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1st October 2013, 02:30 PM

This game's terrible code ****ed up my savedata now twice (the ****ing error that occurs when the system puts itself to sleep while something – anything in the game – is loading, the one that starts by something like "C2-"). The first time I started back from zero and did the online campain to get to the rank fifty. But the second time (currently, so) I already was at level fifty and I almost finished the online campain which means the following…

[Image removed]

So basically, yeah, Studio Liverpool told me "Go **** yourself with a cactus, buddy." and all I've got left is a corrupted savedata on an old backup file. I already looked for a way to extract this savedata and inject it on a new clean backup but it was possible with the first versions of the PlayStation Vita's operating system (mine is up to date). So I'm screwed. And twice now. If justice has kind of been made for Studio Liverpool (closed down, even if it was not for the right reason) I'm still screwed and I cannot do anything at all. I'll finish the online campain soon and the maximum rank I think I will be able to reach should be thirty-five. That's shite, I want my rank fifty back and the bonuses I played hard to unlock. I paid this game the full price and day one, I want my savedata back now.

So yeah is there any way to get rank fifty back ? Any rank editor or any savedata that I could inject in a backup file ? Even if that means "having to make all my records again", at least I'll get my rank back. Because I won't destroy my PlayStation Vita's pad with rubber tape and other stuff to do the Sol exploit, I've got other stuff to do than repay a console.

Many thanks.

Post-scriptum : If any developer of the game comes by, some help would be nice. At the price I paid your freaking game (fourty euros) I'd like something that works. Even a Call of Duty has less bugs (or bugs with less impact at least, that's for sure). I used to play far better WipEout games. I don't know what happened at the development of this one.

1st October 2013, 06:06 PM
The sol exploit only needs a lightly sprung rubber band to hold down R, and needs to be plugged in. My ps vita is in perfect shape

1st October 2013, 06:53 PM
The sol exploit only needs a lightly sprung rubber band to hold down R, and needs to be plugged in. My ps vita is in perfect shape

I would never risk that again. Lots of handheld consoles have seen their gamepads totally bruised by that kind of methods. The best example might be the Nintendo DS with the Pokémon games' glitches. I've got a pink DualShock 2 that looks brand new excepts that the [Right button] on the directional pad is dead and as far as I can think, I'm pretty sure it's been destroyed by this kind of method (or by being compressed to the cardboard box too long before being unboxed) and God knows how resistant DualShock 2 controllers have always been (as a kid I broke two pretty much violently so I know what I'm talking about).

And looking at how poorly resistant the PlayStation Vita's [R] button looks like…

1st October 2013, 06:59 PM
To answer your original question, no.

Sony sets the price, not SL. They also set the rushed deadlines and prioritised the release of the Fury content over fixing this bug you are encountering. The studio was closed down before they could release a fix. It will now not be dealt with at all.

Studio Liverpool did not tell you to "go **** yourself". Criticise the game if you will, but I will not have anyone slagging off the dev team without having even the slightest clue what they had to deal with. This is why they no longer post here.

Maybe the reason why CoD has "fewer" bugs is because their coding and QA team is colossal compared to the team that was working on 2048. Even the teams working on previous Wipeout games were much bigger.

There are many reasons why the game turned out the way it did and ended up in the state it is in. Few of them good, few of them were the fault of the studio, and none of them I am at liberty to discuss here. I have spoken with several dev team members on a number of occasions regarding this and I will respect the confidence they had in me.

And finally, read the guidelines on image embedding.

1st October 2013, 08:06 PM
"Go **** yourself with a cactus, buddy."

Maybe you should tbh.

EDIT: To clarify: you insulting the devs that poured their hearts in this game under the terrible circumstances they were forced to work with by Sony pisses me off greatly. Your post here is akin to walking in a funeral yelling obscenities. Hope you understand, if not go away.

1st October 2013, 09:22 PM
Maybe you should tbh.

EDIT: To clarify: you insulting the devs that poured their hearts in this game under the terrible circumstances they were forced to work with by Sony pisses me off greatly. Your post here is akin to walking in a funeral yelling obscenities. Hope you understand, if not go away.

First : you clarify **** about my post. Let's clarify the way you should have done it if you were honest : I insult the developers that were "forced" to develop this game by Sony because I paid fourty euros in an economical crisis for something that have never, still does not and will never work properly. My post here is the result of all this and from your point of view it's like walking in a funerl yelling obscenities. You hope I will understand that you don't like my presence and that I will go away. I understand you but I won't go until someone answered to my question honestly with accurate answers that I can trust.

Second : we don't look to life the same way. I don't judge you, I prohibit you to judge me. To help you to have an accurate point of view on me : I swore that the day my enemies die I would go piss on their tombs. Not everyone is a sweetheart. Some people are mentally forged with hatred, some others with love ; I should be pissed off from what you are telling me (looking at the life I had), but I control myself and I don't judge you because I know you lived on a good side. Did I judged you ? No. So you don't judge me, end of story.

Now here's how I proceed on this case : I paid fourty euros for something that does not work properly and that has been now updated four times and still haves the same problems. Having developing notions, I can't forgive that. So what, they did not want to make WipEout 2048 because Sony ordered them to do it ? They had a choice, and they finally got all fired. They chose submission and they paid the high price of it. Instead of searching another job and prepare themselves to Sony's ****ed up demands and orders or simply go away and start something new together, they chose to do what they have been asked for without even thinking a bit of what they really wanted. For money, of course, because everything is about money (and the "everything" word has been chosen especially for this sentence). Life proves it to everyone on Earth : each time you chose submission you get penetrated extremely hard and then threw away like an used tissue. Fortunately for me, I understood this quickly which avoided me to get screwed by submission.
So on their side ? They got screwed and all fired. On my side ? I got screwed either and I "lost" fourty euros. Everyone is screwed so it's a stalemate.

So what ? You're going to say I'm cruel ? That's real life, this is the real world there is no place for kindness and stuff. To stay polite with you, let's say I'm sorry but I cannot do anything else for you. Yeah, Sony forced them. Yeah, they finally got fired. Yeah, that's tragic. What else can I do ? (I predict a classic "Get the hell out.", just in case.) I'm just honest and realist and if everyone was like me on these points there would be no problem at all. And I want either the data that contains the time I spent on the game or my money back. Dare say I'm illegitimate to say this. Just dare and come back with your great moral codes.

Oh and sorry for the cactus experience but I don't think that's gonna be possible… I'm not sodomite. Besides, I'm not a big fan of needles. Cheers anyhow, pal. Again, no offense intended for you.

1st October 2013, 09:34 PM
I think you think you know how the development of this game went down, but in fact you don't have a single clue.
This game was made because the people that made it wanted to make it the best WipEout game to date.
The state it is in is because Sony rushed for it to be a launch title and closed the studio shortly after, preventing any form of updates from ever happening (updates which the developers were very much willing to do).
You are calling the developers names when they are not responsible at all for the state the game is in. Your anger is very misguided and not constructive at all to a proper discussion. See above for what it results in.
The people who made this game are very much not in the interest of screwing anyone over.

As for your question: can't be fixed, will never be fixed, etc. There's your answer. Maybe you have a better understanding of the situation now as well.

1st October 2013, 09:45 PM