View Full Version : 2048 vs HD difficulty

3rd February 2012, 07:36 PM
This was discussed a bit on a different thread, but here is what I think about the difficulty of the two games.

FASTEST SPEEDS: hands down, there is no challenge here, 2048 will have much larger gaps on the leader board than HD. Why? Because the ship moves around much more, it is difficult to stay off walls, it it difficult to stay on line on a curve with 7 turbos in a row, pitch is humongous in this as well. The tracks are longer giving more chance for mistakes, the skill cuts are hard ( most), and some are very difficult where a few hits would be slower than the real route. Linking skill cuts, cutting some short for a BR will also come into play.

SLOWER SPEEDS: could be close, the skill cuts are still hard, but you can navigate much easier than the fast speeds. Less brs for sure, but still plenty. Not sure if the tricks in HD to get the BRS will work or not. The bug in HD is not present in 2048, so everyone will be on a even playing field. I don't play enough of the slower speeds, but I might guess HD has it for difficulty here.

ZONE: guessing HD IS HARDER because you don't have to use the skill cuts. Could be wrong though

3rd February 2012, 07:51 PM
Zone seems harder in HD i agree, but for regular races or TT/SL, yes, i think 2048 is harder for the reasons you gave (longest tracks, harder control of the lines, huge speed, walls sanctions...). About BRs at slow speed, i find sideshifts less powerfull on 2048 (except with ag-systems prototype ;)), so less sideshift/ BR tricks, apart of that, BRs at low height works as well as in HD.