View Full Version : Wipeout 2048 unofficial soundtrack project

22nd January 2012, 09:50 AM
Hello everyone i'm pretty new to this forum yet i would like like to give my little contribution to it, hopefully you will appreciate it.
I'm an amateur electronic music producer and i'm currently arranging a project for a wipeout 2048 unofficial soundtrack together with other producers (who are also wipeout fans aswell) from all over the world. Each producer involved is entering 1-2 tracks to have this project released by the official issue of the game.
That said, i'm currently searching for more music producers willing to join our group. So if you're a music producer, you really have to join this project, as we're all sure that the very idea of having a soundtrack made by the game fans for the game fans is brilliant and well ahead of our times (fitting for the year 2048 i'd say). Otherwise, if you happen to know people who are both wipeout fans and music producers, please point them here so that we can sort this out.
The result of this project will be shared for free for you all so that you can enjoy our tunes while playing the games or use them for your wipeout related videos.
I hope you appreciate this effort and hope you can help me somehow :)