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15th May 2003, 04:34 AM
I was wondering if anybody knew where i could get hold of or post fiction of this nature (i am currently writing a rollcage story and am considering doing a wipeout story next). I've done heaps of searches on the net and aside from infox's (great race report by the way really enjoyed it). i can't seem to find anything. I find it hard to believe that nobody in the world besides me can't apreciate the ideas and concepts these two games cover.

15th May 2003, 09:18 AM
You can send your Wipeout fan fiction to me and I'll add it to the content already here - not sure about the Rollcage stuff, though! :)

17th May 2003, 09:29 AM
i started a fan Fiction wipeout page, but right now im in the middle of Exams so i put it aside :) there's not much there yet, but i was working on a project with some friends of mine.
but you never know.. you might find 1 or 2 things :-/


(hope the server works ok)
( i think you just need to hit Refresh for it too load properly and double click links for them to work.... dont worry I did not program this lol.... ahhh the joys of Free Servers !)

17th May 2003, 02:59 PM
cant see a thing ..
if u got some writen mail it to infox 2 put it here!!
I guess there r more ppl than me here who'd like to read them, right? 8)

17th May 2003, 03:26 PM
8 ) Yeah zargz, it's more than you.
This FF, it's not... slash, is it?
It better not be.

'Cause that'd just be weird.

17th May 2003, 06:43 PM
the site works for me in the 'mechanical sense. i see no fan fiction available yet. when you guys have the time, you should check the spellings of the team names [should be Qirex, not Quirex; should be Assegai, not Assequai; should be Tigron, not Tygron]. and you might check some of the WipEout pilots for a pulse. ;) Paul Jackson, for example, only weighs 36 kilograms even though he is the same height as my very light 54.54 kilogram skeleton. i'm thinkin that he is using ''creative anorexia' to gain more acceleration of the ship by reducing his own weight! but the site as a whole is looking pretty good. i like the table showing which teams participate in which leagues. the layout of the pilots page looks good, though it's a bit of an inconvenience to have to pan horizontally or use the lateral scrolling. but overall, i like the look. i hope to see more development of it, since you do not imitate other sites, but are taking a different approach

18th May 2003, 04:10 AM
Task-no it's not slash.
Yeah this site does seem to have some really good pieces in regards to the mechanical of wipeout. I myself am more interested in discovering the other stuff. At the moment i'm working on some stuff about pilots and etc but i also would like to explore the world away from the racetrack. I like the vision of wipeout the future world in which it is established and am very interested in exploring that vision through both other people's writing and my own.
Infox: as soon as i have something i'll send you a copy. Unfortunately im an amazing procrastinator and am working on some other stuff at the moment but... as i said before.

18th May 2003, 08:56 AM
Unfortunately I was unable to get the site to load beyond the front page. The links just caused that page to reload. Not sure why. I'm using Opera, with options for java, plug-ins, and requested pop-ups turned on. It seemed to work for Lance, so I doubt that's it. Unless it's because my browser is set to identify itself as Opera, and Lance's is set to IE. Surely he wouldn't so such a profane thing. (would you? ;))

Personally, I've never been too into fanfic, but it might be interesting to see some more 'technical' writing that expands the universe or the racing, but character based stuff wouldn't do it for me.

To each his (or her) own, however!

18th May 2003, 09:53 AM
thx for the feedback on the site, and sorry for all the little crap mistakes that popped in there, i did it really fast one day because "i felt like it :)" and but it up on the web for testing and stuff. i'll try and fix all the problems ASAP and get some good stuff on it (like a link to www.wipeoutzone.com haha)

sorry if some of you guys have problems loading it... but do keep trying :) the miracles of free servers do exist :)

18th May 2003, 04:49 PM
a few of the sections of foxfoil's site are not up yet, and will show only the word 'test' on default background colour, but most of the sections are functioning
make sure you have images switched on, otherwise, you will see almost nothing, since the site uses images as text instead of using text. [a nuisance to narrow-band users, and a cause of slow-loading]

James: looking at my 'quick preferences' settings, they are:
Identify as Opera
open requested pop-ups only
GIF animation off
embedded audio off
plug-ins off
java off
javascript on
cookies off
referrer logging on
proxy server on

i used Opera version 7.11, but if you wish, i'll give it a try on whatever version you have. i have all english language versions from 2.1 onwards, plus a few versions in other languages, but those still function the same as the english language counterparts, so even if your version is in Amish, i should be able to give you a valid comparison test ;) i also have 2.00 in norwegian, but that version is a demo only for localfiles.

and my firewall is running

18th May 2003, 08:24 PM
yeah the "test" pages are because i was just testing the links for myself (lol it doesnt look very professional i know).

i know about the images (for slow connections) but hey Broadband is the Futur haha so get up to code ~-Just kidding-~

anyway im glad i let u guys know about the site, ill try and complete is ASAP :)

18th May 2003, 09:19 PM
Lance: Your settings are identical to mine, with the exception of the cookies. I'm using 7.1.0 Beta 1, but it's the Linux version, so there may be a difference there. I went back to give it another shot, but the site is completely unresponsive right now. The only thing that comes up is the banner along the top. Damned free servers. It has a "rate this site" feature available at the top; how stupid. Too bad it doesn't say "rate this server". :) I'll try again a bit later and do a little more digging, to see if I can figure out the problem.

On a side note, I had never noticed I had my cookies set up that way. My intention was to define the few sites I wanted cookies for, and I guess I never got around to it. :-? I tried flushing out the old ones, but I can't seem to find them! They aren't in my regular cache. Does Opera keep them somewhere else? Also, I've been having trouble with my firewall. If anyone out there is familiar with iptables in Linux, some advice would be a great karmic restoration to you soul. ;)

update While writing this out I finally got the page to load, and it seems to be working fine - if a bit slow. I guess I was just being impatient before. I just caught the character art from the first game. Very cool! You're putting out stuff I haven't been able to find online, and that's good!

It just occured to me that we could replace many of the smilies on this message board with some of those pilot logos.

Sorry if I'm pulling this off-topic. Seems to be a trend with me.

19th May 2003, 03:15 AM
James: i believe 7.11 beta is out for Linux. it is probably a substantial improvement on 7.10; as the windows version is substantially better in rendering speed than 710, and fixes several small details that people had mentioned in the forums.

cookies, hmm. did you install the browser for an individual user, or for multiple ones? if it's set up for one user, the cookies should be in a subfolder in the Profile folder of the browser itself. for multiple users they may be stored in an Operating System folder. i don't know where that would be in Linux. possibly xEik would know. if there are no cookies you want to save just click File-Preferences-Privacy and check the box for 'Throw away cookies on exit', and close the browser. you can always allow cookies from selected sites to remain permanent, although i never do this.

19th May 2003, 04:12 AM
Thanks for letting me know about the new version.Strangely, I was digging around their site last night, and never noticed that. I finally managed to figure out that the cookies are stored in a binary dat file. That brings me to a new question:

I finally found the cookies dialog in Opera. (did I mention it was really late in the morning?) If I delete all but the ones I want and then check the preference "Throw away new cookies on exit", will I still retain the cookies I left in there?

19th May 2003, 11:51 AM
i moved my site to my university Server, should be nice and fast, but i dont know how long ill be able to keep it here since the end of the year is coming.

so i hope this enables people who had problems accessing it (but sot get too excited, there isnt that much for now...

19th May 2003, 12:31 PM
I can't tell anything about 7.11 on Linux (appart from the fact that the final version was officially released today ;) ) because I don't have it installed. In fact it's been a long time since I last booted Mandrake. The project I'm working at University is developped on visualC so I spend almost 100% of my time on XP. Besides, I'm not familiar enough with Linux to be beta testing programs. I'll probably check final, though.


19th May 2003, 12:47 PM
Wouldn't you know it... I upgrade to 7.11 beta, and 5 hours later they release the final. :roll:

On a side note, I've been on Mandrake 9.1 for a little over a month, and I'm very impressed by it. I was on Red Hat for a couple months last year, and had nothing but problems, but so far, the only time I've booted out of Mandrake into Win98 is to play a little Half-Life (which promptly crashed my computer within 10 minutes) Mandrake has not crashed once, and all my problems have been caused by me fiddling with things before I fully understand them.

19th May 2003, 04:23 PM
foxfoil: after the term is over, even though you may have to give up the uni server, you'll then have time to make the code more efficient, and to optimise the memory size of the pics :)

James: no, they won't be retained. you have to use the cookie manager to accept cookies from specific sources. once this is done, it should retain those. if it is set to allow only those, there will be no new cookies to throw away. according to some people on the Opera forums, this was a problem in 710; they could not get it to work correctly. i have heard no such complaint about 711, though possibly ive just missed it. however, that's unlikely since i check those forums frequently. anyway, there should be a combination of tools that do exactly what you want. [finger crossing]

the final is out? lucky for you that Opera is such a small download, eh? and such a quick installation

19th May 2003, 06:27 PM
I must admit that Firebird 0.6 is a very worthy competitor. Though I prefer the easier and more flexible configurability of Opera (from a user point of view that is, I won't enter here on the possibility of modifying the code :D ).


20th May 2003, 12:08 PM
I've tried Mozila several times over the last year, and while it seemed very stable and functional, I just couldn't stand the way it 'felt' to use. Is Firebird any different in terms of design, or is it basically just a name change?
(BTW I like the name Mozilla better)

20th May 2003, 01:19 PM
Mozilla Firebird, formerly known as Phoenix, has quite a different feel from moz even though it's based on the same Gecko engine. it has an XUL interface that is highly customisable, in some ways more than Opera. however, there just are not the multiple ways of doing things, keyboard shortcuts, customisable mouse gestures, etc. that Opera has. version .6, called Glendale, of moz firebird is going to be the base of future moz development, the old line being stopped at 1.4. Glendale is a decent little browser, though still more than double the download size of Opera's latest 7.11b for windows, build 2887.

even though there are gradual improvements in features and to some degree usability in moz firebird, it and all other browsers feel very clumsy and unresponsive compared to Opera. unless you just like to fool with browsers and try EVerything, i recommend you stick with the mighty O

20th May 2003, 01:45 PM
My main grip when I first installed Firebird (at that moment it was Phoenix) was not having customisable mouse gestures but now there is an add-on for this (copied from Opera obviously).
Now, what keeps me away from it is not being able to move bars and buttons around to put them where it fits me.
Another plus is that it's free. Opera's banners in French (since my IP shows that I live in France) are getting on my nerves. It is also free in the sense that is Open Source and I like to support this kind of projects, although I admit Opera Software is a good model in many aspects as a software enterprise (and I like to support European software ;) ).
The easiest thing would be paying those 20 bucks and get rid of the banners but I'm waiting to see how develops the Firebird thing.
I wouldn't like to see a Gecko monopoly either.


20th May 2003, 08:53 PM
there's more about Opera for Linux 7.11 here: http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/4/30749.html