View Full Version : Wipeout demo CD ROM from PC FORMAT 1995 issue

9th June 2012, 10:13 PM
First I was introduced to Wipeout by PC FORMAT. The CD demo version that came with the issue of January (number 40 if I am not mistaken) had an audio track that was not part of the official wipeout soundtrack.

The audio track was a rock song (similar style to ZZ-Top) with a nice guitar riff and lyrics - again if I my memory doesn't fail me - about "going back to my hometown, I can't stand living like this anymore...".

I am looking for that song (artist / group / title). Maybe it was not connected to the game, but it was heard when you played the demo because it was one of the audio tracks on the CD of the magazine.

If any of you were one of those who bought this PC FORMAT issue and still have the CD... PLEASE contact me!!!

And thanks anyway for reading the post of an old nostalgic and obsessive wipeout fan.

PS: I was playing with FEISAR and completed the whole original game!