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30th December 2009, 08:46 PM
Everyone has those moments when things go normal, and then they for no reason slip up and make a stupid mistake. For me, these happen to occur... a lot. I'll list my top 5 most epic fails in Wipeout 3 (and Special Edition)...

5) Assegai @ Terramax (Rapier). Last lap, home stretch. Sounds like a good story for a nice gold medal, right? Well, I won all right. So happens a rival Assegai decided to play a joke on me and shove a missile/rocket up the tailpipe just as I cross the finish line. Funny moment: as my Assegai crossed the finish line, it continued on as normal for a few seconds, then turned black and asploded. Huh?

4) AG-Systems @ P-Mar Project (Phantom). The big jump! Love it in all it's "Nose up for epic speed boostness". Well... rookies tend not to last too long, and it so happens I am one of them. I nose up as I always do at this section, then suddenly airbrake so I can control my speed for the last set of corners. Guess what? Bunch of rivals on my tail decide to end my race early (I had little shield and was planning to pit). No less than FOUR rival craft gang up right behind me as I slow to a near standstill, then I'm rear ended, shoved into a wall, taken down, Burnout-style. Such mean rivals, but I guess that's the nature of Phantom.

3) Icaras @ Terminal (Phantom). Just before the pit section, there's a nice S-bend that tends to mess me up a lot. I used the autopilot here, but my shields are running low and the rival right in my nose decides to let down some mines. Knowing that Icaras hates mines, and that the autopilot doesn't always make smart decisions, it ran straight into enough mines to kill me. Cue facepalm.

2) Icaras @ Terminal (Phantom). Ever had something you absolutely needed and it fails right at the last second? Well, it was that same corner complex I mentioned in (3), except nobody was around me. I was happily flying along, observing the scenery with the autopilot on, shields critical as always... and then a hairpin pops up. Normally, I'd let the autopilot run it's course, but I'm incompetent so I turned it off and ran straight into the wall. BONK!

1) Auricom @ Sampa Run (Phantom). Those ceilings! Makes me wonder how an AG pilot is able to take such impacts! But that's not the point. I had a very big lead, it is the last lap, the last curve, I has gravity shield, but energy is so low that one hit kills me. I turned on the gravity shield before that curve, but it ran out on me AT THE LAST SECOND. To top it all off, I was going full speed too. Look ma, I'm a bloody blur! *CRASH* Literally.

I learned to never ever:
- Trust an autopilot (or a rival) (5, 2)
- Go full tilt even with the gravity shield on (1)
- Slow down when there's a full grid behind you and you have low shield. (4)
- Never trail directly behind a rival because they love using mines (3)

30th December 2009, 09:52 PM
I remember about a week ago I was racing on Hi-Fumi. I'm on my first lap and I've been really unlucky with enemy weapon fire - full batch of mines while in autopilot and rockets/missiles. I try to get into the pitlane at the end of the lap but I get wrestled away by the other racers. So I carry on racing, get myself down to point something shield damage and I'm alone coming up to the pit lane again. I think thank god and fly straight into the wall between the pit and the starting grid and explode. D:

2nd January 2010, 11:40 PM
Hmmm...other than the time I accidentally deleted all my records by hitting save instead of load...

Terminal-Icaras, Phantom combo challenge. I think that says it all, so stinking hard. *grits teeth* But at least I've beaten that one.

Most incidents of complete and total failure for me atm are on the combo challenge: Stanza Inter on Phantom in Icaras.
For some reason I just cannot meet all three criteria at the same time. Two, yes, but when I actually get close to three, I smash the nose into the pit entrance and sit there burning mere inches away from the regenerative electrified blue glow.:blarg

3rd January 2010, 07:09 PM
saved over my stuff many times lol

3rd January 2010, 07:38 PM
I did it once. It was very traumatic. Hence only once. :g Took me a week to get it all back, but luckily I improved several of the times. But I still never want to accidentally save new blank over old records again; that is definitely too easy on WO3.

Dan Locke
4th January 2010, 08:55 PM
Not exactly failures, but I found some funny glitches:

I once used the Quake at Manortop and it didn't go away. It went down the track, but stayed there in a big sparking hump until I drove through it. It was hilarious.

At P-Mar Project, going off of the big ramp on the right-hand side keeps you from losing your altitude (in fact, I think that you go even higher). I like to float a mile above the track for a bit before crashing down through the roof of the tunnel (though I sometimes miss and end up getting towed back to the track - through the hill).

Also at P-Mar Project, I once passed a Qirex stuck upside-down on the end of the ramp. Weirdest thing ever.

This is kind of off-topic, but I might as well mention it as long as I'm on the subject of glitches: occasionally, as I'm nearing the jump before the final 90-degree turn in Spilskinanke, I'll see a random ship zoom vertically out of the abyss and off of the screen. Sometimes I'll get a missile lock on it, but it's always gone before the missile can reach it.

4th January 2010, 10:11 PM
Mmmhhh....two hours ago I was playing at Wip3out SE...a moment of total failure damn :turd!

Assegai at Terminal in Phantom:

Last lap, first place, shield is critical and am ready to the last curves, but for an error of wrong button I have used autopilot (I always switch off autopilots, I hate them!), but the autopilot makes me slow down....surpassed, the lead pilot drop the mines and...



Icaras at Terramax in Phantom:

Mmmh, a wrong use of the hyper-thrust...but I was totally unconscious of this....wrong button, my R1 of my PSX pad is not very good...ehm, the "typical" parameters like last lap, first place, and various...+


2nd January 2011, 01:29 PM
Failures have happened to me more time then I can count. Whether it be the autopilot driving me through every possible mine left by the other ships, or just some mess ups with dangourously low shields. Although the biggest fails I can think of at the moment are:

1. TT Terminal Icaras Phantom - Trying to get a perfect race, it's the last lap and I'm about to come out of the pit lane. although in over excitment to finish the race, I hyper thrusted a bit too much and hit the far wall upon exiting, rining the perfect race goal. :lol

2. SR Manortop Auricom Rapier - This is a more recent example and a glitch if anything else. I was racing around on rapier due to the extremely long hiatus I had from wo3. Decided to go for some manortop with auricom for a bit. I was doin fine and then sometime around the third lap, at the big jump after the 90 degree turns, I missed and began to fall. I thought, "dang it! Oh well, the wuss wagon will get me back on track". Well...it didn't. So i was perpetually falling through an abyss of nothing while i saw my place standing fall. Luckily, I had the checkpoints turned on so my ship eventually blew up. I've tried to recreate this event many times with no sucess. :lol

Well that's all I can think of at the moment, disregarding the standard low shields and dumb autopilots that everyone has issues with. I'll probably think of more later ;)