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23rd November 2002, 11:13 AM
What are the pictures of the ships in the gallery? Could they be pics of the next ships?
they look very cool.

12th January 2003, 04:58 PM
I think that the ships in the gallery were the ones that were not put into the game,because when designing the game ,they would have made loads of ships on paper,but were restricted to putting just 8 in the game,so instead of waste the drawings of the other ships,they put them in the gallery of Wipeout Fusion.

Well,that's just my theory.
What i want to know is why they feel they can't include more than 8 ships in a game?

12th January 2003, 10:09 PM
maybe because if they included 12 manufacturers in the game, you would have to complete the whole game, start to finish, 12 times. Which, needless to say, could get very ,... very....... veerrrrr (yawn) .. z z z z

Sorry, where was I.. :)
Also, having a team-mate on track is a bonus for the AI simulator in the game (and also one of the programming teams' biggest selling points). If you added more teams, you could not have a team-mate.
However, I would really like to see a race with 30+ craft at the same time. Unfortunatley, the PS2 and Xbox combined probably wouldnt have enough processing power to make this work, so I shall wait for the PS4 or something...

12th January 2003, 10:32 PM
Something like Daytona 2097? ;)

Difficult to get that with weapons, though. The effect of a Quake with 20 crafts in front of you would be devastating. It would be visually great but you'd be unable to dodge al the junk it would leave behind. It would be virtually impossible to miss with a plassma bolt and perfect laps would be something that belongs to the past not due to walls but to the opponents.

Anyways, I'd like to try it as well. :D


12th January 2003, 11:15 PM
One thing I'd like to see in the next version is debris on the track. None of the ship evaporating into thin air crap - I'd like parts to come off when you hit a ship. I'd like those same parts to be on the track on the next lap and to be swept along by the turbulance from the ships passing over it.

Seems like a whole lot of polygons wasted for a minor detail, but hopefully by PS3 we'll have the kind of power where we wont have to worry about things like that. :)

12th January 2003, 11:41 PM
id like to see less "plastic" tracks. The tracks are really nice and fun to race in all wipeouts.. but.

Theres just no enough life in them, in the ps1 wipeouts, that didnt really matter much, but now.. I can easily spot real bad animation in ships off track ( like cargoships whatever) and most of it is just uninspired.. put there cause they had to put 'something' there. If a race is held in a city, id like more symbols of a city that just some buildings.. like more crowds, transportation that doesnt look so obviously on-rail. I want the nature in Alca vexus to move in the wind.. and go wild when a ship is racing past it. I dunno about you, but ive noticed all the props ( is that the right word) in Fusion isnt all that.. its below average..and it really kills a lot of the "feeling".

13th January 2003, 08:13 AM
I think that's a lot to do with Fusion being the team's first PS2 title. If it were being made today, we'd have higher res in game, better frame-rate and most probably those incidental animations would look a whole lot better.

Fusion really should have been a launch title for the PS2 - it was delayed due to technical problems and the artwork didn't really change much over the course of the years' delay. This is why it looks a bit dated alongside other games that came out this year.

Although we probably wont see another Wipeout on PS2, I believe that the console is capable of doing much, much better than Wipeout Fusion really showed.

There were a few good things to take from Fusion, though - I'm all for the Florion Heights 3 mega drop (although Dave Burrows said there was "no way in hell" that would have been in the game if he'd been in charge from the start, as it was obvious the amount of slowdown it would cause), and the Katmoda inversion loop - what a rush!

Wipeout Fusion - old before its time! ;)

13th January 2003, 09:18 AM
damn straight, Rob, something SERIOUSLY needs to be done about that whole destroyed-rescue-disappear thing. Okay, I understand that the pilot needs to be rescued, but surely the craft could just be left as a burnt out shell on the edge of the course? with toca race driver, if you have a collision and tear off your front valance, you pass the same spot next lap and you see it on the floor.
About those environments... In fusion, if you were lapped, wasnt you supposed to be picked up by that huge craft on florian heights 3 and be disqualified (or smthn similar) what happened to that?

anyway, its pointless putting detail into the scenery.... most of us are flying way too fast to notice any of it :lol:

13th January 2003, 10:01 AM
its the details that makes games look awesome :)

halo doesnt have an insane amount of polygons per frame, its just so detailed and the way they thought of everything you could do that makes it stand out.

13th January 2003, 03:20 PM
details would make for good replays in racing games

Spaceboy Gajo
13th January 2003, 05:29 PM
damn straight, Rob, something SERIOUSLY needs to be done about that whole destroyed-rescue-disappear thing.

The effect looks cheesy, but if you think about it, the ship disappearing makes sense. Well sort of. I think of it as a safety feature. Almost like that tape or pair of sunglasses (whichever version of the franchise you liked) self destructing in Mission Impossible.

You don't see in many of the races today leaving parts of debris on the track, there is usually a "safety crew" to clean it up. Usually the cars do pass the debris but at a "safe" speed under a caution flag.

I would agree that leaving debris would make the game more challenging in doding it at high speeds and would lend the game a darker image instead of the bright colours and highly advanced technology (in the game's universe) of Fusion. However, I still think the car disappearing makes sense.

spaceboy gajo :D

19th January 2003, 06:22 PM
Actually I disagree on the "uninspired" tracks. I think most of them are very well done, and the first time I took the great descent down Katmoda 12 it was a genuine "oh my goood" moment I haven't had for a long time with a videogame.

On the other hand, all the flashy effects and flickers begin to get boring, because Fusion's main lack is not its graphics but its shallowness in gameplay. We wouldn't be complaining about the graphics if the gameplay had been better!


19th January 2003, 07:28 PM
I actually thought the hang gliders on Temtesh Bay animated quite well, but I totally agree with you on the stuff in Katmoda 12, I chucked a bit the first time I saw it.

In fusion, if you were lapped, wasnt you supposed to be picked up by that huge craft on florian heights 3 and be disqualified (or smthn similar) what happened to that?I'm not to sure about that, but I do know that the 'Craft Pickup ships' were supposed to be in the game and have full weapons capabilites, I remember on the official site it said something like "The F9000 racing league can not be held responsible for any emberassment this might cause to the pilot or team."

But then when I went back to the site again and saw that all mention of it was gone, I knew something had gone amiss.