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23rd April 2012, 06:42 PM
Hello Wipers,

If we consider the DLC will NOT include a racebox-like feature and we stick to the horrible and crapy online we have at the moment, will you buy the DLC?

I know it's probably not an easy question considering I don't know myself my own answer to this question!
I know my stupid fanboy attitude will push me to buy it... but I really would like to "punish" SL and/or Sony for not considering us at all...

Poll is simple, yes or no! :)

23rd April 2012, 06:45 PM
Before 2048's release i would have said 100% yes, but know i'll consider the price of the add-on to decide.

23rd April 2012, 06:48 PM
It's true that a 4.99 euros DLC would look interesting, even if not including the racebox... still hard to find an answer then!

23rd April 2012, 07:41 PM
Temet, like you said and I do agree with you.

But, without "Racebox", that I will consider thinking about it, because, my problem is, I`m actually addicted to 2048 (hitting 82%) but, I`m just demented with combat!, just a waste of time! :(.

Actually, I`m on 50/50 atm but no I`m not voting the now unfortunately. I`m working on it. :)


23rd April 2012, 08:19 PM
Yes I definitely would. More content would be nice, I don't see the effectiveness in "punishing" Sony Liverpool. Look at the sales stats for Wipeout 2048: http://www.vgchartz.com/game/51793/wipeout-2048/ 101k copies, that's weak... That doesn't include digital sales granted of which I would wager are around 20-40k but still... You punishing them just means they won't release anything at all for Wipeout 2048 because it would be a failed commercial game to them. Buy the DLC and complain on their facebook page for "racebox" http://www.facebook.com/WipEout2048

The question in my mind really is:

Do you want more Wipeout?
Or do you want none at all?

23rd April 2012, 09:38 PM
Well, I don't know your wipeout history vdek, but I know mine.
I've been playing Wipeout since the first episode... and when you ask me "Do you want more wipeout?", I will have a clear answer : if it's like 2048, NO, I don't want anymore.
As Mad-Ice just wrote in the "racebox and custom controls" topic, there are tournaments organized each year, in real life. I've participated only the past 2 years and I had the opportunity to met great people that I would like to see more often. This year, if a new edition is organized, we will not be able to play 2048 !!!

So no, I don't want anymore Wipeout like this episode, definitely.

23rd April 2012, 09:53 PM
That wasn't the choice you were given though. The choice is more wipeout or none at all. If 2048 is a commercial failure that will happen.

I've been playing wipeout since the original. Also i have played starcraft 2 competitively so i know how that goes...

I want racebox as much as anyone else, its all i use in HD, and I've been badgering them since day one on their Facebook for it.

23rd April 2012, 11:17 PM
I think everybody that has 2048 and is reading this thread will most likely get any DLC that is released, even if they say otherwise at the moment.
Most long term WO players are completists.

Regarding having Racebox reinstated via DLC, well I think the fact that the records are a mess, and have not been updating for HD for ages might have a bearing on if the spine of all wipeout games makes it back.
SL might argue, well we can't fix the records [or are too busy fixing other problems first], and all Racebox is going to do is create more records, what's the point?
The records need to be fixed before Racebox makes a return, if they don't get fixed I can't see them bringing it back.

As for weak sales of 2048, well here in OZ I have yet to see a copy available to be bought at a store where VITA's are sold.

23rd April 2012, 11:18 PM
Is there word on DLC other than the rest of the cross-play tracks which they are shadily charging non-HD/fury owners? Don't see anything coming up that they expect us (ps3 wipeout owners) to purchase? AR was an intended free update iirc as well.

I'll get additional content if they release it but would be exceptionally let down if they did not implement all the crucial missing features and fixes. Hopefully they won't be as stingy with the pricing as they were (are) with wipeout pulse. That was not great value for money.

23rd April 2012, 11:31 PM
@vdek : I complained about racebox since the beginning also. Not on facebook since I'm a social networks haters, but I did my part ;)

@blackwiggle : you're probably right mate, we will almost all buy the DLC even if it's a big desillusion.

@mangaroo : Pulse DLC were not bad, but expensive regarding the content yeah.

23rd April 2012, 11:48 PM
I voted no, they should be taught a lesson. I don't give a crap about new modes, or tracks, whatever. It's useless if you cannot play someone in a race you want. The random stuff is garbage, the voting is also garbage. This would be an ok ADD ON feature that I would never probably play.

I still might get it, if it's tracks, who knows.

24th April 2012, 03:05 PM
I won't buy it. I like the serie but i swear i won't forget how SL considered 2048's fan.

24th April 2012, 10:06 PM
I'd absolutely buy it. I feel like perhaps too much blame lies on SL for the issue of online and the lack of racebox. Sure, they are partially at fault for not including features that are, at their core, essential to Wipeout as a series, but there's a lot of evidence that the development was rushed by Sony. Apparently, Sony wanted the game to ship with the Vita, and understandably, some stuff was left behind in the process. I would absolutely love to see the inclusion of this stuff in future updates, but really, I just want more Wipeout. So, yes, I'd be all over new DLC, racebox or not. I'm sure it's coming, we just need to be patient.

25th April 2012, 01:16 AM
I can't even believe they're releasing DLC. Get it working before you add to the mess Jesus Christ o_O

I wonder if it will be like HD all over again.
> Release some DLC despite the game not working properly in order to appease fans.
> Feel satisfied that everything is ok due to surge in players (because people buy DLC, they just do).
> Sit back with a cup of tea
> Ignore all existing issues and any that may have arisen as a result of DLC addition.

I don't even think it's a case of them ignoring or not considering what people want, they're not thinking full stop.

Racebox definitely isn't on the cards. Sure, new tracks that you can't even choose to race on. GG

25th April 2012, 01:16 AM
I'd absolutely buy it. I feel like perhaps too much blame lies on SL for the issue of online and the lack of racebox. Sure, they are partially at fault for not including features that are, at their core, essential to Wipeout as a series, but there's a lot of evidence that the development was rushed by Sony. Apparently, Sony wanted the game to ship with the Vita, and understandably, some stuff was left behind in the process. I would absolutely love to see the inclusion of this stuff in future updates, but really, I just want more Wipeout. So, yes, I'd be all over new DLC, racebox or not. I'm sure it's coming, we just need to be patient.

To be honest I agree, I really feel that they will deliver with the racebox in time. It would be an astonishing waste and terrible idea not to and I just think the wipeout devs deserve a bit more credit considering the basically make the best game ever.

@yeldar2097 "Racebox definitely isn't on the cards." Why?

25th April 2012, 02:02 AM
I heard that might be the case, I called in to confirm, it's not happening. Why? I don't know. I'm considering driving to SL to ask them that in person.

25th April 2012, 02:09 AM
You should!

It's amazing that they cannot listen to the hoards of wipeout fanatics about this. This is the worst rated wipeout game for me unless they fix it. We should all go on their facebook/ twitter page with racebox requests ( there are already a lot).

How stubborn can one be? Someone should contact the bigwigs at studio Liverpool and direct them to the proper places.

There's no way to explain this besides " stupid"

25th April 2012, 04:11 AM
I heard that might be the case, I called in to confirm, it's not happening. Why? I don't know. I'm considering driving to SL to ask them that in person.

For real? That is insane, wtf SL..

I can only imagine that maybe they thought it would be too hard to find games, but seriously...the drawbacks for the fans of the game are so immense it is basically a slap in the face. Especially considering how adhoc doesn't even have any choices either - the same excuse doesn't fly.

I suggest a bombardment of requests if they release the AR feature before race box.

25th April 2012, 08:05 AM
This topic is mainly about the DLC, there is a relevant topic for racebox initiated by Al already ;)

25th April 2012, 01:20 PM
This is not good, everybody knows, we do need Racebox to keep us going. So, about DLC? we just have to wait and see.


25th April 2012, 01:29 PM
It's a double edged sword. I wouldn't buy DLC for 2048 at the moment because I've barely touched the game in weeks. And the reason I'm not playing it is because of the lack of replay value i.e. no Racebox and severely limited Online functions.

Make the game whole by including the options that should have been there in the first place. Then I'd start playing again and would probably buy the DLC too. I can imagine many players feel pretty similarly.

25th April 2012, 01:40 PM
Colonel, you`re right, but, luckily, I`m still play alot atm.

Now, I just decided to get DLC but I will be really disappionted if Racebox is not on after that. :(


26th April 2012, 01:02 PM
Im gonna get it for sure, but my respect and support for the devs will go severly down. But i still have Hope :)

26th April 2012, 01:53 PM
Don't think so. The more I play 2048, the less I like its handling, I abhor the general direction the game went in, and all I hear regarding its many faults is that they aren't going to be fixed.

I might do an SL challenge every now and then, but really - the game just isn't worth any more of my time than that, IMO. DLC is just going to be another slice of sub-par undercooked raisin cake. They didn't even consider chocolate, the bastards.*

*forgive me if my silly metaphors are lost on you.

26th April 2012, 03:22 PM
The more I play 2048, the less I like its handling

Sadly I agree with you. It just feels too loose, the ship swings about everywhere and feels too hard to control. Since I've got back into HD again (the break I took was only about a month) the handling is a pleasure; it's firm and direct, and the ship does what you tell it to almost immediately.

Thinking about it, I might sell my Vita. Somebody's offered me 170 for it, and at the moment it's an expensive paperweight :(

26th April 2012, 05:50 PM
It just feels too loose, the ship swings about everywhere and feels too hard to control. Since I've got back into HD again (the break I took was only about a month) the handling is a pleasure; it's firm and direct, and the ship does what you tell it to almost immediately(
It's exactly what i'm now bored with HD ! 2048, even if it used the BRs and sideshift went back at the original wipeout's handling (not perfectly but closest than pulse and HD). HD's ships turns too much like a car without wheels. I like the fact that you really have to anticipate more and be more subtle on the steering on 2048. Pulse was fast and the track's paths were very difficult to race but the handling was too much responsive IMO, pure's handling is more floaty, more "wipeoutish" but the game is too slow for my taste (still an awesome game and i love it like pulse). HD was a compromise between both for the handling and was (is) the game to play to meet other pilots online. 2048's is better to me, handling difficult to master and awesome speed, the sort of challenge any wipeout fan should appreciate ! And about that, Colonel, you should insist to master A+ class and all track's paths on 2048, you'll become a damn good wiper, and HD will appear too much easy to race for you in few weeks ! ;)

@Amp, i thought the game's handling was perfect for you since you beated zico on first lap !! :p

26th April 2012, 06:54 PM
It's a fair point leung, and I value your opinion. I just haven't fallen in love with 2048 like I did with HD. When I first played HD I was hooked within hours, I've played 2048 quite a bit for some weeks now and it hasn't had anything like the effect.

Part of it is the handling I guess, part is the lack of options (especially online), but I think a lot of it is that I'm just not arsed about sitting with my headphones on looking at a 5" screen. In my living room I've got a 40" HDTV, a surround sound system and a very comfortable sofa. Those things combined make playing HD an absolute joy, even when drunk or hungover (which is often). Add to that the difference between the Vita's controls and the ergonomic heaven of the DS3 and I'm not fussed about 2048 anymore to be honest.

Sorry, I know I've gone miles off topic, can't help rambling sometimes.

26th April 2012, 07:06 PM
haha... I think that I beat Zico on my first lap is more a sign of failure on part of the devs to understand what they were even doing in making the game, rather than me being good at it. Of course the new ship physics not being as pronounced or are more easily manageable on C class could also help explain that.

It really just seems that you control the nose of the ship and then the rest of the body swings around like dead weight, and I think it feels cheap, uninteresting, and that those controls just don't feel right for a ship. It sure makes things difficult as the speed increases, but for me there's just nothing to gain from getting better. I don't like the game that much.

Maybe it's just coming from HD, but I feel that I already know 90% of what to do on the tracks, and it's just a matter of getting lucky with the controls after fighting against dodgy ship and track physics to get "that lap". I rarely get that feeling with HD, it feels like it's all up to me to get the controls right (most of the time, anyway).

I wouldn't say I'm just into HD's commonly-referred-to-as--supposedly-"easymode"-controls, either... I've put some time into WO3, and while not enough to get good at it I can still see the how mastering the game, especially at high speeds, would be fun. I can't say the same thing about 2048.


27th April 2012, 05:19 AM
At times I've felt both of what leungbok and colonel_gadaffi have felt about the game (and already know JabberJaw's* position in the handling spectrum). I think part of it seems to be how you feel about the console and its capabilities at the time as well and how you sell it to yourself. Wipeout is a great game and if you try to, you'll enjoy it. 2048 has the quality and the challenge in the handling, as leung pointed out, for a fan to delve into and I think with some time and effort you'll find a ship or two whose handling you appreciate. Online is whole other issue and I think that is what is upsetting most people - what's the point of DLC if we can't enjoy the online in the long-run, once we've mastered the single player (I'm no where near) and are looking for a specific multiplayer battle challenge.
Can't say I feel the same amp about it being not fun to master. Regarding more airy physics I feel it adds more to consider while driving at high speeds which is a pretty awesome feeling, never felt more like a pilot - and have to agree and cite leung again with the car without wheels description for hd - which is fun too, but different. Controlling the nose (or...neck it feels) makes me feel like "threading the needle" even more really and wouldn't think of it as cheap/arcade - although a little especially at higher speeds, also makes first person view more useable. I feel it also compensates for the wider-tracks and airy-ness as well. Is there a ship that you particularly hate or like? I feel the feisar is the most nose-following ship of them and it isn't my favourite really due to all the swinging. Still waiting to reach level 41 for the last speed ship...may have to boot up multiplayer some more for those elite bonuses but a mix of the other ships is fun and varied enough for me.

HD/fury has the fps, control/feedback and the online pairing to be a worthy alternative and it is nice to have options but everyone wants their own handling preferences in the newest wipeout (not to mention the portability and the graphics of the vita are pretty awesome). There are always older titles that you can fire up for something different on the vita (pure/pulse, hopefully emulate some of the PSone games in the future) and newer titles to look forward to as well so hopefully we can stay positive :) I'm still not convinced that we won't see a racebox, unless I've missed something. If we do get it then things won't be so bad at all imo. Especially if the DLC is going to be new tracks but I wouldn't be surprised if the first set was just the rest the of cross-play tracks they were talking about in the playstation interview.

*PS JJ- still haven't gotten around to doing the grip mod, all those screws look really daunting to put back but can't wait to get to it this weekend as I really want it done, hope it goes smoothly...still can't imagine it locking properly after I put it back together but will re-read your instructions carefully, thanks again!

/results from a night of sleeplessness.

27th April 2012, 05:22 PM
I doubt I'll buy 2048, let alone the DLC, until they add Racebox and actual racing online play. Until then, SL and Sony won't get another dime from me.

The sales do seem weak for such a title, but if this is how they are going to continue making games, then perhaps it's time they went away. First KZ3, now 2048 - these Playstation exclusives are being used as vehicles to push Sony technologies rather than being great games in and of themselves.

1st May 2012, 11:14 PM
I agree with Leungbok. The speed is awesome and imo the handling in my opinion is a nice balance between old school racing lines + speed pads and more recent barrel rolls. To make it perfect for me, the handling could be [I]slightly[I] more floaty, maybe somewhere in between this and HD. You definitely feel the horizontal momentum the ships build up in this game and imo there is indeed more emphasis on handling the track at high speed than finding BR in random places. If they don't release any racebox it will be a massive shame (although personally I still have a lot to learn in this game and prefer speedlapping anyway). I probably will buy DLC, although I do totally understand the frustration of players who prefer racing online.

Rapier Racer
6th May 2012, 08:28 PM
As of 2 days ago I can no longer progress past the intro movie without the game throwing up some jibberish error message then closing down every time. So, at present, no, seeing as I can't currently play the content I have already paid for...why do i get the feeling I'm going to loose game progress since my last save data backup to get things running again...

It will most certainly be interesting to see how playable any new content is considering the number of errors, crashes and instability 2048 seems to have. I hope the new DLC works nice, and doesn’t cause anymore problems.

8th May 2012, 05:48 AM
That is really strange, I would send them a message (unfortunately over at Facebook.com/wipeout2048) else I would backup the game and attempt to restore it (or just the save file) and download it again if it is digital..

On the topic of DLC, do you think they would be able to add ships that change the feeling significantly, as DLC? I would love to have a ship with the physics of van uber from wipeout pure...still so fun to race with. TBH any ship that would simulate the experience in pure would be amazing to have.. I know the tracks are different now but still, l I know I'd enjoy it and so would lots of others. Maybe a HD/pulse style ship for the other end of the spectrum as well. If it was possible I'm sure they'd be popular.

Also, just 10 tracks...really could use some more, especially since no reverses as well.

8th May 2012, 07:23 AM
I don't need to buy it. I could already get it for free if I only had a Vita with 2048.

13th May 2012, 09:47 AM
You mean because you have wipeout HD, you'd get the cross play dlc for free like they mentioned earlier, right?

Are we expecting the DLC to be only the rest of the cross-play maps?

They could have had natural landscapes (I'm sure they could find somewhere for the glass floors) as well as the city maps they made to reflect the early stages of the league's development/funding. Or like different temperatures or weather at least..these similar maps take their toll. Even Altima...feels a little like the other city maps, probably the long grey road, wish it mixed in a dirt road or something. Sol and to a lesser extent metro park and subway are what really mix it up for me. I'd buy any tracks really ;). Although I'd feel gutted if it was another city map. We should expect reverses at least right? Seems like a waste not to have them.

Hopefully if it is just the cross-play maps initially like they were talking about in the interview a while back, the other dlc will follow it. They mentioned announcing details about the DLC in a few weeks on their Facebook page.

13th May 2012, 02:37 PM
Anybody knows if I have wipeout hd/fury on blueray cd I get dlc HD for vita for free to ?

13th May 2012, 03:56 PM
It's a good question, I'd be worried that you won't be getting it but SL are smart...maybe they sorted it somehow by trophies or another way but seems unlikely - of course just speculation, worth asking at Facebook.com/wipeout2048 via private message

13th May 2012, 06:24 PM
Will try. I post here if I get an answer. Thx

13th May 2012, 07:31 PM
The whole thing is just speculation at the moment, nothing that anyone has heard so far with regards to the HD content has been officially announced. You'll need to wait until it is before you can get an answer

14th May 2012, 11:33 AM
I have the answer. Nothing concrete.

"There will be an official announcement via Facebook and Twitter concerning content and prices in the next few weeks. cheers"

19th May 2012, 01:45 PM
Can't flippin wait!

Such a sweet game. Id like it if the ships didn't have the bottomming-out sound effect (metal *dink* noise) except maybe on very big jumps.

19th May 2012, 02:15 PM
That is such a minor point but I know exactly what you mean. Sort of like craft is tainted even though you are at 100%.

18th June 2012, 08:07 AM
It's kinda strange that I didn't see anybody talking about this on this forum : https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0BwTylTmIMtouaVVwX3VTZ2RvTTg/edit?pli=1

Also, FBJ reported this : 16:45 into this podcast http://blog.us.playstation.com/2012/06/14/playstation-blogcast-029-prometheus-pinball-playstation-e3-wrap-up/
DLC released announce for this week o_O'.
But that's weird, no news anywhere else ... maybe a mistake?

18th June 2012, 09:54 AM
Oh it's WipEout HD Fury again.
This has got to be free, at least for PS3 HD Fury owners. How many times are people going to buy the same tracks we've been playing since six years ago?
It's time for something new.

Also if it does release this week, that's the classic Sony "We love WipEout so much because it's a classic from 1995 but we won't actually advertise it anywhere."

18th June 2012, 03:48 PM
This Tweet popped up on the 2048 Twitter account thing (I found it on Wip3out.tumblr.com, I don't actually use Twitter): https://twitter.com/wipEout2048/status/214646367660933120

I'm guessing it will be HD add-on for 2048 based on the fact that the trophies have appeared in the trophy list on the Vita. I hope it is free, or at least cheap, I bought WipEout HD on my master account which is different to the one I use on the Vita so I doubt I'll be eligible if it is free for HD owners.

18th June 2012, 08:28 PM
I just thought, from 20th to 26th June, some PSVita games will be sold with reduction on PSStore, maybe it's just a big drop of WipEout 2048 price for this week, then with more players, it will be time to announce the DLC two weeks later.

19th June 2012, 01:46 AM
Guys I'm starting to think (after looking at the trophy information in the update) we are getting ALL of the campaigns from HD and Fury available on the vita. Which I thought was ridiculous but take a look!

19th June 2012, 04:01 AM
That is not 2048 though! That is hd/ fury, which is great if you don't have a ps3, but that is NOT new content for 2048, you are not using 2048 ships on these tracks, it is not part of 2048. I don't understand the excitement of this content when everyone was pissed about this stuff wrecking both games, and had long loading times for a game even when you were hosting with a ps3. I'm guessing there is more than this, just for the vita, and hopefully the things that are required for 2048 to become a game that becomes playable in multiplayer, and more playable in single player

On a side note, it feels like 1.04 has slowed down the loading times again

19th June 2012, 05:02 AM
I only loaded up one level but it seemed about the same to me? Gravity Rush might have weighed on my ability to recognise though.

The reason I'm excited is that I just don't play the ps3 version much these days and haven't for a while. Part of why the portable aspect appeals so much....this is like having yet another wipeout in my hands..for free. Well that's the impression I'm under at the moment.
I see that it's not new content technically...but still, super pleased and excited. Hopefully this will give them a decent boost to get in the extra features if they aren't coming yet (;() either.

19th June 2012, 05:23 AM
I'm pretty excited about this. I hope they really are releasing the full HD/Fury content for the Vita, it would breathe a lot of new life into the titles and could be what the last HD/Fury patches were preparing for.

19th June 2012, 09:07 AM
Yeah, of course, a new life... sure that there will be a lot more players on the Vita compared to ALL PS3 owners that have been offered the game last year...

19th June 2012, 11:18 AM
"Anyone hear that? There is something around that corner. Something BIG..." I just hope it'll not be a BIG disappointment !!:?

19th June 2012, 11:58 AM
Racebox! Racebox! Racebox! Racebox! Racebox! Racebox! Racebox! Racebox! Racebox! :)

I'm impressed they are bringing across the entire HD and Fury campaigns. A good excuse to do them again, I just hope the framerate is acceptable.

19th June 2012, 12:56 PM
I'm impressed they are bringing across the entire HD and Fury campaigns.
I will be too if they bring season 2051, racebox, fix the online (with racebox!) ...

... if not, I will mainly be pissed off!

19th June 2012, 07:49 PM
I don't even need to buy it, because I already bought it in 2008 it seems! This HD/Fury coming to VITA is cool but it doesn't have anything to do with 2048 as being download content!? I am flabbergasted and I really do not understand why they said 2048 is the biggest Wipeout Ever!!! In which way? Only 10 tracks and no Racebox!!!!

19th June 2012, 08:06 PM
To be honest with yous, l'm extremely dissapointed with so call DLC (yes l'm getting it free) but it's an old game. So to me it is not new.
Mad lce is right about 2048 with no racebox!

stevie :/

19th June 2012, 08:09 PM
I really hope this is not the " big" content download. I don't think it is, but why would they think everyone asking for racebox is going to be excited about playing HD on a slower vita system. Once again, it's cool, but not even close to being new content

19th June 2012, 08:46 PM
I'm totally agree with the messages on this page.

It's not BIG, it just the thing they told us February, 16th, on american PS Blog. All the HD/Fury tracks + ships. I must admit that I'm positively surprised by the fact we can play campaigns, in one player mode. Is there a racebox for HD ? I'll see very soon (the true very soon).

But of course I'm really disappointed once again, I wonder what the bug corrections have corrected ? The spurious times are always in the leaderboards, despite their promise to delete them after update 1.02. My online campaign isn't back, despite my platinum trophy, I can't race with the alternative skins.

And I don't understand this buzz, "announcement very soon" for 8 weeks, 8 weeks saying nothing (the false very soon), and the D-Day : DLC will be available today... I find that no-good. They easily could do several announcements for 3 weeks...
May 29th : DLC is coming, available in 3 weeks
May 31st : You'll be able to do cross play on 4 tracks more and 8 reverse tracks, it's the WipEout HD DLC.
June 4th : 9 bronze and 2 silver trophies.
June 6th : You'll be able to play offline !
June 8th : Add 4 tracks more and their 4 reverse versions on the second pack, the Fury pack will be available at same time with their 9 bronze and 2 silver trophies !
June 11th : Have I tell you that each DLC purpose you a campaign with 8 grids ?
June 13th : All your favorite mode will be back : Race, Tournament, Zone, Time Trial, Speed Lap, Zone Battle, Eliminator and Detonator ! So yes Fury DLC will contain its 4 zone tracks too. (I think that because of the name of the campaign' grids)
June 15th : The price, 7€99 for each DLC, little price 12€99 for the two DLC
June 18th : WipEout HD and its add-on WipEout Fury will be at the same price on PS3 : buying them on one console, you'll get them on your two system. Free for previous WipEout HD Fury owners.

It's not my job I am maybe wrong but I think it was smarter to do a thing like that than let the players to hope the racebox and custom controls we need since January, these marketing strategy disappoint more the players.

19th June 2012, 09:22 PM
Just played it, hd has no single player racebox, but has the rest. Why not just have the entire game download? Baffling to say the least. It seems like they are spending their time with everything BUT wo 2048

20th June 2012, 03:20 AM
Just played it, hd has no single player racebox, but has the rest. Why not just have the entire game download? Baffling to say the least. It seems like they are spending their time with everything BUT wo 2048

Thanks for reporting on this. It's exactly what I wanted to know.

How is the online play? Is it littered with combat events? Is it just like PS3?

20th June 2012, 03:37 AM
No, same choices as HD, which is good, but the game runs somewhere between 20-25 fps

20th June 2012, 03:43 AM
Ah I was worried about that, is that in single player as well?

Surprised the options are available online at least!

20th June 2012, 03:45 AM


20th June 2012, 07:50 AM
But the game runs somewhere between 20-25 fps

Is that even playable?

20th June 2012, 08:48 AM
That's what its like with the 4 crossplay tracks that were available at launch. It's rough.

I was hoping they would have optimised it a bit, or traded off the graphics for a bit of a performance boost, but it sounds like that's just wishful thinking.

20th June 2012, 09:48 AM
So tracks from DLC are the same bad as this 4 track from HD in 2048? There is no optimisation?
This tracks allready included in w2048 ar unplayable for me. So if this DLC sucks as well - I will pass.

Ah.. there is still no racebox - right? Multiplayer in DCL is still via crossplay option in 2048?

22nd August 2012, 01:19 PM
That wasn't the choice you were given though. The choice is more wipeout or none at all. If 2048 is a commercial failure that will happen.

I told you guys this would happen.