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16th September 2013, 09:33 PM
i'm guessing most of you guys are emulating it on the computer, but i'm a nostalgic bastard and hooked up the PS1 to my capture device which then outputs it to my monitor

Anyway, for whatever reason, the PS1 decides to no longer go past the Black Playstation Logo screen, 't was working fine 5 minutes earlier though, googled a bit and saw it could be the lens being dirty but don't really have any cleaning alcohol on my dorm =/
(eureka! fixed this problem using a swab)

Unrelated to that problem and in fact the main reason for this thread, does anyone know at which resolution and format the PS1 outputs wipeout 2097 via composite?

is it 320x240 @ 50i ?

because my tv is being an ass displaying the video correctly

Thanks for any help


16th February 2014, 01:33 PM
if you play via ps1/ps2 i strongly recommend to get yourself a negcon-controller :)
and for displaying on tv i always use component-cable for my ps2 !
im not sure , i think its 576i output
ill make 2097-session then correct if im wrong..
edit: oops. component cable doesnt work on ps1, read elsewhere that for ps1 s-video would be best, or try rgb...

sorry for posting in ooold thread, but NEVER FORGET NEGCON !!!

16th February 2014, 06:59 PM
Haha! The negcon! I gave that a go at @ knux_chaotix's place and it is indeed freaking awesome! XD Twisting those bits is cool ^^
And i haven't messed around with it too much since, played it on the PS3 which worked fine, but it had quite a bit of input latency, so haven't really given it another go, will have to do so when i get my recording setup fixed ;)

Cheers for the reply mate! Better late than never ^_^