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Synthetic Consciousness
25th January 2003, 04:43 AM
Alright...finally got Gold in Rhea League, and unlocked Mr. Flame Thrower; and so off to Devila where Franco Gonzalez challenges me to a race máno y máno. I started lagging behind and he was way ahead of me...until I passed over a weapons grid and picked up my happy little friend, Mr. Plasma Bolt. Blasted Frankie-boy to pieces, and thought to myself "Well, that'll make it easier..." :lol:

[Moral]: People should know better to challenge me, cuz I'll blast them to smithereenies! :P

...Anyone else have interesting tales to tell?

DJ Techno
25th January 2003, 03:42 PM
Alright...It's Florian Heights course 1 of the Zone and now I am off to Mandarashee course 3. Ok If I had a level 33, I scored a wopping 300, 000, 000 million credits, I shoud do fine on my next Zone challenge. The next Challenge Mandarashee, I scored 400, 000, 000 million credits and reached a level 8. Not bad but the game is saying I didn't qualify. So...I tryed again, again I didn't make. And again. And again. And again. It has been three months and I have hade it. :evil:

A moral (warning)? If a person walks up to me and ask "What do you think of the Zone of WOF"
I'll let them know... :evil: :-? :evil: :-? :evil: Don't Ask!

10th February 2003, 09:50 AM
As we all know van uber isn't that shield monster of the future -
So my first race with this team was an ... adventure.
I was on first place (cubiss float1/first liga/3 round/first day having fusion), the finish directly in front of me.
I was very happy so I shouted "I LOVE VAN UBER TM" (the TM was really loud!)
-2 seconds later a missile hit my back and made me loosing the rest of my shield, so my controller was flying trough my room against my door...

moral: Never shout "I LOVE VAN UBER TM" having 2 shield points.

bei adrenalinmangel wird ihnen wipeout empfohlen.