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Synthetic Consciousness
4th December 2002, 05:02 PM
"The Pit Lane"--now that's funny! :D Hope its use isn't really necessary...two strikes and it's "Contender Eliminated". I hope that this board stays up. I really liked the sense of camaraderie on this board. It was only recently that the non-desirable types (hooligans, if you will) came in. Hope they'll realize that there are boards for that sort of stuff. This is not one of them. I really appreciate that you're giving it a chance, Infoxx. Let's get this board back to being friendly. :D

In:foxx is [Fair] :)

DJ Techno
4th December 2002, 05:08 PM
yes, Infoxicated is fair.
After reading about the stuff he was talking about, and a little thinking of myself.
Yeah I realized that most of my posting's and topics get way off, or lose intrest, or something else.

Mostly because I still talk in a way that I have in my mind or Really just bored, and just need to say something. Then yesterday what I said on my last topic Orbital. my last post did seem off...

[an edit by lance as a way of replying to DJ T without raising my own post count even higher ;) ]: i deleted that topic because basically all you said was that Orbital did some music for wipeout, and did not comment on the music nor say anything we didn't already know. The day before, you had started a similar topic on fluke. i wasn't going to let you start a separate empty topic for every group that has ever done music for a wipeout game. even when you just feel like talking, you still need to have something to say; otherwise, it's just an imposition on everyone else's time and attention. as ive said repeatedly, this is not a chatroom. use a chatroom, any chatroom, for when you just feel like talking to somebody. i used to do that on a Radiohead chat. it was fun, comforting, sometimes rewarding in other ways. chatrooms are good. this is a message board. for messages, not chat. and yes, i'm probably being really hardnosed about this, but look at what happens to other boards that don't control this sort of thing.


Hybrid Divide
4th December 2002, 07:15 PM
Man, I really don't know where to begin...
This place has been my favorite site (and forum) for over a year now.
For just as long, it's been my start page for when I open a new IE window, it's right there. I check the forums frequently. And I've had great fun the whole time.

Whatever happens, I'd like to thank Infox for all his hard work. Dispite the fact that I don't want the site to go, I totally understand where he's comming from on this. Dealing with the likes of people on the fusion boards and personal flames has got to be nerve wrenching.

This has been the only place I've found that actually has a sense of community to it.
I value this place greatly, and I'd feel a void in my web surfing if I knew this place was no longer here.

It is largely because of this place that I've chosen my course of study in Multimedia and Web design.

My entry for last years Desktop contest was my first real photoshop project, I learned much from doing so. And thus gained an interest in computer image creation / manipulation.

It's because of you guys that I was able to create my track "Curly Says GO!"

It's this place that got me interested in 3D Modeling so I could eventually create a ship for my team "Ynos Areo-Drive Systems".

It is Rob, and the rest of the good community of WipEoutZone that we have to thank for this.
So whatever you choose Rob, I'll stand behind it.
You've done myself and everyone here a ton of good..

Let's be good.
Let's be fast.
Let's be friends!

Ben Amdal

5th December 2002, 04:54 PM
indeed all of what you guys have written is true. Wipeout and this site to keep my wipeout-intrest going has gotten me to where I am today, Ive worked hard for several years to gain artistic skills and inspired to some day be able to work with and create just as good games.

5th December 2002, 07:21 PM
:cry: After a break of a few days (caput modem) i have come back online and have just received the e-mail from infox. It really saddens me to think that this site might be closing down because of the attitudes of some of the posters. Infox, I think you have done brilliantly putting up with all the crap you've been on the receiving end of. Have a gold medal (or even platinum) you deserve it. I haven't been a big poster here but I have been a regular visitor and enjoyed following what's been going on. I was thrilled when I first found out this site existed. It was a dream come true for I love my wipeout! My enthusiasm is there but I've never felt able to post my times up as I feel a wee bit inferior to all you experts. Still, just being a small voice in the community has made me feel happy to be part of wipeoutzone. I really just want to say that you guys have put some excellent work into this site and I have enjoyed it immensely. Whatever the future holds, I respect your decision, Rob. I hope maybe some of us can keep in touch.

Libby (Anastasia) Nicol

6th December 2002, 12:19 AM
I`ll just agree with everything Ana says. Thanks for creating this place Infox, and I hope you decide its worthwhile keeping it going. (anyway I have dreams of one day learning to fly Icaras propely and having a go at your Manor Top SE Rapier time).


6th December 2002, 05:10 AM
i would say that if i am one of those annoying people infoxx kick me out i do not want to harm this community and i will not come back. (a promise)

6th December 2002, 08:13 AM
Thanks for the kind words, all you you - and Zaarock, the bad ones know who they are already so don't worry about it. :)

Seeing what the idiots did to the official fusion boards over the last few days has strengthened my resolve to prevent downfall of this place. It would be like giving in to terrorism!

6th December 2002, 12:06 PM
Whats happened over the last few days infox at the fusion boards?

I came back to show my support for wipeout zone allthough i have not posted here that much.

But have made friends from the fusion boards only the cool ones and it's good to see them here backing the site :wink:

I guess some of the idiots are here too using different names i will just have to suss that one out to see who's who

but from what im seeing the admins are stamping down on these idiot's :D

6th December 2002, 12:27 PM
From what I've been told the Fusion board are shut down until they make them flood proof. Although the membership there was dwindling, so the idiots at hoverrace have probably killed it completely... there will be no-one there to go back when it does reappear.

6th December 2002, 12:32 PM
That seemed to be a trend leaving fusion myself included left around the same time as everyone else that was worth talking to

They should just put it to rest i think let a dead dog lie so to speak :)

7th December 2002, 04:16 AM
Did they ever fix the bullcrap times that were posted on the fusion forums? There were so many cheaters there it was ridiculous. I think if it comes back up I might make a list in case someone posts some jack-a times over here. Anyways, I would have posted over there more if it wasn't for that.

7th December 2002, 09:19 AM
Zoolander, the zone and TT leagues are still accessible. There are still new people coming into the zone leagues :evil: so it would be a shame if that died, unless it moved here.
As for the TT leagues, they`ll never be fixed. It was a great idea, shame it didn`t work.

8th December 2002, 05:08 PM
I'd like to share some words and spread the love :D

Okay, that wasn't proper grammar but who cares.

Over the past few months I haven't been terribly active here, mainly because of the business of college life (the topic must be somewhere down the archives) and the fact that I don't have internet access on weekdays.

However, I also noticed that when I finally got to surf the wide wide ocean that has become the 'net these days, the Zone here was more often than not clodded with topics of which I thought "hmm, okay." and that's it. Indeed, like so many other online forums the Zone was becoming a victim of its own popularity. I've witnissed this happen to other forums as well and it's a sad evolution.

It is, however, not irreversible.

Truth is, of course, that W3 and SE have been squeezed out like an orange with no drop of juice left. New people here will ask questions which are simply variations on questions the older members (to which I don't even belong!) have already asked and answered to death. As such, I personally don't feel like saying "oh I hate Icaras' pink colours but their speed rocks" each time some wise guy comes up claiming Feisar is the best craft around. Yeah right! In any case 8), what I mean is that in a sense that's simply all there is.... But we can freely drift off topic in the general discussion section! :D

As to Fusion, indeed it has been discussed to death. And let's face it, the game is a painful disappointment, especially because it looks so promising when you play it for the first time. I just hope that wipEout will regain its strength and boldness. It's possible. Look at Mortal Kombat (I want no snidy remarks on that ;)). MK4 was suffering from an increasing indifference by the audience, but now they're back with MK:DA and it rocks big time. So, everything is still possible.

My point? Oh yeah, my point, that's right.

1. There is still a lot to discuss in this world and to relate to the broader sci-fi universe, races or computers. It just won't be wipEout-related for a long time to come.
2. Have faith. There's a lot of dickheads out there. In fact, the majority of the human race are prejudiced imbeciles (now that's friendly from the "peace" man! :D). But here a large percentage of the kinder souls, the more responsible and mature, have gathered over the months. Kudos! That's positive. We cān filter the idiots out. I trust Lance's judgement (unless he edits my postings, of course - in that case I will sue him).

from a senior wiper,

8th December 2002, 06:18 PM
well said.

on-line communities often seem to dissipate when things aren't going to plan, so its really good to see everyone sticking up for this place.

i definitely agree with the sentiments expressed in this thread.

12th December 2002, 12:55 PM
well said, and pretty much the same applies for me.
I, like many of us, have been here from the start, and have put a bit of effort into this. I admit, I do need to put more effort in, because I am starting to say I'll do things, and then never do them. ( Thruster challenge II, Fusion review, Quantum Redshift review, minsawki saga..... the list tragically goes on) :(

Getting back to the subject, I hope I read the message right..... My interpretation of the message was that we are to expect some streamlining to occur, so we can make room for more content and stuff..... not even a chance of shut-down!

Whatever the outcome eventually is, infoxicated, I am with you.
The team spirit here is so strong, this has to be un-rivalled as the best community ever!

Thruster2097 out..

13th December 2002, 01:36 PM
okay.... just read the rest of the forums postings..... so wipeoutzone is to be shut down.
I cannot take any credit away from the people who made this place so damn good... Lance, Wamdue and Task for their moderating, Jabberjaw - just purely for being such a fan, xeik, vincoof, jmoid, syntho, and nearly everybody else... especially infoxicated for all the time, effort, money and determination.

I have just changed my home internet connection over to broadband, and I am entering the seedy and unadulterated world of ftp in a big way... (it would be rude not to!)
As a result, my e-mail has now changed to thruster@tiscali.co.uk.

I will miss this place... its kept me very amused for a couple of years, and its a real shame to see it go.

I hope I get the honor of speaking with you all again sometime soon.
Thruster2097 over and out.

13th December 2002, 02:30 PM
Erm... maybe, maybe not....

We're on a months trial at the moment to see if we can thin out the idiots and to be honest the problem seems to have cured itself.

So at the moment the site looks to be pretty safe! :)

13th December 2002, 03:51 PM
Don't lower your guard, though.
There's a jerk in every corner waiting for the right time. :wink: :P

No, now seriously, I really hope we make it past this month. Half the Internet time I've spent for the past two years was taken by wipeoutzone. It would be a shame loosing this community, specially all the nice people I've met here.