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27th May 2010, 02:51 PM
Post something you like and give each reasons why is that your favorite track/ship.

My Top 3 Tracks:
1. Ubermall Forward - I mastered at navigating this route.
2. The Amphiseum Reverse - Best place for Eliminator. It feels like playing in Pulse version.
3. Syncopia - No tricky corners, wide width, excellent. Really love Zoning and Detonating there.

My Top 3 Ships:
1. AG-Systems - Good all-rounder ship.
2. Icaras Fury - It maybe pinkish, but their handling is remarkable.
3. Goteki 45 HD - Thrust may be perfect but their handling is usually difficult. Otherwise, i merely used it for Speed Laps in the campaign, tnx to Hellfire_WZ.

27th May 2010, 03:21 PM
1. Modesto Heights Rev - The most fun track for me... I love boost barrel rolling down the long curved left and dodging through the 'wavy' tunnel section.
2. Amphiseum Rev - There's something satisfying about managing to pull off the Amphi-scenic route shortcut several times in a match.
3. Sol 2 - It just looks beautiful.

1. Goteki 45 + Fury - Great thrust and handling... my favourite design in HD (the mostly white and pink skin). Fury is a bit of a bulldozer but still looks great everytime the engine flares up over a speed pad.
2. AG-Systems - Great thrust and handling again... really like the blue colour scheme in HD. Fury has the performance boost but the design seems a little fat or bulgy.
3. Piranha HD - Completed the entire campaign with this ship from the get go on Elite. All other ships have since felt as if they have top handling. Chosen due to being awesome in 2097 and I figured that using a ship with a low rated handling would help me improve fast.

27th May 2010, 03:57 PM
1/2. Vineta K Forward/Reverse - Short, sweet, BR heaven (thanks to the French pioneers).
3. Sol 2 Reverse - In love with the first set of corners and looks fabulous

1. Furymau - Overpowered n00b ship that doesn't look anywhere near as good as it's HD equivalent. Go figure.
2. EG-X HD - Looks badass and I love its cheeky banking when you negotiate corners. Fury version can get out.
3. Icaras HD - Glides around the track, looks like a bird, perfect for Flying High


27th May 2010, 04:21 PM
1. Metropia Rev - That blind chincane is like crack and I get a high every time I do it:dizzy It is also easy to place blind bombs and bombs that throw racers off the track when hit:)
2. Chengou Project - The big one my first track that I had to spend real time mastering. Once master however I've become very fond of the track and appreciate the corner in the beginning more for its missile deflecting properties. I am also partial to the sunset scenery.
3. Modesto Heights - Unlike Chengou Project I just seems accustomed to this one from the get go. I get that same chill factor as Metropia in the beginning with the fast downhill BR right into the following 180. Sideshifts are your best friend here:) I find of all the tracks it is easiest for me to cut corners closer here.

Ships(No Order):

Assegai(Fury+HD) - It delivers on all ends apart from shields. However this is to me the most nimble ship in the game. The combination thrust and handling allow for fast cornering and the speed doesn't leave you hanging dry in the following straights. Another primary factor that has grown on me is the loose rear end which allow me to line up faster through a turn therefore I don't have to slam the airbrakes for as long. Overall a great ship provided you can manage your energy well enough.
Mirage(Fury+HD) - Basically sacrifices Assegai's handling for increased shields from the looks of the stats. However Mirage is a very different beast altogether. Mirage is fast and accurate. It has the same balanced speed and thrust that help in get out front and stay there. The handling is not twitchy at all and can feel like a psychic connection between racer and ship at times. It's center of gravity and turning radius is just right to the point where you could slip into most of the rough stuff effortlessly and cleanly. The only downside I have noticed is that of very bumpy tracks(sebenco reverse) traking those turns is almost like driving and SUV too fast through a corner, you feel like your going to flip over. However this is still generally my most balanced team is every sense. Nothing is impossible with it!
Goteki 45(HD) - The first ship I got 100,000 loyalty with. This is about thrust, and lots of it. Even starting at the back of the pack isn't so bad since you can pretty much jump back to the front. The steering is honestly stiff and this can be a good or bad thing but for me it works well and keeps me from messing up. Once in the lead due to the thrust the games not over yet though, you have to work to keep it there. But even so the thrust of Goteki 45 here is so great it noticably improves my recovery time from weps(my biggest downfall). Despite it seeming as though throwing you out front only to get run down is the order of the day there is one more advantage that I have enjoyed when using goteki: it is narrow. The hull is in fact one of if not the narrowest in the game and in combination with the thrust I have found that it eats chicanes alive, easily slipping though any opening without losing speed. This made it my fav. for a long time along with my number one track choice- that blind chicane with Goteki is immense:hyper

/End massive rant:redface:

27th May 2010, 08:31 PM
Ubermall - Good combo of speed and technical sections, lots of opportunities for barrel rolls and turbo shortcuts. The reverse is awesome also.
Metropia Reverse - Like this one a lot more than the forward - feels a lot smoother to me, and going through the blind corner successfully is sweet.
Sol 2 Reverse - Hated this one at first, now it's a favorite. First corner series into the downhill slope never gets old.

So many good ones - also like AG-Systems, Icaras, and Feisar, but I feel a special affinity for the following three:
Harimau HD+Fury - My first love and 100,000 loyalty. Don't use it often now, but it's an old standby.
Goteki 45 HD - Started using after watching Hellfire's tutorials (original I know), stayed for the enormous thrust and surprising responsiveness through corners (if you take them right). This ship's handling and somewhat low top speed forces you to take a good line - I learn something every time I use it.
Mirage Fury - This is my favorite right now - perfect mix of agility and stability, pretty good thrust and speed. Most of all it feels comfortable in a weapons race, almost like it can slip by other ships and weapons with its little tube body. When I want to go all out, I go for this one.

27th May 2010, 10:34 PM
Anulpha Pass Fwd/Rev: Yeah the most unloved track of all! But i don't give a sh!t about its general appreciation, it's a challenging track, due to the over-pass that requires a lot strategic anticipation in all its simplicity and also the goddamn narrow pass where all Mines and Bombs are dropped. It's a track based solely on pure top speed and acceleration, hence the 2 triple speed pad protions, one in the big curve on Fwd and the other right after the bump, with of course the over-pass again. I just LOVE using a Turbo to BR after the first curve on Fwd and BR on the flat after the first chicane on Rev! :D

Metropia Reverse: I'm like IDReaper on this; the brutal chicane after the vertical maglock rise is THA thrill of it all! :P I also love to BR after the first hairpin, then with the obtained boost BR again in the downward slope before the big rise. BR near the last chicane, before starting grid is also the coolest.

Modesto Height Fwd/Rev: I mention both versions but i got a preference on the Reverse. I love soaring through the slalom portion before screwing everyone up in the 90° hairpin, to catch up the triple Speed pads and climbing up to the top of the slope! On the Forward version, i dunno if i'm the only one to BR before the steep bump at the suspended bridge? :P

Now for the ships.

Fury Mirage: As a lot of people already know, i recently got fond on this one. If you wanna know why, just look at the thread i made about it! :)

HD/Fury Feisar: The God of Handling, it's that simple. I've been a long time follower of Feisar, and the Fury version just consolidated my devotion :) And to me, this ship have the most beautiful design of all.

HD/Fury Auricom ex aqueo with HD/Fury Harimau: Sorry but i simply cannot reject one or the other. Auricom if the first and only heavy-ass ship that i used, and i got quite accomodated to it. To me it's the one with the best handling and weight distribution. Both HD and Fury version are also sooo bad-ass! I love the air-brakes on the Fury version too! And Harimau, because the HD version was so under-estimated, and behavior on the track is so well-balanced. Of course the Fury version is a killer, a lethal kunai throwing itself on the track for a carnage, thanks to awesome Top Speed and Handing! :rock

28th May 2010, 12:18 AM
top three tracks:
Seb rev: the absolute king track for sideshifts and BRs

Uber rev: i have one distinct reason for liking this over the forward version. the first chicane (last on fwd.) i can never do this satisfactory on fwd, but reverse works like a charm :P also uber is one of the coolest tracks in the game anyway.

CP fwd: tight technical, tons of BRs. plus it does not have the turbo BR shortcut ( i find it a bit match critical to get that right. so it close to impossible to win without. hmm a bit unballanced.)

top three ships:
Piranha HD: FEED ME. its slow off the line, but consistent good racing lines makes his craft a BEAST. it also have a classy sleek look (it oozes fast like no other ship does.)Venom/flash (rapier/phantom on AP and Moa.)

Auricom HD: The AURICOM WAY ftw, its kind of like the piranha, but faster of the line and more stable in the corners. does lack a bit on top speed but its a nice balance to the piranha. also it looks sexy as hell :g Venom/flash/rapier

G-45 HD: well what can i say definitely FUTURE PROOF. stiff handling=stability, and the rest you can sideshift your way around :P. this is my absolute favorite craft for tight technical tracks because of its handling. oh... and the thrust is orgasmic. it also have an awesome industrial look, that separate it from all the nice and purty teams :beer Rapier/phantom
(furymau :P)mmm its just so...sweet :cake rapier/phantom

28th May 2010, 12:46 AM
mine were..well before my ps3 connection broke were...

ubermall reverse
AP reverse

Ships are


i aslo like many other tracks and ships but as you asked for 3 of both..here they are..:)

maybe if i ever get back online this will change.

28th May 2010, 01:33 AM
heey jasmin welcome back. long time no see :D

Dan Locke
28th May 2010, 08:39 AM
Silly me; I had forgotten that this was the Wipeout HD board. All right, then:

Favorite tracks:

1. The Amphiseum

2. Sol 2

3. Sebenco Climb

Favorite ships:

1. Auricom

2. AG-Systems

3. Qirex

28th May 2010, 11:05 AM
Favourite Tracks:

1) Sol 2 Forward

2) Metropia Reverse

3) Moa Therma Forward

Favourite ships:

1) Mirage Fury (obviously)

2) Harimau Fury

3) Icaras Fury

28th May 2010, 11:14 AM
Hello guys,

My Top 3 Tracks (no particular reason to like :)):
1. The Amphiseum (f & r)
2. Teck Da Ra (f & r) - Outside track, with rocks... nice one.
3. Ubermall (f only) ... I'll pass the last chicane one day on Forward track, one day...

My Top 3 Ships:
1. AG-Systems - Great starts and handling.
2. Icaras - I hate... but I like... I don't understand.
3. Harimau - There's something wrong with this ship, I just can't figure what it is :)

PS : Having "Pulse Metropia Black" shape on both "HD Metropia Forward and Reverse" was a huuuuuuuuuuuuge disapointment.
Metropia white was one of my favorite tracks on Pulse... but I really dislike que the black shape :'(

28th May 2010, 01:16 PM
1. Amphirev
2. Ubermall forward
3. Tech de Ra forward

1. Fury QIREX
2. HD Piranha
3. Universal Zone ship

28th May 2010, 01:18 PM
Sol 2 Fwd- i love this track,my fav since wo pure,flying around clouds feels so good!

Chenghou Project Fwd- i hated it at first, now that i mastered it i love it! (the monaco of wo xD)

Sebenco Climb Fwd- i love side-shifting here :)

i will also add Metropia Rev and Tech De Ra Fwd, both amazing tracks! :D

AG-Systems Fury- the perfect ship for me, excellent all-around stats!
Feisar Fury- amazing handling and beautiful too but slow on low classes...
Icaras HD- this is the ferrari of wipeout, difficult to handle but so fast!

28th May 2010, 02:42 PM

anulpha fwd - the monza of wipEout hd (imola/sao paulo-style). anulpha has so much secrets that can be explored, and it has some of the hardest BR-combos.

sebenco fwd - what should i say? love! super technical.

tech de ra fwd - 1st corner-BR is so nice, with exact timing u can do a double there (SS is ur friend).


i dont like the fury ships, cause of their "clean-computer-look", so i stay hd (used-style) most of the time.

piranha hd - i like nice big ass! brazil ftw ;)

eg-x hd - it feels like flying a rocket. it has great cornering abilities, if u use SS very often.

zone - i want it 4 SL/TT.

28th May 2010, 02:44 PM
Top 3 Tracks

The Amphiseum (R>F)
Tech Da Ra (R)
Syncopia/Anulpha Pass (F) (Good times in Zone)

Top 3 Ships

Fury Assagai - My General All-Purpose Ship (Also, I Love the design :rock)
Fury Qirex - Mainly used in Eliminator, And I play alot of Eliminator :twisted
Fury/HD G45 - Dont know what to say about G45, Its just awesome.

28th May 2010, 03:07 PM
I love all the tracks, always learning new things
only 3:
sol 2
cheng proj rev
amp rev
Icaras fury
Harimau hd and fury
goteki 45

28th May 2010, 03:42 PM
The Amphiseum R -the track I'm best at good shortcut too
Anulpha Pass F -nice simple track, good fun to race on
Chengu Project F -used to hate it but as I've got better I've started to enjoy it more

Quirex F -only started using it recently but I really like it, ship I'm best with
Harimau F -used it for ages good all-rounder
Don't have a 3rd best ship really it's all of them!

28th May 2010, 08:07 PM
I like all of them with the closest to not being liked Moa Therma (too simple from a straightforward glance, yet I find the BR's/boosts unbelievably frustrating and unforgiving)... but if I had to choose 3:

* Tech De Ra Rev: Kinda like AP: deceptively simple at first glance, but there are a whole bunch of BR's that require persistence to be able to achieve properly, and they can really pay off.
* Metropia Rev: It's been said, but the blind corner is a lot of fun to take when you know how to handle it. Plus, the BR's and BR opportunities are all pretty fun as well.
* Modesto Heights fwd: Pretty technical, tight track that's tough to nail, but when you get it right, it's up there with the best.
Bonus mention: Ubermall fwd: So many good br's and boost locations, it's hard to fault Ubermall. It's punishing if you get something wrong, and that last corner makes you pay attention on the faster speeds.

Icaras Fury: Almost hands down the fastest ship on just about every track below phantom, being a SL player this is a good choice to come back to despite possibly not being the most fun to handle. In phantom it falls apart though and the HD version seems to be better.
Feisar Fury: I think it's better than the HD version in pretty much every way and it's always a good ship to play with somehow. I like it, anyway.
Mirage Fury: I like this in phantom. Seems rock solid. Hate how it looks. Perhaps not the best overall, but feels absolutely rock solid.
Bonus mention: Furymau: Another awesome phantom class ship; it's light and has great handling.

29th May 2010, 12:19 AM
Anulpha Pass Forward
Moa Therma forward
Moa Therma Reverse
HD Feisar
Fury Feisar
and emm... dunno :D

29th May 2010, 01:12 AM
heey jasmin welcome back. long time no see :D

hi back....but not that you wil read this cos i just read that you have left..but maybe you will be back....

29th May 2010, 04:13 PM
1. Icaras Fury. My choice about 95% of the time. For having 100 speed it's quite agile, much more so than Piranha. Only its shield is terrible so I get eliminated often.
2. Harimau Fury. This is my Icaras alternative when I feel I might need more on the side of handling. Acceleration is not a big deal to me since I can usually overtake people by cutting corners sharper.
3. Feisar Fury. I'll use Fiesar when I want a little more kick to my start, and an overall lighter ship. It isn't bad, but after having raced with Icaras for so long, its speed is a little disappointing. :P

Tracks: My reason for liking these courses the best is more or less the same: I can maneuver the most accurately on these and I love the feeling of doing so! :D
1. Modesto Heights fwd.
2. The Amphiseum rev.
3. Chenghou Project rev.

29th May 2010, 05:54 PM
Great topic! :clap
I'm always curious about other zoners' flavours :g


Feisar Fury:
+ well balanced ship, good thrust and shields
+ awesome handling, on sebenco and sol2 can really make the difference :p
+ good design
- a little bit of more thrust/speed and it would have been the perfect ship
- it was easier to barrel roll with the HD version

AG-Sys HD:
+ the classic ship before the "Fury"
+ my first love :redface:
- a bit slow

Icaras HD:
+ the best looking ship imo
+ awesome to "fly high"!
+ great br-eater
- its shields are made of paper
- less thrust than the fury version


Sebenco Climb: my nightmare when I was a newby. My dream once I understood how to face those turns 8)

Sol2 reverse: Awesome and very smooth!

The Amphiseum reverse: That suortcut is pure genious!

29th May 2010, 08:38 PM

1 - Ubermall Forward while drinking Whiskey
2 - Metropia Reverse while drinking Super Bock (portuguese beer)
3 - Sol 2 Forward while drinking Caipirinha (Cachaça, Limes, Lot's of crushed Ice and yellow sugar)


1 - Furymau
2 - AG Systems
3 - Piranha (from the heart)

Always Drink (a lot!) before flying!


29th May 2010, 11:25 PM
Jeez. At least you're not driving. hahahaha

1st June 2010, 12:08 AM
My Top 3 Tracks:
1. Chenghou Forward - My favourite. Extremely technical. At first it was the most horrible to conquer, but now it's great to race on at Phantom speed.
2. Talon´s Junction Forward - Very cool design. Feels really nice to race on, in Phantom of course. The freeway under the transparent floor looks awesome!
3. Tech de Ra Forward - Again, the transparent floor is beautiful and so are the rocky surroundings. Solar panels are future-ish.

My Top 3 Ships:
1. AG-Systems Fury - Great manouverability AND acceleration.
2. Icaras Fury - Pink AND fast. Outstanding in Venom and Flash.
3. Piranha Fury - Really cool design.

See you all in 3D soon! :)

1st June 2010, 09:14 AM
Tracks (it's kinda hard only to choose 3!)
* Metropia rev The flow of this track is just beautiful and I get in a slightly better mood whenever I race it. Even when I lose horribly. My all-time favorite.
* Vineta K fwd Again, I think it just got that sweet flow.
* Modesto Heights fwd|Sebenco Climb|Chengou Project Sorry, can't decide. Modesto really only works for me on TT/SL, it's a complete PITA on MP. Sebenco/Chengou on the other hand are just all-round fun to race.

* AG-Systems HD - my only true love, but alas now abandoned for now
* Furymau - It looks like it is about to stab you!
* Fury Piranha - snap snap snap!

1st June 2010, 02:08 PM
Personal top 3:

1. Modesto Heights FWD - This track is perfect in every way.
2. Veneta K FWD - Love the underwater part, such awesome water effects on the hull.
3. Sol 2 BWD - 100s of metres above the sky, clouds look so realistic, floaty floaty. Ppl always beat me fwd so bwd it is.

1. Auricom (Original HD v.) - Great speed, rly like the ship design
2. Harimau (Fury v.) - Im Malaysian lol.
3. Assegai (Original HD v.) Ship reminds me of Heracross, my favourite Pokemon.

Dan Locke
2nd June 2010, 04:05 AM
Yo Haywire_Guy, I'm really happy for you, I'mma let you finish, but Mewtwo is the best Pokémon of all time. The best Pokémon of all time!

6th June 2010, 07:59 AM
At the moment, here are my favorites:

1. The Amphiseum (Forward)
2. Ubermall (Forward)
3. Modesto Heights (Forward)

1. Assegai Zone Battle
2. Triakis Zone Battle
3. Harimau Zone Battle

7th June 2010, 08:24 AM
Here are mine for HD

Anulpha Pass: That "Land BR from ramp+hyperthrust goes over 1000K/mh!:blarg)

Chengou Project: Double BR ramp! :dizzy

Vineta K: Icarus is king here! 8)


Harimau: Good for complex tracks EG: Sebenco, Metropia, Chengou ETC. (Sometimes I swap it for Assegai, they both look soooo good!)

Icarus: Speed King for the less complex tracks with slight turns!

Mirage: It looks so unique and is basically sometimes swapped for a complex race because of that "Psychic Interface" thing!

7th June 2010, 03:53 PM
For god sake, why so many people can't say/write "Icaras" ?????

12 kittens, 2 whales, 176 dogs and an angel die in horrible pain each time someone write/say "Icarus" !!! :blarg

7th June 2010, 05:17 PM
Metropia Rev - amazing track for any situation. it has a nice mix of open sections and bottlenecks, blind turns, and weapon pickups. its one of the best zone battle tracks too because of all the boost pads, combined with the aforementioned bottlenecks and blind turns. i am glad to see so many other pilots agree with me on this track :+

Modesto Heights Frw/Rev - no way i could pick a favorite between the forwards and backwards versions of modesto. both have sections that feel so good when you nail them.

Anulpha Pass Frw/Rev - i like both versions of this track too. just a smooth track that looks great.

Fury EGx - my default ship now. looks great, handles the way i like it, and pretty rare online which makes me feel special.

HD icaras - black paint, nuff said.

Fury auricom - i actually think this isnt stiff enough, which is a shame because it looks so good.

7th June 2010, 06:23 PM
Yeah that's right Temet!!!


Respect the team people or get plasmafied!!! :D

7th June 2010, 06:46 PM
Tracks I like are great both ways.

Talons Junction: Not a lot of love here for this track. Used to hate it but since doing SL on it I love it now.

Metropia: Probably my favourite of them all as it plays very well both ways.

Sol 2: The best looking track in the game.

Ships, well I recently decided that I hate all the Fury versions, and have reverted to play the HD version only.

Feisar HD: The Yellow version is God :)

Assegai HD: I think it is the best looking ship in the game, very sleek.

AG Systems HD: The first ship I used when I turned professional (played in Avalon :))

14th June 2010, 08:09 AM

Anulpha Pass
Don't be haters. Anulpha is the nascar track of WO, but god I love it and want to kiss it with my tongue. It's just so satisfying doing a full race of perfect laps and hitting every single speed pad. Having to do the zico trophy really makes you appreciate it's subtle nuances. **** zico btw.

Metropia Reverse
This is the best reverse track, in my assessment. It's so balanced and in an 8 player race, it is an incredibly competitive course. Lots of long tight space for violence and insane lines.

Amphiseum Reverse
I fell in love with this track on Pulse, and for like half a day I had even beaten Kandang's time on it and knew the bliss of being in a #1 ranked spot, if only for a matter of hours. I was so happy to see it show up Fury.


AG Sys - It's what I did all of my elite golds in.

Icaras (fury) - It's heavy but when you get it's fat ass around corners in your top speed, it's a wonderful feeling.

Harimau (fury) - I've actually only recently begun to appreciate just how well balanced this ship is. It's become a favorite.

14th June 2010, 04:38 PM
Top 3 track in no particular order:

I cant decide actualy, I was going to say Metropia R, Chengou Project F and Sol 2 F+R. I like them all except Modesto Heights R, Ubermall R and Moa Therma R, maybe I should race on em more.

Goteki 45 - Fury Love the thrust the look & the handling, weight feels just right to me.

Icaras - Fury Its fast, use it when I get beat in the Goteki. Looks good from the side, looks like a prolapsed anus from the rear.

Fiesar - HD + Fury For sentimental reasons.

21st June 2010, 06:51 AM
Top 3 favorite tracks (no particular order)

Anulpha Pass (still trying to get to Zone 75 and finally get Zone Zeus, but I can't break out of the 60s).; This one has the virtue of being the only track I can beat the Elite AI on in Phantom class

Ubermall Reverse...I got a cool pic of my EG-X ship flying out of the cat's mouth in the first corner on this track, using it as my PS3 wallpaper with HD theme

Sol 2...A track hovering thousands of meters off the ground...what's not to like about that?


Assegai HD
Harimau HD
Feisar HD

22nd June 2010, 10:19 AM
Metropia. One of my best tracks.
Vinita K. Short track. Good for quick races.
Sol 2. I really like Sol 2's design.


AG Sys In almost every game I've used AG sys. I really like it on HD.
Feisar Great handling for when you meet that really sharp turn.
Icaras Fast ship and I like the design.

I don't have fury. I hope to get it here soon.

26th June 2010, 03:57 AM
Moa Therma
Analba Pass
Sol 2


5th December 2013, 03:01 PM
My favorite teams are Feisar, Icaras and AG -Systems but as for the ships I always prefer the fury ships as I find them more comfortable to use :)
My favorite tracks have to be Ubermall, Sebenco Climb and Tech De Ra :)

5th December 2013, 04:23 PM
01 Vineta K Fwd/Rev (just love them both, I know)
02 Sol 2 Rev
03 The Amphiseum Rev

01 AG-Systems Fury
02 Feisar Fury
03 Goteki 45 Fury

5th December 2013, 06:54 PM
Chenghou F/R
Ubermall R
Sol 2 R or Metropia R not sure which

Mirage HD 2nd skin
EG-X HD 3rd skin
MY Silver Furymau :robot
(SaturnReturn borrowed it once and scratched the paintwork I was pissed) :P

On the flipside....

The only 3 tracks I dislike:
Talon's F/R
Amphi F/R
Tech de Ra R

Only 3 ships I dislike using, starting with the most hateful:
EG-X Fury
Qirex Fury
Assegai Fury

8th December 2013, 01:19 AM
1. Vineta k. Best track no explaination needed.
2. Vineta k reverse. Love speedlap session here. Amazing quad combi!
3. Sebenco fwd as the most difficult track. At least i think so.
Actually i like every track out of TdR , talons rev.

Fav ships: iraras hari and feisar...

9th December 2013, 12:39 AM
1- Anulpha pass reverse
I like doing brs and the triple on venom (or flash. Done it on few tries so i know it's possible) is really fun. Other speed class it's still fun to do a double there, like in phantom where it's easy (doing it really well (flat) and really fast is not).
Last turn is fun too
2- Probably Vineta K reverse
BRs everywhere, lots of fun
3- Hard to tell, it could be differents tracks, like Sol 2 fwd or ubermall fwd/reverse.
Some really fun brs and shortcuts

1- Icaras
2- Harimau
3- Feisar

13th December 2013, 02:26 AM
Favorite tracks:

Amphiseum (F/R): I like the color scheme and the technically demanding nature of the track.
Tech De Ra (F/R): It's a tough track because of the lack of guardrails but there's something cool about racing through mountain tunnels.
Modesto Heights (F/R): It's a really, really hard track. But it's so satisfying to be able to race it well.

LEAST favorite tracks:

Sol 2: I am terrible at this track and I don't like flying over the edge.
Ubermall: I stink at this track too and don't like that cheap turn near the end of the lap.
Chenghou Project: It took me forever to beat this on Phantom Elite.

Favorite tracks (zone mode only):

Syncopia: my strongest track by far
Anulpha Pass (R): my second strongest zone track
Sebenco Climb (R): my best anti-zone track

Favorite ships:

AG Systems: It's a forgiving ship that handles well
Harimau: A little faster than AG Systems, but with a weaker shield
Assegai: The first ship I could use well

15th December 2013, 12:06 AM
My favourites for Wipeout HD almost change monthly, but after a long break and coming back I think I've figured it out.

Top 3 Ships

Auricom HD -
How the hell I managed to get good, and faster than Icaras and AG-SYS, with this thing I'll never know. But I love the feel of it! Its like a lightweight Triakis with a hint of Qirex. Their liveries aren't bad, and I feel very unique using it, as no one else does. Infact, I've taken to Auricom so much I'm flying them in every game!

Auricom Fury -
This one I use for tighter tracks, but it isn't as satisfying to use. Sure enough its an Auricom, but it isn't heavy enough XD It swings out at the rear end like the Icaras Fury does, but it doesn't flow as well as the HD version. I still like it because its one of the least twitchy Fury versions. Also, turn signal airbrakes.

AG-Systems Fury -
This thing does twitchy right, it has quite respectable stats, and it glides across the track. I still like the Auricom better, but this is good for technical tracks if you want a nerve-wracking experience trying to stop it from flying right into a wall or off-kilter for a barrel roll. But still, its a nice speedy craft with just a perfect handling feeling if you haven't had a look at the heavier top-end speed craft.

Top 3 Tracks

Metropia Forward -
I do love this track's variety, and I love the whole "boost over a slight curve and get 200m of air"-thing, but this track takes concentration to hit all the speedpads too, especially on the magstrip when you turn down. the Carousel turn at the end feels so satisfying when you turn it just right too. Sure, a weird place to throw and Auricom, but I still love that damn ship.

Amphiseum Reverse -
A huge drop, a hairpin turn, a rollercoaster starting turn, and a shortcut through a billboard. I love this thing. Very satisfying to pull off correctly. Its also a good night track for photos, but sadly doesn't make use of a ship's headlights.

Syncopia -
Simple, raw speed. flowing turns, amazing scenery and the best glitch in this game. It is THE track for high zone runs and loyalty grinding. The first turn into the narrow section can be quite horrible though, and could singnal the start for a pinballing chain.

17th December 2013, 08:54 AM

Sebenco Climb (F/R)
Ubermall (F)
Vineta K (R)



24th December 2013, 03:40 PM

1. Goteki 45 Fury: My Harimau killer. Who doesn't love this ship? It might not be the easiest ship to fly, or the most agile, but the thrust is unparalleled by any other team! Weapon recovery time is also great, the ship looks amazing, and I love the way it handles. Even though it is a rather heavy and large craft, the craft is great for pulling off a cheeky barrel roll or two. (I did have a friend destroy MY ship, no matter, have 100000 loyalty with Goteki anyway)

2. FEISAR Fury (ALSO MINE): A team that almost everyone loves, I love this ship to fly around some of the more technical tracks in the game (I hate you Sebenco Reverse, Ubermall, and Sol 2!) It may be a bit twitchy at times, but with almost completely equal stats to the Goteki (except in handling, where it is amazing in!), this thing is amazing to fly. (Yes, another friend thought he could handle Phantom Class on Sebenco Reverse vs Elite AI, and killed my ship)

FEISAR? Another ship please?

3. EG-X Fury: My OTHER Harimau killer. Great ship to fly around almost any track! Its slightly weak shield can get it into some trouble, and it handles slightly lighter than the Goteki, which has caused my some problems! :P Other than that, it does have a slightly better top speed than the Goteki at the cost of thrust, but I love this ship none the less. I also used this team to get Zone Zeus :D

Favorite Tracks

1: Anulpha Pass Forward: A simple track with a lot of depth to it, to find a better way of hitting every speed pad, where you should Barrel Roll, and what not! If I was going to do a race series with new players, this would be it! That narrow section is great for trolling players via Supermines and Bombs.

2: Talon's Junction Forward: One of the intermediate difficulty tracks in the game, this track requires you to have a very good racing line for you to succeed on that track. The final hairpin feels amazing if you get it just right, and you can get a good lead over the Elite AI as well.

3: Sebenco Climb Forward: Hairpin, hairpin, hairpin, harpin! This place is great for barrel rolling and testing every aspect of you and your craft. Surprisingly, I find this track easier than Tech De Ra, Chenghou Project, Vineta K, and Modesto Heights. This track isn't for the faint of heart...

26th December 2013, 05:34 PM
Interesting picks, Mike, and I see your point in all of them. Well, I guess except for FEISAR, I hate FEISAR with a burning passion simply because it rivals my Icaras.

My top 3 ships would be:

1. Icaras - Pure speed. This thing can truly fly around any track, and if you can learn to maneuver it, it's a speed thrill!

2. Goteki 45 - Another fast one. Not on top of the top speed list, but it gets you going very fast and holds the same thrill as an Icaras to throw around.

3. Assegai - Flies like a dream, and it's fast too, which also helps in the long run after you master smoothing your corners. ;)

My least favorite 3 would be:

1. FEISAR - They think they can rival my Icaras, when they can come nowhere close. ;)

2. Auricom - It seems like on almost every WO game, the AI computers make Auricom pilots nasty to race with. Plus the ship handles like a brick, which doesn't help.

3. Triakis - Good for nothing but eliminator, and that sums it up right there.

My top 3 tracks:

1. Modesto Heights FWD - I got my first ever WO win here on Pure, and have loved it ever since. A difficult and tight track, Modesto is one of the most rewarding to master.

2. The Amphiseum RVR - What a track this is! 6km of pure excitement, it is both a fan and a racer's dream, with sooo many cool features and memorable track sections, and the famous Amphi-scenic route. It never looked better.

3. Moa Therma FWD - Such good racing lines around this place. I love entering an online lobby, losing every race, and then going to Moa Therma, where my opponents think they have it in the bag just like the other races. Unfortunately for them, I have mastered tightening my racing lines virtually to the wall here, and that makes for some easy speed on a wide but still very technical track.

Least favorite 3 tracks:

1. Chenghou Project - Tough corners, tough survival after BRs, tough everything. This course demands it all, and is really tricky to work.

2. Metropia RVR - They should have kept the old version of Metropia from Pulse, no frustrating blind corners, lol :P

3. Anulpha Pass FWD - Such a simple layout and still so difficult to beat Zico. Well made, HD team, but after taking the time to finally get that trophy I will never love this track.

26th December 2013, 05:36 PM
"Tough corners, tough survival after BRs, tough everything. This course demands it all, and is really tricky to work"
That's why she's my baby <3

28th December 2013, 03:48 AM
Maybe I would like it more if I flew FEISAR... on the other hand, why not just hate it? :P

1st January 2014, 06:23 AM
All you need is FEISAR
All you need is FEISAR
All you need is FEISAR
FEISAR's all you need

*waits for DDD to rage*

Icaras is still a good ship, but it's just as fragile as an eggshell.

1st January 2014, 03:41 PM
I won't rage, lol, I'll just argue that fragile shields mean nothing as long as you are skilled at absorbing. Then you have the fastest ship on the map, and it's maneuverable too, even if that's not easy. The reasons I hate FEISAR: they're rivals to Icaras, and they are waaaay to slow for my taste. That is all. I'm not saying they aren't good ships, but I just don't like them. Kinda like Harimau, it's pretty fast in all honesty, just not my favorite.

14th January 2014, 02:41 PM
My favourite tracks are:
Moa Therma
Sebenco Climb
Sol 2 Reverse.
Moa is a nice course that I just love racing on. Especially without weapons. I've had some of my best/most memorable races there.
Sebenco I like because it's as technical a course as you can get on hd fury, and after practice, a hugely fun course with many BR opportunities.
Sol 2 R is my favourite reverse course. I dont specifically know why I love it, but I do :) its fun to race there, particularly online!

My favourite ships are
Assegai/AG Sys
When I started playing wipeout hd fury, I used feisar and harimau predominantly. At higher speeds, these ships were not helping me a great deal vs elite ai. So I took a break from the game. When I came back to it, I used mirage a lot and this ship helped me win the majority of elite cells. It was also useful online, unless coming up against seriously experienced players. Thank you mirage :)
Icarus is there, naturally due to its high speed. It doesnt control too bad once airbrakes/sideshift are used well. This ship helped me with quite a few elite cells also.
Assegai and AGS are listed third because I quite like em both :) assegai got me the win in the meltdown tourney for tje first time and hence got me the platinum,! and ags I find good and reliable.
I have max loyalty for yhese four ships and harimau, which means that I habe not really dabbled with other ships too much

14th January 2014, 05:24 PM
I like all the tracks. They all have something special to them. Even Moa Reverse (hardly any BR's) has lines to offer which sharpen up my game somewhat.

Top three fave ships:

1) Icaras - fragile as glass but all the more fun due to the challenge it provides on the slower speeds - especially flash where the weps are kinda harsh :)
2) Piranha - Tuffer than an old ladys handbag, and corners just as well - but what a beast. Just love it.
3) Feisar - hailed as the new Icaras since 2.51, it sure does hold a distinct advantage over other ships on certain tracks - not that I logged these advantages or anything - just instinct tells me so.

18th January 2014, 04:32 PM
Metropia Reverse - That 4 roll combo is hard but gratifying
Modesto Reverse - Don't know why, just do
Talon's Junction Reverse - With the two BR spots that are only available with a turbo, this track is the great equalizer

Silver HD Icaras - Looks awesome, handles awesome (I prefer the heavier feel personally), rolls better than Fury, I like the non Fury challenge too
Silver Fury Icaras - Looks... kinda dumb from the back, handles better than HD, SPEED, SPEED, SPEED!!!
Silver Fury AGSys - I guess AG for Phantom races, I WONT use FEISAR ^_^

18th January 2014, 07:52 PM
Ubermall fwd - 1st DP speedlap challenge, that's where it all began for me
Vineta K fwd/rev - this track just has the flow
Senenco fwd - Tony Hawk style track

Assegai HD/F - Best looking ship, that's why I choose it when I began playing
Harimau F - just to make Yeldar angry everytime i scratch it ;) (HD just doesn't have the looks)
Icaras HD/F - speedlaps is my favourite game mode

18th January 2014, 08:14 PM
Icaras TDR reverse.
Icaras TDR reverse.

Oh and Icaras TDR reverse.

When any1 beats me on that trk I swear like a mentalist!

18th January 2014, 08:20 PM
WELL, FEISAR(Fury) Anulpha Pass, FEISAR(Fury) Moa Therma and FEISAR(Fury) the Amphesium :D and all on Phantom aswell.

22nd January 2014, 10:13 PM
I'm still getting into HD fury as a whole...but so far my favorite circuit his Moa Therma, if only because I've been doing practice on taking on Rapier and Phantom and that is one among several practice tracks for that.

In general though, I'm just taking the time to get used to every circuit and naturally some are difficult. Sebenco climb is an obvious alongside Chengu Project. But with any approach to a racing game, I just need to get used to them with any given craft at a speed.

The only other favorite would be Vineta K as one other track I may practice and given it was on the Demo, why not.

Far as ships go, again since it's all new to me, I'm learning to get acquainted with both the regular and Fury ships of so far every team. They all have pros and cons, and I think If given enough time I could be a dominant force in any given ship if given enough time...

A ship I WANT to get good at is team Piranha be it the standard or Fury variants, it turns like a brick more so than (to me anyway) Triakis or Auricom, but it's got top speed, I feel if I can adapt and learn how to manuver with it on any circuit at any speed, I've got some honest mastery.

Far as what I prefer, Auricom is choice number 1, followed by Assegai, Icaras, Harimau, and Mirage.

Auricom given I have some remote national pride but also because of it's above average speed and shielding, with okay thrust. Assegai for it's handling and speed, and Icaras cause for me it's almost what I'd have for an AG team, although I'd compromise the handling in favor of shielding and a bit more thrust.

Harimau cause it feels like a nice fit and Mirage is an 'all rounder' with the Fury being a slight aversion but none the less a jack of all stats machine. But again, we'll see as I keep at the game.

Till then.

23rd January 2014, 03:03 AM
1. Ubermall Fwd/Rev - Yup, I love this track so much that every time I even launch the game, it's the first one I visit.

2. Sol 2 Fwd - I love this track so much because of it's openness. With such tight turns and jumps at certain points, it's damn challenging to stay on track (pun intended) if you don't know the circuit well enough.

3. Anulpha Pass Fwd/Rev - I simply love it because of its open track layout. I also love the whole aqua colour scheme and the amount of awesome looking sponsor ads, it gives it that futuristic feel.

1. Icaras Fury - This is the freaking best ship I've ever come across. It's perfect in every way imo, well....except for the shield of course :P But hey, you don't need to worry about that because the CEO of Icaras said it himself; others have gotta catch us first!

2. Goteki 45 Fury - Thanks for making me like heavy ships Hellfire :P It's a really good ship for practicing going around corners with that drifting/tail heavy motion. It's damn good practice if you wanna get better with lighter ships like Icaras.

3. Qirex Fury - I love it's "grounded" handling feel, a little like FEISAR. And it's speed ain't too bad either.

12th February 2014, 06:35 AM
Only 3 ships I dislike using, starting with the most hateful:
EG-X Fury
Qirex Fury
Assegai Fury

@yeldar: why do you dislike the assegai fury?
It's very simular with the furymau +5speed and -10thrust and a little heavier.

I'm testing both on Vin K TT phantom, and can br easier with the assegai. and probably the thrust stat count more for me due the many little wall scrapes.
But I can't imagine why you like the one and dislike the other.

12th February 2014, 10:02 AM
I don't really go by numbers I go by feel. I don't know, I could never feel fully comfortable or confident when using the Assegai. That's not to say I wasn't fast, just felt like I had to focus a lot harder hitting the right lines. Something about the weight distribution, same with Qirex, they are similar in that regard. I feel much more at home with the HD versions of the two.

16th February 2014, 12:22 AM
1/. Vineta fwd- first thing you ever come across, and always seems to me that I can go JUST a bit faster but never seem to nail it..
2/. Chengou fwd - I've just moved to racing phantom and despite the reputation as a harder track I just like the flow, and the track surface just looks so meaty, metallic and serious..
3/. Modesto fwd- again a harder track but it seems to respond to more brutal controller inputs, I love the tight double left at the start of the tunnel section..
1/. Harimau hd- my craft of choice. I tend to like a craft for the appearance but as I've progressed I find it's very balanced but has the handling for faster classes.
2/. Mirage hd- what I started with. Not knowing how the strengths of each team would work I went for the most average craft to start with and it taught me plenty, and again I like the weird look. A shot of this banked heavily into the first turn of sebenco has been my fb profile header for yonks.
3/. Qirex hd. Not a craft I can handle properly on faster classes but it's just the look of the thing. To me the fury craft look too clean, I like tech and machines to look like they've been used for what they were designed for and the liveries of the hd qirex look like they have been through the wars. If I owned a porsche, I'd like it to look like I'd taken it for a few laps of the nurburgring...
I've never been any good in any of the fury craft!

7th March 2014, 02:00 PM

Metropia Rev - Love this Track!
Chenghou Project Rev - If you get the turbos!
Mallavol - Zon track, pure fun!



Although my hdd crashed and it seems that my high scores are erased after trying that same track now.

God, I'm rusty now.

7th March 2014, 02:51 PM
TDR reverse with icaras. Compared to this all others can GO TO HELL!!! ;)

7th March 2014, 05:22 PM
even Modesto? BLASPHEMY!!! :D

11th March 2014, 04:30 AM
For me the best all-time track is:


And WTF is that? :D


6th June 2014, 03:44 PM
Favorite Tracks:

Metropia- This track is so much fun.
Anulpha Pass- Fast, Easy, and great learning curve.
The Amphiseum- Good track to master the airbrakes.

Favorite Ships:

Auricom Fury- Better handling and great speed.
Qirex HD- Great all rounder.
Harimau Fury- One of the best ships in the game IMHO.

14th June 2014, 05:12 AM
Favourite Tracks

Sebenco Climb (Forward and Reverse) - For some reason I race better on this track compared to the other tracks... the triple barrel rolls coming out of the tunnel is fun to pull off too.

The Amphiseum (Reverse) - Favourite track from Pulse, looks amazing in HD, a fair amount of barrel roll opportunities (including the sneaky one at the first turn). Oh and those straights are perfect for plasmafying people!

Modesto Heights (Reverse) - The amount of detail in this track is wow, the track is tricky and challenging, which I like.

Favourite Ships

Goteki 45 Fury - Originally a fan of FEISAR because of Outpost 7 in Pulse, Goteki 45 quickly became a favourite due to Hellfire_WZ and his tutorial videos. The 10 thrust is a nice thing to have, plus the feel of the craft is just right!

FEISAR HD and Fury - Past favourite, I take this out on a spin occasionally, the 10 handling is there for when I don't feel like working those airbrakes. And because the ship is blue, and I'm obsessed with the colour blue!

Qirex HD and Fury - Don't race with this team often, but it's nice to pilot, has nice all round stats too.

9th December 2014, 08:24 AM
My personal favourite tracks would have to be Sebenco Climb, Moa Therma and Metropia Reverse.

Sebenco Climb is just littered with fun corners, and the ability to send yourself flying off the track with a misused turbo is absolutely brilliant. Though getting used to it was tough, being that it was the first track I raced on constantly without pilot assist, it is extremely rewarding to those who are willing to learn it.

Moa Therma has always been a generally fun track to race on, as the turns are not too sharp, and the pacing is good along side the excellent amount of space for combat without feeling too wide.

Metropia Reverse has more of a satisfactory feel than something I truly like, but being able to make the 2 blind turns after the mag strip then successfully executing the hairpin right after is extremely satisfying.

My favourite ships would definitely have to be the Triakis HD and Fury ships, AG-Systems HD and Fury ships, as well as the Goteki 45 HD and Fury ships.

I like the Triakis ships because of their pure bulk and shield. The ability to be able to shrug off and absorb so much damage makes for a good ship if you are more aggressive in your controls and driving lines. This being said, the speed is also extremely helpful on the straights. However, being that it was the first ship that I decided to learn how to drive without pilot assist, made it an extremely tricky task. However, being able to play this ship without screwing up too much can be extremely rewarding.

AG-Systems is a wonderful all around ship, and is extremely good when taking into consideration the balance of its speed, acceleration and handling. Though it lacks shield, it makes up for this with its ease of use, and is very rewarding.

Goteki 45 have wonderful looking ships. Not only in colour (like the other teams*), but in design and it's ability to accelerate like it has fallen off a cliff. It is fantastic when coming out of a sharp turn, as the thrust will get you up and going quickly, yet it remains agile enough to easy make corners and get back up to speed after being hit by a weapon.

Hybrid Divide
9th December 2014, 05:59 PM
Been awhile, fellow pilots.

None of these are in any real order.

Favorite tracks:
Moa Therma
Anulpha Pass
Chenghou Project

Favorite ships:
Qirex (HD)
Assegai / EG-X (HD) (Tie)

I admit I don't like much of the reverse tracks, ESPECIALLY Sebenco Climb! Moa Therma's reverse is ok, though, I suppose.

I may update this later with explanations when I have more time on my hands. :D

9th January 2015, 04:37 AM

Sol 2 - My all-time favorite track, I've liked Sol since first piloting it in Pure
Metropia - Great-looking color scheme, in my opinion Metropia is in the dead center in terms of difficulty (not easy, not difficult)
Ubermall - Lots of open sections, but not without it's own technical corners. It feels very rewarding once you learn to cleanly navigate that last chicane at Phantom speed :)


Piranha HD - Good-looking ship with a terrible Fury "upgrade". I use this ship from Venom to Rapier, but a 60 in Handling makes it practically unusable in all of the Phantom tracks bar Anulpha Pass
AG Systems Fury - My Phantom Ship and favorite Fury ship. Amazing balance of acceleration, top speed and handling, as well as sufficient shielding
Goteki 45 Fury - My favorite multi-hull ship. Massive thrust makes it very easy to recover after taking weapon fire

3rd August 2015, 06:33 AM
Harimau HD
AG-Systems Fury

Amphiseum Forward
Sol 2
Sebenco Climb

3rd August 2015, 05:43 PM
Syncopia (duh)
Sebenco Climb
Harimau (both)
AGS Fury
Qirex Fury

3rd August 2015, 06:20 PM
My Top 3 Tracks :
Vineta K Reverse , i really enjoyed this track but in foward (ouchies xD)
Chenghou Project Reverse , at the begining i really hate this track but more i played this more and appreciate that track and really technical but the shortcut i failed sometimes :(
The Amphiseum Foward , great track design and online big wars there xD

My Top 3 ships :
AG-Systems (Both) : Playing since the 1st wipeout xD nice stats :) (maybe for new players too)
Mirage Fury : Well same as AG-Sys i think i'm gonna to test mirage this friday :)
Harimau Fury : Good speed and handling i think for new players that's a good choice (it's my opinion xD)

10th August 2015, 05:59 AM
Amphiseum, only there for big jump at the end
Sebenco, massively technical
And Vineta K for the sub-tunnels

Harimau (both) Fast, great handling a little weak tho...
And finally Icaras cos 1 It's British and 2 it's FAST!

12th August 2015, 02:31 PM
Chenghou Project, Technical
Amphiseum, The JUMP...
Modesto Heights, Technical,the jump always glitches for me in reverse. :)

Assegai.Easy for everything
Piranha, First Quick that tries to murder you in the corners ship
Auricom, America.

28th August 2015, 10:15 PM
Mine are:
Any track that Scar plays
Any ship that Scar pilots

29th February 2016, 10:48 AM
In terms of ships, my top three are:
Feisar Fury, AGS Fury and Assegai Pulse

Sol 2 Sebenco Climb and The Amphiseum

Thane Corrigan
29th February 2016, 12:45 PM
Top Three ships:
Harimau... Just both of them are great :D
Icaras HD is a recent guilty pleasure
Feisar Fury. Because who doesn't like Feisar, it's a good team :)
(wait, does that count as 4? Um..)

Tracks... I'm not too bothered about direction. And honestly these change a lot, so currently:
Talon's Junction
Vineta K
The Amphiseum

29th February 2016, 01:51 PM
My fave tracks change a lot too so these are just my current favourites XD! It's all a matter of my personal preference. :)

29th February 2016, 08:05 PM
May as well contribute... For HD Fury I like these:
Auricom HD, EG-X Fury, Mirage HD

Anulpha Pass, The Amphiseum, Metropia

But if we are talking ANY WipEout I gotta go with:
Auricom (2097), Auricom Speed (2048 ), Auricom HD

Velocitar (64), Spilskinanke (2097), Anulpha Pass (HD version)

Amaroq Dricaldari
9th March 2016, 12:59 AM
Icaras HD, AG Systems (Fury), and FEISAR (HD)... the Icaras with the first Alt Skin (black and red), AG-Systems with the Zone Battle skin, and the FEISAR with the second Alt Skin (the blue and white one).

As for tracks, I really like Amphiseum White ("reverse"), Anulpha Pass, and Sol 2.

9th March 2016, 10:47 PM
I really like Amphiseum White ("reverse"), Anulpha Pass, and Sol 2.

Yeahhhh Boiiii! Dem night circuits are the best! I can't believe they got away with only slipping two night tracks into HD. So lame! I NEED MY CYBERPUNK NEON NOW!

10th March 2016, 12:14 AM
^Amen to that bro. Definitely wish we had more night maps! In that way, Pulse really feels like an updated version of Psygnosis' more classic games.

Light Buster
19th March 2016, 07:56 AM
Top Three Teams:

1) AG-Systems
2) Goteki 45
3) Qirex

Top 3 Tracks:

1) Sycopia
2) Mallavol
3) Moa Therma

22nd May 2016, 11:20 AM
My top three teams are:
Icaras (Home nation and playstyle)
Assegai (A nicely balanced machine I think)
FEISAR (For the ultra-technical circuits, though I have learnt to handle them with the Icaras)
I lean more to Fury than HD for the ships.

My favourite three tracks:
Sebenco Climb
The Amphiseum
Sol 2

I SO wish they put Vertica into the game from Pulse.

24th May 2016, 11:51 AM
I don't know if I could really choose my favorites (I like them all), but the 3 ships I used the most were HD Feisar (especially when I got started on the game, as I've always done), HD AG Systems (great fun to pilot) and Fury Auricom (love that design).

As for tracks, Sebenco Climb, Chenghou Project and Ubermall always give me a great time.