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Spaceboy Gajo
29th November 2002, 06:26 AM
With the recent discovery of the radio drama and DarkTrancer posting bang on images from his recent 3D work I feel that there should be more to quell or passion for all things wipeout. For a little while that is.

Like the old saying goes, if you want to get things done you have to take it upon yourselves.

So here I'm sharing with you my entry from the wallpaper contest that was held almost this time last year. You can find this here (http://www.g-rasic.com/images/feisar.jpg). I've been waiting for years, okay months, for him to put up the rest of the entries. However, I can understand with that sucking up bandwidth and all. Anyways, I wasn't happy with some parts of it and it's a blessing that it hasn't been put online.

Until now.

I've been wanting to go back to it almost a year later and sharpen my Photochop skills. As you can see why it did not win. I suck at Photochop :lol: I'm not happy with the F5000 logo. I couldn't find a decent one and I didn't have the patience to create on of my own so I scanned mine in from the soundtrack and well you can see it looks out of place on the image.

That I think is the reason I lost the contest, damn F5000 logo :wink: I hope those guys who have that book are enjoying it! I know I would have!

Back to my critique. Another thing that feels out of place is what I call the bottom third of the image. I divided the images in three parts when I was creating it. One part for the logos of the different racing leagues through the years. The middle portion being the craft that participated and the last part showing how the Feisar logo evolved. Almost like a morph. A simple opactity change by thirds again (99%, 66% and 33%) with motion blur! I just feel there should be more going on. I don't know.

Any ways, aus helped me with the engine flares which I think turned out well. Honestly, other than the F5000 logo I felt I lost because it wasn't a wallpaper. When I finished it I realized where on Earth could you put the icons? I totally forgot about Icon real estate.

Tell me what you guys think. I'd appreciate some comments. I'm not asking for reasons why I lost. I know why :lol: I feel that this would have been a great magazine ad for the website or even a poster!

Also, I have had some ideas of creating some other stuff. Hopefully I'll get around to doing that or not.

spaceboy gajo :D

29th November 2002, 11:19 AM
I like it,doesn`t matter wut it looks like if it`s original work then it has respect,keep at it and it`ll fall into place.Like my 3d,wasn`t one nights work i`ve been at it for like 6 months or more solid,and just now are things starting to seem kinda respectable.
****+ 4 outa 5 stars from me bud

29th November 2002, 03:49 PM
while it's true that the F5000 images lacks the resolution and sharpness to match the look of the rest, i like the overall design, the hues and tonalities would be good for my desktop. a nice concept and look

29th November 2002, 04:57 PM
Dude, that's the best FEISAR poster I've ever seen.
Being as it's a poster and not a wallpaper, I'd suggest that you stretch it out.
Put the logos and crafts on their own line, one above the other, get WO64 in there, someone around here oughta be able to send you good high-resolution images...
I think it'd look even better that way, but that's just my opinion.

29th November 2002, 08:38 PM
guys did you have any drawings pictures like me ,rhys, jay and hellfire (if I made a mistake sorry!) its in autopilotengaged for drawings competitions a while ago!

stin :D

29th November 2002, 09:39 PM
yo G,

i agree with Task, a fine poster it is. Just that I like my background dim and monochromatic and less bold though. So maybe you should put it in 'poster format'.

but your latest stuff is even better!


Spaceboy Gajo
3rd December 2002, 07:27 AM
Wow thanks guys for the kind comments, they are very appreciated.

I see that it had sparked someone else posting their work.

I'll be sure to post some more of my stuff in the future.

spaceboy gajo :D