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23rd February 2012, 04:27 PM
Hi. I'm a long term fan of WipEOut, but i'm new to this forum.
I preordered a PS Vita along with WipEOut 2048 and purchased them from GAME on release day.
I'm sorry to say i'm slightly disappointed. No Race box mode ? No custom controls? (This may sound odd, but I normally have L as thrust, R as fire, and X/O as airbrakes)

The thing that people seem to have missed is the lack of voice activated weaponry.
Not such a bad thing?

Well, on the back of the pre-order boxes it actually stated the feature was included, so surely someone has dropped the ball here.

However I was glad to see on this forum that some DLC will be available, in the form of the remaining HD/Fury tracks, so maybe we'll be lucky and have these problems rectified in the same package:

Custom controls including voice activated weapons... A proper Racebox mode, including all the HD/Fury tracks... AI opponents to make up the numbers in multiplayer, ad hoc and cross play modes.
Im sure you can add to this list.

Don't get my wrong though... WipEOut is still my favourite series of games. I just hope that Studio Liverpool remain faithful to their fanbase and address the issues that have plagued this forum since day one.

23rd February 2012, 04:39 PM
There are a few threads of people being very angry about this. We forgot the voice thing though