View Full Version : wipeout 1 LAG and frame skips

16th October 2010, 01:15 AM
Here is what I have noticed in wipeout 1 in a good playthrough the last month. IN time trial, the only issues that come up are the frame skipping it seems. It generally happens after a series of turbo pads, and the game skips frames, and if you are not ready for it, get ready to hit the wall

In single race mode however, LAG. The game cannot keep up it seems, and the lag is worse when other ships are onscreen, and the larger the track, the more lag there is (korrodera). If you are ready for it, it is not as bad as HD gets, but at times, when alot of ships are onscreen, the turning inputs really get laggy causing wall to wall if you are not ready for it. I even had a ship not turn for .25 second one time, an eterity for wipeout 1. Generally, it is not that bad, but you need to know when it is going to happen, and that just comes with repeat play, knowing where the cpu ships are going to be, and what it does to your ship when they come onscreen. this is not so bad once you get the lead, and the control gets closer to a time trial feel.

I have no idea why the programming has to take it out on your inputs to steer when the information gets too much. Couldn't it affect something else instead. I know this is the same exact thing I said about HD. I mean, I never had lag on my movement inputs playing quake, unreal, or even ridge racer online, just the opponents positions. Anyway, just thought I would give the heads up on this issue. I never noticed before really, just thought I was playing crappy, and it took a serious playthrough of the game to notice it. Either way though, this game moved way up on my favorite wipeout chart, probably to number 3 now.

16th October 2010, 08:03 AM
I agree about the problem, but never found it as bad as with Wipeout Pulse whose frame rate issues always make that game hard for me. The only time I found it unplayably bad on Wipeout 1 is when the AI ships are ganging up on you. I think there is a lot more lag on the PAL version. When you switch back to it from NTSC it`s like watching a slideshow and very difficult to time movements, though after a short while you adjust to it again.

16th October 2010, 01:22 PM
Pulse is Far worse at times, you are very correct about that. In wo1, You definitely get used to it, since it is not very extreme. When all the ships are near you, that is when it is at it's worst. The game is not unplayable in the least, it was just that after a long session trying to get a time in time trial, then switching immediately to single race is a bit difficult.