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1st December 2002, 06:06 PM
I found an interesting game at a flea market the other week. It's called Retro force and is a shoot 'em up from 1999. It's by Psygnosis, and here's the fun part:

One of the characters in the game is called Paris Tetsuo, and according to her bio she's a descendant of Arian Tetsuo of WipEout fame. I also spotted a Wip3out connection in the intro sequence: the giant Curly balloon from Manor Top, sadly deflated :cry:
(update: it's not Curly, but the whole game is full of cats - some mean, some nice)

Has anyone played the game? I think it's OK, nothing exceptional, though.

1st December 2002, 06:40 PM
Hey that's cool. It all adds up to the whole W-Experience... Slowly an entire universe of the future is being built! :D


18th November 2011, 02:02 PM
Yes! I actually played that game. But to be honest, it's a shitty shump. Ok, not really and neccessaryly shitty, but it's just a boring game IMO.

While I played the game, I was also a huge fan of that game from 1999 (At the time I first encountered it on March 99, when I played the demo of it on PlayStation Zone CD Vol. 4) until 2011, when I became too tired of it and eventually got rid of my copy for good, as the game was so crappy I really wasn't bothered to own it again.