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24th April 2014, 03:11 PM
How about a new WipEout Roleplay?
Scince the Imagine a new WipEout Team (http://www.wipeoutzone.com/forum/showthread.php?6454-Imagine-a-new-WipEout-team/page19)-Threat is really active again, I thought this could be a good idea to "use all this creativity" ;)
Everyone who is interested is allowed to write down his/her ideas here :)

I think the setting should either be 2209 (Two years after WipEout PulsE) or 2214 (200 years in the future).

However, everyone is invited to take part :)

Greetings from Germany ;)

24th April 2014, 05:44 PM
you should try and read thru the imagine a new wipeout team thread, I believe the contributors had their own fiction thing going on. Similar to what you're trying to do here. NO need for another thread as I said. Its all in that thread alone, not just about the ships - but about everything that goes along with it.

You imagine a team, then you create the fiction for it, and as others do the same, you intertwine your stories to form a fiction that explodes into some amazing stuff. All in the same thread btw.

Keeps things neat, and flowing... no one likes to keep jumping threads dude :)

24th April 2014, 08:58 PM
But isn't the other threat just for saying: "This is my team, discuss about it"?
I think things should be splitted....

24th April 2014, 09:17 PM
I don't believe there is anything wrong with this thread, since here we are talking about starting a role-play it isn't "as" related to the other thread.
You have my support in this Jonny :)

24th April 2014, 10:37 PM
But isn't the other threat just for saying: "This is my team, discuss about it"?
I think things should be splitted....

You should read the other thread, its not just about "this is my tema", there's a lot more than that, for example:

A.L.T.E.R.N DATACAST: The Method, Bane.

Something rang fishy when F.E.I.S.A.R called my line requesting a holo-call at 3am. I obliged, knowing F.E.I.S.A.R to be well respected amongst his peers and a close friend and ally to A.L.T.E.R.N. I was glad I did. He informed me of an attempted datatheft at QUADTEKI HQ. Though some data was stolen from QUADTEKI, I was assured the data was not sensitive, and the remote encryption authentication device (READ) on the disc which was copied, would render the data useless anyway. Clever. However, it was still an attempted theft and the thief was still largely at large. Danger was making itself felt in my bones as F.E.I.S.A.R continued to explain what had transpired at QUADTEKI.

I asked who the suspects were was told the following, same as what you heard last week -

What F.E.I.S.A.R didn't tell you was something I told him to keep from you. SOmething I want to now reveal. In order to do so, I will have to tell you a little history

Months ago, Tez Dharkan had a similiar problem when the infamous Goki Tengu Group stole vital information from our testing facitlity at A.L.T.E.R.N HQ, Mount Everest. The issue was resolved but not without threat. The thief in question (unnamed for legal reasons) refuted all allegations but implicated himself in only one...

His final words to me before he was scurried off for tribunal were, "Remember Ace, My purpose was not to steal, my purpose is to give you a message. My bosses tell me that this is only a taste for you, First we will start with your firends in this 'exercise in futility' you call Anti-Gravity racing. We will crush them one by one, and we have many faces"

"Who do you work for?" I had to know.

"The Goki-Tengu Group" Pure terror at the sound of a name which hadnt been heard of in over a decade. The idea was that they operated under different names. Only using their Goki-Tengu brand of terror when they were making political statements. Sadan Incorporated is one such affiliate of the Goki-Tengu Group.

I won't lie to you and say we have the situation in hand. This is a problem faced by all and everyone in the FX500 league. AirLicker Technologies Enterprising Research Network is currently undergoing a full personnel reprofiling. We urge all other independant team entries into the FX500 to do the same , we will support where necessary.

If the Goki-Tengu Group succeed in bringin us down form within, we will most certainly have failed ourselves. It is at this time that i implore you all to be forthcoming with any information you may have. The Goki-Tengu Group want the patents on all our technologies for themselves I hope you understand what that means... it aint good peeps.

For now, I thank F.E.I.S.A.R for enlightening us all on this re-emergence of an old enemy. For this reason, I will with-hold the latest information on Volcano Hi-Tec Weapons Delivery System (W.D.S) for now.

You will be kept updated by members of A.L.T.E.R.N.

AirLicker Group


Volcano Hi-Tech Update,
dedicated to A.L.T.E.R.N.

Giuilio Galletti:

"Today is a special day indeed, the grim days are finally passed.
Goku Sensetsu, one of the biggest leaders of this dangerous organization, was arrested by an helpful and very secret operation of the European Police Group, in alliance with the Italian Security Special Forces.
Its codename was "GxT0112af", and we have provide to give to him the correct identification:

Goku Sensetsu
Born in Kyoto, 19 February 2142

But we have menaced this great piece of s**t to deliver us all th identification codes for every member of this organization:

Maximum leader: Yoshitzu Kiwazuka
Born in HK, 15 September 2139
Male, leader and founder of Kiwazuka Labs
Codename GxT0111mt

I feel very disappointed: the leader is Yoshitzu? F**k man!!!!
Some people at Feisar won't understand my suspects, and now I 've got right!
I'm very happy that my suspects was founded, because KZ Labs had got a serious donation from my bank some years ago, but this money was totally cancelled during the transfer, and now I understand the reason.
Goki Tenku group was an organization created to destroy the peaceful relations of the AG-Racing league, and their objects would be concretized in the project of a very obscure model ship, called "arXan666" (the "X" stands as a censorship), that in a very near future this could be the new model name of kiwazuka labs ship, not "Laviatron XL", puah!
Excuse me mates, but I want to say: N**i pilots f**k off!
Their racing stats was very unbalanced (ts 10, th 9, ha 8, sh 9) and the approvation of "Lateral Torsion Physics Engine" was only the first step to legalize their obscure plans to obtain an overpowered ship with a new airbrake system.
But the ship was only the smallest part of their plans: the first object of GTG was to steal informations about rival's technologies and create chaos in their peaceful lines, to win the championship and obtain the prize to increase their illegal traffic of information and world domination.

Hackers/Other members:

Shinitzu Makatzi
Born in HK, 1st January 2149
Codename GxT0113wx

Marianne Khulameke
Born in Pretoria, South Africa, 23 July 2151
Codename GxT413vy

Emil Vikar
Born in Stockholm, Sweden, 16 December 2120
Male, leader of hacking GTG technology
ex-member from Triakis laboratories in FX300 league
founder of the hated "inverted inertzia decelerator"
Codename GxT000az

Only 5 guys, but extremely dangerous!
Emil Vikar was the creator of "inverted inertzia decelerator" that was declared illegal by the AG Racing foundation, Triakis has immediately kicked out this guy after this scandal, but now we know his activity after the Triakis dismissal.
All the guys were arrested, GTG is only a bad memory now.
The trouble was finally stopped! Now I want to be sure that these b******s will get what they deserves.
Now the money recovered from KZ Labs will be donated to A.L.T.E.R.N. AG-Racing Foundation.
Remeber that the "war" is on the track, not a real war indeed, but this word must be taked just as a competition, and not as a declaration of domination all over the world, let's be friends!

Be In Peace.

Giulio Galletti."


A.L.T.E.R.N DATACAST : "So what I thought I'd do was pretend I was one of those deaf mutes..."

Sometimes I just want to leave my head in a bowl of cornflakes, and let it catch its' last glimpses of a dreamlike fantasy, and stay there. But being who I am, I can enjoy no such uninhibited comfort. Especially with the situation as it stands with Sadan Inc - I couldn't even entertain the thought of being entertained :paperbag

Guilio called me to say he had enough to deal with lately and that Sadan Inc were not just affiliates of the Goki Tengu Group, but 2 of Goki Tengus' founders were personal financiers to Sadan inc. I'm not surpised, but this doesn't lessen my worry for the situation we find ourselves in.

Yesterday I got this in my private mail channel, its' form F.E.I.S.A.R:

I sure do, dammit! I have an idea as to who the current Boss of Sadan is now, personal vengeance is a dead giveaway. My sus "Join us, or die!"

Well, he joined and became a very influential member there quite quickly. It was his idea that Goki Tengu Group operate as separate criminal entities, with Goki Tengu serving as an umbrella organisation. It was also Manji who requested Tokyo police to "politely" address Goki Tengu employees, as "manners" were important in todays world where "ethics" were an endangered concept. Cheeky bastard. He didn't know what he was blabbering on about, goes to show - he's got ego, and is borderline moronic.

The last I could gather from my sources is that he is here, in New India. I think I know why...

Anyway, the second financier is Bertam Mason, once officially knighted by the King of England for services to the country, but lost his knighthood in the "Sylvia Corp. Scandal"* of 30 years ago.

A founding father of the Goki Tengu Group, and a bit of a father figure to the somewhat wreckless yet talented master criminal, Manji Dano. Bertrams' word carries the weight of recommendation and it was on his say so that Manji Dano got given "the choice" not many get. Bertram also took a personal interst in schooling Manji in the ways of the Tengu.

Tengu by definition

Mythical lore states that in ancient Japan, there lived a race of forest dwelling demons known aas the Tengu. These Tengu would terrorize entire villages on their campaigns of looting, murder and worse. They were spoken of in fear, and stories of the Tengu would be told to unruly children, by parents. Telling children that if they didn't behave, the Tengu would come for them.

The Tengu were often depicted in japanese art as fearsome ape-men with/[wearing masks with] elongated tubular noses. The Tengu were also reputed to be stealthy, intelligent, deadly and very secretive of their existence. No doubt, the original mythical Tengu have helped to inspire the birth of the Ninja way of life.

Modern day though, and the meaning of Tengu is something darker. No longer confined to simply ransacking villages, but taking down multi national conglomerates and acquiring technologies to serve a vision as dark as their collective Tengu histories is something which makes me wish I could leave my head here - in this bowl of cornflakes.

So, we know who we're dealing with at the moment. Manji Dano, and Bertram Mason. Bertram also claims noble blood. Apparently from the Knights Templar, which I find dubious since the Templar Knights raped and plundered like mad anyway... question is, which Templar Knight? These guys have egos which need constant gratification - and if it don't come to them, they go out and get it. You know what I'm saying, right? :? ...

Now, where's that bowl of cornflakes :lol

*Sylvia Corp Scandal - Bertram and a few other military officials in the British government were responsible for ensuring the destruction of surplus weapons. The scandal came to light when Bertram was exposed in BBC World Service in a video breach exposing Bertram making deals with Russian mercenaries. This led to Bertram and crew losing their knighthoods. Bertram left Great Britain and settled in Japan.



Statement Released By Joshuah Hoffman On The WolfBane Datacast:

"A.L.T.E.R.N. and Quadteki were not the only ones who have been attacked by the terrorist organization known as the Goki-Tengu Group. We here at WolfBane has also seen data and reasearch swiftly stolen from our databanks. How the hacker snuck into our facilities to gain acess to our private server are still unknown, although we fear the worst. And we also fear that their attempt of data-theft was...sucessful. Although none of our vital technologies were completely stolen. They managed to take a good chunk of our research. Their knowledge of our security systems was terrifying. To prevent the enemy from using these technologies against us, there has been a revolution ocurring in our organization. Our security systems and protocalls have been revamped, and we have proudly trumped all our previous technology making the data stolen seem primitive. Behold our new craft which utilizes all our new technologies. This craft is the very depiction of the revolution ocurring in our walls. I know you're watching this Goki-Tengu, and I dare you to try it again."

End Datacast

just for starters.

There's more to that thread than meets the eye, you wanna read about a fan fic wipeout universe, its all there - further, if you wanna see the teams and their ships, it;s all in the A.L.T.E.R.N group.

Those were the good old days :)

Let's bring 'em back eh? ;)

15th December 2015, 02:54 AM
Yes, please make it real!
2209 at Vostok Reef....oooooh!