View Full Version : Link mode issue

28th June 2011, 08:22 PM
More link mode news, 10 years later. In standard wipeout 3 the weapons do not register on your opponents screen, at least with negcon vs standard controller. This adds to the earlier crap of when you changed certain button positions on a negcon, your opponent on the other screen didn't see the movements. Good thing the tournaments have weapons off (which were crap anyway in mp).

Tournament participants for either tourney take note. You cannot move your gas or turbo button off of the analog buttons, or link mode will not work. ( this may have been fixed for 3se, which would be good for the euro tourney)

Also, link mode throws two other ships on the screen, and you cannot get rid of them, this is an issue because
1) possible slowdown, need to test this more
2) beginning of the race, these ships smash you into the wall a lot, which is really bad

Split screen runs right, and smooth, with only two ships, But you got to get used to split screen.

Ok, just tested extensively, SPLIT screen is MUCH smoother, slows down far less than link mode. The na tourney will use split screen for sure.wo3 doesn't slow down like xl, but just starts skipping frames, making it difficult sometimes. keep in mind it is not horrific, just that split screen is much better