View Full Version : Make Your own track or Ship?

15th July 2011, 01:35 AM
I know this might be a 25/75 chance, but if they would make those 2 options, Would`nt it be nice just to have one of those features. For customizing a ship, have one of the 20 models picked, give it a name, what skills it can have, like for ex:
Mr. Sunshine

Pretty much have a painting on the craft, and your good to go. Easy as a sip of tea :D.

For the Track Customization , pick out of....I don`t know, maybe 10-15 enviornments, have turns, cornerers, loops, giant jumps. Everything a man would dream of, can make.

Thanks for the time ^^.

15th July 2011, 05:57 AM
I think you overestimate the chances of anything like this being in the game...

15th July 2011, 06:02 AM
I know, but that`s a 25% chance. But it would be a good idea, yes?

15th July 2011, 06:44 AM
Hmm... more like 0.0000000000001%, but anyway; while I think being able to modify ships would be fun in its own right, I think it would unbalance the game unless it was restricted to its own mode. Also, there would clearly be a "best" option from such limited settings: all speed laps would be done with the same "best" ship, etc..

Given those assumptions, the idea would have such limited potential that it would just bloat the product and make it feel cheap.

I think the idea of modifying ships conflicts with the general style of game that WipEout is, even though it works from a thematic level (cool **** and tweaking it goes hand in hand, let's face it).

It's not a bad idea, but I'm afraid I just don't see it working.

Custom tracks on the other hand, could be alright.

15th July 2011, 08:31 AM
Custom tracks are probably even more unlikely.

If you look at the craft’s physics, you’ll notice that there is much time spent into making the tracks work. Jumps that are too big could trow you out of the track or bumps could stop the ship within seconds.

Just look how different the drop at Sebenco Climb works in Pure and in HD – in Pure there are way more bumps and the ship begins to bounce, making you lose speed. In HD, however, the track surface is smooth and you gain a lot of speed. And that’s just a small track section! Imagine how badly a custom track design could fail and how many people would assume the whole game is buggy.

After all, WipEout is no car racing game and different physics apply.