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27th March 2012, 04:06 AM
I don't own 2048 but I've been comparing the stats of each team and class and I wanted you guys (the actual owners of the game) to tell me how close I was to judging the right order. Share your lists of the best teams for each class as I'm sure everyone is interested in knowing your preferred teams!

4)AG Systems

5)Ag systems

2)Ag systems

27th March 2012, 07:54 AM
Well, it depends mate.

Regarding speed ships :
The Qirex is REALLY heavy and REALLY too big on the screen... I don't like it.
Pir-hana is really fast on slow class. I don't like it but I'm forced to use it because of its speed.
Feisar and AG-S are really nice to handle. They both are my favorite ships for A+ class, the real thing ;)
I haven't unlocked the Auricom yet.

For other kinds I ships, I don't care... I used Feisar Agility for zone modes and I :turd on combats...

27th March 2012, 12:13 PM
Depends, really. I don't think there is one ship that dominates every track at any given speed, so a list of which ship you think is best in each variant category isn't the best way of representing that fact.

27th March 2012, 04:14 PM
ag speed dominates A+ speed records, except capital reach, and then even that is close to the feisar proto. Feisar speed is generally second.

27th March 2012, 10:28 PM
FEISAR is the most balanced team, great handling, nice speed, good firepower and health (expecially the fighter class) it's my team of choice.
AG-Sys crafts are too weak and slow (but with best handling).
Quirex ships are too much heavy for my opinion (anyway, the prototype is quite nice) and they excel for firepower.
Auricom is also a well balanced team, great health, but has one of the worse agility of the pack.
Pir-Hana has the best top speed in all the classes, but weak firepower (except for the fighter class) and horrible handling (the Pir-Hana agility,7 points handling, handles slighty better than the FEISAR/AG-Sys Fighter,6 points).

28th March 2012, 02:14 AM
I really find myself enjoying high speed races with the Auricom speed. It seems to have a really enjoyable weight to it, but it doesn't feel nearly as bulky as the Pirhana. I actually feel as if I can precisely hit speed pads with the Auricom, whereas with the Pirhana, if I make a mistake on the racing line, there's no room for deviation. However, that perfect racing line is generally faster with the Pirhana...

28th March 2012, 07:58 PM
the numbers dont really mean much. Ag systems, regardless of the stats, is by far the best(fastest by records) ship on the speed ships, and feisar is second. ONly in capital reach does feisar proto make an appearance. If we are talking about which one we like the best, the list would definitely be different. I like the auricom as well

29th March 2012, 06:22 AM
I actually only just found out what the firepower stat actually does :redface: I thought it was related to thrust and that's where a portion of my statistic analysis went. So is there any form of acceleration rating in 2048?

Another thing I wanted to add in was that it seems that most people enjoy the FEISAR and AG Systems for their decent overall stats and handling. But is handling really the best thing? Now, if you didn't notice before, I am a fan of FEISAR which is the ultra handling team of every game pretty much, but I know that there are better craft then the ones that control easy. A good example is the Qirex iterations from Wipeouts 1 to 3 where it was simply the best craft despite having handling that you needed a decent amount of hours into the game to master. Is the handling such a prominent point in 2048?

31st March 2012, 02:23 PM
Yes, the handling of ag, and to a lesser degree feisar( proto as well), make them the two best ships by far at A+ speed. The stats mean nothing for the other ships that are more difficult to handle, they simply cannot keep up. Why would you choose a more difficult ship to control, when even piloted perfectly is still slower. It is completely unbalanced.

There is no acceleration stat, which is ridiculous. You could probably start a race with a long straightaway and time it yourself until you hit a wall, and compare them that way.