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18th December 2013, 05:49 AM
I'm not getting the Vita for Christmas, but I might for my birthday next year in February, since used models are sub-$200 here

One, after I log in to my PSN account, what happens to the stuff I already have bought? for example, Jak and Daxter 3 HD is on my PS3, but it has also been released for the Vita, if I log in on my Vita can I download my compatible PS3/PS2/PSX titles?

Secondly, is it horrendously huge and easy to break? I like to carry my DS in my pocket, so this shouldn't be an exception

Third, is that analog stick nice? I don't think I could play 2048 if the analog stick was a hateful, tiny thing, so I guess its an advantage I don't have big hands... they're kinda small actually.

20th December 2013, 11:11 AM
Hi Ruuku

I'll try to answer your questions.

- You should be able to download all the things that are compatible with the Ps Vita if you use the same account you have on PS3 (PSX, PSP and Ps Vita titles, not PS3 or PS2 games, those don't work in this system).

- The Ps Vita is quite beautiful, and I don't consider it as difficult to break, but about carrying it in your pocket... I don't think it's a good idea because of its size. It would be better if you can see one before buying it. On the other hand its size is due to the 5" screen, that is absolutely gorgeous in any way (format, quality...).

- The sticks are very good, in my opinion. Maybe in the begining you'll take some time to get used to them, but I really like them both. In any case I play Wipeout with the trigger (d-pad), that are, in my opinion, quite better and more responsible, but I think it's a matter of tastes.

I reccomend you, if you can, to go to some shop and try the Ps Vita by yourself, and to judge if it's what you're looking for. I'm pretty happy with it, and it's perfect to play Wipeout.


20th December 2013, 12:50 PM
^pretty much all of that, just want to add;
I had to buy wipeout HD/Fury digitally if i wanted it to be added for the 2048 DLC, i have the retail version of HD/Fury, but that didn't seem to count for some reason, maybe i just messed it up

As for the sticks, they, themselves, are of good quality and not too small, i just the position of the a bit annoying, they would have to be quite bit higher for me to be comfortable, but that's mainly because i play with a stretched thumb instead of an angled one, you can circumvent this problem with some kits that give the vita 2 handles, kind of like a controller thing, it's been posted on here before somewhere

durbility is fine i think, the touchscreen isn't really sth that would break easily and seems to be quite scratch resistant as far as i've used it (unless you're just going to carry it around in a bag with all kinds of other stuff, unprotected)

i do recommend to get sony's vita starter kit, it has a very nice sleeve for the vita and a sexy case kind of thing :)


20th December 2013, 01:28 PM
if you decide to get a PSVita (you really should get 1), make sure to buy a protection interlayer for your screen. it costs something around 7, and is worth every cent!

edit: added photo to compare the sizes of PSV / PSP / DS3

20th December 2013, 10:08 PM
Oooh that is nice... is that a converted PSX controller?

I was going to get a starter kit anyway because they usually come with nice things, but thankfully most of my pants have big pockets for this thing, given they used to fit a PSP in them.
By protection interlayer you mean a screen protector, film-y thing right?

21st December 2013, 03:58 AM
Yes. It's a very important thing for touchscreens that will easily get smudges on a naked display, and nobody wants it get dirty. Scratches are also the screen's main enemy. Ong large scrape on a beautiful OLED, and you'll cringe from it.

21st December 2013, 03:54 PM
@Ruuku: just a white edition of the regular dualshock3 pad