View Full Version : Game mechanics that could make things intresting?

12th April 2014, 11:22 AM
So from my time HD Fury, I kept thinking of ideas that could make the game more interesting to play. Just something to spice things up a bit ;)

Here was my two most prominent idea:

The shield gauge. we all know if this reaches zero its bye, bye for you. But I thought "isn't this just a measure of the shield energy? not the actual hull integrity of the craft? so why does the craft just blow up if the shields are depleted? it doesn't make sense"

So then this was my idea! what if alongside the shield energy gauge we had a hull integrity gauge as well!

Where I'm going is once your shields reach zero, physical damage can be inflicted on the craft. This damage though would be irreversible throughout the race and absorbing will only reactivate the shields, and to make it more interesting, the hull integrity would take double the normal damage from weapons *so getting hit by a full barrage of rockets with no shields kills you instantly*

My other idea was Airbrake damage!

that's self explanatory really, taking damage to your craft damages your airbrakes, if they sustain so much damage then they are completely destroyed!

You are then left incapable of turning sharp enough in the direction of your broken airbrakes *e.g if your left airbrake is destroyed, you can no longer turn sharply enough to the left*, and the only way to fix them would to be pick up an item from the weapon pads *I'd call it the Airbrakes Gyro*

Submit your ideas guys, I like to see what else we could think of next :D