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11th September 2010, 10:46 AM
Ok, first I have some news which I'll get out of the way. There's a very big chance that this may be my last Avalon. Now I know what some of you may be thinking - "Oh, he's only done 4 events and now he's sodding off," but rest assured, it isn't like that at all. The end of this month sees a change in my life - I'll be a lot busier than I used to be, which means less PS3 time, and more sadly, less WipEout time.

I have spoken to Kanar about everything, and he was really great and understood completely. Of course, I don't want Avalon to die, and will do my best to help out in any future events. However, I feel that this is such a strong community that the event as well as our love for the game will never truly die - it's been 2 years and HD is still going strong, especially now with the Avalon Cup.

I hope I did ok with the whole events. I'd like to thank Kanar for asking me to take over, it was a lovely surprise reading your PM that day. I'd also like to thank MrSmadSmartAlex, Kaori and TropicMoon10 for all their hard work hosting the Pulse and Pure sessions - it couldn't have been done without you guys. Finally, last but not least, I'd like to extend my gratitude to every single person who was at the event, however long or short. It was really great to see the community together and there were some good times in the Chat Room - we also got a fantastic collection of videos for the Avalon library and Woopzilla especially did an amazing job in this department.

I'll wrap this up now, as nobody likes to read a wall of text. Let's get on with the event!

11th September 2010, 10:47 AM

In partnership with the Avalon Cup. (http://www.wipeoutzone.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7658) If you would like to have your round in the cup, this would be the perfect time to do so!

Let's get back to the tracks and show the world of WipEout what we're made of :rock

I am also looking for some hosts to set up games when I'm not online. If anyone is interested, please put your names down. Thanks :beer

Avalon Competitions (Phantom Class)

Classic Race - 5 laps - 2 races per track - 1 with weapons, 1 without - Pilot Assist off - Barrel Roll on

Endurance Race (Weapons On or Off) - 20 laps - 1 race per track - Pilot Assist Off - Barrel Roll On

Green Race - Classic Race, but you are only allowed to use Turbo, Autopilot and Shield - everything else must be absorbed

Estimated Host Schedules:

http://www.wipeoutzone.com/forum/images/avatars/wipeout_hd/wipeout_hd_logo.jpg Friday: Varied schedule | Saturday and Sunday: 10am - 2pm, 3pm - 6pm, 10pm - 1am

Please note this is based on myself being online at these times and not 100% confirmed yet - if any of the host crew are online at different times (hopefully they will be,) then feel free to join their games

http://www.wipeoutzone.com/forum/images/avatars/wipeout_pure/wipeout_pure.png Pure session to be hosted by Kaori on Friday 17th September at 4.00 - 5.30pm GMT and 8.40pm GMT

http://www.wipeoutzone.com/forum/images/avatars/wipeout_pulse/pulse_logo.png Pulse session to be hosted by MrSmadSmartAlex on Sunday 19th September at 7pm GMT

=====> All times are GMT (ENGLAND TIME) <=====

Host Crew:




Feel free to let me know if you're interested to host with us. The unique objective is to offer a good game for everyone, at any time, all over the week-end.

PSN Chat Rooms:
Avalon Lounge

Please let me know if you would like an Avalon chat room invite over the PSN.

Important Links:

Wipeout Arena Chatbox (http://wipeoutarena.forumsactifs.net/)

Avalon Racing League Social Group ( http://www.wipeoutzone.com/forum/group.php?groupid=4)

Current HD Classic Race Records:
Current Pulse Classic Race Records:


Vineta K: yeldar2097 | 1.41.11
Talon's Junction: AlbinoAce | 1.52.51 (NEW!!!)

Anulpha Pass: yeldar2097 | 1.51.65
Moa Therma: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.57.41

Moa Therma: yeldar2097 | 1.59.55
Metropia: AlbinoAce | 1.36.44 (NEW!!!)

Chenghou Project: yeldar2097 | 2.00.87
Arc Prime: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.52.26 (NEW!!!)

Metropia: yeldar2097 | 1.45.11
De Konstruct: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.40.01

Sebenco Climb: Elois-13 | 1.58.35
Tech De Ra: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.49.17 (NEW!!!)

Ubermall: yeldar2097 | 1.48.58
The Amphiseum: MrSmadSmartAlex | 2:04.02

Sol 2: yeldar2097 | 1.42.57
Fort Gale: AlbinoAce | 2:02.58 (NEW!!!)

Talon's Junction: yeldar2097 | 1.56.62
Basilico: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.26.58 (NEW!!!)

The Amphiseum: yeldar2097 | 2.17.03
Platinum Rush: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.44.34 (NEW!!!)

Modesto Heights: yeldar2097 | 1.45.81
Vertica: INFAXSU | 1.35.23

Tech De Ra: yeldar2097 | 1.54.17
Outpost 7: AlbinoAce | 1.51.53 (NEW!!!)

Syncopia (:eek) yeldar2097 | 1.49.83


Vineta K: yeldar2097 | 1.40.64
Talon's Junction: INFAXSU | 1.53.50 (NEW!!!)

Anulpha Pass: yeldar2097 | 1.52.39
Moa Therma: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.57.36 (NEW!!!)

Moa Therma: yeldar2097 | 2.00.73
Metropia: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.43.53 (NEW!!!)

Chenghou Project: yeldar2097 | 1.55.19
Arc Prime: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1:50.37

Metropia: yeldar2097 | 1.45.40
De Konstruct: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1:41.47

Sebenco Climb: yeldar2097 | 1.56.19
Tech De Ra: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.47.95 (NEW!!!)

Ubermall: yeldar2097 | 1.48.20
The Amphiseum: INFAXSU | 2.11.09 (NEW!!!)

Sol 2: yeldar2097 | 1.44.26
Fort Gale: MrSmadSmartAlex | 2.03.69

Talon's Junction: yeldar2097 |1.55.95
Basilico: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.33.61

The Amphiseum: yeldar2097 | 2.09.40
Platinum Rush: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.45.43 (NEW!!!)

Modesto Heights: yeldar2097 | 1.43.48
Vertica: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.47.30

Tech De Ra: Elois-13 | 1.55.94
Outpost 7: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.53.82 (NEW!!!)

Current Endurance Race Records - Weapons Off:robot:


Vineta K: yeldar2097 | 6.45.40

Anulpha Pass: Wotan | 7.28.66

Moa Therma: Wotan | 7.58.95

Chenghou Project: yeldar2097 | 8.09.63

Metropia: yeldar2097 | 7.00.07

Sebenco Climb: yeldar2097 | 7.57.81

Ubermall: yeldar2097 | 7.17.08

Sol 2 : yeldar2097 | 6.53.41

Talon's Junction: yeldar2097 | 7.48.69

The Amphiseum:

Modesto Heights: yeldar2097 | 7.08.62

Tech De Ra:


Vineta K: Wotan | 6.45.93

Anulpha Pass: yeldar2097 | 7.28.86

Moa Therma: Amorbis | 8.02.36

Chenghou Project: yeldar2097 | 7.55.31

Metropia: yeldar2097 | 7.02.53

Sebenco Climb: yeldar2097 | 7.47.44

Ubermall: Wotan | 7.20.76

Sol 2: Luxoflux | 7.01.42

Talon's Junction:

The Amphiseum:

Modesto Heights: yeldar2097 | 6.58.08

Tech De Ra:

Current Endurance Race Records - Weapons On:robot:


Vineta K: Dark_Phantom_89 | 6.45.69

Anulpha Pass: Dark_Phantom_89 | 7.29.62

Moa Therma: yeldar2097 | 7.59.11

Chenghou Project:

Metropia: Rezatron | 7.15.09

Sebenco Climb: Dark_Phantom_89 | 7.57.00

Ubermall: Dark_Phantom_89 | 7.05.84 (NEW!!!)

Sol 2 : Dark_Phantom_89 | 6.51.84

Talon's Junction: z1r0rEi | 7.58.62

The Amphiseum: Dark_Phantom_89 | 9.13.19

Modesto Heights:

Tech De Ra:


Vineta K: Dark_Phantom_89 | 6.47.85

Moa Therma: Dark_Phantom_89 | 8.11.21

Metropia: Dark_Phantom_89 | 7.09.34

The Amphiseum: yeldar2097 | 8.33.03

Tech De Ra: morfeo378 | 7.48.87

MAGIC ACADEMY: :cowboy: kanar, DreamyElf, MrSmadSmartAlex, kaori714, Woopzilla, kgb1971, Chesterknight, chaos80, TarquinFarqhuar, matplayer1, Danterich, li98, AiiRW0LF, novide, old-abex, knihTknihT, outeris, Bloody_harry89, JFthebestJan, spook-21, PONTA012, ONlocke, ACE-FLO, KIGO1987, Ter-mi-na-tor, JJPAP, KujyoQtaro, nutcase259, onbac, TrackX, spec-r-99, drMannevond, maradonna74, nothern7, LUNA_bgd, FEISAR-CSY, Xtriko, G-Superpilot, emix21, morfeo378, challenger001, SaturnReturn, hacenetchik, erich123, asanofr, maccy123456, triboy, alteregorr, Andybob35, R3BU5ER, ITOSIKI, kundox1, CHRIS-_REDFIELD, Flaflasat, drr1984, Sicch-, carlos69nash, Luxoflux, ID_7of9, Amorbis, Temet79, Leungbok, tug_14, mm83944, T-Rex29, ShawnFrecle, boxman22, mikrucio, Constrictor4U, ericd7m, pp234, ExpitariuS, Black_Nero98, jimmolo, REDALRT, xrfdo, miss-78, blackwiggle, Evron_XI, dobyblue, INFAXSU, AlbinoAce, TropicMoon10, trufflefunk, vitamindrink

VIDEO MAKERS: :rock Challenger #001, (www.youtube.com/user/AntiGrav510) novide (www.youtube.com/novide9)

Please send me a message either on WipeoutZone or PSN for any ideas/errors/suggestions

11th September 2010, 12:06 PM
Shockwave... Good name, That's dope man! For sure I'll do my best to be around & help if needed during this week-end. And I'm happy for you, glad to read there's some good changes in your real life, enjoy & leave for a moment world of wipeout lol, you did so much for the community already. SL/TT challenges for a year now; and the huge wipeout week-ends... So a massive thank you for everything mate. See you soon on the tracks!

Challenger #001
11th September 2010, 12:45 PM
Shame to hear you won't be with us as much, DP. I take it you're either heading off to University or getting married? If it's the latter, my condolences.

I'll definetely be in this Avalon and a few after if possible (might not be that possible considering going back to Uni and got work to take my mind off it), but if you need someone to come up with a SL challenge every week I'm more than happy to try. :3

11th September 2010, 01:06 PM
so you made it happen ;)
i'm sorry to hear that is your last Avalon DP... :(
but i understand the reason and as you said to me yourself, real life comes first :)
so good luck on everything you decide for your life my friend! :)
personally, my college work goes great and i think i'll be available on most part of the cup.
i hope yeldar and woopzilla be around again this time^^
anyway if you need help, i'll try my best to host some races whenever i can.

finally, i wanna thank you DP for all your efforts and sacrifices you made to organize all the Avalon cups and the SL/TT challenges! BIG :+ to you :)

11th September 2010, 01:09 PM
Your last Avalon!?
Sorry to hear that :frown:
Oh well, I'll defintetely be on to make your last Avalon a great one 8)
Btw, Avalon: ShOckWave? good name sir!

11th September 2010, 02:45 PM
That's kinda sad...
Anyways,let's make this (one heck of an) Avalon as memorable and as exciting as possible!
ShOckWavE:Great name.

13th September 2010, 11:34 AM
definitely loving the name; this is a nice picture too; I'll probably take some good schockwaves online... rockets => Icaras' back on fire/exploding nicely...
And bad shockwaves in my own ass if I'm playing too much, the wife won't appreciate that.

But I'll try my best to be around as much as possible, and as you said DP, only 7 meetings remaining in the cup' round 1, so guys, if you can't arrange something during this week then DO IT next week-end! Already planned mine next sunday;

Xtriko you're a dead man :mr-t, taking your crazy funky youtube vid as a declaration of war, you'll feel my wrath with a good JB schockwave into your ^* :g

13th September 2010, 02:05 PM
your last one? :frown:

*sings Weve Only Just Begun by The Capenters*

count me in, and hope to use the skills ive got from you, against you! :lol

*that is if my stupid internet connection is working

13th September 2010, 10:46 PM
I'm in bro! If you want I can see if my man ACE-FLO is avalible? :)

13th September 2010, 11:56 PM
kanar, not sunday, Saturday because i don't know if i can sunday. I told you that the other day :) I don't care about the results ;) at least I'm playing with a BIG friend ;) I even send SMS now lol
btw, nice subject ehehehe :)

14th September 2010, 06:32 PM
Pure session :
Friday September 17th

I will be able to host from 16.00 GMT to 17.30 GMT and after 20.40 GMT.

European adhoc Party and european game.

14th September 2010, 09:50 PM
Euro, right, looks like I might play, depending on asa! :), or you!!!!


15th September 2010, 04:04 PM
MrSmadSmartAlex has very kindly offered to host a Pulse session on Sunday at 19.00 GMT.

16th September 2010, 02:35 PM
Hola Dark_Phantom, i ask u what time will do to play everybody Endurance on the weekend? till now i havent play endurance :((( i wanna play absoulty Endurance there...:nod

16th September 2010, 03:33 PM
I have no idea of my availability [New job], but I will appear at some time, and will hold up[ HOST] the Wipeoutzone AVALON Flag when possible.
It's all about the AVALON chat room's.
If you see somebody from the Zone come online, invite them into the chat room, this perpetuates AVALON.
That's the way it ends up running over several days consistently:+

17th September 2010, 04:08 PM
thx all the zoners (u know who u r) that joined earlier. :+
we had some fun races! :)

17th September 2010, 05:16 PM
Join me on adhoc party (euro), world A, lobby 04, for play WipEout Pure ;)

17th September 2010, 07:10 PM
I can't get online at the moment, anyone else having trouble?

Great to race with you all this morning/afternoon. I'll back for some more punishment at some point :+.

Challenger #001
18th September 2010, 12:19 AM
Thanks to all who raced against me today. :3 I got videos of all of Saturn's races with me in from Vineta to Sol, they'll be up on youtube tomorrow. They're not the best - anyone familiar with my lack of piloting skills will realise that before they've even loaded them up. Vineta is the only one I'm even close to the front. ^^;

Vineta Rev Weps Off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZngbuEehqA

Vineta Rev Weps On: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW4pNkBKgS0

Anulpha Rev Weps On: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vv0O7kBlFN4

Anulpha Rev Weps Off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-jNLh0eYIo

Moa Rev Weps On: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoQ5l8mm4_M

Moa Rev Weps Off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwR_LmCb0HQ

Chenghou Rev Weps On: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McleDM0XAgI

Chenghou Rev Weps Off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyCLTH2TnxU

Metropia Rev Weps On: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyiKij90h-Q

Metropia Rev Weps Off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79SmsCAOnzc

Sebenco Rev Weps On: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab4n4c8TRd8

Sebenco Rev Weps Off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_7C0AOnNdE

Ubermall Rev Weps On: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ha3wtXd-_A

Ubermall Rev Weps Off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-sTOlYxt9M

Sol Rev Weps On: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXLvBwJiSpA

Sol Rev Weps Off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cKhbe7Ha8g

18th September 2010, 03:50 AM
I may (not) be able to race around 2 to 3 pm GMT+8 and perhaps at night around 11 to 12 GMT+8.I'm very sorry that I was not able to race yesterday.
I really hate this weekend.My relatives from overseas are coming over and the place I am eating at is quite far from my home.I hate this weekend as I also have quite a bit of schoolwork to do and I'll be missing out:frown:

18th September 2010, 12:56 PM
Had a nice session this morn, thnx chaps! :+

18th September 2010, 05:22 PM
argh couldn't spend lot of time so far, with the wife around and my epic meeting with X. I'll do my best to join you guys more tonight. Damn it's DP89's last avalon, and maybe the last avalon ever too, so I'll join you guys for sure!

19th September 2010, 12:23 AM
That's weird. My PS3 just turned itself off. Oh well, seems I missed out on most of the fun today as everyone just disappeared. Think we must all be getting old. Maybe I'll catch up for longer with all you WO geriatrics on Sunday.

19th September 2010, 12:23 PM
Missed both evening sessions so far but been doing the afternoon. :(
Was at a party last night, sorry fellas!

19th September 2010, 04:30 PM
Was nice racing with some,but had to leave abruptly due to my younger bro.
Damn him

19th September 2010, 07:03 PM
Opening the Pulse room in a few minutes. :)

19th September 2010, 09:15 PM
Big THX for this Avalon Dark_Phantom89
and thx to all hoster/pilots for the races :)

some times it felt like "avalon ramschock" ;)

here some videos from avalon-weekend: (http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=C538927C3F3B86D3)

i hope, it will not be the last one :rock

20th September 2010, 12:54 AM
Thanks INFAXSU, AlbinoAce, TropicMoon10, trufflefunk, vitamindrink, and the other pilots who dropped by. :)

avalon Pulse records:


Talon's Junction: AlbinoAce | 1:52.51 (NEW!!!)
Moa Therma: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1:57.41
Metropia: AlbinoAce | 1.36.44 (NEW!!!)
Arc Prime: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1:52.26 (NEW!!!)
De Konstruct: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1:40.01
Tech de Ra: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1:49.17 (NEW!!!)
The Amphiseum: MrSmadSmartAlex | 2:04.02
Fart Gale: AlbinoAce | 2:02.58 (NEW!!!)
Basilico: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.26.58
Platinum Rush: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1:44.34 (NEW!!!)
Vertica: INFAXSU | 1:35.23
Outpost 7: AlbinoAce | 1:51.53 (NEW!!!)


Talon's Junction: INFAXSU | 1.53.50 (NEW!!!)
Moa Therma: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1:57.36 (NEW!!!)
Metropia: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1:43.53 (NEW!!!)
Arc Prime: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1:50.37
De Konstruct: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1:41.47
Tech de Ra: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1.47.95 (NEW!!!)
The Amphiseum: INFAXSU | 2.11.09 (NEW!!!)
Fart Gale: MrSmadSmartAlex | 2:03.69
Basilico: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1:33.61
Platinum Rush: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1:45.43 (NEW!!!)
Vertica: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1:47.30
Outpost 7: MrSmadSmartAlex | 1:53.82 (NEW!!!)

20th September 2010, 03:19 AM
Your not the only one Novide who though the ramming extreme.
I have seldom been in races where it was so bad. as last nights Avalon.[I suspect collision detection lag was partly to blame since the boards were full]
I only managed a few races before finding it too frustrating, god knows how many times I got shunted off the track on Sebenco, Ubermall and Sol 2 then to be put back by the wuss wagon at a stupid point only to go off again:|

20th September 2010, 08:15 AM
thank you everyone for all the fun (and some brutal ones) races during those 3 days :)
it was also nice chatting with all of you! (i especially enjoyed the vendetta with the drunken ninja master ;))

special thx goes to DP for organizing this event (hope its not your last! ;))
and of course to kanar (who is very friendly :))
cheers everyone :+

22nd September 2010, 11:19 PM
Hi all.. found this Avalon, well rather stressful. had a few gremlins!
anyhoo, hope i's not the last, and if it is?, i had a lot of fun with it. thnx to all who made it happen, cheers!

here's the vids i caught:http://www.youtube.com/user/TarquinFarqhuar?feature=mhum#p/c/F81F84F3994EFBCF

23rd September 2010, 01:54 AM
Tarqun... PSY/GOA TRANCE FTW!!! :D Next year i'm counting on you for Freedom Festival! ;)

23rd September 2010, 07:28 AM
nice races tarquin ! :)

23rd September 2010, 11:08 AM
thnx guys :)
I put some more vids up from the 19th...

you can count me in for Freedom fest mate, partying in the sun, sounds great to me :rock:rock:rock :P

23rd September 2010, 04:28 PM
Thanks to those whom I've raced during the three days.
DP,you must be psychic.I did not race you but you knew I participated?

23rd September 2010, 04:40 PM
I think he noticed you in the chatbox, chatting & racing mate. Yeah that was a great event once again, despite the fact hd is getting older, and the tired online servers. sometimes it's totally unplayable, sometimes it's really enjoyable... anyway, was good to race with you all. Tarquin what a bunch of vids, great stuff!!