View Full Version : I'm pleased with my progress....

2nd May 2003, 04:48 PM
oh yeah! last night I finished all the races on Phantom with AG, icaras, qirex, pirhana, assegai, and auricom..It was sad finishing the last lap of terminal with these crafts I have come to kow their different feels and how they handle..It was a nice moment. I am going to unlock the last prototype tonight. i just have to finish Hi Fumii, P mar, manor top, and terminal with feisar and Goteki45. After that I will have all prototypes and such. Then i can really focus on my times in the NTSC time tables..Anyways just thought i'd share this with all of you. I got Wip3out last Wednesday and XL is coming today...Oh the beauty of this wonderful game and the many other renditions of it..

sad pirhana59

2nd May 2003, 08:02 PM
don't be sad; this is one of the few games that retain their interest long after you've ''beaten'' them
''Then i can really focus on my times in the NTSC time tables''
oh s**t, just what i need, anOther pilot to get ahead of me in the times tables. but that's okay, i moved up 3 places in one of the races last night. [okay okay, i admit it was just in laptime, not overall]