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Challenger #001
5th December 2010, 02:35 PM

With no Avalon last month and the HD Cup looming, kanar and I thought it a good idea to get back on track and brush the dust off our craft, especially those who've been hooked on Gran Turismo 5. :P

This event is also going to be a big invite to all our newer pilots who've never raced in Avalon series before. All are welcome, and you can guarantee there'll probably be a Phantom event for you to join. If there isn't? Host one! :D Just go through all the tracks, weapons on and weapons off. It's not difficult. ;3 And no worries about my weird ten-lap races this time. Promise. Maybe. >)

Avalon Competitions (Phantom Class)

Classic Race - 5 laps - 2 races per track - 1 with weapons, 1 without - Pilot Assist off - Barrel Roll on

Endurance Race (Weapons On or Off) - 20 laps - 1 race per track - Pilot Assist Off - Barrel Roll On

Green Race - Classic Race, but you are only allowed to use Turbo, Autopilot and Shield - everything else must be absorbed

Zone Battle - Max Target is 40 on all Non-Pure 4 Tracks, Target 55 on all Pure-4 and Anulpha Pass Tracks

Estimated Host Schedules:

Friday: 17:30-19:00GMT (Challenger), 20:30-23:59 (Challenger)
Saturday: Before and especially after the party in Home at 21.00 GMT (9 in the evening UK time). Ask anyone on the forum for an invite to the Avalon Lounge - we should be there for the most part. Party at Twitchy's after, during which feel free to organise 1v1 events. ;3
Sunday: ???

=====> All times are GMT (UK TIME) <=====

Host Crew:

Challenger #001



Feel free to let me know if you're interested to host with us. The unique objective is to offer a good game for everyone, at any time, all over the week-end.

PSN Chat Rooms:
Avalon Lounge

Please let me know if you would like an Avalon chat room invite over the PSN.

Important Links:
Wipeout Arena Chatbox: [/URL]
Avalon Racing League Social Group: http://www.wipeoutzone.com/forum/group.php?groupid=4 (http://http://wipeoutarena.forumsactifs.net/)

Current HD Classic Race Records:

Current Pulse Classic Race Records:



Vineta K: yeldar2097 | 1.41.11

Talon's Junction: AlbinoAce | 1.52.51

Anulpha Pass: yeldar2097 | 1.51.65

Moa Therma: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.57.41

Moa Therma: yeldar2097 | 1.59.55

Metropia: AlbinoAce | 1.36.44

Chenghou Project: yeldar2097 | 2.00.87

Arc Prime: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.52.26

Metropia: yeldar2097 | 1.45.11

De Konstruct: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.40.01

Sebenco Climb: Elois-13 | 1.58.35

Tech De Ra: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.49.17

Ubermall: yeldar2097 | 1.48.58

The Amphiseum: MrSmadSmartAlex | 2:04.02

Sol 2: yeldar2097 | 1.42.57

Fort Gale: AlbinoAce | 2:02.58

Talon's Junction: yeldar2097 | 1.56.62

Basilico: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.26.58

The Amphiseum: yeldar2097 | 2.17.03

Platinum Rush: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.44.34

Modesto Heights: yeldar2097 | 1.45.81

Vertica: INFAXSU | 1.35.23

Tech De Ra: yeldar2097 | 1.54.17

Outpost 7: AlbinoAce | 1.51.53

Syncopia: yeldar2097 | 1.49.83



Vineta K: yeldar2097 | 1.40.64

Talon's Junction: INFAXSU | 1.53.50

Anulpha Pass: yeldar2097 | 1.52.39

Moa Therma: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.57.36

Moa Therma: yeldar2097 | 2.00.73

Metropia: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.43.53

Chenghou Project: yeldar2097 | 1.55.19

Arc Prime: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1:50.37

Metropia: yeldar2097 | 1.45.40

De Konstruct: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1:41.47

Sebenco Climb: yeldar2097 | 1.56.19

Tech De Ra: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.47.95

Ubermall: yeldar2097 | 1.48.20

The Amphiseum: INFAXSU | 2.11.09

Sol 2: yeldar2097 | 1.44.26

Fort Gale: MrSmadSmartAlex | 2.03.69

Talon's Junction: yeldar2097 |1.55.95

Basilico: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.33.61

The Amphiseum: yeldar2097 | 2.09.40

Platinum Rush: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.45.43

Modesto Heights: yeldar2097 | 1.43.48

Vertica: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.47.30

Tech De Ra: Elois-13 | 1.55.94

Outpost 7: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.53.82

[U]Current Endurance Race Records - Weapons Off:


Vineta K: yeldar2097 | 6.45.40
Anulpha Pass: Wotan | 7.28.66
Moa Therma: Wotan | 7.58.95
Chenghou Project: yeldar2097 | 8.09.63
Metropia: yeldar2097 | 7.00.07
Sebenco Climb: yeldar2097 | 7.57.81
Ubermall: yeldar2097 | 7.17.08
Sol 2 : yeldar2097 | 6.53.41
Talon's Junction: yeldar2097 | 7.48.69
The Amphiseum: Dark_Phantom_89 | 9.15.05
Modesto Heights: yeldar2097 | 7.08.62
Tech De Ra: imre92 | 7.58.49 (NEW!)


Vineta K: Wotan | 6.45.93
Anulpha Pass: yeldar2097 | 7.28.86
Moa Therma: Luxoflux | 7.58.52 (NEW!)
Chenghou Project: Dark_Phantom_89 | 7.53.54
Metropia: yeldar2097 | 7.02.53
Sebenco Climb: yeldar2097 | 7.47.44
Ubermall: Wotan | 7.20.76
Sol 2: Luxoflux | 7.01.42
Talon's Junction: Dark_Phantom_89 | 7:50:49
The Amphiseum:
Modesto Heights: yeldar2097 | 6.58.08
Tech De Ra: Dark_Phantom_89 | 7.50.49

Current Endurance Race Records - Weapons On:


Vineta K: Dark_Phantom_89 | 6.45.69
Anulpha Pass: Dark_Phantom_89 | 7.29.62
Moa Therma: yeldar2097 | 7.59.11
Chenghou Project: Woopzilla | 8.14.09 (NEW!)
Metropia: Rezatron | 7.15.09
Sebenco Climb: Dark_Phantom_89 | 7.57.00
Ubermall: Dark_Phantom_89 | 7.05.84
Sol 2 : Dark_Phantom_89 | 6.51.84
Talon's Junction: z1r0rEi | 7.58.62
The Amphiseum: Dark_Phantom_89 | 9.13.19
Modesto Heights: Dark_Phantom_89 | 7.04.89
Tech De Ra: Flaflasat | 7.54.45 (NEW!)


Vineta K: Dark_Phantom_89 | 6.47.85
Anulpha Pass: IDReaper | 7.30.66
Moa Therma: Dark_Phantom_89 | 8.11.21
Chenghou Project: triboy | 7.53.63 (NEW!)
Metropia: Dark_Phantom_89 | 7.09.34
Sebenco Climb: 7.52.56 | triboy (NEW!)
Ubermall: Xtriko | 7.32.95
Sol 2: hacenetchik | 7.09.55 (NEW!)
The Amphiseum: yeldar2097 | 8.33.03
Modesto Heights: hacenetchik | 6.58.49 (NEW!)
Tech De Ra: Dark_Phantom_89 | 7.42.35


Remember once again - the aim is not to win, but to take part. And in doing the latter, you will get a good deal of practice in before the big cup starts. Also, this is a good way of introducing new blood into the hyper-competition some of us race in.

Also, if you have a camera and are recording - try and make it so that you get at least one event with a Christmas Carol in the background. Bonus points if it's Sebenco Climb. :P

5th December 2010, 04:19 PM
Just another excuse for DP to pilfer all the endurance records :P

I'll do my best to make an appearance :)

5th December 2010, 05:41 PM
ah ah good stuff! tbh I came back to speed lap mode this afternoon, and after a 2 weeks break I beat 2 PB & really enjoyed the ride (thanks yusik for your nice mixes:g). So I'm definitely in for next week-end. This event + the ps home wo museum memorial day all saturday = WIN

6th December 2010, 09:11 AM
I too will try to be there, but it's the big christmas party weekend, so when I'm not out dancing on the tables I will be lying in a dark room, hungover and promising myself 'Never again!'... :lol

6th December 2010, 10:46 AM
ah ah good stuff! tbh I came back to speed lap mode this afternoon, and after a 2 weeks break I beat 2 PB
hmm, which tracks ? :cold I usually fall on the rankings when you improve, lol.

Challenger #001
10th December 2010, 01:35 PM
First night of Swordwind tonight, and I will be hosting for a large portion of the evening. I'll be doing a run of the forward tracks from about five thirty onwards, followed by some endurance races to fill in the gaps on the leaderboard. Then probably dinner, and I'll try and get some of my 1v1 or 2v2 practice done solo. Then I'll be racing again from 8:30 to about midnight, doing the reverse tracks and perhaps some Zone Battle as well..

I'll need someone to help me out with timing though, as I am notoriously bad at this. My low-def TV doesn't help with spotting numbers either.

10th December 2010, 01:38 PM
I won't be on this afternoon as I'm heading out in a sec but I'll be on tonight to help you out Chal.

10th December 2010, 03:05 PM
As of post,my bro is STILL using the PS3. I want to join in the fun,but it does not seem like so for Friday.

Challenger #001
10th December 2010, 03:33 PM
Cheers DP. ;) Though if you want to join my room at all, go ahead. Always a pleasure to race you.

Anyone with a camera is urged to record~

Challenger #001
10th December 2010, 07:29 PM
Swordwind is go! Thanks to Flaflasat, oX_mima_Xo, imre92, Fleaux99, triboy and novide who have participated so far. :3 More to come this evening.

Challenger #001
11th December 2010, 01:27 AM
First day of Swordwind is over. My later hosting didn't go so well considering I'd been hosting for five hours straight and was shattered, and the last straw was a race on Anulpha Pass where despite not having used a single autopilot, got the infamous 'Relied on Automaton' trophy. Not great morale building stuff.

I came on a bit later, and after much poking and prodding from hacenetchik, we got ourselves a 3v3 with a twist.

Avalon Match - Federal European Industrial Science And Research vs The Icaras Project

FEISAR (European Union)

Icaras (United Kingdom)
LUNA_Bgd (Croatia)

Dark_Phantom_89 (UK)
Hacenetchik (France)

nutcase:259 (UK)
P_Denton (France)

Challenger001 (UK)


All members of team EU were in Fury FEISARs, while all members of team UK were in Fury Icari. I don't have the individual scores, but it ended 171-165 to FEISAR and the European Union team. UK's cause wasn't helped by some rather vicious in-team fighting and unfamiliarity with Chelsea though. ^^;


Hopefully see you all tomorrow.

11th December 2010, 05:33 AM
Here's one race I thought was a total blast:

11th December 2010, 10:47 AM
That 3 v 3 was a blast and it was an interesting change racing with the same ship.

Took a picture of the results with my phone, so here they are:

Dark_Phantom_89 = 75
hacenetchik = 64
LUNA_bgd = 59
nutcase259 = 52
P_Denton = 48
challenger001 = 38

Team FEISAR - 171
Team Icaras - 165

11th December 2010, 11:17 AM
some races from yesterday:

Playlist Avalon Swordwind 10. dec. 2010 (http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=E4B1D6EAB5461A17)

terminated by challenger001 :twisted (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxEoeWBJnzk&p=E4B1D6EAB5461A17)

endurance race from saturday:
Avalon Swordwind 11. dec. 2010 - Chengou endurance (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMJbIB1bzGs)

after 2 weeks GT5, i played not realy good.. :dizzy

11th December 2010, 02:51 PM

Awesome videos! Glad to see the Sebenco Climb reverse race was also captured and my destruction was displayed. :twisted (Be sure to check my video as to what happened.)

I'm also glad you captured the best race I had all day at Modesto Heights Reverse (Weapons On), so thank you for that.

One thing: what is size of your screen? If you're unsure of what I'm asking, just look at the options menu's "screen size" sub-option's percetange number. I too like to race from the internal camera on occassion, and your screen size is perfect.

11th December 2010, 05:51 PM
hi twitchyspitfire,

u like the vids :)

picture-size = 90%, but i think this size is only for the HUD and menu..

11th December 2010, 08:01 PM
It is only for the HUD and Menu, and that's why I asked. But thank your for checking in to it, I appreciate it. :rock

Challenger #001
12th December 2010, 01:21 AM
Day 2 is over. :3 Didn't get as much racing as I'd hoped done, but got plenty of rounds in with some people, all of whom were lovely except one random who pushed me off the track at Chenghou 5 times :brickwall

But anyway. The parties seemed to go well also, and I hope my voice didn't jar too much with those who could hear. XD

12th December 2010, 10:12 PM
Hey hey, Avalon is ended for me. Like always it was great fun to ride with all of you. Thx for that. I didn't fly too much this time, #$%&#%!! connection, damn you Telecom!

Chenghou Project: triboy | 7.53.63 (NEW!) Who would have thought ;)

I hope that we will see on another Avalon ;)

Challenger You ROCK ;)

Challenger #001
13th December 2010, 11:59 AM
I actually got yours and Woopzilla's times mixed up triboy - you got the record on Cheng Rev, Woop got it on Cheng Fwd. ^^; Apart from that, I've managed to get almost all the enduros filled in except Amphiseum. Fuuuu....

Swordwind was a lot of fun, if a little strenuous. ^^; I'm not sure I'll be hosting another one - if there's enough public interest I might hold one in late January but until then I'm probably going to be taking a little break from WipEout save for my 1v1s and if you steal me, 2v2s, though I'm likely to be even worse for it :P

Thanks to all who participated. Off the top of my head, that's thanks to hacenetchik, nutcase:259, Dark_Phantom_89, Woopzilla, imre92, triboy, Hellfire, SaturnReturn, oX_mima_Xo, Annoying_Git, drMannevond, erich123, ericd7m, CarLeo37, TwitchySpitfire, ACE-FLO, kanar, T-Zig, Elois-13, Flaflasat, FalcoPelle, Temet79, novide, IDReaper and ONLocke.

Fly High everyone!:rock


13th December 2010, 05:12 PM
really sorry Chall, as I said in the hd cup topic, I had lots of stuffs to deal with these past few days so I really couldn't approach the ps3. Fk it, I think it's one of the first I'm completely missing on the tracks (I could attend the wo museum for a few moment). Damn, seems like it was a damn good one. Congrats & massive thanks Chall for setting this up, & to all the pilots who participated.

Challenger #001
14th December 2010, 09:39 AM
It's no worries kanar. If you couldn't come, you couldn't come. Real Life takes priority over WipEout. :)

14th December 2010, 11:27 AM
hi all :)

I'm really gutted I never made this Avalon event, truly I am..

I've been so bogged down with my Santa duties, and other such things.. plus the fact I'm such a stoner, and never really seem to keep up to date with the, going's on.

anyhoo, hopefully it's not the last?