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13th May 2003, 08:04 PM
I've just bought Wipeout 2097 for my pc on Ebay, cost me a lot've money you know!
The game cost me 1, AND, I had to pay the postage, all of 1 !!!
Anyway, I used to love playing this on my Playstation a few years back, so I was looking forwards to reminiscing the happy memories on my pc.
Anyway... I have Windows '98 and Windows XP all on the same pc (separated hard drive). I know the game says it's for Windows '95, but I thought I might manage to get the game working on at least one of my operating systems!
I get the same message on both '98 and XP (on Windows XP I managed to get it to install by going into the properties on the setup exe and setting the compatability mode for Windows '95). The game installs, but when I try to run the game, I get a message saying something like 'A Videologic Power VR Card is required to run this game - No Card is detected - Please install this PowerVR Card and try again'
Has anyone else had or has heard of this problem before?
Please help me get my fave old game playing on my pc someone! :(
Thanks in advance for any help.
Cheers, Jon Wompra

13th May 2003, 09:30 PM
hmm.... i don't know the problem, but since all information may add enough to the database to help you figure out what's wrong:
i'm running a downloaded version of XL on win98SE. my comp has an integrated Intel AGP board [8010] from 1999 on it. the board was found automatically by the game program. XL runs in either accelerated mode with the 8010 or in ramp emulation mode. it has never asked for a specific type of board. on start-up, a small window is shown offering choices of operating mode [including choice of hardware acceleration] and screen resolution.

my first reaction was that your problem is probably a result of windowsXP being excessively anal-retentive, but you say the same message is also given on 98? did you have to do anything on 98 to install the program other than run the exe? can you run the exe manually or does the game only install by the autorunning of the disc? it may be that my lack of trouble is because something such as a hardware check in the autorun install routine on the disc has simply been removed from the version i have.

btw, welcome to the wz forums

13th May 2003, 10:59 PM
I bought 2097 on e-Bay too, and i got it running the following way:

- note that there is no chance to run it under Win 98, Win ME, NT or Win 2K, you can only run it under 95 or XP,
- when you install it you're asked for which device you want it installed - there is either Software/DirectX or the PowerVR-setting to chose if i remember right...chose the first one here since you don't have a PowerVR-driven device,
- under XP, select the WipEOut.exe, right-click and select properties - in the next window coming up you should select compatibility and then chose Win 95 and your exe will be started in a 95 compatible environment :)
- play around with the screen settings when the app starts - some crash the app but i'm sure that depends on your accelerator card and DX version,
- finally you must download SlowDown, a popular tiny app that stresses your CPU so you can play 2097...it's not timer-synchronized and unless you're not Robocop ;) you should slow your machine down in order to play it! You can download SlowDown from various sources...remember that Google is your friend ;)

If you should still encounter any problems, tell me,

your Hi-NRG

16th May 2003, 06:24 PM
Thanks for the help, but I think I've given up now!
When you install this version, there's no option to configure any graphics cards, and on the game start up, there's a box where you can change the resolution and the sound settings, but you can't change the 3d graphics option - it just sticks on 3d HAL.
(I have an ATI Radeon VE 7000 64Mb AGP graphics card)
When I try to run the game it just comes up with a message saying
" This version of Wipeout 2097 requires a Videologic PowerVR card. This card could not be detected etc etc "
I must have a different version (on the properties it tells me it's v., when I click on the 'Comments' bit it says 'Beta'), it being a pain-in-the-butt version that won't work with my graphics card!!
Oh by the way, I later downloaded a demo of Wipeout XL from somewhere, and guess what? That works fine! Even the speed is right, if I select 'Ramp emulation' I think it said.
(If I select one of the other options the speed is .. well, a bit fast!)
Anyone reckon it might somehow be possible to get my game working, using a, sort of mixture of the demo and the full version? (I know the demo is XL, and the full game is 2097, but is there any possibilities?)
Thanks all, sorry for the rambling post!
Jon Wompra

16th May 2003, 06:41 PM
Hi, it's me again!
Hi Lance! Firstly, (just re-read your reply) I've tried manually installing it, manually running it, tried the auto- install, and the auto run :-?
Tried everything I can think of!
Secondly, where did you download your XL version from?
Thirdly, any chance you can send it me via email?!! (Sorry for being cheeky- I know it may take a while! Don't know if you're on broadband, I am, not that it would make it any quicker for you though! So I guess I'm saying I don't mind if it's not possible :lol: )
Jon Wompra

16th May 2003, 08:41 PM
i'm just on dial-up

the one i downloaded is less than 12 megs. it has no music with it, so you would need to find that elsewhere. the site i downloaded from seems to no longer exist, but... um... hang on a sec....
i was recently sent this addy:
you might try that one. the person who informed of this abandonware site can take credit/blame here in this thread if they choose. i haven't visited the site, so i don't know what's there. good luck. it would be a whole lot simpler for us if they just hadn't stopped publishing the game. there is a version currently being published for the Mac, so why not windows too?

17th May 2003, 02:53 PM
swampra: did u sell u psx?

17th May 2003, 05:57 PM
i've checked the site, this appears to be exactly the same version i have

17th May 2003, 10:16 PM
I wondered about that, too...the title says it's WipEOut XP =? To me it seems to be 2097, judging from the screenies...

17th May 2003, 11:39 PM
we usually refer to it here as 2097/XL or XL/2097 [as this section of the forums is called]. apart from the music, which depended on the region of distribution, there is little difference, though i seem to recall that Al Sartwell has noted there is some small difference in ship handling or floatiness. i don't know if this applied only to the console versions or the PC versions

18th May 2003, 08:14 AM
I don't know if this matters to anyone, but there is a used bookstore here in Dallas that has a large used software section, and if I recall they have a LOT of copies of XL for pc, with packaging and everything. I never bothered with it because it doesn't seem worth getting the peripherals needed, booting into windows and adjusting the clock speed/tweaking the system, just to play a game I can throw into my PSX and be playing in 3 minutes. The game wasn't designed for massively high resolutions, so that's not an incentive.

Anyway, my point is that if anyone wants a commercial copy, I can probably get you one.... cheap. Hopefully the karma will swing back around if a copy of WO3SE ever shows up. :)

7th June 2003, 12:24 PM
i'm just guessing and i know its way ago old (like all my attemtped advice :P)

but what if someone sent them there d3d exe for wipeout? i know when you install it it asks you if u want to install the powervr version of the d3d one (proves i got the cd;)

prahaps there was just power vr ones issued with power vr cards, like when i had my voodoo 2 card i had few games bundled with it that only run with 3dfx (i think) even tho the retail ones did both

Rapier Racer
17th February 2005, 07:00 PM
I was informed today that 2097 was abandonware is this correct?

17th February 2005, 08:06 PM
highly unlikely to be correct. it was not all that long ago that Sony made a new version of 2097 for the Mac. it may still be published in that form. also, since it is part of the still ongoing Wipeout series, it would not be considered abandonware, but still a live property. one track from it is being used in Pure, so this is still copyrighted material actively used by Sony. they would almost certainly have the right to prosecute in court for anything they perceive as unauthorised misuse.

18th February 2005, 10:02 AM
OK, having been down this route before, this is what I know:

1) It sounds like the version you've got off EBay is some cut-down version that only has the PowerVR build on the disc. The full boxed product allowed you to choose that or DirectX, and you want DirectX.

2) Unless you use that slow-down program, any machine that will output more than 30fps will run the game too fast, and you won't stand a chance of getting around the track before the clock runs out. The actual timing in-game is broken, and the clock count is sped up more than the craft is.

3) It isn't Abandonware, no. Though, given that they've always refused to fix the speedup problem (which has been a problem ever since the 3DFX Voodoo 2 hit the market), they abandoned their product years ago.

4) Yes, the XP compatibility mode will allow you to install it.

5) Frankly it's all a bit of a waste of time and effort. On anything like a modern PC, get a Playstation emulator and the Playstation version. A bit of options-fiddling will give you most of the graphical improvements that you see on the PC (anti-aliasing, perspective correction, resolution enhancement) anyway.

Rapier Racer
25th November 2006, 07:58 PM
If 2097/XL for the PC is not abandonware then Sony need to shut this site down, unless I missed something here