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15th February 2002, 08:31 AM
OK, it hurts me to admit this, and I realise that I'm amongst the elite of the elite on this game, but I'm stuck. I can't seem to make any progress.

I've got the following stats;

Arcade - 53% (22G, 0S, 1B)
AG League - 19% (4G)
Challenge - 27% (10G, 1S, 7B)

Game Complete - 24%
Features Unlocked - 54%
Time Playing - 12:27
Rank - Junior Aviator

Ship-wise, I've got both versions of Feisar, Van-Uber, Q-Tech & Auricom.

I can't seem to progress anywhere now! Arcade mode is a problem because my next little battle is against Vohl Square - I can barely see anything on the track, let alone try to pre-empt the hideous twists and turns it contains! AG League is a similar story - I'm up to Tethys, and the first race is a Vohl Square track - arrrrrgh!

Ship-wise, I can't seem to win either - despite having the above unlocked, I still find the best one for me is the Feisar! All the others seem to handle like a dead pigeon, even when I've upgraded them!

I've ground to a halt in challenge mode - I can't seem to do anything with the elimination modes - by the time any of the ships are knackered enough to take out, I'm, either blowing up myself, or watching other ships take them out. It's a fluke for me to get bronzes on these challenges.

Still no zone mode yet either!

There. Rant over. I'm obviously missing out on something, because some of you guys out there have hit 100% in this game before hitting the same game time as me.

15th February 2002, 08:37 AM
Zone mode is unlocked upon 30% completion. All I can say is: Hang in there! Vohl Square WILL be yours. Just keep playing it in arcade mode until you get that gold. Then you'll be ready to move on the AG League. Good Luck.:wink:

15th February 2002, 09:12 AM
tell ya what: ship me the game, your console, and your tv. im such a nice guy ill even pay all shipping costs. its the only way man. i promise. :razz:

15th February 2002, 09:26 AM
I suggest you repeat the earlier leagues a few times to build up your credits and the handling of your ships. That way Vohl becomes playable and you score just enough points on it to get you through.

Try just taking the Auricom (which is probably the worst ship for the place but it is built like a tank) and going for eliminations. With any luck you'll take out some of the bigger names (Natty B, Myima T and Schlaudecker) and the Tigrons will do the rest for you.

One thing I was told yesterday which may be of interest is that the AI pilots have a "concentration level" - so if you fire at them, but don't actually hit them, they might make a mistake anyway because you've distracted them.

Also, if someone is bullied a bit they will be quite cautious for the rest of the race - not just because of shield level - they will just be more careful going by people and wont get into any barging matches.

As Heaven Is Wide
15th February 2002, 09:33 AM
If all that is true then all i can say is wow and well done to the programmers (if it isnt then maybe it'll be a possibility in the next sequel). I have actually noticed people bumping into walls when i try to shoot them, i thought it was just them dodging though.

15th February 2002, 09:38 AM
No, it's true - they're a lot more clever than you'd suspect. There are levels of grudge, too - if you doubly piss someone off then you end up with a mega grudge kind of thing, where the dude will actually let you overtake them before opening fire!

As Heaven Is Wide
15th February 2002, 10:13 AM
Yeah i see that very often actually, the tigron craft are the most intelligent (in my opinion), they even "test their brakes" in front of you (theyre so evil but i love it).

15th February 2002, 07:14 PM
don't forget to hit both brakes if you start losing control. obviously it slows you down a lot but it can stop you from ending up facing the wrong way or being knocked completely off-course.

Hyper Shadow
17th February 2002, 05:30 PM
I'll tell you this, I never changed the ship I used (FEISAR) until I unlocked the EG-r.
I generally used the arcade mode to learn the tracks with the ships in there vector form (0-25% upgrade).
Oh, and the last four leagues were quite taxing (for about three hours at least)

17th February 2002, 08:28 PM
yeah i'm using eg-r all the way at the moment.

Brother Laz
18th February 2002, 10:49 AM
On 2002-02-15 11:13, As Heaven Is Wide wrote:
Yeah i see that very often actually, the tigron craft are the most intelligent (in my opinion), they even "test their brakes" in front of you (theyre so evil but i love it).

Guess how I died today? :smile: Rammed them with a VanUber and *BANG* race over. :smile:

19th February 2002, 10:54 PM
I've found that if you hit one of (or a bunch of them) the slower ships in the beginning of the race and come to lap them later on that they all come down on you with everything they've got!

I was going for a fast lap time on Florian Height 3 and I was only hit by a Gravity bomb then 3 quakes plus a missle for good measure just because I quaked the whole pack at the beginning of the race... twice.