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5th June 2003, 06:46 PM
When I lived in New Zealand, I used to own a PAL copy of Wipeout 3 (and a copy of Wipeout 3: Special Edition). I live in the US now, and I just today got a copy of the American NTSC version of Wipeout 3 in the mail after ordering it from www.gamesuniverse.com on Friday. I was hoping that anyone who has played both the PAL and American versions could tell me if there any any differences between the two. I know the times are faster on the American versions, but is that the only difference?

5th June 2003, 10:10 PM
i'm no longer sure that the times are noticeably faster on NTSC. analysing the times tables leads me to think that the difference in times is mostly a result of some intense competition on some of the tracks. there may be a small inherent speed difference, but nothing that would result in the often several seconds difference in overall times between the two regions. the leaders on most of the PAL version's circuits just don't seem to have been seriously challenged, so they had less incentive to go back and push their own times.

now that you're competing in NTSC land, i think you'll see some stiff resistance. we seem to have the opposite situation now to what used to exist on the tables. a couple of years ago, there wasn't much happening in NTSC, but that has changed fairly dramatically

5th June 2003, 11:39 PM
the leaders on most of the PAL version's circuits just don't seem to have been seriously challenged, so they had less incentive to go back and push their own times.

Did you notice I knocked you down a notch in Porta Kora on Vector, Lance?


Sorry, I had to say it. :lol:

6th June 2003, 03:27 AM
ohyes i noticed. but i'm too busy playing with woxl and i'm pants at porto kora anyway. i just got silver at odessa keys this afternoon. the first 5 tracks were easy, but the AI is tougher on this one. that damned Qirex handles like an overweight bovine. the reactions seem very slow. oddly enough, even with WO3's faster more sensitive control, the WO3 Qirex feels heavier than the WOXL one. but someday soon i shall win gold at odessa and advance. what comes next anyway? do you win the last two tracks or the piranha or do you win extra competition modes first?

6th June 2003, 05:38 AM
After you finish Vector, Venom, and Rapier all six tracks on gold you get Challenge I then after that you get Phantom class, after you finish phantom 2 tracks (Vostok island and Spilskinanke) gold, you get Challenge II (or Piranha challenge) which is all tracks on Phantom class, after that you get piranha ship... Then get ready to taste full speed with Piranha in phantom class... that + soundtrack really pumps adrenaline

6th June 2003, 06:21 AM
thanks for the info, Mano :)

well... er.... ahem... uh... i checked out the piranha at phantom speed the first day i got the game [thanks, Synthetic Consciousness :D], using a cheat sequence i found on the net after a very brief search, and which i've forgotten already, just to see what awaited. it is somewhat fast, yes
then i started playing the game for real. i've discovered that i dislike bottoming out on the first jump. if i hold the nose up, it bumps and bumps. and bumps. if i hold the nose down just before jumpoff, i nail it hard once, which seems a bit quicker overall. then there's that damned s-curve tunnel after another jump. so far, i am so bad at it that i get through faster by stomping on the brakes just as i'm about to touch down. WOXL seems to have less cushion to the AG than WO3 has.

i'm very fond of Valparaiso [the general look of it, the multiple bends right after the start, the big leap before the tight lefthander to the finish line] and Phenitia Park [oo, those high speed sweeping curves!]

i've no idea what constitutes good race and lap times with anything less than piranha, the only xl record site i know only posts the best time made with piranha, doesn't even show anything other than first place. i only played with the piranha cheat long enough to know that it must be several seconds per lap faster than qirex.

edit: okay, i beat Odessa Keys. Phantom Challenge it is!

er... resume Graeme's topic when ready

11th June 2003, 03:10 AM
Sorry to go off topic again, but dj techno´s challenge had some WOXL times you can look into:


well theres only piranha and ag-sys on panthom...but Al times have totally passed the times on this page:


Which i suppose is the page you have been looking Xl times ( if not and there r better times please post link :) )

i wish i could submit times, but i dont have a PS since a long time ago. Im sticking to emus (and i cant input emu times, not valid) like i said before it plays, looks, and sounds (since i can add qsound and dts from my soundcard) better than the original hardware, maybe if a find a *VERY* cheap one just to make times for the table...

Synthetic Consciousness
11th June 2003, 07:07 AM
You're welcome, Lance. :D