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25th March 2012, 11:03 AM
I'm reasonably new to the Wipeout series (as I'm about the same age as the whole series). I have been playing since Pure and recently bought the original Wipeout game to see just what I had missed out on. I found that the original was much harder to control and that over time the series as a whole must have progressively been dumbed down.

Hd/Fury has been my favourite of the series for quite some time now but when when I heard of the release of 2048 I immediately questioned how much longer that favouritism would last. However, after playing 2048 since it's release I have found that there is a lot less to do than in HD/Fury and that the environments are a lot less believable than previous games.

Getting back to my point, I believe 2048 doesn't detract from the original timeline set out by Psygnosis as much as a lot of you would think. OK, so technically AG racing wouldn't have started until 2050 and it is unlikely that in the beginning it would have enough support to be held in New York City (aka Nova State City :?) and that Piranha wasn't around in the beginning - besides Airbrake technology - but the rest of the niggles can easily be explained away.

And as for game-play, there are also a few niggles (Load times, Online Play, cheating for example...) but as a whole I think that 2048 is a solid addition to the series, not necessarily better than any other game in the series but I find the change of scenery refreshing.

Also, being a little bit of an architecture nerd, I have had to take notice of the overall design of the cityscapes and I have to admit I'm impressed. Playing Hd/Fury and Pulse I found the landscapes stunning but occasionally unrealistic. For example, as populations increase and cities expand, who's ever going to have enough money and space to build a whopping great "Amphiseum" in the middle of Las Vegas? The cityscapes of 2048 are more grounded in reality and I think that is what has made 2048 so fun to play. I can imagine for those who live in New York City and play 2048, this will apply more so.

Anyway, after making so many points that don't really make up any valid argument, I think I should say this:

I have seen quite a lot of negative press on 2048, on this forum and in the media, and I believe some of it is deserved but what you can't deny is that Wipeout 2048 is an extremely fun game and is a worthy companion to HD/Fury.

P.S. I've always had a little bit of a soft spot for Auricom (even though I'm British) and I'm really loving the design of the ships in 2048 and I love that the their prototype is in keeping with their later ship design (as much can't be said for the other teams).

P.P.S. I am sorry if this post would have been more relevant somewhere else, It's just a tad to lengthy for a comment.

27th March 2012, 12:48 AM
I completely agree with you there SOLID_STATE :)
I think the city design looks fantastic, the more realistic feel, with a futuristic dash.
What I especially love is the billboards, tickers etc. Really livens up the universe surrounding the racetrack.
Even with its negative points, I believe it is a worthy WipEout installment :)