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9th November 2002, 10:06 PM
after becomming very bored, i realized, my life is very simple.
I work on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. i go to school, and thats it. my mom is 52 years old and my dad is 57, there are my 2 brothers living with us, they are 19 and 20. and in all the while, i do nothing on Saturday, my friends are out at baskettbal practice or at the mall, them being the "preps" they are.

My life consists of Technology basically, how dull.
i have just become sadened

whats is you enviroment like?

9th November 2002, 10:57 PM
Don't be sad about it. It's not unusual. We all have some kind of pattern to our lifestyles, some kind of a groove....you might not like being stuck in yours, but it will change. Once I finished High School everything became amazing. Teenagehood sucks for the better part of it. Reach out to your ambitions....good things are going to happen.

DJ Techno
11th November 2002, 09:42 PM

Take it from me
Do what you feel is right, take charge of your life, your destiny, and your future.
My enviroment...
I'm 18 now, I graduated from the class of 2002 at Airport High, I was born in the ghetto like area of Saint Andrew/Harbison area in Irmo county, inside the capital city of Columbia, SC. My father is turning 50, he left me when I was young, but he taught me the martial arts, and I don't hate him for leaving, I never did. My moms 43, she's a nurse, my brother is 24, he has a wonderful little girl named Cameron, he's in the United States Navy, he's a henson.

I was picked on by girls a lot in Elementry school, resulting in a bad stress/anxiety problems, bitting the skin off my fingers. Now after graduation, I am not picked, but loved by women. "Years of bad things, do change into good things"

I go to work like everybody else, I'm becoming Night Manager at Papa Johns, I only worked there for no more than six months.

Have an overwhelming number of friends, who respect, trust, and like me.
same overwhelming number of girlfriends, who love me, too much, so do there parents.

I'm in College, my grades aren't to bad :wink: , but I know I will do better.

Involved with the Military.
U.S. Marines Reserve "getting out"
Army National Guard "getting in"

Yeah, My life is so colorful, when you look at it, but I too, have had bad and serious time and good and fruitful time. I appreciated it.

Live up to your great expectations and don't let life trouble you, when you leave High School, and go to college or what ever you will do. Be happy with what you got, and use it...

12th November 2002, 12:17 AM
DJtechno wrote
Do what you feel is right, take charge of your life, your destiny, and your future.

I do not beleive in a Destiny, i am LDS (Mormon), but i am very open to everything and anything.
it is true i have much to learn and lots to do, but in my 3 past years, i have changed quite much.

in 6th grade i was a idiot, desperately seeking attention, i was a very large dork

in 7th grade i found a friend who was very popular, he made me very popular by just being his friend, but he is very inconsiderate

in 8th grade i kinda found myself and saw how people really were in life, how they react and live

now here i am 9th grade. my friend level has dropped because i do not like to participate in things that my friends do because it always leads to trouble and me acting like a fool.

i havent had a girlfriend in a year and a half so having no one to be there to talk to is very hard. i only have 1 friend who likes Electronica and he doesnt even take it serious like me. i thought high school would be different, i mean there are many new oppurtunities. i can do so many things in high school, but i have to do them alone. i analyzed this and came out with this answer, i am very rare.

i mean look, i am a 14 year old boy who is Mormon and loves Electronica, i grew up in Eastern kentucky and has had many changes in life making me the better. i am very considerate and i have a spanish heritage. around here, i am as rare as clean water.

I just go through life and take it as it may come to me..........

12th November 2002, 06:47 PM
Rule: If you think you're rare, this only means that you don't know enough people. Granted!


13th November 2002, 05:59 PM
one day you stop running to catch for answers. you turn around to go into yourself. this is the last step of understanding the world..."

...like FEISAR said: when youre young you want attention and popularity - so your main aims are relationships to well-known people. but when you become older and more wise youll another definition of relationship.

with me it took several years to come to harmony. i found my "way of live" 4 or 5 years ago. anything ive done before that time was a typical teenage riot which dont makes me very proud. the older i was, the better friends i found. the higher my school was, the more intellectuality was activated. im no genius but it took so long times til i found someone with whom i was able to talk at the same level of niveau.

today im quite happy. i dont care what other ppl think of me - im in harmony with myself and thats all i need. and ive learnt a lot of things (and still do)! ive experienced so much (negative & positve)! i sensed out the most different things (never felt most things again the same way)!... theres so much knowledge and feelings ive earned while growing - which makes me feel so good today. and what ive also learned: idiocy rules this planet. everyday im impressed by new how ppl can be so low in every relation...

rare? could be... i also like electronica and few ppl care and interprete so much in music like i do. but that doesnt care at all - i know when im better. either people accept and respect me because of my intelligence and therefore my helpfulness - or people dont know me and probably categorize me as an outsider. but i like to be alone - if theres something valuable that ive learnt than the fact that i need much silence (here comes the harmony again). and i often think of so much. im so glad to be a healthy person, not disabled in any kind. i have great parents and a youth without pain. i can hear, smell, taste, feel and see everything without any restriction.

im nobody whos career-orientated or is always en-vogue. im a calm-living human, pacifistic in heart and an atheist. im a wip3r with long hair. i think im very unique. im alive. im AmigoJack.

13th November 2002, 08:48 PM
Amigo Jack

today im quite happy. i dont care what other ppl think of me - im in harmony with myself and thats all i need

These are the words i have been searching for, for soo long. i really couldnt have said it better myself. i am exactly like that, living in my Kentucky redneck paradise its hard to maintain this harmony with all the discrimination and Geroge Bush fanatics.

you might not beleive me when i tell you this but it is the full honesty i can give you.
Rules of the United States of America only apply in Kentucky if youve killed someone, other than that, your free to do whatever. Law is so generous around here that it makes me afraid, but the Politeness of the Kentucky people is great, there hospitality is of the highest i could ever describe.

but it only goes so far, Kentucky people are very against Mormons, so i have to always be on the dont ask, dont tell basis.

whenever in rome, do like the romans

:P :P :P :P :P

13th November 2002, 09:08 PM
AmigoJack, that's probably the most information i've seen about yourself collected in one spot since i've been here. even after all the time you've been in the forums since the W3PA days, a much longer time than me, i still don't even know you by any name but the one that you've made yourself. but that may be the way you want it. :)
hmm... maybe i should have my legal name changed to something i made up..... nah... too much trouble figuring out what would be just right. i'm too picky.


''whenever in rome, do like the romans''
um... have bloody big sporting events in giant coliseums? ;)

i can see it now, the Los Angeles Lakers playing ice hockey against Jerry Falwell and the Defenders of Extreme Intolerance live liVE LIVE in the Superdome.
tickets available on December 17 from Ticketmaster.

['my name is Maximus Decimus Meridius... and i will have my revenge']

Piranha Advancements
16th November 2002, 06:38 AM
I live life with a "I don't ****en care" mentality.I have lots of friends but like in the Tsunami Bomb song" Not Forever" and to quote.. "Count on nobody and no one will let you down.",I keep my friends small,less interaction and dependancy.

Maybe going all out for a Brujah tattoo on my arm attributes it.

16th November 2002, 03:22 PM
It may seem like the most obvious piece of advice one can get, but it's still true: things get better when you grow older.

At 16 I used to be a complaining teen left somewhere in the middle between the "cool" gangs at school and the absolutely "uncool" people. Always in a vague, grey zone. I wanted to be like everybody else.

But now I'm quite proud that I am *not* like everybody else. When you get older, people learn to respect you for that. If they don't, it's simply their problem... And I wouldn't want to be friends with that kind of people either.


17th November 2002, 03:05 AM

I wanted to be like everybody else.

When i was like this, i was so much happier in life, i was so much encouraged...
When i found out i was different, i felt very privledged at first, but now know, its my hell. This wisdom i somehow gained in the process of growing is the most worst thing that has ever happened to me. All my friends are leaving me, i cant get a girlfriend, and im always the teachers pet.

I miss having a infatuation with clothes, i miss wanting to be more popular, i miss hanging in the mall every weekend blowing my money on worthless things.

When i think back on it, all this gave me some happines that i loved. i didnt have inner peace or a great perspective of the world, but i didnt care, i had something i cant describe, something words werent meant for.

now im just trying to think, how do i get this back?[/b]

17th November 2002, 12:48 PM
Feisar, please dont go into ignorance is bliss mode. Would you really go back?, i think the problem you have is not that you really think that those were better times, i think the problem lies on that you just keep LOOKING back, im not telling you to forget about your past (thats what got you here and is foundation of experience, obviously), but as you say, if you have found you have evolved, look for whats AHEAD, many other things should be open doors for you now, dare explore past them.

17th November 2002, 05:54 PM
mano is rite, feisar. its hard to give sth up, but without that youre not able to begin sth new. see your experiences in the past as a peak(time) for that era - and that peak was only for one time. dont suffer from thinking of how you can get it back. be innovative! do sth NEW and define YOURSELF! the stronger your self-consciousness becomes, the more ppl will be impressed by you.

dare to evolve. see it as a chance do be better than in the past. that era is gone and its up to you to break up a new one. but if you wait for the past to come back there will be no newcoming era... and living from day to day will become more and more boring to you. its up to you to render the next sequence!

youre quite rite, although i think if you search long enough youll find my real prename because i think ive told it once. nevertheless (a very long time ago) ive chosen that its better when i keep my identity as hidden as possible. you guys (n gals) know me good enough and thats ok - theres no need for a real identity - rite?

thats how i welcome it: going off the majority without being intimidated by that. and being proud of it shows that youre convinced by your decision. the only thing i dont like is being anti without any reason. if you leave the stream then because you want to change sth (mostly yourself). and thats ok - thats how i did it too.

21st November 2002, 10:52 PM
It's interesting to hear many of you saying that older is better, so to speak, and I agree. I hit 30 this year and have suddenly realised how much more contented I am with myself and the way things are. It's been like a breath of fresh air. Where I used to stress about fitting in, I now feel a lot more confident about being me and being accepted at face value. Am I the first person to say I love being 30? I doubt it.

Ana :D

23rd November 2002, 10:43 AM
Anastasia, you're so OLD. Just kidding ;).

Mental growth doesn't stop at 20, indeed. There are people well in their eighties who still have sharp minds, just like there are people who stop growing up at 15 and never grow older (mentally). Human beings exist in all shapes and colours possibly :D.

AmigoJack, I know what you mean. I also don't like being anti for no reason. It often feels like a cry of attention to do so, or expresses a desperate feeling "to belong".

In other, totally unrelated news, I smoked my first cigar Thursday. Wonderful experience!

Peace ;),

24th November 2002, 05:10 AM
Hi Mate,
We all get sad sometimes, but never forget there is always someone in deeper trouble. I always try to bring the positives out of nothing. You mentioned you have a job, well that's one up on me! he he. I also may as well open up a bit here, for the last 3 years i have had a battle to stay alive while fighting luekaemia... It's a fight I am currently winning and this tight net of friends that is the wipeout community is nothing short of inspirational. I've had a good 3 years taken away from me (18yrs to 21yrs of age) but am so thankful that I am still here that it just doesn't matter. What also keeps me going is my all time fav game wipeout 2097, now that I am well I can once again look to beating my dreadful times.

Keep your chin up champ!

And that goes for you all!!!! (everyone who is part of this community rox!)

Tyson :lol: :lol:

25th November 2002, 02:00 PM
Tyson, man, thanks!
your wrting was very inspirational, try to turn negative things into positive, genius!!!!

hey Tyson, look at the sky on a clear blue day, the beauty of it could surpass anything else (except for women, of course :lol: )
Thats something i have to live for, the Sky!!!!!!!!!

Piranha Advancements
26th November 2002, 06:09 PM
MMmm..cigars.It's been a long time since I lit that Cuban.

Spaceboy Gajo
27th November 2002, 03:55 AM
Now that would be a site, a Cubano in someone's mouth like George Peppard from the A-Team while flying F7200 AG craft!

spaceboy gajo :D