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8th June 2003, 05:51 PM
Well as i finally got this game working at a playable speed, although it jumps now and then stupid turbo program, i couldn't seem to find one that limits the cpu but just uses up a % of it

well anyways i got bored, and been trying get a nice screen shot of racing aroudn a corner with all the trails following the ships (cuz i think that looks great u see) just thought i should share that with the world....

is there any way to disable the hud thing (u know the speedometer lap, etc?)? as it would be nice to have a background of it...

as soon i'm probably going to install a newer dx, tempted to have a second os just to play wipeout and any other old games if they don't work with new versions of things :P

8th June 2003, 10:47 PM
i don't think that there's anyway to get rid of the HUD. i've tried pushing every function key. only the ones from f1 to f8 seem to do anything.
those thrust trails do look great. even more spectacular on the PC version than on the console one
WOXL is a great game. it would be even better with the more responsive control and greater depth of modes and features that WO3 has. but i like the ambience of it a lot, and the angular but sleek seeming ship designs, too, even though they would not be very aerodynamically efficient. they still look great

9th June 2003, 12:57 AM
yea, i love that trail, i got a nice screen shot of me (looking like i'm nose plunging into the floor as i hit the printscreen key and then loose control and waste valuble split seconds doing this end up loosing the race: P)

i love wipeout 2097 and wipeout 64, wipeout 64 is just like xl/2097 same weapons thing as well, its that stype of graphics i think all wipeout games should be like, earlier i even noticed on the jungle track (don't know all the names) there was birds racing off at the start, never noticed it before

i'm not to bad at it, but on the n64 i can control even the dirctx ship or whatever it is (been so long since i played it) but on the pc even with my gravis exterminator pad, (i can't use the d-pad for games anymore..only analouge sticks) i find i can only control ag systems and feiser :( plus n64 has 4 players :) and if i remember correctly it has cpu players too, although i think that was just 2 player mode..anyways *stops rambling*

9th June 2003, 08:58 AM
Jungle setting and birds at the start, its Valparaiso, one of the best tracks in that game.