View Full Version : What is the best ship to Barrel Roll with?

7th November 2011, 12:21 PM
Yeah,I know,stupid question...But it's just that some ships seem to take longer to barrel roll,I can do some great barrel rolls with Piranha,for example,but it's a bit harder with Mirage.Do ships also have a "secret" stat named Weight? can be,since if it is so,the ship will take longer to barrel roll,and also get lower air from jumps.

Anybody confirms this?

7th November 2011, 02:05 PM
EG-X HD is by far the best BR-ship, in my opinion (directly followed by PIRANHA HD). the hardest BR-combo in the whole game (3x/4xBR beat zico;bridge section) is almost 'easy' with EG-X :)
AURICOM HD takes 3rd place in my list, and GOTEKI 45 HD is great too. it seems to me, that it was made just for sebenco :)
sub 27 venom time is 100% doable, not sure about the other ships

7th November 2011, 02:19 PM
EG-X HD is by far the best BR-ship, in my opinion (directly followed by PIRANHA HD). the hardest BR-combo in the whole game (3x/4xBR beat zico;bridge section) is almost 'easy' with EG-X :)
AURICOM HD takes 3rd place in my list, and GOTEKI 45 HD is great too. it seems to me, that it was made just for sebenco :)
sub 27 venom time is 100% doable, not sure about the other ships

I also thought the same thing,EG-X first then Piranha.But,IMO,the 3rd ship to barrel roll is the harimau HD.Fourth is Assegai

Oryx Crake
7th November 2011, 02:23 PM
I'd say it depends on playing style and personal preference personally I find ag-sys fury and goteki 45 HD to be the easiest to BR with, with Furymau and assegai HD on a shared 3rd place, not that theres a big gap down to the 4:th and 5:th. the one thing that I seem to see as a bit of a pattern is that many people seem to think the EG-X fury is the hardest ship to br with.

generally speaking though I think it's mostly about learning how to handle whatever ship you choose to play with.

7th November 2011, 06:02 PM
The shielding stat and body shape sort of imply the ship's weight. This also determines why ships with similar body shapes handle differently (Auricom/Qirex/Goteki, or Triaksis/Assegai/Icaras+). Without testing, I'll agree some ships seem to finish rolling sooner than others, but I'd argue this is a simple matter of circumference. Notice Icaras+ has a longer wingspan than Harimau+, which would imply it takes longer for Icaras+ to roll. As far as timing the speeds of different ships' rolls, one needs to test them each on the same speed. I imagine the same ship going at full speed on Phantom would seem to roll faster than the same ship going at full speed on Venom (since full speed Venom would be significantly slower).

As for activating rolls, it's an identical movement for all ships. Be aware that the ship must be completely airborne (as in off the track) in order to activate the roll. A lot of times I miss rolls going off ramps because the tail end of my ship is still "attached" to the track. Your ship must be off the track before you start the left-right-left input. I'm not implying you're having trouble performing rolls, but this is a helpful tip for everyone to remember :) !

7th November 2011, 09:50 PM
I find eG-X Fury easiest to barrel roll with; it probably has to do with my appreciation for the team (the willingness to get it to barrel roll) and my controller sensitivity. The eG-X Fury/HD craft is an animal in general though; it tends to bounce a lot.

I found Piranha Fury fairly easy to barrel roll, too.

7th November 2011, 09:52 PM
I think Harimau is the best ship to BR in, mainly because it;s so light and easy to get off the ground.

7th November 2011, 10:52 PM
AG-Systems again for me, dont know why but it just seems to roll so sweetly for me, but then again so do most ships xD
oh and jan, i have made a sub 27 venom sebenco run but can be beaten by 0.1/2secs in my opinion :L trying different boost methods :L

8th November 2011, 09:05 AM
they're all the same for me.

8th November 2011, 10:58 AM
Yeah, feels all the same for me as well.

14th November 2011, 09:10 PM
Mirage for me BR's the easiest by far, it's even BR'ed sometimes when I didn't want it to... Causing my death more often than not. O_o

16th November 2011, 12:26 PM
For the actual BR all ships feel the same to me, but Mirage HD seems to get much more air time than anything else, making it easier to get BR's. The damn bug's ugly and hard to control, but it sure is floaty.

20th November 2011, 10:23 PM
Don't say that. Mirage HD is beautiful. You just have to learn to appreciate.

8th December 2011, 06:37 PM
I haven't even tried to barrel roll yet, to be honest.

11th December 2011, 04:25 PM
pirahna no good for the br for my play.

18th December 2011, 09:29 PM
Imo, it's much easier with the HD-ships. They don't feel so heavy like the Fury ones.

feisar rocket
22nd December 2011, 11:12 PM
Ive been making observations... it's true hd's br easier than fury (excluding goteki and icarus). I say goteki is best because of a little logical thinking... Its max thrust gives more boost from speed pads (estimation). Therefore making boost from br'ing higher than other ships. But there is a counter to this boost increase... the weight, aerodynamic level (but not xl anymore so...) and top speed. Duel nosed ships are heavier than single ones, making br'ing DOWN a hill better but, how much chances do you get to do that... Next, aerodynamic level. Being a Duel nosed ship, air gets caught between the hulls, making an area of low pressure in front of the cabin. Low pressure disperses wind (look up on google) pushing back the ship to its regular speed... Finally, top speed. Its lower top speed can be a massive counter: speed vs accel
Speed <-------------|-------------------> Accel
______________(goteki is here)
Its lower speed cancels out the high boost from the accel...

25th December 2011, 07:19 PM
For me it seems that Icarus HD and Goteki 45 Fury is the easiest, Feisar is probably third. I havent actually played for many teams, but my friend did say that Mirage and Harimau is pretty easy due to how "light" they feel and the air time you get.

Light Buster
26th December 2011, 04:20 AM
I don't really see a big difference in BRing between ships. They're the same to me.

26th December 2011, 04:01 PM
It's a bit of a misconception that Furymau is one of the easiest for BRs. I'd like to think I know that ship and it wouldn't even make the top 5 imho.
Don't know which the best is, but I'm pretty certain the worst it Qirex Fury. Reason for this is because it's the ONLY ship that I can't make the SSBoostBR on Cheng Rev. Some of them are pretty tight but the Qirex is a no-go. It's pretty much THE defining test (for me) as far as seeing how much air each craft gets relative to the rest.

29th December 2011, 07:00 PM
So it's most dependent on weight; that's fair. I'm curious if each ship rotates at the same speed, thus making wingspan determine how long a 360 degree rotation takes. Perhaps they all rotate at different speeds but complete a full rotation in equal amount of time.