View Full Version : more stupidity revealed

15th December 2002, 04:30 AM
I had sent a list of bugs that should be fixed if there was time in between the versions of wipeout fusion(falling through the track, not coming back down to the track). Instead of fixes to this, there was a new wall that you can fly right through anyways on alca vexus 3, also on katmodo there is a new fall through the track bug they added. So my point being, that instead of fixing things, they decided to add more useless stuff AND BUGS to the game. I had also suggested a speed increase on arcade mode in that it is quite slow compared to zone mode, but was told that I don't know how the programming affects the game. If the game can handle zone 60 going 4000, it could certainly handle a ship going 2300 instead of 1700. I know this is an easy switch between numbers in the programming. yes you could beat the cpu opponents easier, but lapping them is no problem anyways and you could always make them go faster quite easily. Yes I don't know how to program, but I do know that this would probably be less than a 1 day job. There's my rant for today :D