our research, in our company, will cement our claim to be more serious in this championship.

"Don't worry, though. Just because we're being more serious, doesn't mean our views, our ideals, have changed. This isn't just a little experiment anymore, we're an actual racing team, and we need to perform like one. We'll give it our all, 110%!

"We are Angelus. We're Faster Than Angels! See you in 2210!"

This is the end of the 2209 season, but not the end of the adventure...

//FATAL ERROR: Hacking Attempt: cti://dedsec.666_crinale//ctO5__AlLeKo13//fffffffffffff~

"Do not think you will be able to get away now. You have started something, and I. Will. Finish it!"
So yeah, I've started to write out a new season. I've got quite a few parts written out already.

10th August 2014, 09:51 AM
Hello from a local wifi spot in Wales, so I take it the new season has started then, well I'll get the new FWD series going when I get back. Great part Ace seems like this story is still not over ;)

10th August 2014, 10:04 AM
Technically, as of Part 5, I'm not completely done with 2209, the year. Just the FX400 season, that's over. There will be several more FTA parts before the new year starts. More races, more behind the scenes stuff, into the personal lives of our heroes, and our villains. They will be uploaded every Friday, as usual.

EDIT: That sounds like an ad, what gives?!

10th August 2014, 03:43 PM
The suprising return of Jennter Enterprises at the near end of the 2209 FX400 season nearly ended in a debacle. The whole company was taken over by the Blackmail Group, that was ironically aqired by Crinale, but probably there was more behind this.
The Blackmail Group was never really taken over by Crinale, rather reunited.
2207, three Crinale employees were send to the new sub-company "The Blackmail Group", it were Henry Assange, Madison Larough and Dave, his real name was a secret.

Henry was a smart, but also crazy individual and also very anti-German. He hated Germanys leading role in Europe, like many other people.
His plan was to use the growing corrution to undermine the European Federation.

Madison was intelligent too and was able to play a role good. It was here ambition to take over Jennter Enterprises, together with Wyvern and FEISAR one of the richest companys in Europe.

Dave was a dobble agent during the Fourth World War. After it he joined Crinale, as he thought it would be "the ultimate challenge for a man like him".

Althought the plan seems to be failed, Europe is even more destabilised and Jennter needs to be completely restructured.
Sooner or later they'll have won.

11th August 2014, 01:59 AM
I later noticed the ending of your post, I guess with all my attempts to write about the future there's certainly enought material to write about.
However, I thought I need to write about the funeral too (probably because you mentioned Jennter about 3 times :P).
BTW the title is a mixture of the two topics of this part

7th December 2209
Wyvern R&D HQ Reykjavik, Iceland, European Federation

Jonny, Jana and Nico were invited to the funeral of Sarah Fillick, this was suprising as none of them really knew her, nor David. However, this was used to come closer to Wyvern and Angelus. You need friends this though days.

David held his speech and the party proceeded without any interruption.
As usual many guest were going to say that they feel with David and the Fillick family.

Jonny: I'm sorry David, loosing somebody close always hurts.
David: Thank you, I appreciate this.
Jonny: But do you know, as long as you think about somebody, he or she is never really gone.
David: What do you mean?
Jonny: You maybe don't see somebody who died, nor talk to this person. But everything they archieved still is with us. Also all the good memories. We get remembered for what we have built.
David: But thinking about a dead person all the time doesn't seems healthy.
Jonny: It's about using these memories right, I see you'll find out what I mean.

In the end Jennter surely should have pushed back it's comeback to 2210. No points, no finishes, nearly lost the control about the company. The only good thing was the Indy Classic ship, abused with "Neumann's-Nazi-Livery". The ship looked good was fast and something that required balls, that's how Jonny Bovier described it.

17th December 2209
New Jennter HQ Königsberg, German-Danish Confederation, European Federation
The new Jennter HQ was build in a record time, in Königsberg, that was part of Germany since the Third World War.
A "Grand Reopening" Party was held, beside the Jennter employees, the Bovier family and former pilots also representatives of friendly teams were invited. FEISAR (althought being a puppet of the corrupt European Federation, in Jana's eyes) was also one of them, also Brandon and Tarah from Angelus and David plus Razgriz from Wyvern and Dave decided to come

The most dramatic appearance made Aurora, the thought-to-be-dead pilot of Jennter untik the 2164 Temtesh Bay Desaster. It was one of the very rare moments to see a tear in Jonny's eyes.

In the middle of the party two speches were held, one by Jonny and than by Jana.

"Ladies and Gentelmen, dear friendy and collegues.
This year was very humble, probably more than that. We won, but also lost friends, and I'm certain that the future could be hard.
I think this two races were a good lesson for my great-great-great-great-grandchildren, actually I see them like my direct children, because I spent so much time with them and they really helped me to reaquire the power over Jennter Enterprises.
It's time for Jennter's first generation change.
I'm getting old, very old, and need to rest.
Now it's Jana's decision what she does with the company.
An aplause for Jana Bovier!"

Jonny left the stage as Jana entered it.

"Thank you, everyone of you.
As Jonny said, the future will be hard, and our friends at Angelus and Wyvern know we will help them of necessary.
But I can't lead Jennter very long, because I want to get political active.
Instead I want that my brother Nico takes over my role."

Nico had to decide, team or pilot. He decided to lead Jennter.
He didn't thought about the upcoming troble.

11th August 2014, 10:11 AM
Nice! Excellent part, as always.

It seems Nico broke the trend of Jennter team leaders names beginning with J.

11th August 2014, 01:30 PM
Thank you! :)
Your parts are also awesome and clear structured. Also you use the text formations. ^^
But it felt like the quality of my parts just suffered under my confusion :-/

I still play with the idea of a FTA-Wiki at Wikia...

11th August 2014, 07:50 PM
I finally decided to make a map of Europe, in 2209.
I´ll attach it, it´s big :P

Which colours mean what?
Countries in bolt are home of a AG-Racing team.

European Federation (2017):
-German-Danish Confederation [Unifyed (German Empire and Danmark) 2027]
-Baltic Union [Unifyed (Lithunia, Latvia and Estonia) 2031]
-The Netherlands
-Czechoslowakia [Reunifyed (Czech Republik and Slowakia) 2027]
-Kola [Independent (Russia) since 2176)]
-Scottland [Independent (United Kingdom) since 2018]
-England (Successor of United Kingdom since 2023)
-Wales [Independent (United Kingdom) since 2020)]
-Cornwall [Independent (United Kingdom) since 2023]
-Savoy [Independent (France) since 2028]
-Brittany [Independent (France) since 2043]
-Catalunya [Independent (Spain) since 2018]
-Castile and Granada (Successor of Spain since 2045)
-Basque Country [Independent (Spain) since 2030]
-Galicia [Independent (Spain) since 2032]
-Corsica [Independent (France) since 2040]
-Sicilia [Independent (Italy) since 2025]
-Sardinia [Independent (Italy) since 2033]
-Faroer Island [Independent (Denmark) since 2020]
-Bosnia (Successor of Bosnia and Herzegowina since 2027)

Russian Federation
Kasachia (Successor of Kasachstan since 2177)
Abchasia [Independent (Georgia) since 2025]
South Ossetia [Independent (Georgia) since 2024]
Caucasian Union [Unifyed (Georgia and Armenia) in 2198]
Kurdistan [Formed in 2024]
Irat [Unifyed (Iraq and Iran) in 2201]
Israeli-Arabia [Founded in 2200]
Afrikan Union [Founded in 2100, unifyed in 2200]

You can see a lot of seperations in Europe during the 2020s-2040s, on the one side, due to the Third World War and on the other side, due to the real seperatistic movements (Scottland, Catalunya, Belgium)
I probably need to clearly say that this doesn´t represent my political views. All this stuff is fictional (inspired by the reality, otherwise the mapping business wouldn´t make sence ;P). If anybody feels offended, the internet is probably nothing for you ;)

12th August 2014, 10:13 AM
Thank you! :)
Your parts are also awesome and clear structured. Also you use the text formations. ^^

Thanks! I like to keep a neat format when writing out FTA parts.

13th August 2014, 12:07 AM
Many things treatened the European Federation, once a solution for the ever lasting changes in Europe, trying to prevent wars. A economic masterpice in the 2040s - 2080s. Always a Superpower, determining together with the United States, the Russian Federation, India, Japan and Australia the worlds politics. Only once, from 2172 - 2176 there was a war, the Fourth World War, that dragged Europe into it.

With 2190 Nationalismn has seen a renessaince, the people started thnking about their history, small seperation movements have risen. Althought many border changes were made indside the Federation, still many people wanted independence.

In it's early history the "Nationality-Act" should solve these problems. It allowed people to have two nationalities, primary "European" and Secundary "English", "Swedish" or "German-Danish". Last one just created more problems as three countries in personal union were member states (Germany-Denmark, Czechoslowakia and the Baltic Union).
This caused the "Secound Nationality-Act" a special regulation for countries in personal union, allowing to use three natonalities (European - Lithunian - Baltican). However, Czechoslowakia refused this solution.

This laws were very popular in spots, rather seeing a French and a German (not a German-Danish), racing for a Polish team instead of seeing two European raing for an European team.

But again there were more problems, during the 2020s some countries introduced "Status flags", inspired by historic flags.
Usually a nation changed it's current flag to a reserved one if historical regions were annexed or the kind of government changed (in this case historic flags were reserved for an upcoming change, some countries even reserved it's flags for never used government types).

The problem was that the "Union Flag" (German: Unions Flagge, Danish same as English) of Germany-Denmark was the Black-Red-Yellow of the "Republikan Flag" (commonly known as "non-Reich Flag") with the Danish Andreas' Cross on the red part. The correct flag of Germany was Black-White-Red, the "Reichflag" [introduced due to the massive gain of (historical) territory during WWIII]. The German-Danish Union Constitution said that the Union-Flag considered of the two current National Flags of Germany and Denmark.

The biggest question were asked about the capital. Berlin was a good candidate, as it laid in the rich and stable Germany, also many Germans thought it would be rightful as they had won the war. But for the others it just layed to deep in the country to become the capital of Europe.

Brussles was a candidate as it was already the capital of the European Union. But as Belgium was splitted it couldn't be the capital of Unifyfation.

Paris was a option, but as France started the war it was refused.

Rome was a candidate as a tribute to the Rome Contracts.

Finally it was the rich Geneva, laying in central Europe, in the neutral (viewed) Swiss.

I just noticed that I make a lot of references (mainly about politics) in my posts since Part 16.
Objection: Find them :P

13th August 2014, 06:01 AM
I'm not too big on politics, so I definitely won't find the references.

13th August 2014, 10:17 AM
Ah ok, there aren't much... :-/

14th August 2014, 08:55 AM
I said I'd upload the next part on Friday.... I am such a liar. Oh well, you get it a day earlier, isn't that nice?

The referenced album title of Part 5.0 was The Campfire Headphase by Boards of Canada

[Part 6.0] Big Sounds of 2210
Sunday, December 30th, 2209

Angelus R&D HQ, Perth, Australia


At the end of another day at the Angelus offices, Brandon was getting ready to leave, along with everyone else.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow... oh... Tarah. What are you still doing here?"

She jumped. She was spacing out, thinking quite intently on... well, something.

"Aaaah! U-u-ummm, I-I, uhhh... whaa-?"

"Work hours are over, it's time to go. Are you going to leave? You did seem quite focused on something."

"Y-yeah, I was going to leave, sorry." She started to leave, but spun around quickly, "Wait! I-I need to tell you something."

"You do? OK, by all means, go ahead." He smiled.

"Well, I... uhhh... I... [sigh], n-never mind. It can wait."

"Haha, you're quite scatterbrained today." He chuckled softly. "Are you absolutely sure it can wait?"

"Y-yeah... umm... no. See, the thing is... I-"

"Hey, are you two lovebirds gonna get out of here or what?" Gareth barged in, completely cutting Tarah off.

"He's not my boyfriend!" Tarah retaliated quite loudly, her face turning a shade of red comparable to that of her bright red hair.

Brandon, on the other hand, was calm about the situation.

"Gareth, I think you should know that I have absolutely no feelings for Tarah whatsoever. She wanted to tell me something. That's all."

"Suuure, keep thinking that." Gareth said sarcastically. "I'll see you two later then." He then walked out.

As soon as he was out of earshot, Brandon asked Tarah "Anyway, as you were saying?"

"Don't worry, I guess it can wait after all." She then started to walk hurriedly out the door, obviously quite embarrassed.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, it's not that important."

"Alright. Well, I'm gonna leave now. I'll see you tomorrow then." he said as she walked out to her car. She then turned and waved goodbye.

He walked to the garage and got in his car, the mysterious black modified Angelus Razer.X seen minutes before the start of the Omega Harbour race.

"Hah, she's so cute when she gets confused," He thought, but then stopped himself "Wait, why am I thinking about her like that? Oh, whatever."

As he set off, he got a video call from the onboard multi-function device.

"You have some nerve, going out at a time like this. I hope you are ready to face the consequences."

"Gelorum, give up." Brandon snapped back, "We won, just accept that and move on."

"And let my lovely present go to waste? I came all the way here just to hand-deliver it to you!"

At that moment, a black supercar with neon green lights overtook Brandon at an alarming rate, then spun around to face him, stopping, requiring Brandon to slam on the brakes.

"Do not think you will be able to get away now, you have started something, and I will finish it." He saw Gelorum say in her car.

"Hah! Bring it."

"Fine." Suddenly, she got out of her car, walked over to Brandon, and handed him an envelope.

"Open this on the day and time written on the envelope. Follow the instructions exactly. We will end this."

Brandon looked at the envelope, then back at Gelorum, "Why exactly can we not wait for the 2210 season?"

"This will be a special event," She said, tapping the envelope, "No weapons. Just us, and our racing skill."

"Bit far from your standard ideals of 'Hey, weapons, let's destroy everyone', isn't it?"

"Do not get me wrong, Crinale are still about chaos and destruction, but... what is life without a bit of deviation?" She smiled.

Brandon seemed to be at a loss for words. "Wow! Heh, keep this up, and you might just change for the better. I might just consider asking you to come back!"

Just like that, her smile faltered "SHUT UP. This is NOT about being nice and kind, well, maybe. Primarily, this is about destroying you, but doing it your way. It will be the ultimate humiliation!"

"Aw, and to think you had seen the error of your ways. Oh well, one can hope."

"Just take the envelope and get out of my sight. You are getting on my nerves... again." She threw the envelope into Brandon's car and headed back to her car, getting in and driving off, but not before stopping next to him and saying one more thing:

"If you do not follow those instructions, I will hunt you down." She then sped off.

Brandon looked at the envelope. There were only two sets of numbers written on it: 22091231 and 23:00:00. This mean that the envelope was to be opened on the 31st of December, 2209 at 11:00pm.

Sunday, December 31st, 2209

Crinale Technologies HQ


"Their skills far exceeded my expectations. This is not good." Gelorum said.

"So what now? I assume you were prepared for something like this?"

"Of course!" She turned on the intercom. "As of now, Project Valkyrie is put on hiatus. Move ahead with Project Apollyon."

"Apollyon?! Oh, no, no, NO!"

Eleven years ago, you could have mistaken it for odd lighting, but not this time. Her eyes actually glowed. They glowed bright green!

"You swore. You swore to me that you would do whatever it took to defeat Angelus, even if it meant using Project Apollyon. Besides, I have more plans that make Apollyon seem like a cute fluffy kitten."

"That was then, I was filled with rage. Not anymore, I've changed my mind."

Gelorum closed her eyes, then spoke, angrily, through gritted teeth.

"Then you are no longer of use to us." She snapped her eyes open.

"A-aahhh! Y-your eyes!"

If you mistook her glowing eyes as odd lighting now, you would be in for a shock. Her eyes changed colour. They now glowed bright red.

"My eyes? Oh, that. If you must know, I was born with a rare condition. My eyes have the ability to glow and even change colour, depending on my mood. Can you make a guess as to what my feeling is right now?"

"T-they're red, so, a-anger?"

"Correct." She calmed down, her eyes changing back to green, but they were still glowing. She slumped her arms off the sides of her chair and turned her head, facing away and down from him, then spoke the last six words he would ever hear.

"I am also a fantastic shot."

There was literally no time between her speaking, her arm raising, and her pulling the trigger of her laser pistol. First, there was a relatively loud sonic boom-like noise, followed by a sickening splat immediately after, and then, seconds later, the dull thud of the engineer's body hitting the ground broke the silence.

She did not look at him when she shot him, yet there was one clean wound, right at the exact centre of his forehead. Gelorum stood up, and walked over to the corpse of the man that opposed her.

Upon seeing her perfect shot, Gelorum made an odd noise, which grew into giggling, then full on joyous laughter, her glowing green eyes shifting to a bright, yet deep purple.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a date with Angelus. I need to finish them off myself, as you imbeciles are too incompetent to do so. Prepare the Havok, NOW."

Yeah, it's nearly the end of 2209. Epic things shall go down.

There was another reason why I uploaded this today. I have some extra content, which will be uploaded either later today, or tomorrow.

EDIT: Actually, I'll leave it up to you guys, when would you want this extra content, later today or tomorrow? Because it's ready to go up whenever.

14th August 2014, 11:43 AM
Today! Today! Today! :D
Imagine this like a childish I want

14th August 2014, 12:05 PM
Oh, very well then children.

First off, you're probably wondering what the hell those two Crinale projects were, Valkyrie and Apollyon. Well....


<loading... complete_>

Data File: <valkyrie.txt>
F0-RG7.2 [Codename: VALKYRIE]

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░ 085

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░ 085

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░ 075

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ 100

Angelus KA-AGR:X 3K14 (Modified by Crinale Technologies, Inc.)
Angelus HyperForce XIII (Modified by Crinale Technologies, Inc.)
Crinale RR.Delta
Triakis S-22 Armor (Remodified by Crinale Technologies, Inc.)

What was to be the next in Crinale's F0-RG7 series racing craft before the project was put on hiatus, the 7.2, codenamed Valkyrie, was a completely different machine to the 7.1. Keeping the base chassis from the 7.1, which was originally developed by Angelus, Crinale have had time to tinker with the 7.2 by their experienced technicians, resulting in a lighter, faster, and stronger craft than their previous effort, though, it still is fairly heavy.

However, as of late 2209, when the project was put on hiatus, Crinale were working on a completely new chassis for the 7.2, though it still used the original Angelus chassis as a basis. With the new chassis, Crinale were able to have completely alter how the ship controlled to their design and racing style. The extremely outdated Talon 9000 weapons system has been ditched for one that has been developed by Crinale themselves, proving that they can create their own products, rather than stealing and modifying components from others. The F0-RG7.2 was developed with FX400 regulations in mind, but, with the hiatus, Crinale are considering modifying it further for a future league, possibly utilising the new chassis.

<loading... complete_>

Data File:<apollyon.txt>
F0-RGΓ [Codename: APOLLYON]

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██████ 128

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓████ 120

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ 100

░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ -∞-

Crinale ZPERE/Type616 (Zero-Point Energy Racing Engine)
None (Ship uses the ZPERE to slow down)
Crinale RR.Delta
Crinale REST v42.0.0.6 (Reverse Engineered Shield Technology)

This is one ship that would most definitely NOT be allowed into any AG racing championship. Utilising highly advanced zero-point energy technology, the "Gamma" has not only the highest top speed of all crafts, but the highest acceleration, too (1.5x more thrust than the F0-RG7.1), meaning that is can easily outperform Angelus and any other craft that dares try and challenge it. Stopping the somewhat heavy craft is extremely easy, too, as the ZPE technology can slow the craft down easily.

The technicians at Crinale have also found a way to reverse-engineer the shield, and as such, this craft cannot be eliminated, it has a completely impenetrable shield, which, for added protection, is powered by, yet again, zero-point energy technology. The chassis is also completely new, using the experimental chassis that was to be used with the Valkyrie, the F0-RG7.2, before that project was put on hiatus.

14th August 2014, 12:36 PM
GEEZ!!!! O_O

I'm gone for a couple of days and I see that ship!!! HOW???
Well it would seem that my teams new ship is an easy target with its low shield but high stats in other areas. I got some catching up to do yet again :P

I come home tomorrow from Wales so I'll get to work on the new part soon ;)

- - - Updated - - -

Oh god my WiFi played up then :P

14th August 2014, 12:47 PM
They won't use Project Apollyon. They can't, it violates many rules of the FX400.
Well, let's put it this way, they won't use it for official races. For the FX400, they'd use probably the F0-RG7.1 or Valkyrie, the 7.2, I haven't decided yet.

14th August 2014, 02:30 PM
Jennter Enterprises Hauptquatier Königsberg, Germany-Danmark, EF
27th December 2209

It was harder than belived to leave the AG business. Jonny gave Jennter his life.
He went to the elevator, fo go down to the garage.
"Goodbye Mr. Bovier" said the employees, he took the elevator, and went into the last, Zone floor.
He decided to make a last Zone race, back then in 2160, they debuted this with a real crafts. Since many pilos died due to the speed and G-forces they reestablished Zone races in a sumulator.

His favourite track was Moa Therma White, his favourite song was Nix by Golden Boy. Jonny was inside the simulated White-Orange Zone ship.

The track was initialised, the song began.


The score counter started adding the points.
Decades of hard training made him one of the best Zone Pilots, but the Age was the Skills biggest rival.
In his late days Jonny considered this one of the magic moments, "when you are in this flow, even bigger and more relaxing than a normal flow".

It was no problem for him to reach Zone 35 with 10 perfect laps.


Each Simulator was linked to the Anti-Gravity Racing Commissionand the people there were facinated that the old Bovier was still a good pilot. Also in the Jennter Enterprises HQ, just some floors over Bovier himself the employees starred at the screens.

"Who is this?" Asked a Commision emloyee. "This is Jonny Bovier!" answeared another.

<<Zone 55 Completed>>

Natasha Belmondo wanted to go home, but the exitement of her employees let he going to check what is going on.

"What is going on here?" she asked "Jonny Bovier is having a flawless Zone run!"
"Flawless?" Natasha was wondering what flawless means "He is in Zone 64 and has 31 perfect laps, out of 33!"

"Oh sh*t!" shouted Jonny as be lost control for a moment, but he was already in Zone 183.

"It was magical." said multiple eye-witnessor "The best Zone run I have ever seen."

Jonny continued, in Zone 286 he stopped doing perfect laps, finally in Zone 346

<<Ship destroyed>>

The exitement was large, probably to extreme.

Jonny took a deep breath opened his eyes and looked at his statistics:

Zone: 346
Perfect: 289
Laps: 286
Perfect: 235
Top Speed: 3542,45 kph

Just then he realised what happened. He stepped out and has seen nealy all of his employees exited.

15th August 2014, 03:27 AM
Wow, this guy's so good, not even Brandon could beat him in a race. Although, I guess that's just because of nearly 200 years of practice and experience!

Anyway, I didn't say that I had posted all of the content I was going to post....

>>file02_: Tarah Andrews//[ARD]

<//loading... 50%_>
<//updating... complete_>
<//loading... complete_>

//Full Name: Tarah Hayley Andrews
//Team: Angelus Research and Development
//Country of Birth/Nationality: Australia
//Age: 29 [As of 2209]
//DOB: May 17th, 2180
//Height: 172cm/5'8"
//Weight: 62kg/137lb.
//Hair Colour/Type/Style: Bright Red-Orange/Straight/Medium
//Eye Colour: Bright Blue

//Occupation: First Pilot, Angelus Research and Development
//Pilot ID: ANDR507.1.1.194
//Racer Number: 42
//Racing Style: Neutral, Slightly Violent
//Personal Car: 2205 Angelus R205 GT

//Modifications: N/A, Factory spec.

//Likes: Racing, AG craft, speed, music.
//Dislikes: Violence (especially in sport), corruption, traitors, terrorists.
//Friends: Angelus employees, David Mendel.
//Foes: Crinale, Crinale employees (especially those involved with Angelus/Katana).
//Rivals: Crinale (archrival), Wyvern (friendly), Jennter (friendly)

Born on the 17th of May, 2180 to Cassy and Marcus Andrews, Tarah had lived her entire life in Perth, Western Australia. Her parents were amazed to discover her hair naturally grew in a very bright red-orange colour, while her body hair (eg. eyebrows, etc.) seemed to be a more natural brown. While she didn't grow up with the presence of a professional AG League, she was interested in, and had an uncanny skill in racing.

When Tarah was 5 years old, in 2185, the amateur FX150 League and the Ampithere Racing Challenge had begun. That same year, local AG car manufacturer Katana Advancements was established, starting to supply parts to the League. Tarah aimed high, attempting to get into the League. At the age of 15, in 2195, however, she found out that the ARC/FX150 was to be upgraded to the FX300 Professional League. This, however, did not impede her progress, nor did it stop her eagerness to race. On September 20th, 2197, that same eagerness got the attention of Brandon Smith, who had started the Angelus project. He hired her immediately.

The resulting several years showed that her racing skill was one of the best in the country. Her inclusion to the Angelus family was important to the team, as she was single handedly one of the best Australian pilots to ever race in a Professional League. She was also good friends with most of her co-workers, due to her happy, friendly nature.

She does show an increased interest in Brandon Smith, and it seems she's hiding a secret from him...

21st August 2014, 09:31 PM
Well, I'll be offline this weekend (Belgian GP wohoo :D ), I also have nothing for you right now :-/

22nd August 2014, 05:31 AM
Fair warning, the next several parts will be less violent and will have more of a Drama theme/genre to it. Don't worry though, as soon as the 2210 FX400 season kicks off, everything will be back to its violent, dark themes. Nothing can be dark all the time.

The referenced album title of Part 6.0 was Big Sounds of the Drags by Junkie XL

[Part 7.1] Battle for the Year
Sunday, December 31st, 2209

Angelus R&D HQ, Perth, Australia


It was nearly time to open the envelope Gelorum gave Brandon. Knowing the steps Crinale took to attempt to destroy Angelus, he had it analysed for materials used to make letter bombs. Fortunately, no such materials were found, so it was perfectly safe to open...

December 31st, 2209; 23:00

Brandon Smith,

Tonight, we will end it all, 2210 will be a new year, a new change. The 2210 FX400 season is fast approaching, and it will be one of the greatest seasons ever. For now, however, we will have a race, to celebrate the new year, and to see who has the greatest skill.

I hereby challenge you to a street-race. We will pit your modified Angelus Razer.X against my reborn Katana Havok. This race will contain no weapon use at all, as road cars cannot utilise such technology. We will race from your headquarters up to and around Omega Harbour. The first one across the finish line of Omega Harbour will become victorious over all.

The race will start at 23:45. I will be there at 23:40 sharp. If you are not out and ready to race by 23:45, I will blow up your headquarters. You cannot back out now.

In 2210, Everything Changes.

Yours Sincerely,

Alexandra Gelorum.

Brandon was beside himself with the mention of such outdated technology.

"The Havok? That old thing was discontinued on Q3, 2198! Even then, the car had an 11 year run! It's outdated as hell! What, does she think she can beat me with it just because it's a Katana-era car... no, wait. She said it was 'reborn'. With an old thing like that, I think she meant that it was rebuilt with new parts."

After making some final adjustments to his Razer.X, Brandon sat outside the building in his car, until he saw the all too familiar black supercar with neon-green lights pull up near the building. The phone of his onboard multifunction device rang.

"23:40, on time, I see, Gelorum." Brandon answered.

"Am I not always?" Gelorum inquired.

"I guess? Anyway, I have to ask, what's with..."

"This old Katana?" She interrupted, "It always was mine. I maintained it, upgrading it where needed. I have now upgraded it to equal your newer Razer.X. However, I know every last detail of this thing, I know exactly how it handles, how it reacts. I can push it up to its true limits and not lose control of it. I can and will destroy you with this old 2198 Katana Havok."

"I guess we'll just have to see if you can 'destroy' me with that, now won't we?"

The two cars moved to the currently red traffic lights, side by side, at 23:45 exactly.

"We go when the lights turn green." Gelorum informed Brandon.

As soon as the traffic lights displayed its bright green light, both cars took off at top speed.

<unofficial street race: angelus hq - omega harbour_>
<point to point: 0%_>
<breathe underwater | placebo (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qRw52Mop8g)_>

The cars took a while to get up to their top speed, as they were road cars, not FX400 league racers. Also, because of that, the top speeds were not that quick, with the Razer.X maxing out at 457km/h, slightly slower than Venom speed. The Havok maxed out at an even slower speed, 443km/h. The roads of Perth were, of course, not suitable for racing, as they were public roads. This meant that, along with the sluggish controls of the heavy road cars, Brandon and Gelorum would have to slow down considerably for each corner, lowering their average speed by a massive amount.

Another layer of difficulty arose at that point too: traffic. Even though it was nearly midnight, there was a large amount of traffic in the city, as it was New Years Eve, so everyone wanted to see the fireworks for the new year. The two cars sped along the road, gaining speed each second, swerving around the traffic, even opting to fly right above it.

"Stupid peasants, out my way," Brandon could hear Gelorum mumble, "Who knew it would be this busy at this time?!"

"It's New Years Eve, of course it'd be busy 10 minutes before the new year!" Brandon replied.

"Rhetorical question, Smith!" Gelorum snapped angrily, realising Brandon heard her, "It was not for you to answer!"

She then turned, smashing into the rear half of Brandon, who took the opportunity to control the resulting spin and slipped into a road that would meet up with the main route.

"I can track you down, you better not be running away!" She said, turning into a different road.

"Do you think I'd be that stupid?" Brandon replied, taking the final turn of the detour and sliding back on the main road, several meters in front of Gelorum, who could only give a flat "What, how?"

"My dear Alexandra, even I don't know." Brandon said.


"Oh, would you RELAX?! This is why I called you that, you're way too damn serious." Brandon turned onto the freeway, while Gelorum continued onwards, taking an alternate route.

Near the entry road of Omega Harbour, Gelorum continued to track Brandon, but she saw a problem.

"How is Brandon going to get to the entry point from there?" Brandon soon answered her question.

"Like this!" He yanked the steering wheel right, sharply.

The sight of the modified black Angelus Razer.X flying through the air off the freeway and over her car rendered Gelorum speechless. It was now officially a race to the end of Omega Harbour. Both cars were free to accelerate to their limits.

Eventually, they hit the first corner of the track, which they took at top speed, as the top speeds of the cars fell short of Venom speed. In fact, most corners could have been taken at top speed, the only exception was the hairpin before the 'Death Spiral'. Even then, the speed needed to take it was not that smaller than the top speed of the cars.

As soon as the cars entered the 'Death Spiral', there was a loud "CRACK!" noise, followed by electrical noises which died down after a few seconds.

"What was that?" Brandon and Gelorum asked at the exact same time.

"So, it wasn't you then?" Brandon asked before Gelorum could say anything else.

"Well, no. I understand why you would suspect me, but I swear it was not me. I have no idea what that was."


Since the Razer.X was faster, it had been pulling away from Gelorum's Havok, and by the end of the spiral, Brandon was a few hundred meters ahead of her. The modern supercar entered the 'Omega Complex', two corkscrew hairpins connected by a vertical Mag-Strip loop. It seemed as if the Mag-Strip wasn't working, but it soon pulled the car back onto the track. Brandon got out of the complex just in time, Gelorum, however...


"No, no, no, NOOOO! Please, do not fall, do not fall, do... Ohh, SHIIII--!"


The power to the racetrack failed, the Mag-Strip no longer pulled the old supercar to the track, instead blasting a large amount of energy into the car, shutting it down. Gelorum attempted to keep her car on the track, but gravity was too strong, and it fell to the depths of the Swan River below. Alexandra Gelorum, afraid to die, started to feel, for the first time in a very long time, sorrow. Her eyes glowed a very light mist-blue, before fading away, seemingly along with her life.

"Is... is this it?

"Am I... going to die?

"Drowning, killed by a faulty piece of technology... no.

"I am just breathing underwater, I need to come up for air...

"No... I cannot drive out of here... I cannot get above the surface... I must get out...

"Damn, the door will not open, I am running out of energy...

"Not enough energy... to break the glass...

"I guess this is karma... for all the wrong... I have done...

"No... no... lights... are fading...

"This is it... I am sorry... I... I'm so, so sorry.

"Oh, God... I do not... want to... die.

"I'm... so... so sorry.

"My time... has come...

"This is... this is it... good... good...


24th August 2014, 11:05 PM
Hey guys sorry for my lack of content as of late, I've had a few issues lately for disclosed personal reasons so FWD has been on hold lately. Plus I'm lacking a bit of ideas for some of my future parts. I'm hoping to get the first part for season 2 out soon and try and catch up yet again haha :P

Unsure when though, I'll do it when I can :)

25th August 2014, 10:34 AM
To me, season 1 hasn't finished yet, I still have a bit of stuff left in 2209 to cover, but only a small amount. A break is absolutely fine!

26th August 2014, 11:05 AM
Would you guys like a compiled soundtrack of season 1 of FTA? If so, I'll release it as soon as I've finished the season!

EDIT: I'm working on a neat surprise for you guys. Here's a hint: It's not the soundtrack.

29th August 2014, 04:48 AM
Well, it's Friday, here's another part.

The referenced album title of Part 7.1 was Battle for the Sun by Placebo, the album which the song "Breathe Underwater" was on.

[Part 7.2] Minutes to a Midnight Death
Sunday, December 31st, 2209

Omega Harbour, Perth, Australia

<unofficial street race: angelus hq - omega harbour_>
<point to point: 96%_>
<encoder | pendulum (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeOI-2xGr34&t=2m42s)_>


"No, no, no, NOOOO! Please, do not fall, do not fall, do... Ohh, SHIIII--!"


The sound of Gelorum begging, then the splash was what made Brandon stop. He did not see the Katana Havok race around the corner.

"What the hell? Did the Mag-Strip fail? The entire track is in darkness. That means... A POWER FAILURE! The Mag-Strip did fail! She probably never made in time! I just hope she was able to get out of there." He then spoke to the phone, at Gelorum, but got nothing but static from the dead, sinking car. "Are you there? Gelorum? ALEXANDRA!? SH*T."

As fast as he could, Brandon spun his Angelus Razer.X around and took off at top speed.

"She may a threat to the FX400, but I will NEVER let someone just die."

He raced back, over the vertical loop, around the U-turn, back to the 'Omega Complex' in record time. However, he did not just stop once he got there, he drove off, landing above the water, which is what AG cars should be able to do. Gelorum's car had been shut down, which is why it fell in the river.

After landing, he then jumped out, into the river itself, looking for the remains of the old supercar. Deeper and deeper he swam, until he found it, Gelorum's car, with her in it, passed out. At least, he hoped she had just passed out. He then tried to open the door, with no success. He then moved to kick in the windshield.


The windshield broke open on the 4th try. Brandon then cleared away the shattered glass and pulled the unconscious body of Alexandra Gelorum out of the car. Putting her over his shoulder, he swam up to the surface of the Swan River, but the added weight was threatening to pull him down. However, he threw her into his car, still hovering above the surface, before pulling himself in.

Since the car was meant for speed, and was to be as light as possible, there was not much space in the car, so he drove to the nearest land, which was just near the water. He got out and pulled her body out of the car, then immediately started performing CPR.

"Chest compressions... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10." No response. "Argh, once again. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10." Again no response.

"Do I really have to- ah crap." He was dreading having to do that... mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Great. He opened her mouth, checked for any blockages, took a deep breath, placed his mouth over hers and blew air into her lungs.

"PFFT, [cough], [cough] [cough]!" She regained consciousness, coughing up water. She then spoke, hoarsely, "Wha-what? I though I was going to die, yet... you. You saved me, didn't you?" She noticed Brandon sitting there by her.

"Yes, I did. I could not just let someone die, it's just not in me."

"In any case, I thank you."

At that time, something none of them would expect was transpiring...


Sunday, December 31st, 2209

Crinale Technologies HQ


"That soft BITCH! She has no idea what she's doing! ARRGH!" That was the voice of one angry rebellious Tyler Pålsson, "YOU THERE! Prepare me a car, NOW!"

"O-of course, would you like one with large space or high speed?" The scared technician asked.

"What are we, A DELIVERY COMPANY?! GET! ME! A FAST! CAAAR!!!" Tyler bellowed at the top of his lungs.

"Y-yes, sir." He left, but returned a short while later, "I'm sorry, Gelorum has taken the only fast car we have."

"Hahahaha, 'the only fast car', he says.... WE! ARE! A RACING TEAM! PREPARE THE DAMN RG7!"

"[gulp] R-r-right a-away, sir." Soon, Crinale's FX400 racer was prepared. Tyler got in immediately and got ready to go.

"ALL OF YOU! INCOMPETENT!" He yelled, before opening the thrust, flying off.


Sunday, December 31st, 2209

Omega Harbour, Perth, Australia


"Are you OK?" Brandon asked Gelorum

"Yeah, I'm fine, I'm just thinking."

"Oh? Of what?"

She gave a sigh, sat there for a few seconds, then spoke, "Of ending it a-."


3rd September 2014, 03:48 PM
Guys I've been really busy with University applications as of late hence why I've not posted something fresh, busy, busy schedule for me :P

But it doesn't mean I haven't been creating FWD fan fic, just no time to write it :P So for now I'm gonna make a quick Wyvern A.R ship specification that will be used for the new Wyvern racer I'm introducing in my new series. It is the ship mentioned in my final part of series 1 but this document may differ slightly from that one. So this is the OFFCIAL SPECIFICATION DOCUMENT!!

----/Logged in---welcome Wyvern employee/----
----/Command received---please enter security code/----
----/Code accepted--opening document/----

Wyvern AR Project INFINITY

FX400 League-- Wyvern XAF-10 mk III Model

Class - Fury

Top speed: 912km/h
Airbrake: Wyvern AR KXF airbrakes system
Power plant: Zone generator
Engine: Wyvern AR turbo fan AG engine
Weapons system: Modified Wyvern AR standard TX weapons computer, now compatible with new Wyvern AR super weapon (Disable)
Lateral stability: 9.1%
Acceleration: 0-700km/h in 1 second(s)
Life support: Wyvern AR super G-Force compensator and emergency ejector seat
Shields: OTX Shield system

NEW SPECIFICATION ADDED: Amour type - new armour type developed: ZONE FIBRE GLASS


Speed: 100%
Acceleration: 90%
Handling: 90%
Shield: 35%
Firepower: 35%
Weight: 30%

How can such a ship exist and fit within the guidelines of the FX400?!!

Well simple. A new breakthrough provided by Sarah Fillick giving one last legacy for Wyvern AR. Such a technology exists in Wyvern AR's new armour type.
The Zone Fibre Glass is a recent breakthrough for race engineering, it looks exactly the same as that of the Zone Battle skins all over teams use during Zone events but such designs were only cosmetic. Zone Fibre Glass though is different, it looks the same but is actually the new official livery of Wyvern. The Fibre Glass design is a incredibly lightweight material so much that a 3m X 3m X 3m cube of such material weighs less than a solid block of lightweight Aluminium with the same dimensions. It also offers a platform that is least affected by air resistance for the material cools with smooth surfaces to reduce drag.

Such a lightweight material gives the new ship its top speed, acceleration and handling. The top speed is so high because of the Zone Fibre Glass that the development team had to include a special speed limiting chip which reduces the power of the engines to fit in league rules so the top speed while racing is 792km/h (maximum speed of phantom class)
Another advantage to the lightweight means the ship will be airborne for longer providing more Barrel roll opportunities that other teams cannot exploit.
The team will use their typical F-14D tomcats but the chassis will be stripped and replaced with the new material. The ship looks like a F-14D in Zone colours essentially.

Such a impressive and ground-breaking ship does have distinct weakness though:

- Zone Fibre Glass isn't very durable, thus a shield system must still be incorporated into the design. But doing so without compromising the lightweight means a lightweight shield generator has to be used meaning a low shield strength. The durability of the Zone Fibre Glass and the shield strength combined only equates to a pitiful 35%

- The same applies to weapon technology, only light weapon computers and modifications can be used for a also pitiful 35% Wyvern AR will not be scoring eliminations anytime soon. This coupled with low shield means Eliminator races is where the team will struggle.

- The light mass of the ship is also a disadvantage as well to being an advantage. Similar to that of FEISAR being the worst affected ship from weapon impacts for being so light in the F3600, the new XAF will suffer major disrupting and slowing effects from weapons. Combined with low shield makes this ship an easy target to elimination once hit.

But with the concept of pulling away from the opponents and acquiring first before the likes of speed demons like Icaras and piranha and securing as many barrel rolls possible that the other teams will not be able to do, is what the team is aiming for in this new ship. Pure racing over weapons and violence. We shall see what the XAF-10 is capable of in the near future.

Hope you guys like that, something to sink your teeth into while I sort my academic life out. ALSO! I may alter some of the data in the future in case some of the information is deemed to needing to be changed, deleted or for balancing stats as I see fit. So all this info may still change but the concept of the ship will always be the same

3rd September 2014, 09:51 PM
9.1% lateral stability = 9/10 handling? u mad? :P

Jennter HQ, Königsberg - Germany-Denmark, European Federation
6th January 2210

'Why me, are we three the only living Boviers? What are the plans of Jana and it seems like Jonny has a secret' Questions were in Nico's head. 'But I volunteered to take over Jennter-'
"Mr Bovier, until the end of this month we need to confirm that Jennter will take part in the FX400 this year." told him his secretary.
"Yeah, don't worry." he answeared.

The phone rang.
"You shot into my hand!" A angry voice was yelling.
"Who- Henry! Didn't they throw you into the jail?" Nico tried to sound cool, but he knew what will come next.
"It's not over! I will find you and than it's payback time!"

'F*cking bastards, why is life so hard nowadays?'
"Laura, I'm having a break!" than he went outside.

'Handling things my own, he said. The old man trained my sister for this job! I was only the useless playboy. The guy with no attitude! I know the thought like this about me! F*ck, I'm driving myself crazy!'

'Shouldn't worry about Henry, he is in jail. If they strick against us, we'll stricke back!'
He went inside again, but only to take his stuff and then went home.

4th September 2014, 09:02 AM
@Snakenator1 Ohhh, you have no idea how that helped me with that surprise I have for you guys. Also I've been considering creating a new "Prototype" class for the FX400, like how the FX350 had the Fury class. So maybe that new craft could be a new prototype ship? I don't know, it's all still in my thinking phase of the fanfic, but it is an idea.

I got the idea from your XAF-72, Crinale's Project Apollyon and now your XAF-10 mk.III. Though, if it happens, the only thing I'll have to edit is Crinale's infinite shield, but that's easy enough to edit and integrate into the story. Let me know what you guys think of the "Prototype" class!

EDIT: Also, Snake, did your FX350/400 craft have a name? I swear I thought it was something like XAF-54, or something like that, I don't know.

4th September 2014, 02:05 PM
If you're referring to the final omega harbour race in FWD then you're correct it was called the XAF-54 :)

Also how does the concept of the new ship sound guys?? Zone Fibre Glass sounds good right and what it does for the new XAF-10
Also I've helped you, EHKSSSSSSSELLENT then :D

4th September 2014, 02:51 PM
It does sound alright, I guess. The math does work out to 315 total points, so it'd work.

I would really like to know what you think about my idea of an FX400 "Prototype" class.

4th September 2014, 04:05 PM
I assume you mean a Prototype ship then in terms of class, if so then DO IT!! :D

I love the concept of a "prototypes" because they add unpredictability in a storyline which to me is very good. Keeps readers engaged and want to read more, Plus the possibilities are endless with them. If you want to do a prototype class of ship then I say go for it.

(I loved the prototype ships in 2048 if you couldn't tell) ;)

4th September 2014, 04:17 PM
Naaah, I would prefer to stick with the FX400 league. Does it actually has any rules? :P

5th September 2014, 06:26 AM
I assume you mean a Prototype ship then in terms of class, if so then DO IT!! :D

I love the concept of a "prototypes" because they add unpredictability in a storyline which to me is very good. Keeps readers engaged and want to read more, Plus the possibilities are endless with them. If you want to do a prototype class of ship then I say go for it.

(I loved the prototype ships in 2048 if you couldn't tell) ;)

Yeah, like the 2048 prototype ships! I got the idea from your XAF-72 and Crinale's Project Apollyon, though I might have to edit the latter's stats so it's not so OP.

Naaah, I would prefer to stick with the FX400 league. Does it actually has any rules? :P

It would do, yeah. It won't be like "here's an OP craft that cannot lose", there are regulations. It'll be like a combination of 2048's Prototype ships and HD's Fury class.

- - - Updated - - -

Oh! and before I forget, it is Friday, so here's another part!

The referenced album title of Part 7.2 was Minutes to Midnight by Linkin Park

[Part 7.3] I Care Because You Don't

Sunday, December 31st, 2209

Omega Harbour, Perth, Australia


"Are you OK?" Brandon asked Gelorum

"Yeah, I'm fine, I'm just thinking."

"Oh? Of what?"

She gave a sigh, sat there for a few seconds, then spoke, "Of ending it a-."


She was shot, in the right arm. With her left, she grabbed her gun and aimed backwards to fire, but...


The shooter was faster, he shot her in the torso. She twisted away and fell back down.

"Gelorum?!" Brandon yelled in surprise.

The shooter then spoke, "She was too soft, she was not good enough for Crinale, but I, Tyler Pålsson, will take Crinale to new heights. Do you know who called in the attack of the second Omega Harbour race? ME! Not Little Miss SOFT BITCH HERE! As of now, I am... the new leader of Crinale Technologies! HAHAHAHAH-!"


"Whatthehell!?" Brandon jumped back, absolutely frightened

The body of Tyler fell to the ground, Gelorum shot him... in the... forehead, wait, what?

"How... How did you survive?!" Brandon was confused.

"Tyler is a bad shot, he shot me in a non-lethal area. Besides, I was wearing a Pocket Shield."

"Well, I'm glad you're safe, Gelorum. Even if you want to take over the FX400, I could never let someone die."

"[sigh], K-Kotova." She faltered, as if she wasn't sure if she should say that.

"Eh? Kotova?"

"My name. It's not Gelorum. That was a pseudonym. the name I use when racing. My real name is... Alexandra Kotova."

"Really? That's a nice name, better than Gelorum."

Fireworks started to explode in the sky, True enough, the time was 0:00 on the 1st of January, 2210.

"Can we go before everything else tries to kill me?"

"Sure, where do you want to go?"

"Angelus. I will explain everything. I need to pay for my crimes."

"Alright. Let's go."

They got into Brandon's car, and drove off. as they neared Angelus' HQ, Alexandra spoke up, "You know, I think something did die in that river."

"Oh? What may that be?" Brandon asked, intrigued.

"My evil side. I'm done. I want to pay for my crimes. First off... [sigh], I will tell you the location of Crinale's base."

"Really? You're willing to go that far?"

"Yes, I am." She said. She stayed quiet for a few seconds, then finally said, "The location of Crinale's base is-"


Ugh, I really want FTA Season 1 over with, I've completed it, but there's so much content still there. Should I just upload it all every day until I've finished uploading the rest of Season 1? There's only 2 more parts to go anyway, but still.

6th September 2014, 07:27 PM
Excellent plot development here Ace, I love it :)

I'm currently editing some of my FWD parts and hoping to get the new season out soon.
Also I had an idea lately. I was thinking of starting a completely new Fan Fiction called: "Flying with Dragons, Tales from the future"

Its still revolving around Wyvern AR but in the far future of the Wipeout Universe, Likely around the year 2407. It will not be cannon or official, just something else I'd like to do when I get the chance. Thoughts on this idea??

7th September 2014, 05:32 AM
Sure thing, sounds great!

Ugh, screw this, I want Season 1 to be over. Ergo, I will upload the final two parts today and tomorrow. Here goes!

The referenced album title of Part 7.3 was ...I Care Because You Do by Aphex Twin.

[Part 7.4] We Are Altogether

Monday, January 1st, 2210

Perth, Australia


"The location of Crinale's base is-"


Alexandra grabbed Brandon's head and slammed it into the steering wheel, knocking him out, but not killing him. She got out, moved Brandon to the passenger's seat and drove the rest of the way to Angelus' HQ. When she arrived, she opened the garage door, and drove in. She got out, placed a written note on the windsheld, and left, closing the garage door behind her.

Monday, January 1st, 2210

Angelus R&D HQ, Perth, Australia


"Hwha-?" Brandon slurred, waking up, finding himself not in his bed at home. "Oh, damn it, I rememb-ow... my head, ugh."

He then found the note Alexandra left. He opened it:

January 1st, 2210.

Brandon Smith,

I am sorry for what happened, but I am too deep into this whole Crinale thing, I did what I had to do. Also, it is kind of fun. I would have killed you, but you did save me. You are a nice person, maybe too nice. However, your reward for reviving me is that you do not die. You live to see another day. Congratulations!

As for Tyler Pålsson, he was a fool, and that was why he had to die. He, nor anyone else can comprehend, and has not seen how evil I can be. However, I am human, and as such I am not evil all the time, I have emotions.

I will continue as leader of Crinale, and there is nothing you can do to stop me. The location of Crinale Technologies will continue to be a mystery. Nothing I have revealed to you will compromise the location, however I shall still race under the alias of Gelorum. We will take over the FX400.

Once again, I am grateful for you saving me, but I see it as a mistake on your part. Oh well, I will see you in the next FX400 season.


Yours sincerely,

Alexandra ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ Kotova.

At the end of the letter, in the signature, she had scratched out what seemed to be the name Gelorum, replacing it with her real surname.

"[sigh], of course. It could never be that easy." He thought out loud. He got out of his car and entered the lounge area, where...

"AAAAAAHHHH! You're alive!" Squealed a voice from somewhere in the main lounge. Brandon would have looked around for the source for the voice, but he was stopped in his tracks. Tarah Andrews hugged him.

"Huh? Yeah, I'm alright, I guess." He was still groggy and confused from his sleep.

"You weren't here at 8, when you usually get here, so I looked around, then I found you in the garage, in your car. I knew you were racing Gelorum, so I panicked! I ran back to the lounge... a-and just sat there. Then I saw you walk in like nothing happened!"

"I... I was knocked out, I guess I was just sleeping."

"Well, I'm glad you're alright. Happy New Year!"

"Oh, yeah! I forgot it was 2210! Happy New Year, Tarah."

"I... umm... I..." she wanted to say something, but was nervous about it.

"What is it? Is this to do with that thing you've been wanting to tell me since December?" He said.

"I... prepared a surprise for you. In your office. Go check it out!" She was practically jumping. Brandon just had a confused look on his face.

"O...kay, I'll take a look, then. But later, I need to change out of these clothes and clean myself up. I'll be back soon."

"Oh... sure, no worries, Boss!" She said, sounding slightly disappointed.

After 30 minutes, Brandon returned, feeling fresh. As he walked into the lounge, he spoke to Tarah, who was still the only one there, "Hi Tarah, I'm... back. Where is everyone else?"

Tarah just laughed. "Wow, you really were knocked out! Don't you remember? It's New Years Day! No-one's supposed to be here, it's a holiday for us!"

"Umm, YES! I remember now! Wait, so what are you doing here?"

"I had some things to do, and I knew you'd be in. But when I noticed you were knocked out, I took the chance to... p-prepare your surprise."

"Hah, I guess I'll just have to go have a look at this 'surprise', then." As he said that, something made a faint, but high-pitched joyful squealing noise.

He walked over to his office, with Tarah following him. As he entered...

"Well, what's the surprise? I don't see anyth-MMPH?!"

7th September 2014, 08:42 AM
Oh that's a (un)expected twist ^^ However I like it :)
Well in my part it's getting rough

6th January 2210

A new year and already a trouble-maker, it was discouraging for Nico, why does he even work everyday.
'I still have some time, I guess I can.' Nico grabbed his cigarrets and lit one.
As he wanted to continue his way he just felt how somebody pulled a bag over his head.

Nico found himself in a dark room, tied to a chair.
He could do nothing but shout "Hey! Who is there?".
Just than Henry Assange revealed himself "You shot into my hand and your f*cking father into my knee!".
"He isn't my father!"
"I just know that this isn't the most important thing that you should care about."
"Are you trying to seek information from me, for your crazy plans?"
"NO!" Henry started becoming loud and furious "THIS IS A PERSONAL THING!"

Nico knew that Henry was a psychopath, he knew that his great-great-great-great-grandfather Jonny Bovier could be in a completely furious state, where he forgets any morale and law. But Henry was crazy, always loaded and unpredictable.

Henry continued "Enjoy your ride of pain and fear. HAHAHAHA" His laugh was evil.
"Isn't this a nice pice of iron?" Nico knew what will happen and built up tension in his whole body. BAM!

7th September 2014, 09:49 AM
Oh that's a (un)expected twist ^^ However I like it :)

Are you talking about the start or the end of that part?

- - - Updated - - -

And to coincide with the end of Part 7.4, have this.

>>file03_: Alexandra Gelorum//[CTI]

<//loading... denied_>
<//enter_username>>: angel07@angelus-rd.com.au_
<//enter_password>>: *********************_
<//enter_security_access_code_>>: 9401-3865-2317_
<//loading... complete_>

//Full Name: Alexandra Leonardovna Kotova
//Team: Crinale Technologies, Inc.
//Country of Birth/Nationality: Russia/Currently Unknown
//Age: 32 [As of 2209]
//DOB: February 6th, 2177
//Height: 181cm/5'11"
//Weight: 68kg/150lb.
//Hair Colour/Type/Style: Black/Straight/Short
//Eye Colour: Green [Normally, though they are, however, prone to change depending on type and intensity of mood]

//Occupation: First Pilot/Team Leader, Crinale Technologies
//Pilot ID: GELO255.0.1.329
//Racer Number: 13
//Racing Style: Aggressive, Very Violent
//Personal Car: 2198 Katana Havok

+Katana "GTX" Body Kit
+KA-AGS:X Engine [Replacement for KP-SS12]
+Crinale CT_4f Braking system [Replacement for KB-LFr3]
+Neon Green Laser headlights
+Custom License plate: D3V1L
+Additional Notes: This car was destroyed after the unofficial street race against Brandon Smith on December 31st, 2209.

//Likes: Racing, Violence, Deception, corruption, the F9000.
//Dislikes: Non-violent sport, not getting her way.
//Friends: None. [//yeah, not even her own teammates are friends to her_]
//Foes: Wyvern, Jennter, Anti-Gravity Racing Commission (AGRC). [//... in fact, the FX400 as a whole_]
//Rivals: Angelus (archrival)

Alexandra was born in Moscow, Russia to Natalia and Leonard Kotov as Aleksándra Leonardovna Kotova (Алекса́ндра Леонардовна Котова) on February 6th, 2177. After living there for 8 years, she and her family moved to Perth, Australia on August 24th, 2185. At the age of 13, she discovered her eyes could glow, and even change colour when she felt strong emotions. Ever since she was a child, Alexandra loved the sport of AG racing and had filled a notebook of many different craft and weapon designs over the years.

Throughout her youth, Alexandra played, and even mastered the highest difficulties of her favourite AG racing simulation video game series, owning about 5 games that had been released. This further cemented her interest in the AG League. After her 18th birthday, her parents decided to move back to Russia, however, Alexandra decided to stay in Australia. In early 2198, she found local AG car manufacturer Katana Advancements, and applied for the 'Angelus' Project. Due to her high skill, she was hired by Brandon Smith, starting to race under her main pseudonym of Alexandra Gelorum.

After the 'Devil Skin' incident, Alexandra and the team behind the incident fled to Russia, attempting to salvage parts from old Tigron ships. When they had the parts necessary, the team relocated to another, unknown location, where they set up their main base, and constructed the very first Crinale ship, the Exai prototype. After the prototype was a success, they completed the ship, modifying the current parts and painting the ship in its final design. The F0-RG7 was ready to race.

For most the 2209 FX400 season, Alexandra raced as the first pilot, under a second pseudonym, Akuma Nazo. She also had a fake Pilot ID, NAZO127.1.1.329. For her final 2209 race, however, she gave her 3rd pseudonym, Devil, as she raced against Angel, who was the pseudonym of Brandon Smith. This 3rd pseudonym did not have a Pilot ID attached to it, instead using the Pilot ID of 'Akuma Nazo'.

There are two references, the first one should be easy enough, but the second one, a music reference, is kinda hard to figure out. I'll give you one hint: 'Autechre'.

The final part for Season 1, Part 8, will be up tomorrow.

7th September 2014, 10:18 AM
I to like that plot twist, very expec...umm I mean unexpected :D
Jonny that's dark... really dark, I like :)

Since your nearly done with your season Ace I'll post my new series once your 1st one is over, just so the stories tie together better me thinks ;)

7th September 2014, 11:29 AM
The (un)expected change? I mean she knoked out Brandon (wasn't this obvious?)
However, the first reference... Probably the AG Racing Games ^^

@Snakenator1: Glad you...äh...like it :D

7th September 2014, 01:11 PM
Ah, yes... that plot twist. *shifty eyes*

But yeah, the first one was easy. It's wipEout, come on. But the second one I doubt you'll get. Here's another hint. Look at the names of various things, then look at Autechre's discography. You might get it soon enough.

7th September 2014, 03:06 PM
@Snakenator1: Glad you...äh...like it :D

You say that like I've gone insane, trust me I have my sanity *twitch's rapidly with evil smile* ;)
It was an Ehhhhhhhksellent part :D

7th September 2014, 03:33 PM
Since your nearly done with your season Ace I'll post my new series once your 1st one is over, just so the stories tie together better me thinks ;)

Great! I kinda have some ideas for the first race of the season, should I tell you? You know, just so it ties in even more.

Also, do you think we could discuss the FX400 Prototype class further, just so we know for sure what the regulations and restrictions are?

7th September 2014, 03:45 PM
Well there's the thing I haven't wrote any races in my series yet, I've only wrote what happens at Wyvern HQ and its employees so I have no race parts yet. So for race wise you can write what you wish and I will edit my story to fit it, sound good? :)

I think that for the Prototype perhaps we should make the regulations work in the 2048 mechanic so the ship should have a flaw in it for balancing (e.g. Pir-hana prototype)
But for special feature wise I say it can be anything, some examples could be say (feature - flaw):

Hyperthrust enabled - low shields
Own weapon mounted on craft - cannot use weapon pads
My new ship using Zone Fibre Glass could be another example
Can activate shield weapon at any time without having to use weapon pads - Long recharge time plus no defensive weapons

Depending on what advantage the ship gains from said feature should affects its penalty to. So if it likes "THIS SHIP CAN CHOOSE WHICH WEAPON IT GETS FROM A WEAPON PAD" means it should have very low firepower to balance it, and cannot choose whether it gets offensive/defensive weapons.

Honestly though I say experiment with what you want because I love creativity, make something mind-blowing if you wish :D

7th September 2014, 04:10 PM
Well there's the thing I haven't wrote any races in my series yet, I've only wrote what happens at Wyvern HQ and its employees so I have no race parts yet. So for race wise you can write what you wish and I will edit my story to fit it, sound good? :)

Sounds awesome, I'll upload the new season Friday, as usual, unless I haven't finished it by then.

I think that for the Prototype perhaps we should make the regulations work in the 2048 mechanic so the ship should have a flaw in it for balancing (e.g. Pir-hana prototype)
But for special feature wise I say it can be anything, some examples could be say (feature - flaw):

Hyperthrust enabled - low shields
Own weapon mounted on craft - cannot use weapon pads
My new ship using Zone Fibre Glass could be another example
Can activate shield weapon at any time without having to use weapon pads - Long recharge time plus no defensive weapons

Or like your XAF-72, which had 150% speed, which came at the cost of no airbrakes, or even like the Piranha in 2097, that couldn't use weapons at all, but had 10/10 stats across the board.

Depending on what advantage the ship gains from said feature should affects its penalty to. So if it likes "THIS SHIP CAN CHOOSE WHICH WEAPON IT GETS FROM A WEAPON PAD" means it should have very low firepower to balance it, and cannot choose whether it gets offensive/defensive weapons.

Honestly though I say experiment with what you want because I love creativity, make something mind-blowing if you wish :D

Stat-wise, I was thinking something like: The maximum for any one stat is 150%, a max total stat count of 450% (the XAF-72 is within this restriction, I was using that as a guide) and while it's not that important to the restriction of the craft and is purely a statistic, a max speed of 1188km/h. What do you think about that?

I will take what you've suggested, and will apply it to my prototype ships (both Angelus and Crinale).

7th September 2014, 04:37 PM
All sounds good to me, I agree with the stat limits and looking forward to these prototype ships :D

7th September 2014, 06:25 PM
Let´s have a look on current racing series. The FX400 would be the F1 (restrictive, but with high-tech stuff) and the new series would be LMS (quiet unresticted at all).
I think these "The more speed - the less shield" stuff shouldn´t be a rule in a book, rather to make it realistic.

8th September 2014, 08:35 AM
By LMS, I'm assuming you mean the Le-Mans Prototypes? Like the Toyota TS040 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_TS040_Hybrid), the Porsche 919 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porsche_919_Hybrid) & the Audi R18 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audi_R18)?

The whole more speed, less shield thing is not an actual regulation, more of a fanfic gentleman's agreement, to stop the creation of overpowered crafts with literally no weaknesses. At least, that's how I see it.

Anyway, as promised, here's the finale to FTA Season 1!

The referenced album title of Part 7.4 was The Altogether by Orbital

[Part 8.0] Music Has the Right to Love

Monday, January 1st, 2210

Angelus R&D HQ, Perth, Australia


"I prepared a surprise for you. In your office. Go check it out!" Tarah was practically jumping. Brandon just had a confused look on his face.

"O...kay, I'll take a look, then..."
He walked over to his office, with Tarah following him. As he entered...

"Well, what's the surprise? I don't see anyth-MMPH?!"

As Brandon asked that, he turned around to face Tarah. As soon as he did that, she kissed him.

<summit | skrillex (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR6AV9yJPoM)_>

"I... I love you. Ever since I got a career here, I've always looked up to you. I saw you as a friend, and a mentor. But I've had these new feelings for a while now... and I'm sure... I'm so sure you've had feelings for me too. You've been so kind to me. And... I swear I get this vibe off you that just screams that you see me more than a friend. I love you, Brandon, I really love you. Please, please, j-just say s-something!" She grew more and more emotional, tears were welling up in her eyes.

Brandon just sat on his desk, paralysed, his brain numbed by Tarah's kiss. Finally, he looked up at the emotional redhead in front of him, and spoke, his voice clear, but surprisingly croaky...

"I love you too."

That did it. Those four words pushed Tarah off the edge. She started to silently cry, happy and relieved that Brandon shared her feelings. She then screamed and ran up to Brandon, embracing him in a hug, as she cried into his shoulder.

"Hey, it's alright."

"I-I know it is, I'm j-just so h-happy!"

After a while she calmed down, where Brandon then attempted to lighten the mood.

"Well, when everyone said that 'everything changes in 2210', they weren't kidding!"

"Well, it's all for the better, don't you think?" Tarah replied

"Oh, most definitely!" He laughed. "Come now, let us celebrate! To the new year... and our new relationship!"

"That is something I would love to celebrate!"

Tuesday, 2nd January, 2210

Angelus R&D HQ, Perth, Australia


"Everyone, I have some important news! Please move to the lounge." Brandon told the team over the intercom. As they gathered round, he started his new years speech.

"Now, as you all know, it's the new year, so we have a lot of work to do, preparing for the new season. However, there have been some changes. First off, there is going to be a slight change in the operation of the training simulator. this is to ensure that our two fantastic pilots are faster and even more fantastic.

Secondly, I've had time to work with our engineers and we have tweaked the Xygen even further, I believe, as of how far our research has taken us, we have perfected this craft. At least, until our research takes us to new heights."

He pulled up some graphics which contained information about the new 2210 craft:

Xygen4 [KA-AX1.1/r10]

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ 100

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░ 080

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░ 095

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░ 070

Brandon then continued. "The ship does have a lighter, but slightly weaker shield, as it helped increase the handling. However, I have faith that our pilots can overcome the weaker shield"

He then looked at Tarah. "[sigh]... Thirdly, and finally, There's something you all need to know, even though it will not affect your work, or most of your lives. I..." his throat caught. "I am in love with Tarah Andrews, and she loves me."

Suddenly, everyone laughed, both Brandon and Tarah had an odd expression on their faces.

"Really?! You don't say?!" Gareth said in response, still laughing, "It's not as if we didn't know, we saw that coming a looong way away! We saw the way you guys look at each other, the way you act in front of each other. You know, it's cute, you make a perfect couple. And I think I speak for the entire team when I say that we, Angelus, gives you our blessing." He then turned to the now blushing Tarah, "Go on, why not go up there and say something?"

"Erm... well, I don't know what to say... but okay." She answered, walking up to the front of the room where Brandon was. She then started to speak, "Uh, h-hi. I'm not really that good at speeches as Brandon is, so please don't expect that of me. the only thing I'm even remotely good at is racing, and even then..."

"Oh, quit that! You're one of the best racers in Australia!" Gareth cut in.

"Yeah, I-I guess so. but anyway. My point is, I am really happy now that I'm with Brandon, but I also don't want you to be upset or anything. I know we are a team, but... but I just love Brandon so much!"

"Hey, if it doesn't affect any of our lives or our work, we're cool with it." An engineer said, "And it doesn't affect anything. You're still our best pilot, Tarah!"

"Heh, thanks." Tarah said bashfully, returning to her seat.

"In any case," Brandon spoke again, "That is all I have to say for this meeting, you may now return to work. We need to be prepared for our first race of 2210. we can do it!"

<loading: season_2-2210_FX400...>

Well, that's that. I should really stop making plot twists every part, it's like M Night Shyamalan. Geez.

Also, since none of you guessed it, the second reference in Gelorum's file that I was looking for was Exai (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exai), the most recent album from Autechre.

8th September 2014, 04:18 PM

That's an awesome way to end the series, a much more light-hearted approach to the new season. Can't wait for the new one :)
Oooh also I have a new name for the XAF-10 that some of you guys may figure out is a reference. Wait and see though *shifty eyes*

9th September 2014, 08:06 PM
Didn't found a better name :-/

A pain like a big needle pressing into his knee rushed through Nico's body, he tried to supress the pain and gnashed his teeth.
"It won't help you to play the hard one." Henry said "What's next? I know".
He attached some cables on Nicos arms "Let's start easy".
Suddently Nico was cramping as Henry set him under electricity.

"Did you heard something from Mr Bovier?" some Jennter employes asked, but nobody had a clue.
"Well, he seemed very tensioned recently, maybe he just needed a break. "

"F*ck you, Henry!"
"You want more?" Henry shoutet to him.
He detached the cables "I'm going to work on you manually!" As he beat Nico's face he had an idea.
"You know this old movie? It's a James Bond movie, very old. It's time for some 'ball-bouncing' AHAHAHAHA!"
Of course he knew the James Bond movies, as he recently spent time with his ancestor Jonny Bovier, who loves old movies.
Henry meanwhile found an old chair and removed the seat. He forced Nico to sit down on it.
"You may know what will happen now" Henry smiled as he swing a knotten rope.

10th September 2014, 06:45 AM
"Do you expect me to talk?"

"No Mr. Bovier, I expect you to die!"

...sorry, I had to... I'll let myself out now...

But not before giving you guys a little early present! Enjoy!

The referenced album title of Part 8.0 was Music Has the Right to Children by Boards of Canada

[s2_1.0: Part 9.0] Speed for the Racing Generation

Monday, February 5th, 2210

Vertica, Cayman Islands


The Angelus team were getting ready for their first race of the 2210 season. Kicking the season off was a simple race at Vertica.

"OK, First race of the season, of course they'd start off with one of the easiest tracks in the world!" Brandon told the team, "Still, we need a lot of preparations before we can race."


Taking the #2 position on the grid, Angelus and the rest of the 12 qualified racers took their place:

01. Wyvern
02. Angelus
03. Icaras
04. Jennter
05. Piranha
07. AG Systems
08. Triakis
09. Crinale
10. Auricom
11. Qirex
12. Assegai

"Heh, Crinale sure seem to be down on their luck!" Gareth said, seeing the grid, "Still, though, it can be anyone's race" He started up Angelus' valued craft, the Xygen4, finally ready to race...


>>32X_B.M....OK |ENABLED|

"Damn it. Oi Smith!" Gareth informed him, "My weapons system spat out an Error 482, I've disabled them for now... WAIT, WHAT IS IT DOING?!"

The countdown started, prematurely, starting to count down from not 3, but 6.66. At that moment, Brandon thought "482? That's a weapons jam, why would... oh crap, THE COUNTDOWN!"

Thinking quick, he connected to the AGRC, "Brandon Smith, Angelus, why's it starting, it's too early!"


"There's nothing we can do, we're not doing it!"


He connected back to Gareth.

"...I'm sorry."


Gareth grabbed the thruster, and yanked it to full power


<vertica: white run_>
<venom class_>
<lap 01_>
<nitro witch | samplingmasters aya (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lz6yGXH2Mgs)_>

The Xygen shot off at full acceleration, Gareth could not, and was not going to, back down from it.

"Smithy, I don't need weapons to win, I have a fast ship. I will win with the weapons disabled."

"HAH! That's the spirit!" Brandon replied back.

Due to the lack of weapons the Xygen had already, and his great racing skill, Gareth adapted to the complete absence of weapons fairly quickly and easily.

"[sigh], Venom is so slow." Gareth said in a bored manner, maxing the craft out at Venom speed, 462km/h.

As expected, the unmistakeable sight of Crinale's new 2210 FX400 racer, the F0-RG7.2 (aka Valkyrie), appeared behind Gareth. They kept their position, waiting at the ready to pounce...

And then they just raced past him, using a turbo.

"Well... that was unexpected." Gareth thought, who was just about to dodge whatever attack came from the dark matte-grey craft

Apart from the lack of weapons and the premature start, the race continued without a hitch, until the second to last lap.

<vertica: white run_>
<venom class_>
<lap 29_>

Gareth flew past the Crinale ship after the horizontal loop, which had actually slowed down to let him past. The dark, aggressive looking ship tailed him, hunting him down.


Gareth tried to sideshift out of the way, but instead caught his ship against the rightmost rocket, taking damage and slowing him down. Crinale were even so determined to eliminate him, they even slowed down to let Gareth past. As he did, however...



"Energy Critical."

"How am I not eliminated?!" Gareth wondered.

At that point onwards, he raced more carefully, as he did not want to suffer further damage and cause a self-elimination.

"Gareth, this is urgent!" Brandon yelled quicky at him. "You were shot by Crinale with a Plasma, yes?!"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Have you suffered any unexpected shield loss? Any other loss in power?"

"No. Seriously, why the hell are you asking me this?"

"Do you remember the Fort Gale race last year? Crinale fired a Plasma equipped with the KX-SI virus. I do not want that happening again, especially to us!"

"Ah, gotcha. Well, nothing anomalous to report, except for 'I really need my shields restored, mate'!"

"Look, you're a good racer, a great one, in fact! You can do this, just one more lap!"

Gareth paused for a few seconds, before saying, "Alright Smithy, LET'S DO THIS!"

<lap 30_>
<final lap_>

Gareth was able to avoid every single wall, obstacle, weapon and ship he flew past, and that lap was seeming to be both a perfect lap and the fastest lap in the race, but just at the last corner, at the 3 speed pads, Wyvern's craft was at the wrong place at the wrong time, directly in the line of the speeding Angelus craft. Gareth pulled open his airbrakes and swerved away in order to clear both the ship and the wall to his left. After keeping the airbrakes open for the shortest time, he closed them and gave the ship full power, but even then, it was too late...

<race complete_>
<second place_>

"Damn it! I almost had it!" Gareth yelled in frustration, then calmed down and thought about the situation logically, but Brandon talked to him before he could say anything.

"Gareth, calm down. See, it doesn't matter if you didn't come in fi-"

"I know." He cut Brandon off, "For one, I had no weapon use whatsoever, not even to restore my shields. It takes a great pilot to even come close to the end, and I did, even coming in the top 3. Second, no-one's perfect, we aren't going for a perfect 1st place victory, because that's impossible. Lastly, It's only the first race in the season! It's anyone's game!"

"At least you see why I don't care about a first place victory today. At least we're on the board" Brandon said.

"I have just one question though...

Who was that Crinale racer? I thought you told us their #2 had been killed?"

10th September 2014, 02:53 PM
I'm finished with my craft (will upload pic later)

Jennter Enterprises F400
2210 FX400 Anti-Gravity League

Top Speed: 1052 kph (9.8/10)
Acceleration (0-750): 2.3 sec (9/10)
Lateral Stablity: 29% (9.8/10)
Shield: 41 cpu (4.1/10)
Weight: 3600 kg [2/10 (The lighter the craft, the lower the rating)]
Steering: Jennter Special Racing Stick (It's actually a racing wheel)
Balance Generator: Jennter Classic Racing Weights
Air Brakes: Jennter Air Brake System (Prototype Airflow)
Cockpit: Jennter Lightweight Racing Safety Monocoque (AG Built)
Engine: 2x1500 hp Jennter-IonStar Racing Engine

The F400 is a mixture of new racing technology, a Formula One car and the classic round Jennter craft design.
The new Airflow brakes are a delicate highlight, throwing away the aero-mechanic airbrakes. A new system is using air resistance to slow down the craft.
The unique design of the craft resembles a early-2000 Formula One car, the side is painted in red like a Ferrari.
It's currently unknown who will pilot the F400 at the first race in February, if not Nico Bovier himself Nadia Elenova may be a good option, as Qirex is struggeling recently. Or Jennter follows the trend and hires like AG Systems the succeeder of former AG or Car Racing champions.

11th September 2014, 08:12 AM
Ooh, new ship data, this helps in that super secret surprise I'm making...

Nevertheless, nice job! I thought you mistyped FX400, though I'm assuming this is not the case and 'F400' is just the name of the craft?

11th September 2014, 02:11 PM
Nope, it's the name of the craft (you think I write FX400 3 tims wrong?)

BTWthere will be an update soon.

11th September 2014, 02:29 PM
Well, no, of course not! I just thought you misspelt it at the beginning, but after seeing it spelt as F400 two more times, I assumed it was not a misspelling. :P

12th September 2014, 10:45 PM
Flying with Dragons: S2 Part 1
We're the Zone

December 27th, 2209

Wyvern AR HQ, Reykjavik outskirts, Iceland.

Sir, the time has arrived.
Excellent! Assemble the crew for a briefing in the main theatre.
Will do.

Local time 5:06pm

Wyvern AR's entire team assembled in the theatre for the new briefing, the atmosphere was electric with the development of a new ship. None of the engineers were told what the ship was or looked like, but they had simple instructions of creating a new "element" for the new XAF. Nobody knew what this element would do or was but the actual people who worked on the new ship were not allowed to reveal any information regarding the new material or the XAF itself.


The doors swung open at high speeds, through came some familiar faces. David Mendel and Lead pilot Razgriz entered and took centre stage and began the meeting.

Hello gracious Wyvern employees, I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas with your families and are ready to continue your hard work with us. Now I'm sure that all of you are going to ask the same question, it regards the new ship and its design. Well without further ado here is what I present to you all:

The XAF-10 mk III Wyvern (http://www.wipeoutzone.com/forum/showthread.php?9676-Faster-Than-Angels&p=238727#post238727)

A final wish from our deceased Sarah is to create a new legacy for this team, one who shall show what pure racing is. This is the legacy we race by and always will be, and in honour of this final gift from Sarah I wish to give the new ship its own nickname. Sarah was often referred to as short stuff or little genius. So in honour of Sarah I name thee new ship:

"Little Wyvern"

A massive round of applause was given at that moment, the legacy was born and a new era for Wyvern AR had begun. One of prosperity and promise, a future where no one else shall be lost to evil.

Thank you people, I am sorry to of kept this new ship top secret but I wanted it to be a surprise. But as you all can tell we are the First ever team to harness the power of Zone mode and implement it into a working racer. This has never been done before, and thus we have created Zone Fibre Glass that we own the rights to. May we all take home a piece of this massive accomplishment we have. Thus the project shall be known under this name:

"Little Wyvern, she is the Zone"

Thank you for your time everyone and now please join me in the first demonstration of the new ship.
Suddenly the back drop for the theatre lifted and thus revealed Little Wyvern, many faces just dropped at the shear awe of seeing an F-14D in Zone colours. It was a truly beautiful ship to look at, and with the stats to boost what is a marvellous creation, this Wyvern is a ultimate compilation of Beauty and the Beast.

Now Razgriz, you've been practicing with the new Wyvern in the training simulators, now lets see what you can achieve with Little Wyvern.

Sure thing David, LETS DO THIS!

Local time 5:49pm

Wyvern AR Test tracks

Wyvern HQ is home to the teams 3 prominent testing grounds where all the racing ships are put to the test:
Track 1 is a standard NASCAR like oval designed to test the outright power and acceleration of each ship, all turns are gradual and inclined to the inside corner to better aid in the turn due to gravity pulling the ship closer to the apex. The track measures just short of 5.5km and lap times average at just close to 40 seconds and has a total of 25 speed and weapon pads. There is also a track split similar to Anulpha Pass with a elevated bridge where barrel rolls are tested to there maximum efficiency. This track is also used to test the firepower proficiency against bots.

Track 2 is a combination of Chengou Project and Sebenco Climb designed to make the airbrakes scream, many sharp corners from Sebenco are used and the infamous outward inclined corner from Chengou is this tracks key character traits. There are also many barrel roll opportunities thanks to many undulations in the track but unlike Sebenco climb this track is flat so the undulations are much greater. This is a shorter track coming in at 2.7km with average lap times around 25 seconds, total speed and weapon pads comes to 20.

Track 3 draws heavy inspiration from Vineta K and this track tests all of the abilities of the craft at once. Unlike Vineta this track is considerably longer and has more straight pieces of track. But all corners are retained along with track profile so all barrel rolls possible on the real track can be done. Coming at 4.7 km, average lap times at 30 seconds and 23 speed and weapon pads. Track 3 is regarded as the most fun to race on much like to the real Vineta K.

David then turns to his team of race administrators to record the lap times.

"Now guys, for these tests we have disabled Little Wyverns speed inhibitor so the maximum speed of 900+km/h can be achieved but due to league rules we obviously will have to use it in a standard race. In this test Razgriz will run all three test tracks for 5 laps and we will see what we are now capable of. But Razgriz are you ready?"

"Lets Go!!"


After several hours pass the races are over and the results are in:

Track 1:Track 2:Track 3:
Lap 1: 0.32.27 P Lap 1: 0.21.10 Lap 1: 0.27.99
Lap 2: 0.34.92 Lap 2: 0.20.29 P Lap 2: 0.26.79 P
Lap 3: 0.31.01 P Lap 3: 0.21.01 P Lap 3: 0.25.65 P
Lap 4: 0.32.97 P Lap 4: 0.20.54 P Lap 4: 0.23.10 P
Lap 5: 0.33.10P Lap 5: 0.22.76 Lap 5: 0.21.00 P

"Well team"

All the crew were speechless, the results are almost un-real but they are genuine.

"This guys, this is the power of Zone Fibre Glass! All of you should be proud of yourselves, also may we take a moment to honour what Sarah has given us. She has given us Little Wyvern!"

End of part 1 and this is supposed to serve as a ice breaker into the new season, Part 2 will now be my take on the FX400 Venom race in Ace's previous install. Hope you enjoyed :)

13th September 2014, 06:10 AM
Little Wyvern? Oh, yeah, I see what you did there.... *cough*fzero*cough* I assume that's why it's the xaf-10 (the race number of the F-Zero Little Wyvern is 10)? But in any case, great part!

Also, will that ship be the standard or prototype ship of the FX400? I'm assuming it's standard due to the fact that there is a speed inhibitor when it only maxes out at 912km/h.

13th September 2014, 08:56 AM
I wasn't expecting anyone to spot the link in the 10, keen eyes you have :D

Its the standard ship, no prototypes here. The inhibitor keeps the ship in league specification rules. The normal top speed is 912km/h but with the inhibitor on its top speed is 792km/h which is the top speed of Phantom class. Its there for balancing.

13th September 2014, 09:35 AM
Ah, thought as much. What I meant by the speed inhibitor thing was that the max speed for Prototype class is 1188km/h, so there would be no point in having one when the ship maxes out at 912, but it does when it goes by the standard class' 792.

Also, I'm glad I saw the link in the 10 of the XAF-10, I just saw the Little Wyvern, googled it to make sure I was right in seeing the reference, and then I saw the race number of 10. I assumed it could not have been just a coincidence! :D

EDIT: Hey Jonny, is the F400 a prototype ship? Cause I just noticed it has a speed of 1052km/h, which you rated as 9.8/10, yet the max speed of the standard class is 792km/h, which means that 1052km/h would be a full 10/10.

13th September 2014, 10:37 AM
Right, I never really cared about speed limits (if you once look on the speedometer while playing Pulse you know what I mean).
It's actually a standart ship, so it would (sadly) need to be limited to 792 kph :-/
I wonder if this ship is even 'fair', but if you look at the shield rating I wonder if it (with Crinale as an opponent) would even finish a race.

13th September 2014, 12:00 PM
Ah, ok, Standard it is!

The F400 is very similar to Snake's XAF-10. 90+ stats for Speed, Handling and Thrust, and <50 for shielding. It does, however, seem that you're safe, as Crinale seems to be attacking only Angelus this season. (lucky us.)

19th September 2014, 06:19 AM
OK, it's Friday, so it's time for a new part!


The referenced album title of Part 9.0 was Music for the Jilted Generation by The Prodigy

[s2_2.0: Part 10.0] Initiate the Prototype

Tuesday, February 6th, 2210

Angelus R&D HQ


Brandon called a team meeting, after sitting in his office all night trying to uncover the identity of Crinale's new #2 pilot.

"Now, I'm sure you're all wondering who was piloting the new Crinale ship. I can safely say that it was not Gelorum, her racing style is different to the racer I observed yesterday. That means Crinale has replaced their #2 pilot, so I did some research into the situation. After some digging, I uncovered a pilot ID I had never seen before: ANTO127.1.0.329. Well, after that, everything else just fell apart!

"The second racer is Viktor Antonov, the son of an obscure, but talented AG racer. I hate to say it, but this guy knows what he's doing, and that makes him very dangerous. I've only analysed the Vertica race twice now, the second time being a replay, and that revealed quite a lot of information to me.

"First off, he actively tries to eliminate no other craft except us, unless that other craft gets in his way. He will even slow down in order to get behind us to fire a weapon. His general racing style is very aggressive, possibly even more aggressive than the racer he replaced.

"However, this does not mean that all hope is lost. If we focus hard on our work, we can get through, we can and will beat Crinale! I have faith in you all, so let's do this!"

At that point, the official FX400 announcement began...

"The AGRC has approved of a new class that will take place alongside the standard FX400. Known as the 'Prototype' class, this will be a chance for AG developers to show off the latest in their technology of AG racing crafts, outside the restrictions and regulations of the FX400. The first Prototype race will commence on the 2nd of March. I know I can speak for all of us when I say I am excited to see these new ships, void of the FX400's restrictions."

Brandon knew this day would come, he had been planning it for a long time. As the announcement ended, he spoke up, "Well, I was expecting that. I have something to show you."

<loading... complete_>


▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓██████████ 150

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓████ 120

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ 100

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░ 075

Top Speed:
0-1000km/h - 1.5 seconds
Lateral Stability:
Angelus KA-AGR:ZXX
Angelus HyperForce XXV
Angelus E01.s
Angelus SRS Type-R

Brandon continued, "You thought all that research resulted in some small changes to the Xygen4? Heh, no. It was all for this, our new prototype class ship... the Xygen-R25, created to celebrate two anniversaries. The first being 25 years of the company, and the second being 10 years of the Angelus name.

"This ship is the physical embodiment of all we stand for: highly advanced technology developed through research, extremely fast speeds and handling so quick and smooth, you'd swear you're controlling it through mind power alone. Now, naturally, we have had some drawbacks. For instance, we have had to replace the computer system, as this thing is so fast, the computer system currently used in the Xygen4 could not cope. And then the major problem hit us. This new computer system is not compatible with our boost module or even our weapons system. I... hate to say this, but I already tested our pilots for this."

"Wait... YOU disabled my weapons on Vertica?!" Gareth piped up, realising what he meant.

"Unfortunately, yes. I did it in the first race, that way there'd be minimal risk."

"Minimal risk?! Why didn't you just put me in the simulator?"

"I could have. However, I also wanted to test your ability to adapt to unique situations. As that race proved us, it was a success. I'm sorry, I did that in order to make you better racers, the prototype class will be extremely daunting, as there will be unique, unrestricted and as yet unknown technologies in use.

"Anyway, more about the ship. I have added a shield restoration system, so we won't have the problems we had in the Vertica race. But the engine is what I'm most proud of. It's a new type of twin-engine. It's not two engines stuck together, it's... well, it's kinda hard to explain. It's like two engines, but it's also like one.

"The main thing is, it produces a massive amount of power, and because the R25 is so light, it accelerates like nothing we have ever seen before. Our testing grounds, we were able to max it out at 1280km/h, however, due to speed restrictions, it has been limited to 1188. This thing is more than ready to race, and believe me when I say, this beast will fly!"

Now, I have a real life announcement to make. You all know of a secret thing I was making. Well, I've completed it, and it now has been uploaded. Also, sorry about the URL, I made it before I though of it, and was originally solely for one of my web design courses. I think you can get what kind of surprise this is.

But, without further ado... Jonny, Snake, I present to you: The Faster Than Angels ship database! (http://fta.sonic-infobox.net)

I have had to fill in the blanks for some info, but I'm sure you'll still like it.

19th September 2014, 02:02 PM
I see, your name is Brandon Lomath and that of Angelus´ boss is Brandon Smith ^^

19th September 2014, 02:42 PM
...yeah, Smith's based off me. :D

I am able to make better looking sites, but I like the minimalistic approach when it comes to WipEout. The site was based off the design for Wip3out, which took a minimalistic approach.

19th September 2014, 08:24 PM
...yeah, Smith's based off me. :D

Like Jonny Bovier on me (you don´t say :D).

How rude I am, I forgot to say that the site is awesome ;)

- - - Updated - - -

Jennter Enterprises Press Releases
Yes, the story will continue soon :-/

Prototype Craft unleashed
Our new Prototype craft is out!
Originally the P11122 was planned for the 2211 season, but a bit upgraded it is ready for the new prototype league!
TopSpeed: 1150 kph, Acc. 0-100: 3 sec, Shield: 75 cpu, Lateral Stability: 41%.
Due to it's speed we decided to build in the breakes we're used to, thus making the craft a bit heavier.
However, the big IonStar engine generates a power output of 2500hp.

Schumacher and Elenova confirmed
The decendent of seven- and four-times Formula One world champions Michael and Mick Schumacher, Florian Schumacher was confirmed as our new pilot for the upcoming FX400 season. Meanwhile, champion of the 2208 season, Nadia Elenova jumps into the prototype series, racing for us.
Sure a strong line-up.

20th September 2014, 04:42 AM
How rude I am, I forgot to say that the site is awesome ;)

It's alright, glad you liked it! :D

Acc. 0-100: 3 sec,

Should that be 0-1000? 0-100 seems a bit slow for a 23rd century AG racing craft.

Schumacher and Elenova confirmed
The decendent of seven- and four-times Formula One world champions Michael and Mick Schumacher, Florian Schumacher was confirmed as our new pilot for the upcoming FX400 season. Meanwhile, champion of the 2208 season, Nadia Elenova jumps into the prototype series, racing for us.
Sure a strong line-up.

So does that mean there are 3 racers for Jennter now, or is Nico not going to race?

20th September 2014, 06:18 AM
Oh a typing mistake, of course it's 0-1000.
And since Nico is the new boss at Jennter he won't longer race. Maybe here and there...

20th September 2014, 07:12 AM
Ah, so like Smith, he's not a main pilot, but he does occasionally race.

20th September 2014, 08:03 AM
'When I'm free you won't witness the next day!' thought Nico, still in the seatless chair.
Henry beat Nico in his face.
"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?" finally he lost his mind.
"Don't- Just don't ask these...thing!" another beat for Nico.
Henry left, so Nico was alone, giving him a chance to escape.
Fortunately he sat on wodden chair, thus allowing him to break it when running reversed against the wall, hoping Henry won't hear anything.
'These knots are very strong' but at least he could move quiet free, beside his broken knee.
Nico took the pole and throw the things from Henrys workbench, making a noice to let Henry coming down the stairs. Nico just hide right of it, in something like a blind spot.

Henry really came down, "You wanna play again?" he shouted. He went inside the room and directly was hit by the pole that Nico had, on his neck. Henry fall down but wasn't knocked out.
"You little sh*t will come with me!" Nico was almost whispering, with a mixture of fury and crunshed teeth.
He directly pulled Henry and went upstairs "Don't make a harsh move or anybody but you can clean the floor".
Henry was something like paralysed, but able to walk.
Since Henry drove a van transporting him was a rather easy task.

'This idiot didn't even followed the easiest rule of kidnapping, never drive the direct way' Nico feeled like luck turned on his side.

A bit later...
"Tomorrow are the court negotiations against Henry Assan- Mr Bovier?"
Nico was outside smoking "Mr Bovier?" his secretary found him.
"Eh, oh hi Laura" He tried hiding that he smokes, but the smell of it was betraying him.
"Mr Bovier, you smoke?" "Err...." "So why don't you allow your employees to smoke?" Actually Nico hated smoking, he was ashamed. "So it's a matter for you?" now his sectetary was outplayed "No? Ok, so I think everbody is going back to work."

The negotiations were unlike many other unpublic, since the Federation knew that Nico was the brother of Jana Bovier, who recently took a leading roll in the resistance against the corrupt EF, he was also against it, but Henry Assange was a big man in the whole corruption icident, so Nico could only hope that the judge wasn't corrupt.

The whole hall was empty, giving the situation a strange mood.
However, Henry was destroying his hope "Your Honour, think about what we were talking about." He was smiling, beliving this would be easy.
"Mr Assange, I'm well informed what you doing in the European Federation, but this won't work here."
Now Nico was smiling.

Every case in that Nico hurt Henry was declared as self-protection, maybe the judge was favouring, in secret, Nico.
Nico won and Henry was sentenced 15-years for "Attempted Murder and Assault".

21st September 2014, 02:24 PM
Dang Jonny your parts are getting good :D

-I just wanted to clear some things up right now, firstly regarding when I post I don't have a "strict" day when they will be posted. However it will be one part per week from Friday-Sunday. If I miss this then I will upload two parts in the next week. Btw new Wyvern AR part should be up soon.
-Lastly a lot of my friends who read FWD always ask me "what's your obsession with the F-14D tomcats", I told them why but I thought I let you guys know to for those who are curious ;)

It boils down to three things:
-I'm an aviation nut and F-14 tomcats are my favourite jet fighters of all time. Simple as that
-F-14's to me bear resemblance to the Wipeout 2048 speed ships, think about it all the speed ships share a similar shape being a elongated triangle/diamond shape. F-14's share a similar shape so that's why I think they would look cool as a AG racer. So all Wyvern Tomcats have their wings permanently swept in to make a arrow shape similar to a speed ship.
-The sweep wing feature on tomcats remind of Arwings from Star Fox which is my favourite series of all time alongside Wipeout. So its like a win-win for me

So yeah, I love F-14's ^_^

Here's an example of what I mean by the shape of the crafts, they share a fairly similar look in regards to the design:

22nd September 2014, 06:09 AM
They do indeed look very similar.

Regarding FTA, the series is gonna take its darkest turn yet, so dark, that I doubt any of you are going to be able to guess!

22nd September 2014, 11:33 AM
You know I have plans for a 5th World War? :P

22nd September 2014, 12:04 PM
Woah! I guess you could tie it in with the dark turn I have planned!

22nd September 2014, 04:06 PM
WOW what about my dark turn in the future ;) (no spoilers)

Its late this part so expect this and another part coming soon, since AVALON is happening this weekend the part after this one "should" be up earlier than normal.

But here we go:

FWD S2 PART 2: Initiation

Monday, February 5th, 2210

Vertica, Cayman Islands


Wyvern AR garage

Its the day, the first race with the new XAF-10.

David walks into the Wyvern garage, he sees a very nervous team scrambling around laptops and equipment performing last minute checks on Little Wyvern. Its very hectic and Razgriz is also in what seems to be a very nervous mood. David walks over to check on him:

"You Okay Razgriz? you look nervous."

"David, this is a very dangerous moment. Little Wyverns shield are so thin I'm scared that Crinale may take a likening to me"

"Hang on a minute. *David shouts at the top of his lungs* EVERYBODY! front and centre at the main board!"
As everyone scrambles to the main board David calmly walks to the raised platform with a smug look on his face, he has good news it seems.

"Apologies for the raised voice, it was the best way to get your attention.
I can see that you're all nervous and scared, the XAF-10 has not been used in a race environment before and obviously the lack lustre shields are of concern with Crinale. But we have an advantage.

The Little Wyvern is faster, more agile and has better thrust than that of Crinale. The likely chances of them ever catching up are not high and so we don't need to worry, we have the tide on our terms.

*People realising that the specs of the new XAF were superior, there is a grumble in the team but in a confident tone of voice*

Now I like to bring up some great news, we're building a second! XAF-10!

*there's an uproar in the team "WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS?! THAT ONE XAF-10 COST US $4.1BILLION!!"*

Yes I know, creating the Little Wyvern was our most expensive project to date: the cost of the tomcat, creating the glass and so forth....
But! When we created the Little Wyvern and tested it out, I got a call from Iceland's AG commission and they were astounded by the technological achievement with the Zone Fibre Glass. So if we win this race they will offer us a research grant of $25billion!! That's enough for six more ships!!

*Faces brighten and become excited and people start cheering at the thought of a grant for the team*

Its now or never guys, are you ready?


Lets go then!!"


Little Wyvern is placed on the track in the first place position ahead of the others
01. Wyvern
02. Angelus
03. Icaras
04. Jennter
05. Piranha
07. AG Systems
08. Triakis
09. Crinale
10. Auricom
11. Qirex
12. Assegai

Razgriz takes long deep breaths, confident with his ability and training with the XAF-10

*Czzzt are you ready?* says David over the comm
"More than ever, I'm ready"
*Good luck, David out czzt*

<vertica: white run_>
<venom class_>
<lap 01_>



Razgriz hits the throttle, the XAF explodes ahead of the pack and reaches its top speed in no time and gains a 3 second lead almost instantly. David is in awe to see his prized racer finally proving that racing pure is possible now. Razgriz calls back:

"This is incredible!"

"I know, I am just.... wow"

David then instantly turns his attention to Crinale, monitoring their every move to ensure that they don't attack Razgriz in a violent manner. If the XAF-10 is destroyed in this race then Wyvern will no longer have a machine to race and set back billions of dollars. Meanwhile the team of engineers constantly the data feedback from Little Wyverns central computer, all components are at 100% functionality and the ship flies graciously for the whole race.

<vertica: white run_>
<venom class_>
<lap 29_>

As the race continues David grows concerned about the fact that Crinale showed little activity in terms of weapon use, Razgriz was still far ahead of the competition but Angelus with their amazing ship slowly started to catch up. It turned into a nail-biting moment until...


Angelus took a crippling blow from Crinale via a plasma but the determination in the new pilot Gareth showed and raced on.
David instantly shouted to one of his engineers:

"SOMEONE DO A SCAN OF ANGELUS! scan for any KX-SI virus activity"
*No anomalies sir!*
"Okay, that's good then"

With a sigh of relief his attention turned to Razgriz who was still losing his lead for the Angelus ship was still catching up. But David was confident in a 1st place victory.

<lap 30_>
<final lap_>

A smooth lap with no hiccups for any of the competitors but Angelus are only 1 second behind Razgriz, but just at the last corner....
"Sorry Gareth"

Razgriz positioned himself in a awkward place, Angelus cannot take the corner and forcefully slow down due to their low energy. Razgriz takes the lead and wins the race!

"CONGRATULATIONS TO WYVERN AR" shouts the announcer, the team explode into celebration for they have won. Razgriz brings the Wyvern to a halt and jumps to the garage and celebrates. Several moments later David gets a phone call.

"Congrats David, we invite you to our HQ to discuss the transaction of the grant"
"Yes thank you! thank you!"

"Guys we got the grant!!!"

Celebration intensifies and Wyvern AR go home a victorious team.

Two weeks later...

"Wyvern AR please go to the lecture theatre"


Engineers gather and grow excited ready to hear the news. David enters in a excited tone...

"Hello team!
We have the money and construction of a second XAF-10 is now underway, but with the rise of the new Prototype league our new Wyvern will be our prototype. So I present:

XAF-X mk I

Speed - Infinite
Acceleration - 95%
Handling - 95%
Shield - 35%
(No weapons use)

This XAF-10 Model has a experimental Zone booster installed. Near enough the same as a Zone Battle booster this one behaves differently. The booster receives a charge from hitting speed pads. But instead of increasing Zone, it increases the ships top speed. For every speed pad hit the boost gauge displays a charge, one speed pad will give a +12.5km/h and a +12.5 to shield energy from absorbing the charge. Hitting 8 speed pads fills the gauge for +100 km/h and +100 shield.

The XAF-X has no proper weapons system, but performing a boost from the charge leaves behind a Wyvern Barrier.
Wyvern barriers differ from Zone barriers, they are less damaging (80% shield rating = 20 damage) but have a greater slowing effect on the hit craft (3 second slow down). Also the XAF-X is impervious to its own barriers, Wyvern barriers are finite though and have a life span of 2x the time of a bomb.
The XAF-X at top speed is almost unmatched in its performance, but the speed could mean bombs/mines can become a pilots nightmare.

For league rules the engine on the X has a limiter similar to Little Wyvern but has a higher cap of 1188km/h.
It is obvious that Wyvern AR are going for a Zone themed approach this year, the purity of Zone is now their goal, the XAF-X

"So is this the ultimate prototype or what? The project does stand at $12.2billion per unit but that's why we have the grant. Lets make it worth it!"

The team cheer... raring to go, the XAF-X production begins!

A long part but its actually two parts I recently had condensed into one. Hope you enjoy it :D
Part 3 will be up soon hopefully before AVALON, get ready for the new XAF-X ;)

@Jonny - well Wyvern have a stockpile of F-14D Tomcats, we have the air dominated for that war ;)

23rd September 2014, 09:50 AM
Nice part! I may take a while to update the website with both of your new prototype ships, as there are more issues to do with my web design class, including me having to change servers, because certain things can't work on the existing one. Apart from that, however nothing will be affected, except for maybe a slight delay in the uploading of FTA parts, as I have a whole lot of work I need to hand in for said class.

EDIT: Oh, so the XAF-X is basically a Zone Battle ship? Cause that's what it seems like.

Wait, hold on, 1152 km/h? The max of prototype class is 1188. Is that intentional? And is the unlimited speed literally infinite, like an actual Zone ship?

Also, Jonny, what are the ratings of your prototype ship (in terms of the percentage stats)?

23rd September 2014, 01:02 PM
Oh the league top speed is 1188, then I need to change it then for 1152 is not intentional. But yes the XAF-X uses core mechanics of zone battle but with some balancing alterations. But if Wyvern AR hadn't put the limiter on it then the XAF-X does have infinite speed, the effects from the boosts means the speed would just keep stacking. 2000+km/h is unfair though.

-EDIT- I just added one more thing to my prototype, when at max speed I think bombs and what not can become deadly to the new Wyvern, how?
High Max Speed + Bombs or mines = likely collision + 35% shield = My worst nightmare ;)

23rd September 2014, 01:07 PM
TopSpeed: 1150 kph (9/10)
Acc. 0-1000: 3 sec (7/10)
Shield: 75 cpu (7.5/10)
Lateral Stability: 41% (8/10)

The TopSpeed of the P11122 is not that high (it doesn´t even reaches it´s limits), neither it accelerates like a Wyvern. But the shields and handling are still good. It tends to be a all-rounder. The thing is, it doesn´t needs to uses it´s air-brakes that much, so it can go quick through corners. This is probably a big adventage.

23rd September 2014, 02:31 PM
Alright! Thanks a bunch

I'll give you guys the choice: Where do you want the first Prototype race to take place? Keeping in mind you are, of course, limited to the Pulse tracks. But you can also choose from the Pulse DLC tracks.

It'll take place on the Friday, the 2nd of March, and I have massive plans for it. Yes, it involves the dark turn I was talking about.

23rd September 2014, 03:15 PM
Oh no! D:

I´m for Orcus Black ^^