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14th April 2003, 01:40 PM
Hello all:
I've had the PS2 game Red Faction for some time now, but i've hit a snag.
I don't have a clue how to defeat Dr. Capek!
If any of you people out there could help, that'll be gr8 m8!

15th April 2003, 06:11 PM
I'm not sure why you're asking this here, but...


The wrong question for this forum, but at least you asked in the right section of the forum. 8 )

15th April 2003, 10:11 PM
well, this forum has some avid gamers who play many different ones. you ask the people you know, right? there's a good chance they know the answer or where to find it. as you did :)

16th April 2003, 08:13 AM
I take it the part you're on about, Phantom Class, is after the bit where you have to sneak through the building without getting seen?

I was really enjoying the game up until that point - apparently it's about half way through, just after the submarine part. Sadly I just couldn't get passed that part - no matter how many times/routes I tried, so I gave up on it completely. Completely crap game design, but there you go.

17th April 2003, 01:13 AM
ow! the bitterness! 8)

20th April 2003, 01:00 PM
is after the bit where you have to sneak through the building without getting seen?


Yes it is, getting through some of the doors with guards around is hard, but i ended up being spotted (i'm not a sneaky/stealthy sorta guy!) but i managed to get through by shooting my way through with that little pistol!

maybe next time i'll think before i post, eh? :oops:

20th April 2003, 04:29 PM
Personally, I thought you'd asked a reasonably sound question on a videogame forum. Heck, I haven't played Wipeout Fusion since July last year and it's been a couple of months since I played Wipeout 3 - so I couldn't expect every single topic on here to be about Wipeout.

I'm amazed you got throught that section by brute force - I just couldn't do it either way :(

I felt really robbed at the time, as I had bought the game out of being interested in the storyline and the geo-mod technology. To have the experience cut short by some mickey mouse attempt at a stealth mission was particularly poor show and I made my mind up there and then not to bother with any of the innevitable sequels. (which I haven't).

I have very little tolerance for flaws in the games I buy - I've taken back Twisted Metal Black, WRC, TOCA Race Driver and many others due to unforgivable gameplay flaws that shouldn't have slipped through to a released product. :x

It makes it all the more satisfying when I find a game that's close to being perfect - as in W3:SE, Ace Combat 4, Burnout 2 and Madden 2003 (to a lesser extent). :)

21st April 2003, 03:48 PM
:o Dude, you've got Ace Combat 4?? I want that so bad!

Some of the guards had pistol ammo and health when i dropped em', so it was all good!

21st April 2003, 04:13 PM
Ace Combat 4 is just fantastic - I recommend you get it now and get practicing before Ace Combat 5 goes online :D

I love this game so much - completed it on every level, including Ace where you can only take one hit before you're down in flames. I've completed every level with a Special rating on Ace too - opened up this elite jet, the X02 - fantastic piece of kit with variable geometry wings and superb tight handling in dog fights.

If there was one game other than Wipeout Online that would have me signing up for PS2 online, then Ace Combat 5 would be it :D

It's funny, because back in the late 80's I used to flog all my mates at Top Gun on the Spectrum and I loved it! With this I've only really played one other guy, who was pretty good, but the only time he won a game was when I crashed into a sky scraper trying to fit between two of them to avoid a missile! :lol:

Honestly, if the next sequel ends up as good as I hope, I'll be running AceCombatZone.com before long! :)

Spaceboy Gajo
21st April 2003, 05:41 PM
Affiliate web sites :) Sounds good.

I personally don't see a problem with game posts here. If it's in the right area then it's free game. I think we've pretty much stopped the bleeding that we had at the end of last year so whatever we post should be fine.

Besides, if we start to limit the posts then we'll be asking our selves, "Why isn't anybody posting?"

spaceboy gajo :)

21st April 2003, 05:44 PM
Wow, you must spend a lot of time playing it to get that far!!
I'm in the same spot in Gran Turismo 3 - with 3 Million in the bank!

While we're on the subject, have you found that secret mission in AC3?
i've almost blitzed that game, but that level is just out of reach. :cry:
(XFY Game roxors!)

21st April 2003, 07:43 PM
Haven't played AC3, to be honest - and although I quite liked the look of AC4 when it was first released, I didn't actually buy it at first! Got it as a freebie and never looked back - couldn't believe I nearly missed out on such an awesome title.

I'm not really one for taking a step back in time, either - when I play Wipeout 2097 and *shudder* Wipeout 1 I always yearn for my analogue controls. I've become a bit of a comfort snob with the PS2 - I like my graphics and my sound quality, not to mention the familiarity of a Dual Shock 2. :oops:

I'm one of those folk who's always looking to the sequel - with virtually every game of Madden I play, I have "they'll sort that for the next one!" chanting like a mantra in the back of my head! :D

Spaceboy Gajo
22nd April 2003, 04:05 AM
I haven't played Madden, but I am a fan of EA Sports and their Hockey series. However since last year's version I have lost faith. The game play is a whole bunch of button mashing and they added a whole ton of cheesy effects that in my opinion take away from the game play experience. Very frustrating to play.

Infoxicated, being that you played the other Madden games have they got better with each release? Also, how do you feel about their fantasy elements if there is any like team manager and so forth? Finally, what are your thoughts on multiplayer?

spaceboy gajo :)

22nd April 2003, 08:35 AM
The Madden series has gotten better over the last three releases, no doubt about it. They fixed things like crazy one handed catching for the CPU and have refined the player models and field graphics to quite a high standard.

There are things they still need to fix - unless you cheat, it's very difficult to get sacks. Especially when the CPU quarterback has a much faster and later release point than a human one. A human QB can be almost at the point of release when they are hit, yet soemhow they go down holding the ball for a sack. The CPU player can release the ball as they are being hit almost every time - you really have to blindside them when they have no options in order to get a sack.

CPU receivers are ridiculously fast too - a CPU WR with a 85 for speed can outrun an entire secondary with 95+ for speed every time. This makes you play more zone coverage than man to man, as it's just not worth getting beat for huge plays all the time. (and in turn this means you cant blitz as often!)

Despite those complaints, it really is a quality game and I'm on year seven or eight of my franchise and doing pretty well. Once you have a decent set of receivers it's pretty simple on offense if you play it carefully - avoid throwing into crowds and you can move the chains pretty consistantly.

Another cool thing is the player progression - I have two running backs, one in his third year and one in his second, and they have both gained in stats across the board just because I've been playing them. I also started off with a rookie tight end on the roster who is now pro-bowl standard, along with his back up - the more you use players the better they get.

Sadly this affects the Defensive linemen quite a bit - if they aren't getting around ten sacks a season then their stats tend to drop off each season. I have had a couple of players go downwards one season and come right back during pre-season, though.

All in all I probably spend 40% of my gaming time playing Madden and although sometimes crazy things piss me off, for the most part it is a terrific title. Cant wait to play online in the UK with Madden 2004 :)