View Full Version : Sony release UMD passport.

13th November 2011, 12:34 AM
Sony has just announced the UMD passport.
The PSP's UMD's will be able to be transferred to the PS Vita, via UMD Passports. Consumers are merely required to download a special program for PSP, available on December 6, along with the UMD of the title you want to bring to Vita. After that, you put the UMD in, and you will be able to download the game for the PS Vita at a discounted price.


I was wondering How/When /If, people were going to be able to have all Wipeout titles on the VITA, seems this is the way it's going to be done.
So it theory you could have the original WO/PURE[+DLC?/PULSE[+DLC?]/2048 and HD which is included, all on the one portable.

I don't know if all the downloadable content for PURE & PULSE will now be available to everybody as well, or if there is some way it can be transferred [Via MEDIA GO perhaps?] guess we will have to wait and see.

Here's a link to a better explanation on how the system will work.

13th November 2011, 07:50 AM
Discounted price. Really? Buying the game twice much?

13th November 2011, 01:25 PM
Well it's better than no compatability at all I suppose.

Anyway, I don't know if any of the Wipeouts are included in the 200 games that will be supported, I suppose they will as they are available for download already.

13th November 2011, 01:56 PM
Yes the WipEout will be available, they currently cost 799 in Europe.

This system isn't an obligation, it's just for the few games you want to bring with you everywhere ! For your PSP games, keep your PSP !

For me it's not a problem because I've already bought the PSN versions since I've broken my Pure UMD, and I could install WipEout Pulse on my 3 PSP :dizzy

13th November 2011, 04:03 PM
I'm not 100% sure, but I think I've read DLC of PSP games are not compatible with PSVita.

13th November 2011, 11:41 PM
Well I'm thinking Sony is unlikely to write totally new media storing/backup software specifically for the VITA.
It's far more likely to make the VITA compatible with it's MEDIA GO! software.
I already keep backup's of my WO PSP DLC with this software.

If I remember correctly MEDIA GO! only allows for one registered device to allow transfer of data to and from at any one time, so you would want to get a few memory cards for your PSP and have backup's on those, then delete your current PSP as a registered device in the MEDIA GO software, then replace it with the VITA when you got it.

As it stands at the moment, any game or DLC you can download from the PStore for your [registered device on both PS3 and in MEDIA GO1] you can have 3.5 copies of.
1 stored as original download from the store on your PS3, the 2nd on a memory card in your mobile gaming device, a 3rd that is copied from your mobile gaming device to the MEDIA GO! software on a PC.....the .5 is the download history at the PStore.

You could run 2 PC's, both with MEDIA GO! on them, and use one for backup's for any PSP you have, and another for the VITA.
It would mean that you would need to start a totally new account for one of the devices [suggest the old PSP] just so you could keep it up to date solely via the PC/MEDIA GO!, as I doubt that you would be able to have both a PSP and a VITA as registered devices with your PS3 at the same time.
I suppose once you bought a VITA you would have little use for any old PSP as your primary mobile gaming unit, so most would probably retire theirs and not bother.