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Ami Nakajima
23rd July 2012, 04:05 PM
Hi guys

(Same thread as the WipEout 2048 Official bug report but this time exclusive to Vita)

I've come up with a plan of action to make it easier for us to view and collate bugs. If you could stick to this template from now on, it will make it a hell of lot easier for us to look into them further:

Title (a brief description of the issue)

Frequency (how many times you have experienced it)

Step by step guide (a run through of exactly what happened prior to the issue, explained in the simplest manner)

Result (The issue itself, what happened afterwards and what you did to try to fix the problem ie quitting back to the main menu.)

Online or Offline (where you signed into PSN at the time?)


The trick is to keep it concise, if we need any more info we'll contact you. After completing the template we will look into the issue and act on the information- we'll let you know of it's progress and keep you up to date here


25th July 2012, 06:03 AM
It's a visual bug, should it be mentioned here? Anyway:

Title: Zone ship shield indicators glitch

these indicators:

Frequency: All the time

Step by step guide: Happens in zone mode.

Result: Shield indicators on both sides of a zone ship deplete incorrectly.
In PS3 version the less shield power your ship had, the less nodes were lit. For example, when you lose 40% of the shield power, two pairs of upper nodes will go dim. The third pair of nodes begins to blink:
But on Vita we have an interesting thing: With the same example (shield power below 60%) two upper pairs of nodes remain lit, only third pair is blinking:
Then, when the power goes below 40%, this third pair will be restored (lit again) and the fourth pair will start blinking.. etc...
Hope it's clear and fixable. Not a big issue, not an issue at all. But I am talking about visuals here! :)

Online or Offline: Offline

PSN ID: chalovak

PS. Sorry for not providing you with real screenshots: Vita and PS3 are out of reach right now. I just wanted to demonstrate the logic of the glitch.

25th July 2012, 07:22 AM
Title: Fury's red flame trails on the Zone ship

Frequency: All the time

Step by Step Guide: Zone only

Result: That's the first one, but the other one is that no matter what ship types (HD or Fury) you choose, the ship always have Fury's red flame trails, instead of original blue trails.

Online or Offline: Offline

PSN ID: OveReAction10

25th July 2012, 07:55 AM
Title Sound bugs in 2048 content after playing Fury content

Frequency Frequent

Step by step guide

After playing a Fury race (it doesn't seem to happen with HD), if you attempt to play a 2048 race after, there will be a lot of missing sounds.

Result In the race I just played, the race countdown, turbos (including barrel rolls), weapon pickup sounds, weapon sounds altogether (eg. firing missiles) were all gone. In another attempt, I was missing the ship thrust noise.

Fixing it requires returning to the main menu and picking a new race.

Online or Offline Offline

PSN ID radiumx

18th September 2014, 02:55 PM
Title: Background goes black in the main menu

Frequency: most of the time

Step by step guide:

After doing some online races, the background goes black and never goes to white

Result: you have to restart the game to make it turn white

Online or Offline: Online

PSN ID: dmccluskey1234

Amaroq Dricaldari
18th September 2014, 04:33 PM
I would hate to tell you this, but there is nobody around at Sony to fix these bugs. Sony shut down Studio Liverpool two years ago.

But I may as well post my own findings...

- - - -

Title: Ship glows different colors in 2048 Zone Mode after playing WipEout HD Zone Mode

Frequency: 100%

Step-by-Step Guide: Play WipEout HD Zone Mode through the DLC. Reach the speed class of your choice and then let your ship explode. Switch back to 2048 Zone Mode when you're done.

Result: Your ship will now be glowing whatever color the track was when you died in HD Zone Mode. And I am not referring to the outline, but the ship itself. To fix this, you usually must restart the game, but a few times it seemed to fix itself (I guess the RAM got flushed or something).

Online or Offline: Offline

PSN ID: Vatz-the-Fox

- - - -

Title: Bad Collision Detection on The Amphisium (white/reverse)

Frequency: Very Often

Step-by-Step Guide: Zone Battle/Detonator Only

Result: Whenever you land from the big jump, you will sometimes fall through the floor and respawn. The only way to avoid it is to either get lucky, or use your Zone Boost while in the air (the latter method obviously only applies in Zone Battle).

Online or Offline: Both

PSN ID: Vatz-the-Fox

- - - -

Title: Pads don't appear during crossplay (client-side)

Frequency: Semi-rare

Step-by-Step Guide: Host a lobby in crossplay. It seems to be random.

Result: Pads do not appear on the track, and when you run over the spot where the pad would normally be then nothing happens. The other players in the race are not affected by this glitch and can still both see and use the pads.

Online or Offline Guide: Online

PSN ID: Vatz-the-Fox

- - - -

Title: Blue thruster trail in Zone Battle (just your ship)

Frequency: 100% reproducibility

Step-by-Step Guide: Select an HD ship instead of a Fury ship before entering a Zone Battle event.

Result: When the event starts, your ship will have a is thruster trail instead of a red one (you can only see it if the camera is set to Far), but everybody else will still have a red thruster trail. While this is technically a bug, I actually think it looks really cool.

Online or Offline: Both

PSN ID: Vatz-the-Fox

- - - -

Title: Shots don't ricochet in detonator

Frequency: Medium-High, happens at random

Step-by-Step Guide: Shoot the wall in detonator.

Result: On the PS3, it always ricochets. On the Vita, nothing happens most of the time.

Online or Offline: Happens wether or not you are connected

PSN ID: Vatz-the-Fox

- - - -

Title: Syncopia Glitch (PS3) in crossplay lobbies crashes the game (Vita).

Frequency: Every time Syncopia tries to load outside of Zone Battle

Step-by-Step Guide: Go to a lobby in Crossplay that is hosting the track Syncopia outside of ZB Vis the Syncopia glitch.

Result: When the track loads as a race or eliminator event, the game crashes. This is likely due to the unused Syncopia files not being in the Vita version.

Online or Offline: Online

PSN ID: Vatz-the-Fox

- - - -

Title: Zone Ship handles differently if you pick a different team

Frequency: Always

Step-by-Step Guide: Do a Zone session flying a FEISAR or Triakis or whatever other ship, then switch to a different one and play on the same track.

Result: You will notice that they will turn at different speeds, even though the Zone Ship is supposed to always have max stats.

Online or Offline: Offline

PSN ID: Vatz-the-Fox

- - - -

Title: WipEout HD Computer Voice in 2048 Events

Frequency: As I am writing this, this is the first time it happened.

Step-by-Step Guide: I was playing the Anulpha Pass Zone Session in the HD campaign, died, switched to the Fury campaign, didn't click any events, switched to 2048 campaign, did a Sol speedlap, and then did a Metro Park A+ speed lap with the AG Systems prototype.

Result: As I completed the lap, I saw the sentence "Silver Medal Awarded" pop on the screen and heard the WipEout HD voice announce it, then it switched back to the 2048 voice when it said "New Lap Record."

Online or Offline: Online

PSN ID: Vatz-the-Fox

- - - -

Title: Spectators can be heard in Detonator (except on Pure Four tracks)

Frequency: Always

Step-by-Step Guide: Play a Detonator event and let the camera move around for a little bit.

Result: You can hear the spectators. For now, I am going to pretend that they are programs and I am on The Grid.

Online or Offline: Online

PSN ID: Vatz-the-Fox

- - - -

Title: Bad Respawn (Anulpha Pass, Zone)

Frequency: Semi-Rare and Run-Destroying

Step-by-Step Guide: Fall off the track right after the jump but right before the overpass.

Result: You fall to your death and respawn in exactly the same spot, trapping you in an infinite loop and ruining your run.

Online or Offline: Online

PSN ID: Vatz-the-Fox

5th January 2016, 06:02 PM
Title: Stuck in the Wall

Frequency: Rare

Guide: When boosting to the first corner at Anulpha, your ship hits a wall and becomes stuck.

Result: You lose several seconds and 10% energy