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Brother Laz
22nd April 2003, 09:24 AM

First place on Altima, Korodera, Arridos, Silverstream (!) and Firestar. ;)
Second place on Karbonis (got shockwaved at the last moment...) and Terramax (me suck at dark tunnels).
Lost one continue, on Arridos, thanks to Sofia ramming me off the track no less than 5 consecutive times, causing me to get stuck behind her for a whole damn lap and almost finish 2nd. Restarted because I wasn't sure I could win both Silverstream and Firestar and otherwise John Dekka would and beat me with 4 wins vs 3.
Silverstream is EASY... 3rd place halfway through the first lap, then the #2 removed himself from the race by going right at the third split, and I missiled the #1 at the end of the lap.
Firestar is annoying, it's not hard or anything, but you don't actually see anyone once you're #2 until you finally catch up with the #1 at the end of the final lap.

BTW: is a race lap time of 0:44.4 on Silverstream decent?

22nd April 2003, 01:19 PM

BTW: is a race lap time of 0:44.4 on Silverstream decent?

gimme a minute! :wink:

24th June 2003, 03:29 PM
easy little player :lol: na i've play on it again and again and again, every year when i'm tired of "modern" wipeout :wink:


First on each tracks 8)
Siverstream:==>i love this one, make me lots of time to get good on it with the Qrex team.
actual best time of mine 38.9. need to use lot of boosters :wink:

Well the best one team for finish first on each tracks is the AG-system team. The best for "score time" is the Qrex team or the auricom for hard tracks like firestar