View Full Version : wo 2097 Mac/negcon!

15th August 2010, 02:30 AM
It works! using gamepad companion, I was able to play Mac 2097 two different ways. The first way, I used my ps3 negcon, which runs through a thrustmaster 5 in 1 wheel. Gamepad companion recognized the wheel. This works awesome. I need to find how to adjust some sensitivities and I might make it better if I calibrate it, but as of now at 45 degree turning (set for ps3 negcon), it works very good, no slowdown, nothing. There did not appear to be any lag. One button does not work, and I am assuming this is the bug that came from the pc version with that gas always on issue. However, this wheel allows to swap buttons, so I should be all set with it, just in the future, I will keep the B button programmed to something else.

I also used element42's converter, and that worked great as well, His has steering sensitivity, but I think it has dead zone increase, when the steering is increased, so I think his next version might be the best with dead zone adjustment.

After fixing up these controllers for use, the next project is Lan/online for this game. Could be an incredible thing to play against wipeoutzone players across the world