View Full Version : xEik !!! about your obsession !! ..

6th November 2002, 01:42 AM
hey nice 2 c u here again!
I was just thinking of u.
xEik thinking *what !!??*
hey Hey HEY! it's just u mentioned it some weeks ago and the I thought :
'did I or didnt i beat the prototype4 track??!' I was pretty sure I did but i thought I'll do it
again 2 b safe .. and then I tryed with several crafts ending with icaras
and .. failed .. :(
2day i tryed twice. this time with the AG sys and the first time I was surprised 2 c
I was 2nd on the last lap! in the last chicane b4 the straight I got .. eliminated .. :x

I didnt race phantom 4 a long time and on that chicane I crush every 2nd time .. :o
the 2nd try, the last lap, b4 the uphill I missiled down the leader(an auricom)
and cloaked up the hill I go !!!
on the top I get a quake! *Yes! in case some1 passes me on the straight!!*
then down .. now I'm nerveous .. :o .. the damn chicane is flying towards me !!
I didnt crush BUT I took it very wrong so i had 2 break pretty hard ..
2 guys 'swoosh' pass me! an auricom(the leader) and a assegai !!
fire! woom ! the quake lifts them.
I sqeez the thrust (I pitted the 3rd lap had half of the energy) and as I pass them
acceleratin anOther AG sys passes the 3 of us!! .. I go .. :o :o .. and THRUST !! and :x :x :x
it's a pretty long straight! .. lucky me ..
I think I got him with a couple of 100ds of a sec!! :D
:wink: ..
end of story 8)

ps: I eliminated 2 guys, the first on the first lap with the 1st weapon i got (plasma) first coner! :lol:
and I do NOT have such a detailed short memory! just looked @the replay 'a couple' of itmes .. :roll:

6th November 2002, 03:37 AM
''a couple''. ah. i seeeeeee

6th November 2002, 09:38 AM
:D Xactly!!
the thing is, lance, that this particular track on This parTIcular edition (PAL. 2beat LS4 in se
is a piece of cake) is parTIculary difficult! therefor my par .. been so happy ..
And watching the replay 'a couple' of tmes 8)
how about the ntsc? dunno yet I'll tell u when I get it! or u can check it out and tell mE :wink:

6th November 2002, 01:43 PM
I've only won it once or twice, after getting it I didn't try it again that much. Besides, there isn't much competition in the prototype tables. However, I got my best time there placing second. Weird.

My version is Wip3out PAL. I don't know about the others.


6th November 2002, 04:47 PM
nice going man... i always had problems with that track, the other ships always seemed to catch me on the hill...

15th November 2002, 12:33 AM
yeah! they seem to boost!

J : I got the track on ntsc last night ..
what can I say I've beaten all trax on all the versions of wo that I own
wo1(pal), wo1(ntsc), wo2097(pal), woXL(ntcs), wo3(pal), wo3se(pal), wo64(pal)
and wo3(ntsc) EXEPT this one on the ntsc !!! :o :o :o :D :D :evil: :roll: :wink:
don't worry ppl ! soon it will b mine as well !! 8)