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Neo-phyte A10
17th December 2002, 08:49 AM
Question. Anyone have a component setup on a widescreen HDTV and played Fusion on it? I'm considering buying component cables for my PS2 for the extra resolution/color info since I finally got a DTV, and really there's only one reason. I want my Xios in living color! (Need I extrapolate further?) ;) I was wondering if anyone else has that kind of setup and if so how's it compare to standard s-video or AV hookups.

Btw, in case anyone is confused - the PS2 is only HD comaptible with the comp. cables and a receiver box (similar to what you get with HD sat tv dishes), and of course the HDTV itself. So if you're thinking your PS2 will just look magically hot when you plop down bucks for the new set (which is the mistake I made) ... remember that. <g>

Over and out ~


17th December 2002, 12:13 PM
It does look better than s-video on my tv, and I only have a panasonic 25" flatscreen(although the picture is clear as a crystal). It might look even better with monster component cables. I have monster cables for Quantum redshift and that looks very good