View Full Version : I'm having an issue with running WipEout 2097/XL [PC] on Windows 7 64-bit

3rd September 2013, 01:03 AM
It seems this forum hasn't had any posts for months, but I decided to give this a shot anyway.

I've had WipEout 2097 (The version that needs to go into C:/Wobble in order to work) installed on my Windows 7 on PC for quite some time, with the network and speed patches installed, I've had no problems running it at all, the game never crashed once on me.

Now, the the game has just... stopped working, it doesn't start-up anymore, it doesn't show any error messages or anything, nothing happens. I've tried all compatibility modes, running as administrator, restarting my PC, and even reinstalling the game and running it without the patches, nothing has made a difference! I haven't changed anything on my computer since the last time it worked, so it can't have been caused by anything I installed or changed.

I've even tried moving the game .exe to another location to see if I even get an error saying it can't find the game files, I didn't get an error from that!
I opened task manager to see if it was running at all, and according to that, the program runs for a few seconds, then closes itself.

Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know how to solve it?

Thanks in Advance.

- - - Updated - - -

Nevermind, I fixed it, I just turned off the Data Execution Prevention for the game, and now it works perfectly again!

For those still having the problem and want to know how I fixed it, I right clicked "Computer" at the start menu, went to properties, then I clicked on "Advanced System Settings", and then I went to the Performance Settings, and then to the "Data Excecution Prevention" tab, clicked "Turn on DEP for all Programs and Services except those I select", and browsed for the WipEout Xl/2097 .exe.

3rd September 2013, 02:43 PM
Thanks for posting the solution, and not just saying 'fixed!'

It annoys me when you're googling a problem, and that's the only result :(

31st January 2014, 07:08 PM
Hey Cobra!, where did you find the game? I'm looking for it (preferably a portable version) but haven't had any succes of finding it. Do you have a boxed copy or did you find it on the net?